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Threesome escorts in Sydney

October 31st, 2023 by Madison Ashley
Threesome escorts in Sydney , is a service that involves three individuals engaging in sexual activity. This service might be provided by escorts who cater to couples or individuals seeking to explore sexual experiences with multiple partners. In Sydney, as in many other places, there are escorts and escort agencies who specialize in providing services for couples looking to enhance their relationships or individuals wanting to explore their fantasies involving multiple partners in a safe and consensual environment. Providers offering threesome services usually prioritize safety, communication, and boundaries. They create a comfortable and inclusive space for clients to express their desires and explore their sexual fantasies in a respectful and consensual manner. Consent and clear communication among all involved parties are paramount. The sex industry in Sydney, like elsewhere, often operates under various legal regulations and frameworks. It's important to ensure that the services offered and received are within the boundaries of the law and that all involved parties participate willingly and consensually. High Class Escorts and escort agencies in Sydney offering such services might have specific guidelines, policies, and screening procedures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all participants involved. Clients interested in engaging in threesome services in Sydney should seek reputable and licensed providers or agencies, ensure clear communication, and respect the boundaries set by the sex workers. Prioritizing safety, respect, and open communication is key when exploring such experiences. It's important to understand that discussing, engaging in, and facilitating consensual sexual services are matters that should be handled with respect, understanding, and in accordance with the law. Hush escorts is a high class escort agency in Sydney that has escorts that specialise and are great with couples.
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Using Ben Wa Balls- 5 Expert Tips for Better and Sexier Foreplay

October 30th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Sex toys are the perfect addition to sex. They come in different shapes and sizes and, best of all, functionalities. Some toys vibrate, while others rotate. Simply put, there are hundreds of ways of bringing these magical toys into your bedroom equation. Ben wa balls are among the simplest, easiest-to-use, yet pleasurable toys in the market. They are tiny balls that, in most cases, come in sets of two and have little weights, such that when inserted into the vagina, they bounce when you move, causing soft vibrations that arouse you. While you may be having some way around the Ben wa balls, here is a simple explainer on tips for better and sexier foreplay. Wear Them A Few Hours Before Sex. A little anticipation is usually the key to better and more pleasurable sex. It heightens the intensity and resulting sensations. Therefore, wear the Ben Wa balls a few hours before you meet your partner for sex. Remember, every time you move, the balls will also move around, reminding you of the fun to come. Such fantasies will be a great inspiration and a perfect foundation for sex. Share The Secret with Your Partner. Remember, Ben Wa balls work both ways. Although they’re pushed into the vagina, contact with the penis also increases pleasure. Therefore, sharing the anticipation with them will lead to better sex. If possible, wear the balls while they watch, or even better yet, have them push them down into your vagina. That way, you'll build a sense of closeness, contributing to better intimacy. Incorporate A Massager. A little vibration will undoubtedly heighten the intensity. We, therefore, recommend tagging along a vibrator or a massager. Remember, the ball movement doesn’t really count as a vibration, necessitating amplification. A curved massager or a clitoral massager will do a perfect job. Stay In Touch With Each Other If you're spending time away from each other, let your partner know exactly how you're feeling wearing the Ben Wa balls. A little chat over text is recommended while you also add some naughty lingo. The bottom line is to make the conversation exciting, like more of a sex chat, to increase the sexual tension.  Take Care Of Each Other. Sex is all about communication. Unless two partners understand what's best for each other, all these tips will be in vain. We suggest sitting down and discussing how you two want to go about this whole process. That way, you're bound to have untellable pleasure. Refer to our previous blog on Ben Wa balls for a how to use them guide. Are you familiar with Ben Wa balls? Do you think they're a worthy addition? Talk to us through the comment section below.   
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Gents in and around Brisbane

October 29th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hi There, Are you in or around Brisbane,  I have some great deals for you, $50 off at 7-9am on any hourly booking.. 3 hours for $900  Half social, half naughty time... 12 hours for $2000 PreBook Now 0467 425 956  Hope to feel you soon, Kandice xxx 
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Updated rates! - Mention NaughtyAds for $50 off xxxx

October 26th, 2023 by Natalia Grey
. 30 minutes: $250 2. 1 hour: $350 3. 2 hours: $650 4. Overnight (8 hours): $2.3k 5. Weekend Special: $4k 6. Couples Rate: $550 per hour  7. Porn star: +200  Call now to book your unforgettable experience at 0479140664
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Edge play

October 25th, 2023 by Taylah Pasadena
So this week I've been intrigued and introduced to edge play..I so far absolutely love it! Despite my eagerness/impatience when it comes to orgasming I actually enjoy the challenge of forcing myself to hold it and am slowly pushing my limits with how many times I can edge myself in one session before actually releasing! I'm hoping to work up to a few days without releasing but that's going to take a little bit of practice i think 😋😅 I would absolutely love a new long distance Bluetooth toy for someone else to use on me and edge me to my extreme!! If you can possibly help me with purchasing said toy pleasseee message me!! Il make it more than worth your while 😉😘 Xx
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Love story in Paris

October 25th, 2023 by Livvie Lovely
Amelia had always dreamed of visiting Paris, the City of Love, and now, her dream was about to come true. She had meticulously planned this trip as a surprise for her boyfriend, Ethan, to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The city's allure was only rivaled by the anticipation of their romantic adventure together. They arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport on a crisp autumn morning, their hearts fluttering with excitement. As they stepped out into the bustling streets of Paris, the sweet scent of freshly baked croissants and the echoes of the French language enveloped them. It was enchanting. Their first stop was the iconic Eiffel Tower. As they ascended the tower, they gazed out at the sprawling city below. The panoramic view was breathtaking, and they could hardly believe they were standing atop the Iron Lady herself. They exchanged sweet kisses and admired the cityscape, promising to make the most of their time in Paris. In the following days, they explored the city hand in hand. Strolls along the Seine River, visits to charming Montmartre, and moments in the Louvre admiring the world's greatest art made for unforgettable memories. The city's history and culture seemed to seep into their souls, intertwining with their love for each other. One evening, as they wandered through the cobblestone streets of Le Marais, they stumbled upon a cozy, candlelit bistro. The atmosphere was pure Parisian romance. They savored exquisite French cuisine, sharing laughter and stories from their past year together. Amidst the ambiance of the cafe, Ethan reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. Amelia's heart raced as he opened it to reveal a delicate diamond ring. With a trembling voice, he said, "Amelia, you've made this past year the most beautiful of my life. I want to spend many more years making memories like these together. Will you marry me?" Tears welled up in Amelia's eyes as she nodded, unable to speak through her joyful sobs. She slipped the ring onto her finger, sealing their love with a promise of forever. Their engagement was celebrated with champagne, a dessert that tasted like a slice of heaven, and the applause of fellow diners who had witnessed their magical moment. The city of Paris itself seemed to shower them with blessings, as if giving its approval to their love story. Their last night in Paris was spent on a Seine River cruise. As they glided past the illuminated landmarks of the city, they held each other close, reflecting on the magical journey they had experienced in the City of Love. It was a night they would cherish for the rest of their lives. Their trip to Paris had been a dream come true, but the most precious part of it all was the love they found and the promise they made. Paris had gifted them not only memories of a lifetime but also the start of a beautiful new chapter in their love story.
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Tips On Staying Safe as An Escort

October 25th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Assuming there isn’t a safety element in escorting would be demeaning. The rising demand for escort services, especially in major cities, only means more demand for security for male, female and trans escorts. As an escort, you meet all sorts of clients. Some are amazing and kind, while others bring bad energy. So how do you keep yourself safe during your dates and bookings? This short write-up will guide you on how to stay safe as an escort. Whether you’ve been working as an escort for a long time or considering trying it out, these tips will be helpful. Before The Date. As an escort, staying safe begins at first contact. You need to know how to get information from the client to gauge whether they are worth meeting. You can do this via phone or SMS, although the former is better. Gather as much information about your client as you can. With such information, you should know whether you will proceed to step two or not. If need be, block the client, keeping in mind you come first. Set The Boundaries Once you agree on services and a price with the client, we recommend laying some housekeeping rules on how you want this to play out. Many customers will abuse the chance unless you do this, compromising your security. Some basic rules include the time frame for the service, payment methods and contents of the service package. During The Date These are precautionary measures you can take when you're with the client. Have A Friend Escort You Can Count On. When meeting a client, ensure you have someone you can rely on on a speed dial. We recommend having a fellow escort as they understand better how this works. If that’s impossible, a casual friend or family member will do. Choice Of Place We recommend choosing a hotel for a first date, especially with incalls (when the client visits you), since it’s a middle ground, especially for escorts with zero to average industry experience. Hotels are relatively busy, and thus you won’t have to worry much about safety, and they are also discreet, which keeps your information and activities a secret. Alcohol And Drugs When meeting a client, we highly discourage any form of intoxication. If you must drink or use a drug, please do it in moderation to avoid altering self-consciousness. If a client offers you any drugs or alcohol, please decline. Anonymity Anonymity is the basic code of this industry. Whenever you deal with a client, make sure they don’t get any access to your personal information or life. Your interaction is purely transactional, and thus they don’t need to know personal details such as where you come from or work. Health Safety To be safe, we recommend always having condoms in the escort pack, especially if you provide sexual services. Also, remember to test regularly for STDs and have regular medical checkups. In addition, eat healthy foods, drinks and exercise regularly. In Closing The key to being safe in escorting is being professional and determined. As long as you follow our above tips and approach clients respectfully, your bookings will likely go smoothly and safely. However, in case of anything, call those emergency contacts. We hope you found this article useful. Keep visiting our blog for more updates on safety during the line of duty.       
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The Power of Positivity in Daily Life

October 22nd, 2023 by Edwin Walker
Remember, positivity is not just a destination; it's a way of life. By embracing a positive mindset, you become a beacon of light, inspiring those around you to do the same. Your journey toward a more positive and inspiring life starts with a single step, and every day presents an opportunity to take that step. In a world that can sometimes be harsh and challenging, the power of positivity is a beacon of hope and resilience. Embrace it, and you'll not only inspire yourself but also those fortunate enough to share in your positivity. So, let's take that first step towards a brighter, more inspired future, one filled with optimism and a can-do attitude.
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Mind my FRENCH

October 21st, 2023 by Paris
What the actual fuck. Ita shocking to hear that people are that low as to set someone up and then rob them. What lowlife drop kick oxygen thieves. Arghhhh make me so angry... Be a real escort or get another hustle to disguise your shit cunt of a deal whoever you 2 are. Things like this happening is why Escorts/Adult Entertaining has a bad reputation... Even though the oldest profession in history. It used to be highly respected. It's a highly demanded service. That when done right by a woman who enjoys what she is doing and enjoys giving pleasure. The experience that client has may last a life time. That's what your work ethic should be. Yes, it's your body, no they don't have the right just coz they paid you to use as a toy or an object but you must put in barriers and rules and stick to them... I have a couple simple rules... in work and life .... Karma is a bitch and I hope these people get theirs.. Sorry for the vent everyone... Paris Pleasure xxx
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Single mums and thier needs!

October 20th, 2023 by Matt
Single mums for a raw deal. I spent last night with a gorgeous single mume, I already discounted heavily but it was worth it for 2 reasons, 1 she was an awesome lady, nothing wrong with mutual fun 😊 2 After talking to single mums both client's and not, I've found out that it can be a combo of costs, time, and location/alone time. So I'd like to offer legitimate single mums (not 89k a year ones, :)) a much better deal. Will include a hotel to take away the alone issue and there are even payment options .. I have done this a few times before.. allowed half now and half next payday 👍🙂 (situational, not a rate change) Every woman needs loving, don't assume because you can't afford listed price it's not worth chatting :) Treat everyone based on who they are, all is negotiable 😘💐 Cheers, Matt
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Simple Ways to Overcome Vaginal Dryness

October 20th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Vaginal dryness is a common problem affecting millions of women of all ages. While this might be a common problem, many victims don’t seek medical help for one, they are shy, and two, they don’t know it is a problem they can seek help for. Vaginal dryness is mostly linked with women approaching or experiencing menopause. However, there's still a chance you can experience this before the menopause bracket. Vaginal dryness leads to symptoms such as burning or itching which altogether make sex an undesirable experience. This article discusses some simple DIY tips to help you overcome vaginal dryness. Before we get into it; Common Causes of Vaginal Dryness ·   Aging and menopause ·   Hormonal birth control pills ·   Removal of ovaries ·   Some medicines ·   Chemotherapy treatment ·   Using soaps around the vagina ·   Lack of enough arousal during sex Simple Remedies for Vaginal Dryness Sex Lubricants A dry vagina makes sexual encounters a living hell. To counter this, lubes will come through for you. Before any sexual encounter, apply some lube around the vaginal lips and the vagina to help reduce the discomfort. We recommend water-based lubricants for best results, as they are less likely to react with your skin. Natural coconut oil is a perfect option for a readily available lube. Vaginal Moisturizers Vaginal moisturisers will protect and coat the vaginal walls with moisture, which eases everything during sex. Remember to use well-formulated moisturisers, ideal for sensitive regions such as vaginal walls. In most cases, they come as water-based gels or tablets. Stay Hydrated Your vagina needs lots of water to get wet during intercourse, which won’t happen unless you take that water. Staying hydrated is among the simplest ways to ensure your tissues have enough water to keep your vagina adequately lubricated. Try Some Regular Exercise Regular exercise is good for a perfect body, but it can be twice beneficial for those struggling with vaginal dryness. Exercise is a mood booster, which kills depression and anxiety, which are a leading cause of dry vaginas during sexual activity. Besides, exercise improves blood flow which is needed for a perfectly lubricating vagina. Regular exercise and enough hydration combine well to combat vaginal dryness. Change Lifestyle Habits. Some lifestyle choices, such as smoking, directly affect blood flow, which translates to a dry vagina. Therefore, quitting such lifestyle habits could help reverse the effects. Also, switching from processed, unhealthy junk foods to more wholesome and nutrient-dense foods will help reduce vaginal dryness. Healthy foods include olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Don’t Give Up On Vaginal Sex. A dry vagina certainly means painful or uncomfortable sex, which might discourage partners from the act. However, if you're experiencing this dryness, practising safe vaginal sex will help you stimulate natural blood flow, improving moisturisation and lubrication. More importantly, we recommend spending more minutes on the foreplay and focusing on the sensitive erogenous zones. Summary Generally, vaginal dryness should be curbed with a few home remedies, as outlined above. The key is communicating with your partner and understanding your own body. However, if none helps, or you notice more severe symptoms such as unusual discharges, please seek medical help for more advanced solutions such as hormonal therapy.  
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Here for the ladies in need

October 20th, 2023 by Jamie Bowles
Just sharing this beautiful piece of machinery for you ladies, who are looking for a decent man
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October 19th, 2023 by Candice Rose
OUTCALLS 🩷 I COME TO YOU FOR HOURS OF DELIGHT. 1… 2… 3 hours? I’d love to come to you. I want to hear all your fun stories & get up to some fun as well hehe. *Hotels/ Apartments Preferred* How has your week been so far? ☺️
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Lovely day at the Gold Coast

October 18th, 2023 by Caity Luna Lupa
Hey it´s my first blog post on here. Just a quick message about my day. All my submissives did bravely today and I as a mistress was well adored and I had a lot of fun on the Gold Coast today! Looking forward to the next day in Australia. Dominant greetings and good night from Dominatrix Caity Luna Lupa
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Reasons To Try A 4-Handed Massage

October 16th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Massage therapy offers intentional benefits to both the body and mind. There are many popular and different massage therapies, each with unique benefits. Among the most popular ones is a four-hand massage. Here is a simple write-up that outlines all you need to know about a four-hand massage. What Is a Four-Hand Massage? Simply, the answer is in its name. When it comes to a massage, four hands are better than two. Therefore, a four-hand massage involves two therapists working on your body rather than the usual two. The therapists work in sync, resulting in better relaxation and tension relief. A combination of two skilled therapists puts your body in a trance of relaxation, thanks to the slow and synchronised strokes. This raises the question; is this massage worth it? Here are four compelling reasons why you should try a four-hand massage. A Chance to Try Something New. The price tags of different massage types prevent many clients from getting some services. However, with a four-hand massage, you have a much sought-after chance to combine different techniques in one. Massage therapists will combine different techniques, such as deep tissue, Swedish and aromatherapy, on different parts of your body to ensure you get total relaxation and tension release. Better Relaxation Certainly, four hands are better than two. A four-hand massage provides more relaxation than the standard method by utilising two therapists rather than one. The synchronised touches on different body parts make it hard for your brain to concentrate, allowing you to relax during the massage fully. Better Blood Circulation While every massage has this benefit, it is two-fold for a four-hand massage. When there is better blood flow, the body thrives, which kicks away certain signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dead skin. A massage also benefits the nervous system as it keeps it running more efficiently. Lastly, a four-hand massage is crucial in keeping the body temperature stable and balanced. Stronger Muscles Certain massage techniques, especially those that include friction, wringing and effleurage, contribute to stronger muscles. A deep tissue massage is perfect for this. Remember, a four-hand massage includes different techniques and thus has room for a deep tissue massage. Such techniques address severe tension in the connective tissues and muscles, leading to stronger muscles. The Verdict- Is It Worth It? The most distinct difference between a regular massage and the super four-hand massage is that the latter is more expansive and involves more than one technique, thus doubling the benefits. If a massage is your way of giving your body a chance to relax, you should give a four-hand massage a chance. You won’t regret it!      
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Bad Boy Lexx #3 (Fruit Fuck)

October 16th, 2023 by Lexx Soule
*NO REAL NAMES ARE USED IN THIS BLOG.   Over my entrepreneur journey I have been forced to work a wide range of occupations, one of them being a fruit ninja. Yes, I used to get paid to cut and pack fruit. Fun fact, they have a fruiterer course where you can study how to be a fruit ninja. No, I never did the course. Now while I was working at the shop I developed the biggest crush for the boss's daughter, she was sexy! Cute smile, well dressed, innocent appeal, nice tits, great ass. We didn't speak a lot at first, just a few “hi, how are you?”, but a few glances later, made us aware of each other. When I found out she was single *Thanks to asking her dad. I took the opportunity. I asked for her number. We started talking & going on a few social dates (sushi, the movies, coffee), we had some fun times together, she was one really cool chick. One night after seeing a movie we went to a secret spot to get our jungle fever on, from that night on we were fucking a few times a week. She wasn't so innocent! It was a little awkward at times though, I would have sex with the Chloe one night, wake up before her dad, arrive to work before her dad, for him to arrive an hour later & ask how my night was. And in a way that was like he knew, and he wanted me to know, that he knew, I knew, he knew. I don’t mean to brag but there was times the whole house KNEW! So it would be a little awkward at times. Funny enough her mum always played it cool.    We started dating for a little while, during this period we use to help her dad by selling his fruit & vegetables at a local market. Working at the markets was an experience, apart from the 3am wake up times and the quiet days where we would come home with a half full van of fruit & vegetable it was good, and at times fun. Every time without fail though, we would enjoy the Transylvanian styled breakfasts, they were delicious. One morning, my morning wood would just not lower itself down. I was horny, hard and wanted to fuck! So while moving the fruit from the cold room to the van we did just that. I bent her over the banana boxes and fucked the boss's daughter in his cold room for about 10 minutes, the moans were loud and our fruits were ripe! We finished with me ejaculating into a condom. it was a fun quick fuck! This continued to happen several times over our one-year relationship, we would fuck in the work van too if we arrived at the markets early enough, we would bang one out on the way home, it was good fun! To this day her dad still doesn't know, there were no cameras in that part of the shop, and obviously it is not something we intended to bring up at the dinner table.  Unfortunately, we are no longer dating, we stay in contact and talk occasionally, she doesn't know I'm an escort (maybe she does). She was a bright girl, a good girl, a beautiful girl, and hopefully one day our paths can cross again.   Thank you for reading, L. Soule. xoxo
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Summer at the lake

October 15th, 2023 by Livvie Lovely
Part 1: A New Beginning The sun hung low on the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the tranquil lake. Sarah had always felt a special connection to this place, a quiet retreat her family had visited for generations. This summer, she had decided to spend her break from college here, seeking solace and a change of scenery. Each morning, Sarah woke up to the gentle lapping of the water against the shore. She'd sit on the weathered wooden porch, sipping her coffee and gazing out at the serene expanse of the lake. It was in these quiet moments that she felt a deep sense of peace, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of city life. One day, as she was reading a book, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking up, she saw her new neighbor, a young man named David, who had recently moved into the cabin next door. He had a friendly smile and introduced himself with a warm handshake. David was a writer who sought inspiration in the tranquility of the lakeside. Part 2: Unexpected Connections Over the weeks, Sarah and David became friends. They'd often meet on the shared porch, discussing books, sharing stories, and exchanging ideas. Sarah found herself drawn to David's passion for the written word and his ability to see beauty in the simplest of moments. One evening, they sat together as the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink and orange. David began to read a poem he had written, capturing the essence of their summer days by the lake. The words were like a gentle breeze, making Sarah's heart flutter with an unexpected connection. As the weeks passed, their friendship deepened, and they explored the countryside together, discovering hidden waterfalls, hiking through lush forests, and sharing picnics by the lake. Their bond was built on shared experiences, laughter, and intellectual discussions, and it grew stronger with each passing day. Part 3: A New Chapter The summer waned, and the first hints of autumn began to appear. Sarah and David sat on the porch, wrapped in cozy blankets, sharing a pot of hot tea. Sarah realized that her time at the lake was coming to an end, and she'd soon be returning to college. With a heavy heart, she turned to David and said, "I'll miss this place and the friendship we've formed." David nodded, his eyes reflecting the same sentiment. "Me too, Sarah. But this summer has been a beautiful chapter in our lives." As they watched the leaves fall gently to the ground, they knew that this summer by the lake had been a time of growth, friendship, and shared experiences. Though they would go their separate ways, the memories they had created would stay with them, a reminder of a special time in their lives. The end.
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12 hours of Pleasure for $2000

October 15th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hello there, I have an amazing 12hr offer of just $2000 Can be used on tours Can be Day/Night Over night 50% deposit required at time of Booking 0467 425 956 I'd love to spend some time with you, Kandice xxx
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Hey ladies

October 15th, 2023 by user101733
happy Sunday ladies I can’t wait to see you in this beautiful day, Feel free call me let’s have fun and let me make your Sunday the best Sunday, and let’s make a nice memory in your bed xx
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Your new Dominatrix

October 13th, 2023 by Annastasia Rose
Worship Me like the Goddess I Am! My name is Anna K and I'm an experienced high-class escort, who is also now exploring the world of kink, fetish and BDSM. If you're curious about; or new to the world of kink, then you've come to the right place.  Let’s play and spice things up! Let’s escape into a fantasy world together. Your experience will be fun, safe, exhilarating and tailored to your individual needs (keeping within my boundaries). Every client is different, with different needs and fantasies, and I’ve been lucky enough to attract clients who are also new to the world of kink, fetish and BDSM, who would like to explore more, and so we’ve been exploring together! But why should you make a booking with me?? We all have our personal fantasies. I provide a personal, authentic, one-on-one experience where you can indulge in any specific fantasy you like and escape the 'real world' for a couple of hours, or more.  Perhaps you want to relive a past experience, or you’re seeking an opportunity to reveal yourself in a safe place? Maybe you would like an intimate opportunity for human connection, someone to talk to about your fantasies and desires?  💕 Well, I am here for you! I have the deepest respect for all of my clients, even when they are kneeling in front of me as my ‘slave’ and I am their ‘Goddess’! Submission is not weakness... It takes great courage and vulnerability to live out and explore your desires. So have the courage to explore it in the safe and non-judgmental environment that I provide. Why wait, when you can simply dive in? If you prefer, we can just start with a chat – if that is how far you’d like to go on our first booking, that is completely fine.  You can also just dive in! You design the content of our booking (within my boundaries). Tell me about your secret desires, and let’s live it out! You may choose to request a blindfold, a tie & tease experience, a light spanking, or to crawl around the floor next to me with a collar and leash on; you, being a submissive with me as your Goddess. Let's throw in a boss-lady role-play, foot-fetish experience or, if you earn it, I may even let you worship my body by giving me a full body rub, or whatever else I order you to do! Are you ready to take the next step?  I have outlined some ideas for our time together in the ‘Services’ section of my profile, as well as the things I don't offer. Please read it through carefully, and pick and choose from the list of experiences.  I feel that a 2-hour booking is ideal for first-time clients, but often my returning clients make longer bookings, for 5 or 6-hour sessions too.   When you are ready, please first check my 'Availability'. If you have found a date...that’s great! Let's meet! To make a booking, please fill out the booking form on my website. 🖋️ Once I receive your booking request, I will get back to you to arrange a time for a quick call, to touch base, to say 'hi' to each other and to confirm the booking details (date, time, duration of booking, deposit details).  Once we lock-in an actual date / time for our play date; over the phone, a 50% deposit will be required within 30 minutes🕝, with a screenshot of your payment. Once I receive your deposit, your booking will be confirmed.💲💲 I look forward to hearing from you and taking you on an unforgettable journey! Your One and Only, Sexy Goddess...Anna K 😜🫶🏼🥒
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🌿 Relax and Rejuvenate with an experience to remember 🌿

October 13th, 2023 by Annastasia Rose
- Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with my skilled and certified therapy. - My soothing and revitalizing massages are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a blissful escape from the daily grind.✨  I offer the following services: Swedish Massage  Deep Tissue Massage  Hot Stone Therapy Aromatherapy Reflexology Sports Massage and more! Come visit my tranquil and welcoming environment conveniently located in Melbourne. I'll provide a serene oasis where you can unwind and let your stress melt away. 🕒 Flexible Hours:  I can accommodate to your busy schedule with flexible appointment times, making it easy to find a moment of peace and relaxation.💆‍♀️ Expertise You Can Trust: I will be dedicated to your well-being and will customize each session to meet your specific needs and preferences.🌟  Experience the Difference: Discover the countless benefits of a professional service. relieve tension, reduce stress, and restore balance to your body and mind. Book your appointment today! Call or Text to schedule your next session. Invest in your well-being.  You deserve it. 🌸
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Porn Star Experience: Is It Worth the Price?

October 13th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to the escort services menu, the options are endless. There are hundreds of options when seeking escort services, and the porn star experience is arguably among the top choices. What Is the Porn Star Experience? Porn star experience, commonly known as PSE, is an escort service that involves re-enacting a scene from an adult or pornographic movie. It could be a scene from a client’s favourite video, a long-life imagination, or fantasy. Escorts who offer the PSE can be guided by clients following their needs and fetishes, or they can be asked to produce porn-like scenes that they would like. PSE generally involves acts common in pornographic movies but less common in casual sexual relationships. What Kind of Services Are Offered In PSE? The appeal of porn and adult films is that of outside the normal sex life. Therefore, the porn star experience can be thought of as bringing sex under the magnifying glass, where everything gets louder, bigger and messier than in real life. As pointed out, it is mainly guided by clients interested in kinky sexual acts. For most clients, PSE is a less judgmental way of living out their fantasies. Some common services in the PSE package include deep throat, golden showers, BDSM acts, rough sex, role plays, anal sex, threesomes and gangbangs. How Much Will It Cost? PSE is a very specific service package that isn’t very common. Certainly, that means it will be more expensive. Generally, the cost of the PSE depends on the escort's location and the services offered. Some escorts will charge as much as $800 per hour of services, and others way beyond that, depending on experience and reputation. Ideally, the PSE is way more expensive than your normal escort experience. Is PSE Really Worth It? There are a thousand and one reasons why you should try the PSE. Number one is that it’s the ideal way of living out that fantasy you’ve had since college without necessarily having to live the lifestyle all the time. Many people enjoy normal relationships with their partners, but it doesn’t hurt to jump out of routine occasionally for something kinkier than their partner can offer. In addition, PSE is usually a one-off experience, so it has minimal or no impact on your daily life. It's thus a perfect way to scratch the ice without dragging your partner along. In Closing Although it comes at a price, PSE is undoubtedly worth the bucks. There's no better way to get over those sexual urges and fantasies than being with an escort and without fear of being judged. Please note that not all escorts offer the PSE. It's, therefore, essential to do a background check before approaching an escort with such crazy ideas. Do you think PSE is something you'd consider having on your menu? Please tell us in the comment section below.        
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In my heels !

October 12th, 2023 by Michael Trainer
"Good morning Michael, yesterday i said i would tell you when i was having an orgasm......well i was a little busy 😉 and could not really speak. Just so you know, it was multiple times when you were plunging deep and fast. Also i have never had trouble walking in my heels, I love the intensity of our time together, though it's a little disconcerting when my brain goes to mush and i get wobbly on my feet like that". 🤣 😍
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Grateful to be me and y'all should feel the same ❤️

October 12th, 2023 by Melanie
Short and sweet to say HAPPY THURSDAY Y'ALL 💓 And where are all the horny Wagga Wagga peeps at these days?? I'm still here, that's the main thing I guess haha 😘 I'm super keen for my tour to the Gong in less then 2 weeks...sun surf and spunky sex mates what more could a Big Girl ask for aye 🫶🏻🍻💃🏻🏖️🌅🍆💦😁🌞🙌🏻
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Blended Orgasm- Tricks and Tips

October 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Orgasms! The unicorn of sex- a beautiful and magical feeling. If you’ve not had any, you must have heard of a blended orgasm, commonly known as a simultaneous orgasm. People with vaginas and clitoris are seriously blessed. If having a vaginal orgasm is usually bliss, imagine having two. Vaginal orgasms are the most common, but you can also have clitoral orgasms, and yes, at the same time. This article is an easy-to-understand guide on blended orgasms and how to have them. Excited? Well, so are we! What Are They? A blended orgasm can be defined as a vaginal and clitoral orgasm that happens at the same time. So, typically, two simultaneous orgasms, that tend to give a more intense body response in terms of pleasure. To understand blended orgasms better, let's dig deeper into how clitoral and vaginal orgasms work. Clitoral orgasms occur when sensual and repetitive pressure is applied to a wet clitoris. Remember, the clitoris is filled with thousands of nerves, making it a super sensitive region. The wetness can be achieved naturally or using lubes. Vaginal orgasms result from stimulating the G-spot, a sensitive region deep inside the vagina. How Does a Blended Orgasm Feel? One word- Simply ah-mazing! Although each orgasm may feel different, combining the two may trigger anything from female ejaculation to involuntary movements that seem like convulsions. It's important to note that orgasms feel different to everyone, and bodies react differently. Therefore, we highly discourage having sex with this end goal in mind. However, if you feel comfortable with your partner, you can discuss it, and here are some tips to achieve a blended orgasm. Here’s How To Achieve A Blended Orgasm Understand Your Anatomy. The female anatomy differs across all women. Therefore, what might work for you might not work for someone else. We recommend taking time to understand your female anatomy, such as how your clitoris is, where your G-spot is located or what easily turns you on. Once you have that in mind, you'll be easier to please, which shortens the road to your big O. PS! Fingers are a great way of exploring yourself and knowing what works for you. Master Multitasking If you're trying to achieve a blended orgasm, you must learn how to multi-task. Remember you're trying to please both the vagina and the clitoris, which, if you're not used to, might not feel natural at first. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to achieve this, either by combining fingers, a partner or even a sex toy. Any method you pick here will surely get you there. Communicate If you're doing this with a partner, you must be in sync. Ask each other questions and listen to feedback. If you feel one part needs more attention than the other, don’t be afraid to speak up. Consistency Is Key Stimulating two parts of the body doesn’t mean you must go half as hard on each. Bringing yourself or your partner to a blended orgasm requires focus and determination. For example, the clitoris needs consistent stimulation and the right amount of pressure to reach the pleasure threshold. Add Some Toys and Lube Lube will help you keep everything wet and smooth, which increases arousal. Toys are also a great addition as they provide that extra external and internal stimulation that will be crucial to get you or your partner there. Rabbit vibrators will be a great fit. Finally A blended orgasm will be a game changer to your sexual encounters. The above tips should be helpful. A kind reminder that sexual pleasure is just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. Therefore, don’t break your back trying to get a blended orgasm. It is just an addition to a great sex life. So, breathe, stay calm and enjoy the ride!    
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An Expert Guide to Ben Wa Balls

October 10th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Now that you're here, there's a high chance that you know, or at least you’ve heard of, Ben Wa balls. These little magical toys made recent appearances in erotic movies and magazines, and they’re for sure a sex staple. While they may seem simple, there's much more you need to know about Ben Wa balls than what you’ve seen or read in the movies and books. This article is a detailed eye-opener on Ben Wa balls that will answer everything you ever wanted to know. What Are They? Ben Wa balls are little balls which you slide into the vagina, whose primary purpose is to exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn aids in improving sexual pleasure. Ben Wa balls date as far back as 500AD, but thanks to recent sex trends, they are slowly gaining popularity. They can be as little as marbles and vary in size up to about an inch in diameter. While there are narrations of women bringing themselves to their big Os while wearing these balls, many more women are finding intense stimulation because of wearing these balls. Ben Wa balls are also known as Orgasm Balls, Geisha Balls, Love Balls, Venus balls and among others. What Do They Feel Like? As you are aware, Ben Wa balls are slid into the vagina. Therefore, just as during sex, sensations are different for everyone, depending on PC muscles strength, medical history, sensitivity levels, whether you have kids or not, and other factors. Therefore, depending on the size, and the above factors, some women will feel a lot of pleasure, and some will feel little to nothing. However, you're sure to feel something in your vagina, and if the ball has a notable weight, you're bound to feel a gentle sensation of it moving inside your vagina. NOTE: Recent trends and advertisements have brought about bullet vibrators on a string, which they have renamed “Vibrating Ben Wa balls.” While this is a perfect addition to the pillow time, it doesn’t bring about the same idea of exercising the pelvic muscles as the Ben Wa balls do. How Far Deep Can I Put Them? During sessions, the lower tip of the toy should be just fine going inside. However, if you have sexual intercourse with them, they can go all the way back as long as you and your partner are comfortable. Also, if they have connector cords, get thin ones since the thicker ones could be a bit uncomfortable. Are There Material Concerns? Just like with other sex toys, Ben Wa balls are made from different materials, with each reacting differently to everyone. Examples of materials include medical-grade stainless steel and silicon, plastic, and glass. The choice of material is a personal choice considering comfort and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Do They Have Any Benefits? These special toys come with a ton of advantages, which are pretty surprising for just a mere sphere. Besides strengthening pelvic floor muscles, Ben Wa balls assist in vaginal elasticity, bladder control and more male and female stimulation. Final Thoughts: Are Ben Wa balls Really Worth It? Ben Wa balls are a must-have addition to sex as long as you and your partner are willing to give it a go. They have many advantages, especially increased sexual pleasure and, indeed, better orgasms. As long as you choose the right size and material, this should be a fun ride for you, and yes, Ben Wa balls are worth it! Have you ever heard of or tried Ben Wa balls? Is it something you'd consider? Please tell us in the comment section box below.  
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October 9th, 2023 by Lexx Soule
“AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH” Olivia moans as Lexx ploughs his meat deep into her delicacy from behind, face down ass up is the way this pair currently fuck. Olivia’s tight, small love handles are the perfect hand grip for Lexx’s hands as he pushes his meat deep. In & out, in & out, in & out, in & out, in & out. With his understanding of what the client likes & her boundaries he pleasures her through ass squeezes, nape holding, light back scratches, and dirty talk. “You like having young cock fill your hole”, “Olivia likes being a little fuck doll”, “You make my cock pulsate so damn hard”, “You’re a dirty, dirty girl”. Affirmations similar to these, echo through the room as Lexx & Olivia enjoy their morning workout. Lexx’s mirth only grows as he watches Olivia’s booty jiggle with every thrust, the petite woman’s booty has quite a lot of cushion for Lexx to push on, with every penetration it extenuates her cellulite, which Lexx finds very sexy. Growing tired & fatigued from the current position Lexx lays Olivia flat on her stomach, with a pussy so wet that water would be considered dry Lexx plays a little game, pausing before he slides his cock back down her hole. Pulling out, holding, then penetrating hard & deep. Pulling out slowly, holding, then penetrating hard & deep. No complaints come out of Olivia’s mouth, only ooo’s, aaahh’s, and ooohhhh’s. Good sex to start the day. After 5 minutes of fun Lexx goes back to a rhythmic thrusting as he bounces his hips on the cushions that lay under him, a puddle starts to form under Olivia as her pussy enjoys it’s protein. *Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. “ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH.” Lexx grunts while bouncing up and down on his balloons, laying as a dead weight Olivia enjoys her cock, light moaning that compliment her breathing patten. This is the kind of sex that is just plain, simple, and fun.   With both patrons in a comfortable position this bouncing goes on for 10 minutes, neither Lexx nor Olivia feel the need to change. Olivia has a pulsating vagina & Lexx has a perfect rhythm, why change the winning formula. It is only when Olivia turns her head and see’s the time that she asks Lexx to come all over her “Lexx” Olivia seductively moans, “Yes, miss?” he grunts, “You’re doing such a good job, and if we could lay here all day I would, but I have somewhere to be. Would you please come all over me and make me your come rag?” “That’s what you need is it?” Lexx returns. “Yes, I need you to come all over my ass and make me feel special” she lightly moans, closing her eyes for the last moments of tranquillity. Lexx leans down closer to Olivia, whispering dirty talk into his come rag’s ear, nibbling and biting at her ear & neck in the process. The strength & speed of his hips increases simultaneously, the combination sends goose bumps down Olivia’s body, she starts to feel the rising sensations of an orgasm, leading her to tuck her right hand under her body to rub her wet clit. “You want to be a little come rag do you? You like how Lexx fucks your little cock hole! You like having 26 year old thick cock fill your hole! You deserve this young cock though don’t you, such a good girl, always pleasing everyone else, this is your time to be pleased, your time to indulge! This young cock is about to come all over your ass & you’re about come from having this young cock bounce on your ass!” “Yessss, oh fuck yes, I am, I am, I am” Olivia climax’s quietly as Lexx pulls himself out, the latex coving his meat is thrown to the ground and seamen is expelled from the tip of his uncut piece, dribbling all over Olivia’s behind. “That was a big load!” Olivia laughs, “Yeah hahaha” Lexx replies as he breathes heavily while standing over Olivia. Lexx cleans up his mess, and the pair get ready for their day. THE END. Thank you for reading, L. Soule. xoxo
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Brisbane Gents a Change to my Availability this Week

October 9th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Why hello there, Looking for a lovely little lady for some intimate fun... I am available this week from Wednesday 7am-10pm Thursday 7am-10pm Friday 7am-10pm Saturday 7am-10pm Sunday 7am-10pm PLEASE PREBOOK YOUR REQUIRED DATE TO BE SURE TO SEE ME 0467 425 956 Thank you, Kandice xxx
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Gangbang & Voyeur Experience

October 8th, 2023 by Chastity-Eve CEntertainment
3 HOURS OF GANGBANG FUN FOR 15 MEN ONLY CUM and fuck me or simply sit back and enjoy the show with a deep throat face fucking blow job happy ending as a Voyeur. WITH: 1 GIRL (me) 10 Full GB experience Males 5 Voyeur experience Males. TOTAL=15 Men. WHERE: PENTHOUSE SUITE IN SYDNEY CBD. WHEN: SATURDAY - 21TH OCTOBER 9pm - 11pm FOR FURTHER DETAILS TEXT ME ON: 0447 133 836
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Ass Worship Anyone? 😉

October 8th, 2023 by Candice Rose
Hey hey! It’s Candy. Your curvaceous Goddess 💋 I’m available for smothering, face-sitting, ass worship sessions! Feel comfortable, happy & free with me. Enquire about a session 🤭 We can choose a particular time, space & date. My upcoming availability for incall sessions next is Monday 9th October 2pm-6pm. Hope to see you then, or in the near future. Kisses, 𝐂𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐘
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"A Season of Love"

October 7th, 2023 by Livvie Lovely
Emma, a bright-eyed young woman from a small town in France, had embarked on a journey of a lifetime as a foreign exchange student in the bustling city of New York. She was filled with excitement and trepidation as she stepped off the plane, her heart pounding with the anticipation of new experiences. In the heart of the city that never slept, Emma found herself in a whirlwind of activity. She navigated the bustling streets, tasted exotic foods, and marveled at towering skyscrapers. But amidst the chaos of the city, she often felt like a small fish in a vast ocean. One crisp autumn day, while exploring Central Park, Emma's life took an unexpected turn. As she sat on a park bench, sipping her coffee and taking in the beauty of the changing leaves, a young man named Ethan, a local college student, approached her. "Mind if I join you?" he asked with a warm smile. Emma, taken aback by the sudden but friendly intrusion, gestured to the empty spot beside her. They began talking, and Emma soon discovered that Ethan was studying architecture and shared her passion for art and design. Days turned into weeks, and Emma and Ethan became inseparable. They explored the city together, visiting museums, attending concerts, and sharing their dreams and aspirations. Emma felt her heart flutter every time Ethan smiled at her or brushed his hand against hers. As winter descended upon the city, Emma's time in New York was drawing to a close. She knew she would have to return to France soon, and the thought of leaving Ethan filled her with sadness. One snowy evening, as they strolled through a beautifully lit Central Park, Ethan turned to Emma and said, "I have something to give you." He handed her a small wrapped box. Emma opened it to find a delicate silver necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. Inside the pendant was a tiny, detailed skyline of New York City. "It's a piece of my city, and now it's a piece of your heart," Ethan said. Tears welled up in Emma's eyes as she realized the depth of their connection. She leaned in, and they shared a tender kiss amidst the falling snowflakes. The days passed in a blur, and the time for Emma to return home arrived. At the airport, Ethan held Emma close, promising to visit her in France and continue their journey together. As the plane took off, Emma looked out the window at the city that had changed her life and at the young man who had stolen her heart. Months later, Ethan fulfilled his promise and arrived in France. Their love story continued across continents, bridging the gap between their two worlds. The young foreign exchange student had found not only a city to love but a love to cherish, making her year in New York a season she would never forget.
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Why I have become the woman’s orgasim specialist PERTH plz write to and ask why.

October 7th, 2023 by John Francisco
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Gentlemen in and around Brisbane

October 6th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hi darling, I have Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Available before I'm off gain Next week I can come and hide with you wherever you are. . Or You can come to me in Southbank Brisbane PreBook Now 0467 425 956 Hope to play soon, Kandice xxx
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Why Incalls Are Better Than Going to Strip Clubs.

October 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to having fun with an escort, you have plenty of options. You can either do incalls or outcalls. With outcalls, you can visit a spa, hotels, strip clubs or brothels where escorts are located or any other location you’ve agreed with your companion. With incalls, the escort comes to your place or a location that you, the client, have provided. While going to strip clubs has some advantages, such as a variety of girls and potential for socialisation, having an escort in your place has some advantages. Here are a few reasons why incalls are better than going to strip clubs. Incalls Are Super Convenient. You don't have to stress about going anywhere when you ask her to come to your place. You just make your booking and relax as you wait—no annoying taxis or having to deal with traffic. On the same note, you get to control the environment since you’ll dictate the music, what plays on TV, and even the setting of your romantic encounter with her. In a nutshell, you can get as comfortable as you want without worrying about anything. Incalls Are Cheaper. Having an incall is cheaper than going to strip clubs for several reasons. Firstly, many strip clubs charge a cover fee of about $50 only to be let into the club. Imagine paying a cover fee and walking into a selection of girls you don’t even like. Secondly, going to a strip club means you have to spend on extras such as drinks and reservations, which is an extra cost on top of the escort fee. Sadly, the drinks in such places are usually overpriced, and the real surprise is that, in most cases, you can take two drinks minimum. If you factor in the transport fees, reservations, cover fees, drinks and other additional charges, it's not worth the hassle. With all that money, you could invest in a stripper of your choice and get the king treatment at home! You Get Exactly What You Want. The thing with walking into a strip club is that you’re making a bet that you will find a person you like. While you could get lucky, the chances are low considering competition from other thirsty revellers who might be cashed more than you are. With incalls, you get to choose an escort of your choice, and even if you’re not happy with whoever shows up at your door, you just have to decline politely, and another one will be sent your way. Although that will be an extra cost on the hourly rate, it is still better than competing in the clubs. The Bottom Line. The strip clubs in most major fun hubs and destinations are world-class and have a fantastic collection of strippers and escorts. However, the reality is that having an escort come to your place saves you a lot of time, money and energy than going to the strip club. Find an agency, choose your dream girl, and invite her over. You’re going to love it!  
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The Top 5 Strap-On Positions.

October 5th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
For lesbians, or partners with vulvas, using a strap-on is the best decision you can ever make. This sex toy has the potential to give the best sex you can get. Assuming you’ve gotten a strap-on dildo and youre ready to jump into the adventure, the toughest conversation with your partner would be on what sex styles to use. Where do you even begin? Luckily, we have your back on the best tips and tricks regarding sex positions and strap-ons. We are here to give you the top five strap-on positions that suit people of all experience levels. However, before we get to the positions, here is a polite reminder that you must use enough lubrication to prevent discomfort, and if you want to add a little pleasure to the play, a vibrator will be a perfect addition. Now, let's go to the good stuff. Missionary! The classic missionary is probably the most versatile yet effective sex style. It can be easily used with a strap-on, especially when you and your partner are just starting. The position is intimate and allows more leverage on your partner's body parts, such as boobs and kissing. It simply involves one partner lying on their back and spreading their legs such that the other partner on top can fit between the legs. If things get too blissful, the lying partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s body. Remember, old is gold, so this is the position if you’re looking for deep pleasure that comes easily. The Classic Doggy Style. The doggy style is another simple, straightforward, yet rewarding strap-on sex style. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for the very first encounter. The dynamics of this style are simple; the partner who intends to be penetrated kneels, and the penetrating partner with the strap-on kneels behind them and slowly guides the dildo in. The style is amazing since the partner with the dildo can thrust their hips up and down at a pace they like, and their partner is comfortable with. The idea of any sex style is to hit all those sensitive pleasant zones, and the doggy does that perfectly. Spooning. While spooning is mainly used for non-sexual but intimate contexts, it can be turned into a blissful sex style. The receiving partner lies on the side, with their back facing the giving partner. The receiving partner then lifts one leg, allowing the penetrating partner to slide in slowly. Once in this position, the partner can thrust in and out at a pace they like as they soar and rise to heights of pleasure. The topping of this style is that the giving partner's hands are free in case the receiving partner wants more pleasure. The Facing Spoon. The easiest way to describe this style would be a facing missionary. It’s just like the spoon above, only the partners face each other. This style is more intimate as it allows reading of the facial expressions and even some kissing. It's both deep and pleasurable! Final Thoughts Working around a strap-on dildo isn’t that complicated. The styles above, especially the missionary, will be a great start. If you feel intimidated, start with a small handheld dildo and climb the ladder slowly. Do you have any experience with strap-ons? Which style are you familiar with? Please comment in the box below.            
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Keen to make you explode 💦

October 3rd, 2023 by user101035
So being so new at this I’m nervous but I’m still more excited that’s for sure! Having a high sex drive and a kinky depraved mind is keeping me in waiting for that first booking..I can’t wait to leave someone dripping in cum totally relaxed and satisfied…
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Selling content <3 Available for customs

October 3rd, 2023 by Dramatic Dumpster Fire
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Can you encrypt the coded blog below?

October 2nd, 2023 by Lexx Soule
Terhe is ntohnig you cna’t do if you turley set yuor mnid to it. In tihs bolg you wlil dsiocevr if we are cmpotailbe wtih each ohetr. Tihs ltitle mnid gmae was semohtnig taht I larnet a lnog tmie ago from a Fceaobok meme, if you put your mnid to it, you wlil be albe to read tihs wlhoe bolg and be albe to eyrcnpt the msesgae. Let us keep tihs sorht and sewet, bcuaese radenig tihs tpye of txet can be trinig and dfifiuclt. But yuor biarn larens to sikm raed and apdat, as lnog as the frsit and lsat lteters are the smae, all the lteters in the mdlide of the wrod can be jmulebd Waht is it taht you wnat from our cneonitcon, from our pforssenoial rlaetonisihp? Is it sex? Cmponiaohsip? Tavrel cmponiaon? If you tkae me tvarlelnig you wulod hvae all trehe. I wnat you. I wnat to fcuk you! I wnat to ssneullay pasele you! To tease you! I wnat you! NOW! You wlil never frgoet our eperxinece teohgetr, my lpis wlil siatn yuros, the sleml of my cloonge wlil lngier in yuor nsoe for wekes, yuor psusy wlil saercm! Tehn you wkae up bucsaese it was jsut a darem. You hvae been dmaernig auobt me aigan, “I need to hrury up and mkae tihs bkoniog”, at 1am in the mrnonig the eaiml is snet. Two dyas ltear you meet me udenr the hetol sehtes, tgnlaed tghteoer are our feet, it has been an huor sncie yuor dciaely has met my maet. “Gdboyoe” I lvaee lkie I geret, a wram ksis on the cehek, but mroe ccok is waht you paeld. At the lsat mmeont you eentxd our tmie, tihs tmie the roticeepn clal tlnlieg us it is psat the hetol’s bdtmiee. FCUK! I WNAT TO FCUK YOU NOW! Thank you for reading, L. Soule. xoxo
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Wanna see a live sex with your girl? Or better participate

October 2nd, 2023 by Natalia Grey
I have my hot friend here for some fun! Sit back and enjoy the action via your screen or get in the action with us xxx  Call me now 0479140664 spots limited, online calls are available all day and in Southbank for irl fun x
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