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Hookers in Two Wells

February 27th, 2021 by Bored Shitless
Short story.. There are none. Why not?
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Love Honey Sale - up to 70% off!!

February 25th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney has added a new promotion!! Name: Lovehoney Sale - Up to 70% off Start Date: 15/03/2021 End Date: 29/03/2021 Link
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Top four sex dominant sex positions.

February 24th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Good sex is all about the thrill, and adventure one can experience during the whole process of sex. This is where sex dominance comes in. Sex dominance is an opportunity to release oneself completely into a steamy and mind-blowing experience, face the unanticipated, have complete openness, and be insecure with another person. Dominance also means adding some new moves, get more stimulation sexually, and have fun during the entire session. Dominance may sound a bit intimidating, but the opposite is true. Sex dominance is fascinating and fun. This is possible with the right partner. Someone you trust to give you a good time, not at the expense of your happiness. You can best achieve this through dominant sex positions. However, Gympie escorts suggest that there is a red flag for dominance, as people with sexual trauma may not find this appealing and are advised to choose accordingly. Switching up some of these positions is also subject to personal pleasure. No one should be forced during the engagement. The following are the top four positions that will leave partners with happy endings. 1. Doggy style Doggy is one of the classic sex styles. It is among the leading most dominant sex positions. You go on your all fours, and the penetrating partner is in a kneeling position right behind as he or she penetrates you. Let your partner control all the movements as you keep still. The penetrating partner can grab the hips, shoulder, or hair for extra support, depending on their comfort. It guarantees excellent pleasure because of deep penetration. 2. Kneeling sex This sex position describes intimacy well and rewards if well performed. The phallic partner kneels, outstretches the left knee to the partner’s left side, and the right knee behind her, and the partner does a similar thing. To get penetration, the man lowers his pelvis beneath the woman and lets his penis slide into her vagina. With the penis inside her, the woman then rocks her pelvis up and down until both of them reach orgasm. It is well suited for partners not too tall for the woman. This might not work correctly in the case of too much difference in height. For reducing strains on the knees, use a yoga mat or pillow. Also, when well balanced, it allows playing with the woman's breasts or have anal sex. 3. Sitting cowgirl This position is quite spicy, especially when doggy style and missionary seem less interesting. This is also a sex style for women who yearn to explore and experience new things, as well as those who feel they can get on top and control the penetration themselves. The male partner lies down on his back, and then the woman sits on him. With the penis inside her vagina, she hops up and down. This ensures the clitoris is well stimulated with a good penetration too. The woman is in control and can switch the penetration angle to one that suits her best for extra pleasure. 4. Divide and conquer. The man kneels before the woman and spreads her legs. He also controls how fast and the angle he penetrates her. This position also offers a chance for clit play. Manual stimulation of the clitoris can be done using sex toys. This position is not only delightful to watch but also to perform.  Conclusion The above sex positions are known to offer quality sex dominance. They are also known to offer the best sexual arousal and incredible orgasms, which are sex dominance’s main objectives. The choice of the positions is relative and may vary from one person to another, depending on what they want and their strengths and weaknesses.
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The best sex toys for masturbation

February 16th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Masturbating using sex toys can make the process more intense and fascinating. Partners can help each other masturbate or go on a solo mission as they seek to explore more into their sex life. Both men and women need these gems to spice up their bedroom lives. Sex toys give unique and exciting feelings that partners cannot give to each other no matter how sexually experienced they are. They will try, but the truth is the human anatomy is limited. Most women fear doing solo-masturbation with sex toys. They fear the toys might replace their male partners in the relationship. This is just a myth, according to research and opinions from Horsham escorts and sex enthusiasts. The choice of masturbating, whether alone or with a partner, is subject to comfort and happiness. In order to wallow in adventurous sex life, several sex toys should be involved. Here are some of our top selections, which may be for men only or women only, or both. 1.Vibrating cock ring.  It is a ring comfortably fitted on the shaft of the cock. It has strong vibrations. The use of this toy involves both partners, more so a combination of male and female. The clitoris is stimulated by the immense pressure from the toy top. Everyone in the sex play enjoys it. If the man cums first, the toy can be shifted to the ring and middle fingers, which will allow the female partner to enjoy the vibrations. 2. Rechargeable vibrating massager It is easily held, and multiple body parts are easily reached. It is recommended that if the partner is a woman, she should be on top. The clitoris gets easily stimulated, and also, all her body parts can easily be accessed with her on top. It can also play a vital role during foreplay where the woman is required to give a lap dance. Angle switching can be done in order to hit the magical G-spot. 3. Vibrating rimming plug. This is a sex toy mainly for anal sex. It aids in getting a mind-blowing rim job sensation. It can also be used in the vagina, and we promise you it gives fascinating results. 4. Vice 2 prostate massager This is a male sex toy. It produces 72 sensory experiences using vibration numbers, which are 18, and speeds, which are four. It has a controller, with which your partner can join for more fun. An intense all-body orgasm can be achieved with it inside while having sex with a partner. Whether planning to spice up your sex life with your partner or to entertain oneself solo, sex toys can make this happen. The game between the sheets will go a notch higher. A wise decision should be made on the choice of sex toys which should be well consulted. However, with any of our top selections, you're in for a ride full of fun.
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3 ways of fighting anxiety in bed

February 11th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Over the years, both men and women have experienced anxiety in bed. It is normal for anxiety to creep up on us whilst thinking about having sex. It affects both genders regardless of their past sexual experiences. We tend to worry about whether we are doing it right or how good we are. In order to know why sexual anxiety is affecting you, then looking and understanding the causes might help. Causes Sex is all about the physical response and emotions. A stressed mind will lead to the body responding with no excitement either. Worry, therefore, tends to develop from the problems stated below; ·        Worry about the penis size. ·        Problems present in the relationship ·         Being concerned about premature ejaculation or taking forever to orgasm. ·        Concern about body size and weight ·        Doubting your performance in bed. Worrying that you won’t sexually satisfy your partner by performing poorly in bed. With all the above processes, the body releases stress hormones such as norineprinephine and epinephrine. Symptoms Having too much worry during sex reduces our performance power in bed. No matter how sexually appealing your partner is, with a poor state of mind, one is bound to fail in bed. Stress hormones tend to reduce blood vessel size. This makes having an erection a mountain to climb since very little blood flows into the penis. In women, anxiety makes arousal quite difficult leading to little or no lubrication. Thus there is no physical desire to have sex. Anxiety shifts the attention of lovemaking. When one is concentrating on whether they will perform well in bed during intercourse, the focus on the current moment is lost. Even if they are super aroused, achieving climax becomes a problem. Solutions 1. Consult a therapist See a doctor or therapist who is well versed with sex matters. This can help to understand and eliminate the reasons for being anxious in bed. For example, if erectile dysfunction seems an issue, then techniques for being under control should be sought. 2. Intimacy among partners Other intimate things that do not include intercourse should be enjoyed among couples. This includes giving each other massages, bathing together, masturbating with each other. Masturbating helps reduce the pressure of sexual performance. 3. Exercising helps in keeping fit and also have good stamina for sex. 4. Self-distraction Mind distraction is critical when trying to avoid worries in bed. This is achieved by listening to music or watching a movie while having sex. Also, having thoughts which turn you on might be helpful. Escorts in Ipswich suggest that digressing from the sexual event at hand helps reduce worry and lowers over excitement. Conclusion There is no need to torture oneself about appearance and performance in bed. Where necessary, a therapist should be consulted. Remember that the best way to intervene in your sex life is to communicate with your partner or escort about what might work for you.
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Top 3 ways to masturbate in 2021

February 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Masturbation is a natural and safe way of getting sexual pleasure by oneself. It is a common practice but rarely spoken about despite living in a society that is sexually liberal. In most cases, it is considered embarrassing and weird to talk about it. People of different races, genders, and ages masturbate. Most people secretly do it because of the shame and guilt associated with it, so if you’re not masturbating, someone else is! Generally, masturbation does not have any side effects physically. It is normal, fun, and a healthy sexual adventure. Its advantages include; a safe way of having solo sex, no risk of pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases. It helps individuals learn more about their bodies sexually, reduces stress, and helps people sleep better thanks to its relaxing effect. The known negative effects are few. They include; guilt, in the sense that it is considered immoral by the religious society, and the risk of getting madly addicted. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, but masturbation can be fascinating if the following tips are followed. Here is a short detailed list of the best ways to masturbate. 1. Clitoris stimulation Fingers and toys such as vibrators or dildos can be used to play with the sensitive clitoris. The area above the pubic bone, which happens to be fleshy, should be well massaged. Then fingers should be run along the lips of the vulva, inner and outer. Rub up and down across the clitoris and clitoris hood. The rubbing speed should be increased when the clitoris gets super wet, or a good lube has been applied. The feeling should be intensified by adding more pressure until you get off. 2. Vaginal stimulation The vagina has always been considered not to lead to a fast climax in women. The vaginal opening should first be massaged. Sex toys or fingers are then inserted slowly and carefully. The vagina should be wet enough and If not, use lube to reduce the effects of friction. The toys or fingers should then be moved in a circular motion pushing in and out and stroking gently. The G-spot is then stimulated using a “come hither motion". When you feel a build-up of intense vibrations begin, increase the speed, and eventually, an explosive orgasm is felt. Katherine escorts say that this hack may not work for everyone, though, but it's worth giving a shot. 3. Masturbate after working out. After a workout, masturbation works perfectly for men. They tend to release hormones during intense workouts, such as adrenaline and dopamine (the feel-good hormone). Thus a man can feel extra horny after work out. Endorphins tend to be high in the blood, and this leads to an increase in blood flow. The pelvis muscle relaxes completely. Therefore, masturbating after a workout for men is excellent, and a good intense orgasm will easily be achieved. Conclusion These are not the only ways that can be used for great masturbation. There are more, and choices vary from one person to another. Flexibility is highly recommended. One can change from one process to another as long as their goal of an intense orgasm is achieved.
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