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Sexual Frustrations- What It Is and How to Deal with It

November 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Amazing sex is among life’s greatest pleasures and one of the best things you can enjoy with your partner. While we all deserve good sex, sometimes it's not what we get. Satiating your sex drive is important, but sometimes it becomes impossible, especially for people in serious relationships, leading to sexual frustration. In simple terms, sexual frustration describes a feeling of sexual needs not being met regarding the amount of sex you have. Sexual frustration is a natural response to any imbalance in your sexual compatibility. It is common in relationships and manifests differently in everybody. Causes of sexual frustration Just like the signs of sexual frustration are different in everybody, various factors can contribute to this horrible feeling. Some factors that might lead to sexual frustration include; Lack of a sexual partner For single people or those in long-distance relationships, this is the leading cause of sexual frustrations. Sometimes, one partner may be turned on while the other isn’t in the mood for sex. In such a scenario, the partner in need suffers a horrible feeling of frustration. In such cases, hooking up with Auckland Male Escorts would be amazing, as they will give you an unforgettable experience. Expectations In our previous sex blogs, we’ve preached the word of approaching sex with limited expectations. In some cases, some partners impose impossible standards on their partners, and when they are not met, they end up frustrated. Poor communication Sometimes, frustrations come from misunderstandings in communicating sexual needs and desires. Open and honest communication might help partners negotiate and discuss manageable ways of meeting each other’s needs. Health conditions Sometimes, it's your body that is leading to those sexual frustrations. Health-related challenges such as pregnancies, illnesses, or surgeries might prevent a person from engaging in sexual activities, leading to frustration. More conditions include; Anxiety Stress and depression High blood pressure Obesity Diabetes Sexual dysfunction disorders such as ED These conditions limit one’s sexual performance which leads to frustrations. Symptoms of sexual frustration It might not be easy to determine whether you’re sexually frustrated, but assessing your moods is a good start. Nevertheless, these symptoms and behaviours might connect to sexual frustrations Feeling edgy or restless Feeling less confident and less interested in sex Experiencing rejection from recent sexual advances Feeling too tired to have sex Engaging in risky behaviours to fulfil sex desires Frequent arguments with partners over sex Daydreaming about sex frequently Watching porn or adult films How to prevent, treat or manage sexual frustrations Here are a few tips you can consider Focusing on your health. In such a case, focus on taking healthy diets and avoiding foods that might lead to high blood sugar levels and obesity. Masturbation. There is no better way of learning more about what makes you happy than masturbation. Come on. Connecting with more friends, exercising, initiating sex, approaching more men or women, and having virtual sex. Lastly, practice open communication and listen to meaningful music. The bottom line Sexual frustration is a horrible feeling whether you’re dating or single. The highlighted tips should get you out of the mess. If you need more help, consult a sexual health expert. Have you ever experienced sexual frustration? Please share your experiences with us via our blog comment section.
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Brisbane let's make it a December to Remember

November 27th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
December Rates incall 30mins GFE $200 1 hour GFE $350 2 hours GFE $700 3 Hours GFE $1000 All services include Full/S Netflix and Chill 3hrs $800 4 Hour Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner date $1000 12hr Date $2000  Extra hours are $300 each after the first two Outcalls available to Brisbane minimum booking is 1hr. Outcalls have a $100 travel fee. INCALLS SOUTHBANK BRISBANE: Onsite parking is available at my incall. Do you desire a mature, independent escort to accompany you in Brisbane? Look no further, because you’ve found her. Not in Brisbane? Fly me to you. Let me introduce myself .. I’m Kandi - a petite, Aussie blonde with big green eyes and curves in all the right places. I'm a kind, caring and considerate person with an adventurous spirit and passion for life. I believe each moment is precious, and I want to know all the things that drive you wild so I can make our time together unforgettable.
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Cyber Monday Sales at Lovehoney - up to 70% off everything!

November 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney has added an amazing new promotion Name: Cyber Monday - Up to 70% off everything Start Date: 28/11/2022 End Date: 30/11/2022 Click here to start shopping now!
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Sexting 101. How To Sext Like a Pro

November 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Without a doubt, sexting is an art of the 21st century that gained massive popularity during the long months of lockdown. Did you know that there are people who are paid to sext? Not only is it a great way of having fun with your partner, but it's also a booster of trust, which eventually improves a relationship. We can all agree that we have a lot of time on our devices, and nothing would feel better than having a good time with the one you love. While that sounds easy, it might be hard to establish reasonable grounds for a sex chat, and quite often, many couples get it wrong. This write-up is expert advice from a sexologist that contains tips to help you sext like a pro. 1.     Get consent from your partner. Getting consent is the stage where most people fail. Just because you have the idea in mind doesn’t mean your partner is open to it. You must check in with your partner before taking things from zero to 100. Negotiate for consent, and once you get the green light, you can drop in the messages. An example of a text you could send is, “Hey babe. I have some crazy nasty thoughts id love to share. Are you in the mood?” 2.     Set ground rules and boundaries Even in sexting, housekeeping is essential. Male Escorts Auckland advice that you treat this like sex, so set some rules and clearly outline the boundaries. Is there something you dislike hearing? Say it! We suggest setting some safe words to use when the conversation gets uncomfortable. We all have preferences regarding the sex world; thus, it's okay not to be okay with some phrases. 3.     Read something erotic Reading steamy content gives you mad ideas that you can put into text. Visual porn videos could be intense, especially for beginners, so we recommend written content. Reading erotic books or blogs will expand your sex dialogue, and that conversation will be like a movie. 4.     Take it slow Remember, this is sex, but just through the phone. We suggest you don’t take things from zero to 100 within the first five texts. Hold your best likes for the very last steps. Remember to include some intense foreplay to ensure that the grand finale is a moment to relish. For example, you could text them, “Let’s take this as far as we can. Then let ourselves dive into orgasm.” 5.     Don’t forget to tease Teasing works magic, even during physical sex. Don’t give your all in the first few messages. If possible, send a nice picture and tell them that you’ve been thinking about them and would love to have them rip you apart. Such messages will give your partner sexy imagination, and the replies will be sexier. 6.     Be creative Thinking outside the box is allowed. For example, you can pull out your best line and use it as a caption for a sexy photo. Or else, you can incorporate voice notes into the play. Creating a sexy scenario works wonders too. In closing There are tons of things you can do to make this sexting intensely arousing. The bottom line is to have as much fun as possible while respecting each other. Follow our blogs for examples of sexy messages to tease them with. Are you a fan of sexting? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 
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Sex Positions to Try Before the Year Ends

November 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The year is almost over. It’s been a tough one, yeah? The question we ask is whether you’ve had enough sex. There’s no point in sitting down and waiting for the sex to come to you. Instead, get out there and have as much fun as possible, which means more activity in the bedroom. To help you in this regard, we wanted to change how you’ve been having sex. We’ve prepared a list of hot sex positions that we think will turn things around for you. You need to add these sex positions to your 2022 bucket list. 1.     Seated This one is for oral sex lovers. Why oral sex? Because oral sex is among the most neglected forms of sex, and yet it is the most pleasing, and two, giving head is an act of service! All you have to do is sit on the edge of the bed or couch, or whatever works for you, while your partner kneels in front of you with their head between your legs. They then use their hands, fingers, mouth, or a sex toy to please you. Let them wrap their hands around your hips to give them more control. As Female Escorts in Auckland put it, when done with the right intensity, the style leads to crazy orgasms. 2.     The chair When we talk of penetrative sex, the best of it comes with this style. First, it allows for deep penetration, extra stimulation of the clitoris, a touch of kissing, and some intense eye contact. All you need is a chair with a backrest, and have the phallic partner sit down while you sit on them, facing them with your hands on their shoulders. From this position, grind back and forth at your desired speed to allow that intense penetration. It might not be easy to achieve a balance, but his hands are free to roam. A combination of these pleasures will do you good. 3.     Leg over shoulders This style is pretty self-explanatory. The lady lies down with legs over the phallic partner who kneels, with the knees on either side of the lying partner. Having the legs over the partner exposes the vagina, which allows for insane penetration, and stimulation. To spice it up, add a sex toy, such as a vibrator, into the mix. A mix of some penetration, a vibrator, and hands on the boobs will be pleasurable. 4.     The side by side This style is similar to spooning, only that the partners face each other. Here, both partners lie on the side, facing each other, and the female partner lifts her free leg and wraps it around the partner's hip, giving access to the vagina. This sex position is pleasurable to both partners as they are both involved. In Addition, the man gives up some control, allowing him to focus on the sensations rather than how much he can push the strokes. The bottom line There are thousands of styles, some of which have never been written about. The ones we’ve mentioned are a perfect start. What we advocate for is creativity and constant communication with your partner. Which style would you add to our list? We'd love you to drop a comment in our comments section.
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Rules For Open Relationships and Tips for Navigating Them

November 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
This year's top trend in dating is unconventional but very saucy. It is - open relationships. Whether you’re dating or you’ve had previous relationships, opening up a conversation about an open relationship could be pretty daunting. More couples are subscribing to the idea of open relationships and challenging traditional societal norms of monogamous relationships. However, navigating such a relationship calls for ultimate care. Transitioning from a monogamous relationship can feel liberating, messy, and empowering - a blend of extreme feelings. That, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t work. It's, therefore, helpful to have an expansive and dependable knowledge base about such relationships. Here, we’ve come through with this short explainer of common rules of open relationships and how to navigate them. 1.     Set sex boundaries As plain as it sounds, sex is the order of the day in open relationships. Jealousy is always in the picture; thus, it's essential to set rules on what kind of sex is fine to have with other people and what you consider out of bounds. Don’t be afraid to have this difficult conversation and ask difficult questions. If you’re not okay with your partner having penetrative sex with other people, don’t be shy to speak it out. Also, remember to discuss safe sex practices such as condoms for penetrative sex. That way, you’ll save yourself from possible infections and, of course, a lot of jealousy. 2.     Emotional boundaries Emotions are paramount in any relationship, including open relationships. The emotional connection you have will determine how far this will get. It's thus important to set boundaries for emotional behaviours, clearly outlining what you wouldn’t want. For example, you could be against your partner hooking up with casual tinder dates. If that’s the case, you better table it before everything starts. 3.     Make honesty a priority Honesty is among the pillars of open relationships. Remember, for your partner to be comfortable with you; you must be ready to pour out your heart to them. Be open and honest about your sexual and emotional needs and desires, and be prepared to have an honest conversation about boundaries. It might be scary at first, but prioritizing honesty and embracing your vulnerability will come in handy for that relationship. 4.     Do this for the right reasons People get into open relationships for different reasons. Some are looking for something different, while some crave something more from their monogamous relationships. Whatever reason you have, Escorts in Auckland suggest that you should never get into an open relationship to solve the challenges you’re experiencing in your monogamous relationships. Chances are it's going to be a recipe for disaster. Approach this with a sober mind and have a candid conversation with your partner to ensure you are on the same page. The bottom line Open relationships have many benefits, including strengthening the bond of primary partners. To reap such benefits, the tips we’ve highlighted will help. In whatever you do, make sure you have fun and practice safe sex. Do you support the idea of open relationships? Please share your thoughts in the comment section box.
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This Week…

November 21st, 2022 by Sasha Sinns
Lets have some fun 😏 Availability… Pre Bookings are preferred and appreciated. Limited availability remaining for incalls, get in touch to book in now. Outcalls Only; Tuesday 22/11 and Wednesday 23/11 Incalls (South Perth); Thursday 24/11: 3pm - 12am (PreBookings Only) Friday 25/11: 12pm - 12am Saturday 26/11: 12pm - 12am Check out my website for all the experiences I have on offer.
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Melbourne Gents let's get Merry

November 19th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Melbourne Darlings I am in your City for the start of December so let's get Merry and I can be your Naughty Gift to yourself .. And add a Spring to your step . 6th 11am-10pm 7th 7am-10pm 8th 7am-10pm 9th 7am-12pm Southbank Melbourne Based Incall Prebookings and Deposits required 0467 425 956 Look forward to seeing you
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Long-distance relationships tips and ideas

November 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
For two people in love, distance means nothing. If you’ve found someone you connect with deeply, you shouldn’t break up simply because you don’t live in the same place. Thousands of couples are surviving in these relationships. While it's important to meet up physically and spend some time together, there are more than enough testimonies of long-distance relationships that have worked perfectly. With the right amount of effort, creativity, and passion, it’s possible to keep the fire burning even with miles between you. Here are a few expert tips on managing that long-distance relationship. 1.     Avoid too much communication While there is no clear definition of “too much,” Female escorts Auckland highly discourage being possessive and clingy. You don’t really have to talk for 24 hours in a day to make it work. A lot of couples think that they can compensate for the distance with consistent talking, and in the end, it does more harm as they get tired of “loving.” Keep in mind that less is more; this is all about teasing and speaking at the right times and moments. 2.     Set clear boundaries For any relationship to succeed, the boundaries should be as clear as day. Discuss deeply your expectations and ground rules that will run the relationship. For example, discuss whether you two are exclusive and if any partners are allowed to go on dates with other people. Such rules will be extremely helpful in telling you whether it's worth the effort. 3.     Communicate regularly and creatively. As pointed out in the first point, communication is very sensitive. Firstly, you must text each other good morning and goodnight every day. It doesn’t take much effort to do that, yet it means a lot to partners. On that note, update each other on meaningful things happening around your lives, and if possible, do it in the form of videos and photos. 4.     Respecting dates Considering there is limited time for physical meet-ups, you’d want to date someone who respects the little available time. Prioritize your partner and respect the little time they set apart for the meet-ups. Try not to be late and show up with all your enthusiasm. 5.     Create a bucket list and travel together Even with the distance, couples can share what they want to achieve together in their lives. Creating an activity blueprint helps you cook ideas for your future dates. If possible, find activities that you’re both genuinely interested in, and if time allows, travel the world, and see places together. 6.     Talk dirty While keeping in touch is important, you shouldn’t neglect intimacy. Keeping this spark is one of the biggest challenges in such relationships. Keep things interesting by swapping sexy or nude photos, talking dirty, having phone sex, virtual sex, and sexting. The bottom line The success rate of long-distance relationships depends on the effort from both sides. It sure is a challenge, but with a little creativity, effort, and understanding, the distance doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup. Follow the above tips and more in our following blogs. Have you ever been separated by distance? What was your experience? Talk to us through our comment section.
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An Awesome Cheap Trick available till 1st January

November 17th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Hey hey, Celebrating Christmas early and finishing it late ... 1st January 4 hours $1000 2 hours Social & 2 hours Play On Tours or In Brisbane Book Now 0467 425 956
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How To Turn That Situationship Into A Relationship

November 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
 A situationship can be defined as an undefined relationship. In this case, both partners are in a romantic relationship but not exclusive with each other. Most of these relationships involve physical intimacy, but generally, they are more of a prolonged sexual encounter. While sex is the order of the day, it doesn’t mean they don’t get emotional. In the end, the casual talking, hanging out and uncommitted sex gets tiring, and it necessitates turning it into a relationship- something more meaningful, consistent and with an important label. This stage is tricky, to be honest, but with the right attitude and guidance, you’ll be ready to try it. Here are some tips on how to turn the situationship into a relationship. 1.     Reduce sexting and see each other often While sexting counts greatly in any relationship, the best bonds are created physically. Texting tends to build a false sense of intimacy, especially if it’s done excessively. If consistency was in the situationship, then in your to-be relationship, it must be a building block. Spending more time together and consistently shows the willingness to start something serious and makes it easy for the relationship to grow. 2.     Introduce each other to your best friends According to escorts Auckland and dating experts, social interactions between two enthusiastic people with feelings for each other helps make the bond stronger. Involving each other in your social lives is a recipe for a committed romantic relationship. Try mingling beyond what you do privately. Go out there and see people together and you’ll the benefits. 3.     Manifest serious couple dates Rather than the casual “knowing each other dates,” try turning them into more serious and meaningful meet-ups, where you even get to dress up. Dating experts suggest that the best way to bring something into your life is by acting like you already have it. Manifesting these real dates will be a great start. 4.     Talk it out This is a difficult conversation to have but an essential one. If you haven’t defined your relationship, this is the best time to do it. We recommend being open, transparent, open-minded and speaking your heart out. Don't hold back if you’re not ready to take that relationship to the next level. 5.     Keep checking in You can’t have this relationship-defining talk once and expect things to change. Make your relationship a conversation topic and slowly usher yourself into deep and difficult conversations. Keep letting the other person know how you feel about them. However, we suggest reading the feedback and avoiding insisting. 6.     Be patient and open-minded If you’re really for it, the other person may not be interested or need some more time to think it out. Therefore, you should learn to practice patience, and you should also be open to rejection. If they say no, it's not the end of the world. The bottom line That said, it's crucial to recognize when you’re stuck with someone who is not ready to take things to the next level. We recommend constant and open communication to figure out what you two want from each other. Otherwise, the above tips should be a perfect start. What’s your opinion on situationships? Do you think they’re healthy? Please tell us through our comment section box.
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Melita cox xo Brisbane

November 16th, 2022 by Melita Cox
 sms only on 0460 690 602. ___________________ photos are verified Hey guys, My name is Melita , I am a 27 year old Australian Private Escort who specializes in a girlfriend experience that will tick all the boxes leaving you undeniably addicted. Along with my Pretty and petite Body, I have Blonde hair, light silky skin and Bright brown eyes, I believe to be Friendly & Flirtatious aswell as open-minded & easy-going so quiet adaptable with most types of people. My GFE is more than just a Simple Girlfriend Experience, I offer unlimited extras so my service Will always leave you satisfied and i am guaranteed to linger in your thoughts.   Before making a booking please let me know the following details: YOUR NAME INCALL OR OUTCALL TIME LENGTH OF BOOKING TYPE OF SERVICE: GFE OR PSE Prices 30min - $300 60min - $500 2hours - $800
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How To Eat Her Out: 6 Tips to Becoming a Cunnilingus Expert

November 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
What do you mean you don’t know how to give good head? Even the sun goes down! Cunnilingus, or eating pussy is one of the best ways of pleasing her and giving her something to remember. There are a million ways we could talk about cunnilingus, but it works differently for everyone. While there is no universal formula for eating her out, focusing on some areas and using some motions might work some magic. If you’ve been wondering how to approach this, we asked sex experts and Auckland escorts for some tips, which we compiled as follows. 1.     Understand her female anatomy Before you even jump into the tongue times, it's essential to understand the assignment ahead. The clitoral glands are clearly visible from outside the body, while the rest of the clitoris is inside the vulva. The goal of eating her out is to use your tongue and lips to please the clitoris, which is made of erectile tissue giving it that much-needed sensitivity. 2.     Kiss your way to the P There is no hurry here. All that P is yours to eat. We suggest spicing it up and upping the tension by starting slow with small kisses on the lips, down to the neck, on her titties, then to the pelvic region, and finally on her vulva. Such a lovely trip, huh? If possible, maintain some eye contact depending on the style you’re using. We also recommend some sensual kissing on the thighs before taking the plunge. A little teasing also increases the anticipation, which makes the experience worthwhile. 3.     Find the clit Keep her anatomy in mind, and find this magic organ. If you’re still not sure what it feels like, feel for a bean-shaped organ that can be found on top of the vaginal lips. Once you find the tiny bundle of nerves, start with some slow rubs using the fingers before going all in with the tongue. 4.     Lick around the clit Once you’ve done enough rubs with the fingers, she will be super turned on and most likely wet. Tease them some more, make it clear that you’re into it, and bring your tongue into the action. Lick it up and down, all around, and even draw the number 8. We recommend remaining focused and maintaining pressure on the clitoris using your tongue. Start slowly and gradually increase the pace of the licking strokes. You can try different tongue shapes, such as a broad, flat, or pointy tongue. It's all a matter of preference and the feedback you’re getting. 5.     Try an accessory If they are okay with it, introduce a sex toy to drive them even crazier. A vibrator or a bullet works magic. We highly recommend combining the tongue, fingers, and sex toys. 6.     Communicate There is no sex without communication. Tell her how great her P tastes, and tell her to hold your hair if she likes that tongue. Remember, women love being gassed, and thus it will play a massive role in what she feels. The bottom line It's not as hard as it sounds. The most important thing to remember is to ensure she feels safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Remember to have some sensual music in the background. Are you a fan of cunnilingus? Please share your thoughts with us.
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Wet Dreams- An Expert Explainer

November 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Wet dreams! If you’ve not had one, you must have heard about them. Many men, especially those in the puberty bracket, experience this and, in some cases, carry it into adulthood. Most men who experience wet dreams are too embarrassed to talk about it, and hence they don’t get to realize that it’s a normal process. There are surprising facts that you probably never heard of, and thus some might surprise you. Keep up to find out more. What are wet dreams? A wet dream can be put as ejaculating or releasing vagina fluids during your sleep. Sometimes, wet dreams are referred to as nocturnal emissions or sleep orgasms. It's important to note that the release happens involuntarily. In most cases, they happen when you have a sex dream, although some happen without a clear cause. They happen during sleep when the heart rate significantly increases, boosting blood flow to the genitals. In such a moment, the genitals because pretty sensitive to any kind of stimulation. When it happens, you might wake up during the wet dream or realize it later in the morning. It's crucial to note that it’s a natural process and a way for the body to release sexual arousal. How frequently do wet dreams occur? The frequency of wet dreams varies differently among men and women. They are directly affected by a person’s age, sexual activity, and hormone levels. It’s common among young men, who can maintain long erections, and its chances decrease with age as the ability to maintain an erection decreases. Wet dreams are common during puberty or adolescence since young men and women have frequent hormonal changes, and the situation tends to reduce with old age as the hormones stabilize. Do they occur in men only? There has been a notion that nocturnal releases only occur in men or people with penises. However, the case isn’t any different with women or people with vulvas. Women tend to experience them for the same reasons as men, although the cases aren’t as common as in men. Can you prevent a wet dream? Chances of having a wet dream decrease with increased sexual activity. However, that doesn’t mean you can put a stop to it happening. Wet dreams occur when you’re in a deep sleep, a state where you lose all control of your body. What are the myths? There are several myths about wet dreams, which might confuse you if you experience them. Here are some that we collected from Taranaki escorts and went ahead to debunk. 1.     Wet dreams will not reduce a man's sperm count 2.     Wet dreams happen in both men and women 3.     Wet dreams won’t affect your immunity 4.     Wet dreams don’t only happen during puberty 5.     They are not a sign of illness 6.     They won’t make your wiener shrink. The bottom line Suppose you’ve been experiencing these releases. It's time to stop shaming about it. It’s a normal process that you should be proud of. If you wish to reduce its recurrence, we suggest increased sexual activity and practising relaxation techniques before sleeping. Have you ever had a wet dream? Were you embarrassed? Please share with us through the blog comment section.
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Top 4 Foods That Will Boost Your Performance in Bed

November 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sometimes when love lacks the zing and becomes lacklustre, we blame prevailing health conditions and sicknesses. However, sometimes the solution lies in what we take in as food. A healthy and robust sex drive is directly linked with physical and emotional health; thus, it's no surprise that what we eat greatly affects how we perform in the bedroom. Here are some suggestions of nutrients-packed foods that will help you light the spark again in your bedroom. 1.     Watermelon Many of us just look forward to watermelon because of its cooling effect. However, did you know that watermelon is more than just a fruit to cool down? Firstly, watermelon contains sufficient amounts of vitamin B5, essential in eliminating stress and anxiety. When you are in the best state of mind, your performance in bed shoots tenth fold. In addition, and quite important is that watermelon contains Citrulline, an amino acid that the body converts to L-arginine, which is essential in maintaining a strong erection for long enough. L-arginine works by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which encourages blood flow to the wiener. In a nutshell, watermelon, especially the seeds, is a perfect natural bluebill. 2.     Apples Besides keeping the doctor away, apples are a perfect booster of sexual activity and health. They are extremely rich in Quercetin, a flavonoid that improves endurance during sex. In addition to endurance, Quercetin helps promote circulation, treat erectile dysfunction, and alleviate prostatitis’ symptoms. Generally, flavonoid-rich foods can perfectly help with improving sexual activity. More examples of substitutes for apples include citrus fruits, cherries, and blueberries. 3.     Nuts and seeds Nuts and seeds are sources of zinc and other important minerals. Bay of Plenty escorts suggest replacing your usual candy snack with a handful of healthy nuts and seeds. For example, almonds are extremely beneficial. They contain important fatty acids, which are necessary to produce sex hormones. In addition, studies suggest that the smell of almonds tends to arouse women sexually. Lighting some almond-scented candles during sex would thus be helpful. Lastly, cashew nuts and almonds contain a load of zinc and L-arginine, which are essential in maintaining optimal blood flow levels. Examples of healthy seeds include walnuts, peanuts, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. 4.     Fatty fish The body needs lots of proteins to function optimally, especially regarding sex. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines are exemplary sources of these fats. They are loaded with omega-3, responsible for dopamine and optimum heart health and blood flow. They also have immense amounts of vitamin B6, which promotes a leaner body physique and thus a healthier sex lifestyle Take away The foods mentioned above are just a few examples of foods you can add to your lifestyle and promote better sex routines. We, however, would love to point out that eating these foods won’t deliver results on the first day. It needs discipline and commitment. What do you consider healthy sex-boosting food? Please tell us in our comment section.
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Top 4 Sex Positions for Overweight Couples

November 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex should be fun. While there’s the talk about sex styles, how often do we talk about the disadvantaged? Like the overweight couples trying to have some fun? Not every sex position works for everybody. In some cases, some sex positions might not favour the overweight. These super easy and extremely pleasurable positions will please you and your partner. They are perfect for overweight couples. 1.     Missionary twisted with a pillow Missionary is arguably the oldest and among the best sex positions. It offers great penetration and intense body-to-body and face-to-face contact, making things quite hot. However, with overweight couples, it only needs a few twists to make it even more pleasurable. While she raises her legs, place a pillow below her butt to lift the lower body and expose more of her vagina. You can use sex pillows, which have different shapes and sizes and are made specifically for sex, or you can modify them using bedroom throw pillows or couch cushions. The number of pillows depends on how overweight the woman is. 2.     The classic woman on top Sometimes, vaginal penetration isn’t enough to deliver compelling pleasure. A little clitoral stimulation comes a great way to give her orgasms. With this style, the phallic partner lies flat on the bed with his legs straight, and the woman comes on top, spreading her legs on his sides. In this position, the partner can penetrate her deeply, allowing for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. In addition, this position allows for some breast stimulation and gives the lady the power to select the intensity. 3.     Doggy style When we talk about penetration, the doggy style allows for the best of it. The doggy is a perfect style when you feel like too much tummy fat is getting in your way. Here, the woman gets on her hands and knees while the phallic partner penetrates her from behind. The hips or shoulders can be used as support or leverage to get more intense thrusts. However, this position is quite tiring for overweight people, so adult service providers in Northland recommend supporting your knees with soft pillows. 4.     The butterfly This position needs a bed or a couch and needs the man to be of a reasonable height to penetrate her while standing. It's a suitable style for people of all heights and sizes as it allows for intense penetration without worrying about the tummy causing interference. The woman lies on the edge of the bed with her legs on her partner's shoulder as he stands between her legs. It also allows for some kissing and eye contact. The bottom line Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spooning, and the seated position are more examples of ways overweight people can enjoy sex effortlessly. When choosing a position, it would be best to consult your partner on what they think will be a perfect fit. Which styles would you add to our list? Please let us know through our open comment section box.
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Saturday November 5th

November 5th, 2022 by Isabella Rose
This morning I had a lovely walk around Coogee with a friend, we took her dog and grabbed a nice coffee on the way, oat latte for me as always ;). Now its starting to heat up, I do love a cold brew with a dash of milk, its so refreshing in the warmer months. Spent the rest of the day doing housework, washing etc, all those necessary things. I have a booking this evening at 8pm with a regular client, looking forward to spending some time with him, we're having dinner and then who knows. Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday tomorrow. If the weather permits, I will head down to the beach with my book and enjoy the sunshine. xxx
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Known for my desire for pleasure

November 5th, 2022 by Ruby Knight
👉💋👅👈.......👉😺👈...💦💦💦 Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.  Step into my world of uncompromising sexuality and decadence Known for my insatiable desire for pleasure for women and men  I am mature , mischievous, adventurous and always love to have fun! I am easy-going, down-to-earth and friendly with a naughty girl-next-door personality, a seductive look and a super sexy, wild sex drive. You will find that I am extremely good at making you feel at ease and to successfully fulfil your desires I am open to your fetishes and fantasies, I spare no effort in pleasing my clients in bed, I do everything willingly and with dedication & your Discretion is Assured and of Utmost Importance as is mine. With both In-calls and Outcalls available. 0414694796
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Male escort

November 4th, 2022 by David Mcdonald
Hi, Im David, I’m a young 20 year old with a strong athlete sexy body. As you can probably tell I’m new to all this but don’t understand, I’m very adventurous and open minded.  To me every woman is beautiful and I love making them feel right.. I’m willing to try most things after a description  My prices are  $50 for 30min  $100 for 1 hour  $140 for 1.5 hours $180 for 2 hours  $250 for3 hours Boyfriend experience  Princess is not set
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Top 3 Lubricants for Anal Play

November 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Is there a better way of experimenting with your sexual horizons than some sensual butt play? Certainly not! Butt play, or anal sex, is one of the most underrated and unspoken ways of enjoying some sexual activity. If well done, it might be the staircase to magical orgasms. However, there need some precautions, and one of them is lubrication. If not well lubricated during anal sex, it might be one of your worst nightmares. While the body naturally produces lubricants during any sexual activity, it might need some boost in anal sex. Here is where lubricant, commonly known as lube, comes in. A good and effective lubricant determines how much fun you’ll have during anal sex. Since there are different types of lubes in the market, here are some of the best types of lubes that you can use for anal sex. Before we get into that, escorts in Waikato suggest that there are factors that affect one’s choice of lubricant. Here are some of them explained. The condoms the couple is using. Concerning condoms, the biggest precaution is not mixing latex condoms with petroleum-based lubricants. Petroleum damages latex, which might expose you to potential risks of diseases. In such cases, either switch the condoms to latex-free ones or switch to other types of lubes. Lastly, the type of sex in question also affects the type of lube used. In most cases, anal sex enthusiasts prefer water or silicone-based lubes as they effectively reduce friction and thus tear. When it comes to vaginal sex, in most cases, lube isn’t necessary, although its use makes things slippery and better. Now onto the types of lubes to consider. 1.     Water-based lubricants Water-based lubes are the most commonly used and affordable sex lubricants. They are perfect for any kind of sex play and are your go-to, all-rounded sex lubricant. Water-based lubes are compatible with all types of condoms; therefore, they are the best options for anal or butt play. That said and done, though, they dry quite fast, which isn’t very advantageous. 2.     Oil-based lubricants These are the go-to options for most couples who like taking things the extra mile. One thing about these lubricants is that they are long-lasting, readily available, and non-sticky, making them perfect for a quickie underwater. They, however, are detrimental to any latex condoms, which is why we recommend lambskin condoms if you’re going for oil-based lubes. It's also worthwhile to note that these lubricants might cause skin reactions. 3.     Silicon-based lubricants These are also perfect options when it comes to anal sex. They are not as famous as their oil and water counterparts, but they are either way effective. They are perfectly compatible with latex, although they are an enemy to silicon toys. 4.     Natural lubricants When any of the above isn’t available, we have some natural lubricants. Examples include aloe vera, olive oil, plain yoghurt or virgin coconut oil. However, we recommend extra care when using any of these natural lubricants. What do you think is best for anal sex? Please drop us a comment with your answer or a better suggestion for lube.
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Sex For The First Time- An Expert Guide for Women

November 1st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Before we even get into the explainer, we would love to drop a disclaimer; when it comes to sex, what works for you might not work for someone else. We have different comfortlevels, experiences and circumstances. Therefore, as long as you feel like what you’re doing is okay for you, trust us, that is all that matters. Anyways, it's completely okay to feel nervous if it's your first time trying to romp. If you want to lose your virginity, we’ve prepared the following expert guide packed with information to help you relax and find your way out of this. 1.     Location matters The first and most crucial step is picking a suitable location for sex. Ideally, the location should be peaceful and allows you and your partner to get intimate with zero distractions. If you have roommates or live with family, finding a time when they are not home should do. Discuss this with your partner and agree on an intimate location. 2.     Clear your mind of what you hear about “the first time.” Movies and social media are several sources of what could be misleading information about the first time having sex. We highly encourage you to keep all you’ve heard away from your mind since people’s expectations are different, and besides, most of the things you hear are unrealistic. Manawatu-Wanganui adult service providers suggest approaching first-time sex with a clear, open mind and without expectations besides fun. 3.     Find out what kind of sex you want to have Essentially, there are different kinds of sex, from oral, penis-vagina and anal. Sit down and discuss with your partner what you want to explore. Remember that you don’t have to say yes to everything suggested. There are many ways to have sex, and there is no goal to achieve here. The key is having safe and fun sex. 4.     Give sober consent Regarding consent, there is a solid need to be entirely enthusiastic about sex. We discourage the thought of saying yes just because you feel the need to satisfy your partner. Make sure you two agree entirely with one mind to indulge in this. That way, sex becomes hotter and more intimate, knowing that you two badly want it. 5.     Lubrication is key In cases where you choose penetrative sex, your body might find it difficult to adjust and achieve the desired penetration. We, therefore, suggest having a lube around to ease things up. 6.     Focus on the foreplay We suggest taking your time kissing and exploring each other to allow you to get turned on and naturally lubricated. Focusing on foreplay, including some dry humping, makes sex feel way better. The bottom line The result of all this should be a happy and satisfied soul. Remember that being your first time, you may not be able to get an orgasm, and that doesn’t mean you give up. Give yourself some time to adjust, and most importantly, embrace protection. Have you had sex yet? What do you think should be done during the first time? Please share your thoughts with us in our comment section. 
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