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Erotic writing with Lexx Soule #1

August 28th, 2023 by Lexx Soule
The breeze was cool, the wind light, the morning sun peaking over the horizon. The tip of the flaming ball giving life to the day that is, you would not be able to ask for a more clear, beautiful, morning if you wanted too. Olivia dressed in nothing but her bathrobe enjoying a hot chocolate by herself on the 26th story balcony, watching the day begin while waking in her hotel bed lay Lexx Soule, the 26 year old escort she hired for the weekend. In 4 hours she will say goodbye to Lexx until they meet again, probably in a month. Her body already at comfortable temperature, but the added warmth of Lexx’s bare body around her is eagerly welcomed. “Good morning” Lexx greets as he kisses the back of her shoulder, “good morning handsome” the 38-year-old returns, half turning her body to the man she pays. “My pussy is still tingling from last night” she seductively informs Lexx, closing the gap between the pair at the same time, her intentions clear, and Lexx’s morning wood still yet to dissipate. “It’s also clear you still have more to give” Olivia continues as she grips the 26-year-olds 6 inch cock, no words necessary for Lexx to agree. The pair lock eyes for a second before Lexx grabs Olivia, spins them both 180 degrees, pins her to the glass door and starts passionately manhandling her. Untying the robe Lexx forces a body-to-body connection that sends energy down both bodies, the kisses are as perfect as they were the night before, the sexual energy also giving life to the day. Grabbing both breasts Lexx stuffs his face in-between and starts motor boating them loudly and passionately, suffocating himself is the last of his worries, she giggles, she laughs, she exhales, she is aroused. Before Lexx can give the next instruction, Olivia tries to direct them into the room, Lexx is quick though, grabbing her wrist and bringing her to an instant stop. “Bend over the railing” he commands sexually, Oliva sees the same opportunity he sees, she obeys his command like a good girl, resting her forearms on the railing she extends her hips back for Lexx to penetrate her deep. He rubs his cock up and down the sensitive area a couple times, he teases her, then slowly he glides his 6x6 inch cock all the way into her, the pair simultaneously exhale together. The first few pumps are slowly to make sure that her entire inside & his cock are lubricated, once comfortable he picks up the pace to a good morning fuck! Not hard, not soft, a good consistent thrust into Olivia’s pink hole. “AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH” She moans as the birds’ chirp and Lexx breathes, the pair both enjoy the sunrise with their perfect start to the morning. To be continued
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Revive Your Senses at Seddon Massage 🌟 +61 407 536 901

August 27th, 2023 by lisa
 Elevate your well-being with Seddon Massage Services. Unwind and indulge in our tailored massages that redefine relaxation. Join us on Nicholson St, Seddon VIC 3011 for an exquisite experience. #ReviveYourSenses #SeddonMassageService
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Unveil Tranquility at Seddon Massage 🌟 +61449993397

August 27th, 2023 by lisa
🌈 Experience the ultimate relaxation at Seddon Massage. Our expert therapists bring balance and rejuvenation to your body and soul. Discover the art of relaxation on Nicholson St, Seddon VIC 3011. #TranquilityAwaits #SeddonMassage 
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August 26th, 2023 by Natalie Beauford
Having spoken to fellow working guys n gals, it seems to be a common theme this month for fake bookings or people who turn up and claim you are not ythe same as your ohotos on your profile, then procede to show you a completely different NaughtyAds profile then leave after you show them your profile. I don't get it, on one hand you have people complain that they've turned up to find the peerson is not the same as the ad but then when you are the same as your ad, they pretend they tried booking someone else - who's not even in the same state! Grrr so fristrating.. I really am beginning to see how good women turn nasty after having little aptience for this sort of juvenile behaviour. Seriously, if you're man enough to book, at least have the balls to follow through with the appointment otherwise childish behaviour will be treated as such, and you'll be told to go home to your Mother. Only real men need servicing, they know what they want and I know how to service with passion
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Showers and ither things :) It's still a job, be polite and respectful 🙏

August 26th, 2023 by Matt
Yup it's a job.. but what is frustrating is when 3 people tentivitly book then just ghost. It could have taken hours to get there. I Am not her to dick you around, except in a good way, please don't dick me or us around 🙏 On another not showers together are ice breakers and sensual 😊
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Just started at a new brothel!

August 26th, 2023 by user92465
I just started at a new brothel in south Yarra, and I’m earning so much more than I was at the old brothel! I definitely regret not moving to the city sooner! 😋
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Preparing for a Satisfying Booking (Part 1)

August 25th, 2023 by Gaby Galaxy
Basic Preparation: Before Making Contact Escorts are often busy people who have other things in their life besides sex work. Responding to messages is time consuming and most of the messages could have been avoided or made easier by doing a simple thing and taking note of the information provided to you. This is the first and most incredibly important piece of advice I can give you when you want to make a booking with an escort. The very first step is to PLEASE READ THE AD! If they have a website, go through the information on their site carefully. Otherwise just go through the ad and take notice of the details provided there. This is whether you want to spend an hour or a week with the escort, in fact the ad will tell you whether they even offer overnight or FMTY services. There is 100% going to be information on there that you are required to be aware of before you'll know if they're right match for you. They may have limits that clash because they won't do something that you want to do. Maybe they are out of town the weekend you want to see them. Often touring escorts get enquiries for areas they haven't arrived at yet because people don't read the ads. I often get enquiries for incalls, which I don't do. It gets tiring repeating myself so often but I do appreciate the interest and hope that maybe one day I'll be able to offer incalls. For now I post on Twitter if I ever have a hotel room for the night to do incalls. I digress... sorry let's go on. Ads will generally give you an introduction to the escort, show you some photos; some professionally taken and others taken at home using a phone (like mine for now.) This should give you a bit of an idea if you think you'll click with the person. There is also going to be information about the services provided. Not all escorts provide the exact same services, so if you want something other than the basics then you should take a look at the services listed. Some sites advertise for massage therapists and other industry professionals, so it is important to check these things and avoid confusion. There's something that's become more common in the industry, clients requesting natural services even when the ad clearly says they aren't offered. This is generally just going to be a waste of time asking, especially if you have never met the person before. They're unlikely to say yes, so you can save yourself time by choosing someone who advertises that they do provide natural, if that's what you're looking for but on a side note I advise everyone to take into account the risks involved as with any type of activity. As with anyone anywhere there are risks, knowing this and are making an informed decision are key. Anyway that's a side rant, so back to the point. Which was what again? Oh that's right...What else is on the ad you may want to know? Pricing, of course! Prices are very likely listed. Money is an important part of this arrangement you're going into, as much as we all want to put that thought to the side. You have to be aware of the cost to know you're happy to pay that much and can afford to. Please don't insult an escort by trying to lowball, and offer them less than their advertised prices. You won't win any brownie points that way. It's generally not a good way to start off a relationship by showing that you don't see their worth. If they're out of your price range or not your type then move along, there is bound to be someone out there for you. Lastly, location and transport costs are another thing that's worth looking at before making your choice, making a call or sending a message. I personally get clients to get my uber to them so, if they live too far away it's not much use for them messaging me only to be told that the uber is going to cost more than the booking itself. Which they'd probably have known if they read the ad, or even just the list of prices. It seems like such a basic thing to want to know prices yet I feel like I am constantly telling people what they are. One thing is for sure, when someone takes the time to read my ad properly I appreciate it and instantly feel more drawn to the person and want to show them the same respect they have shown to me. Most ads are pretty easy to read and you can find the information in the relevant sections, such as rates, services, etc. So please take an extra minute to go through the ad and make sure you agree with everything in it before picking up the phone. The provider you get in contact with will be so glad you did. TLDR: The too long, didn't read version is, simply PLEASE READ THE AD before you make a decision or contact an escort. This saves time and shows them respect which will be returned. I plan on doing another part to this about preparing for the booking itself once you have decided on a provider, who's ad you read properly. Then I might do one about things you can do during a booking other than the obvious. Thanks for reading, Gaby Galaxy on Twitter @gabygalaxyxx IMAGE, ONE or TWO ARE A TREAT TO THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND THE OTHER IS A SCREENSHOT OF MY OWN AD, WHICH ADMITTEDLY HAS A LOT OF INFORMATION TO TAKE IN. I MIGHT GO EDIT IT SO YOU CAN ALL TAKE MY ADVICE YOU CAN FIND IT HERE but I will be on hiatus from the 07/09/2023 indefinitely.
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Lesbian fun

August 25th, 2023 by Bellatrix Rose
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Do you know what your attitude towards money is?

August 25th, 2023 by Bigger Sister Channel
Your financial attitude is an aspect that determines your financial wellbeing. For the economic empowerment educational program for sex workers, we will be looking at financial attitudes first. Watch Estelle's video here! Why are we starting with financial attitudes? There are three reasons why I want you to better understand your own financial attitude. Firstly, if you have a negative relationship with money, you’re not going to be able to engage with the economic empowerment material. You’ll just switch off at the first opportunity or at the first sign of discomfort. I want you to feel confident and to feel it is worth your while working to improve your financial attitude, despite the discomfort. Secondly, our financial attitude changes over time because our circumstances change over time, for better or for worse. Whatever happens, I want you to equip you with the skills to orient yourself when change inevitably arrives, so you don’t feel disenchanted in the face of strife, or complacent in the face of fortune.  Thirdly, there is no real right or wrong when it comes to money. There’s only harder or easier. For me to help you improve your financial wellbeing as easy as possible, I need to work on your strengths, and there are strengths inherent in all financial attitudes. Some experts have argued that your financial attitude is more of an indication of financial well-being than the actual size of your income. It makes sense then why understanding and improving our financial attitudes is the first unit for the economic empowerment program. What are financial attitudes? Like most things in life, the way in which we respond to money is largely dictated by our life experiences, our unique personalities, our values and belief systems. The way we think and feel about money is determined primarily by three components: The first is our internal factors, which are cognitive in nature. That means it comes from our thinking brain, what do we know from our personal experiences, what are our beliefs, our personality? Combine this with the second component that comes from our heart, which are effective in nature. This means our emotions, what do we think is right or wrong, good or bad, and all other judgements.  The third component is the way we act, the behaviours we exercise around money, what we do when we interact with money, the actions we take. The combination of these 3 components (cognitive, affective and behavioural) is called your financial attitude. We all have a financial attitude, whether we consciously determined this for ourselves or not.  Many of our views around money stem from the subconscious, and it's important to recognise that financial attitudes are more about how you feel towards money, and money-making decisions, than it is about specific knowledge or ability.  That means to improve your financial attitude, we don’t really have to learn anything related to finance, what we need to do is look inwards at ourselves.  We need to talk about our feelings and thoughts, and get to the fundamental beliefs and experiences that inform how we interact with money.  Has anyone ever asked you how much money you need to feel safe? Has anyone ever asked what you think we gain by spending money? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Have you ever been curious to learn where your outlook came from and at what point your perspective, at its core, was determined? Why would I change my financial attitude? There are consequences to ignorance and understanding your own financial attitude is a good example. In the same way that you learned about money from other people, your financial attitude influences everyone around you, whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s time to get curious and to learn about ourselves. Understanding your own financial attitude will help inform your decisions and strengthen your understanding of how money works for you, and what weaknesses you need to pay a little closer attention to.  Money is modern day magic, you can turn it into anything you want, and your financial attitude has a major impact on your long-term financial sustainability. Not just for yourself but for everyone around you. Your financial attitude is about your state of mind, your personal opinions and judgements which are all informed by the three components mentioned earlier. Your attitude towards money influences your financial behaviour as your attitude tends to shape your goals, priorities and decision making processes. The great thing about financial attitudes is that they can be consciously shaped and modified through experience, education and most importantly self-reflection. How do I improve my financial attitude? To improve, we must first understand ourselves and where we are. If we imagine financial attitudes as existing on two axes, on one our inherent judgment about money good versus bad, on the other, our inherent approach to money risky versus safe, then we have four quadrants in which to understand financial attitudes. This simplified rendition of financial attitudes is just one framework to figure out where you sit and where you need to go. You could be ‘The Worrier, ‘Frugal-Minded, ‘The Risk-Taker’, ‘The Virtuous’ or ‘Master-Minded’. Everyone lands somewhere in these quadrants, and despite the names of the axes, no attitude is entirely good/bad, safe or risky, because there are inherent skills in each approach or attitude towards money. What is truly dangerous, or harder to live with, is having a fixed financial attitude towards personal finance, because the reality is, everything changes whether we like it or not. The economy, the world, our bodies, our health. We create and we lose, change is the only constant in life and if your attitude does not adjust with the times, things will become harder. The aim of the game is to become ‘Master-Minded’, because the ‘Master’ can slide up and down these axes and adapt to the situation they’re in. There will be times in life where it is more effective to be safer or riskier. There will be times where you can feel good about money or times where you can stop and think about whether you’re using your money in an ethical manner. That’s why the aim is to orient yourself to be a ‘Master’, as this financial attitude is the most flexible.  These labels can help us determine how we approach money, and what we need to work on as individuals to increase the potential for financial wellbeing and success. Each of these quadrants have a set of skills and strengths that you can draw upon. We have created six sex worker characters that embody each of the financial attitudes: ‘Messy Jessie, ‘Prue the Shrewd’, ‘Risky Misty’, ‘Good-Girl Pearl’, ‘Chaotic Katie’ and ‘Queen Bae’. Each of these character will have their own character profile (to be posted in this Substack very soon) to detail their strengths, psychology and weaknesses. To figure out which of the six you are most like, we are also creating a personality test to determine your financial attitude. This blog post will be updated when we make this test available. If you would like to be notified it’s best to subscribe to our Substack. These characters are simplified renditions of our complex realities. They’re not perfect characters or to be taken too literally. They are used here to help us build the cognitive infrastructure and awareness about what financial attitudes are, how they appear in our lives and how they change over time. Until the test and characters go live, be curious with yourself about your thoughts and feelings towards money. This is your prompt to simply witness (do not judge) the feelings and thoughts that pass by you every time you interact with money. COMPLETE OUR QUIZ HERE!
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How to break the cycle of economic disempowerment.

August 25th, 2023 by Bigger Sister Channel
Disclaimer: Before Estelle creates a weekly video for the Bigger Sister Channel Youtube, they go through a process of writing about the weekly topic to better prepare and articulate themselves. Estelle is a stronger writer than they are a presenter, and we’ve shared this writing process alongside the accompanying video, for those who want more in-depth explanations. In this blog post, Estelle continues on from our last blog post and explains how they intend to break themselves, and other sex workers, out of the cycle of economic disempowerment. Watch Estelle's video here! Introduction Welcome to Bigger Sister Channel, my name is Estelle and I’m developing an educational program to economically empower sex workers. But what does that even mean, economic empowerment, and how does that relate to sex workers? If you haven’t already, I suggest you watch the video ‘unpacking how economic disempowerment render marginalised populations vulnerable’ on Youtube which explains the problem, before watching this video where I will share the solution. What is economic empowerment?  We know the theory of the cycle of economic disempowerment, so what’s the solution? How do we break out of this cycle? What does economic empowerment look like? To me, economic empowerment requires two things.  One is the skills and knowledge. We need to increase our financial literacy, to help us identify financial stresses and diagnose our financial health. If we don’t know what we’re doing we can’t improve our financial wellbeing and we need to build our awareness and knowledge about the systems at play. That can be systems within yourself, like tracking your income and expenses, or it can be about knowing how to leverage and use the system greater than ourselves, like government schemes or tax laws. This is the type of stuff they should be teaching us at school and if you’re lucky, you might get it from your parents. This is the type of stuff that prevents us from receiving an unexpected tax bill of thousands of dollars, or suddenly being retired with little to no superannuation, or knowing how to make money from money so you’re not endlessly laboring. I will be covering this material and there’s no reason why non-sex workers can’t benefit from this content.  Second is the tools and practice. There’s absolutely no way you can do all the financial and business side of things by yourself and without any tools. However, it’s risky using tools as a sex worker, you can be discriminated against, you could be stigmatised, and this can well and truly impact your health, your reputation, your future, depending on the cultural context you’re in. That’s why I’m going to take one for the team and not only identify sex worker friendly tools, businesses, services and products, but I’m going to use them and review them. What good are all my privileges if I’m not putting them to use, I’m face-out now, my future is irreversibly tied to Estelle, who else is better fit to put their neck on the line? By reviewing products, you can decide for yourself whether Hnry is the right accounting app (Edit: use SISTER promo code) for you, or an Excel spreadsheet (leave a comment for a template) or an in-person accountant like Money Before the Honey. But I’m not just going to find these tools, rate them, review them, recommend them, but for those who say they are sex worker friendly, I’m going to do a bit of advocacy and really make sure what they say is what they do. I’m going to tell them what changes they need to make to be more accessible and safe for sex workers. I'm going to interview their staff, so you can make an informed decision yourself about what tools work for you. Storytelling and synthesis Now, for us to synthesis the skills, knowledge, tools and practices, we’re going to need to reframe our lives. To do this, to demonstrate it, I’m going to ask my fellow peers to join me in the Bigger Sister Channel Community Podcast where we share our financial concerns and status, and assuming I can, I’m going to troubleshoot your situation with you. We’re going to explore these issues and improve our lives together, live, through the Community Podcast. So if there's financial stress you’re experiencing, don’t be shy, tell me about it. And if I can’t help you, I’m going to find an expert that can and I’m going to get their advice and opinion.  The more real stories and scenarios we’re able to share on Bigger Sister Channel, the more opportunities I have to go find an expert, interview them and share the results. We are such a diverse population, the more stories we have to cover the more relatability we have of each other's experience. And we learn better through storytelling, you’re much more likely to remember ‘hey, I remember when Estelle had to register for GST to get that 1 million dollar home’ rather than ‘how do I have to do my taxes to get a home loan to buy a million dollar home again?’ But that’s not all. For us to increase our financial wellbeing we need community spaces, we need skill-sharing workshops to come together and really put into practice all the things we said we’re going to do, we’re going to put those systems in place, we’re going to learn the new habits, we’re going to reflect with like-minded peers. Once a month Bigger Sister Channel will facilitate these skill-sharing spaces and we will rotate between online and in person, and we will rotate between different financial concepts and ideas. This is a form of accountability for yourself and our peers. And there you have it, that’s the package, that’s my blueprint to economic empowerment. Everyone is going to have a different definition of what financial freedom or economic empowerment means to them and this blueprint is just a map, a safe way to get there. But there’s one final problem that needs to be resolved. How do we get this blueprint into the hands of those who need it? And that’s where Bigger Sister Channel comes into play. Many of these aspects that create the cycle of economic disempowerment are systemic and my proposed solution, the blueprint of knowledge, skill, tools and practices, is all individual level intervention. You cannot break a system as an individual, it is designed to withstand individual resistance. That’s why I needed to create something a bit bigger than an individual. You are only as strong as your community I’m Turkish and in my culture, there’s a saying that says you're only as strong as your community. The system can easily crush an individual, it already does on a daily basis. To resist these odds, it takes a community. If we want to break the system that gridlock sex workers into a cycle of vulnerability, we need to unlearn individualistic mindsets we’re socially conditioned to default into and replicate. We need to learn to support each other unconditionally to the best of our ability, whilst still surviving and thriving in a hostile system and political environment. That’s why I created Bigger Sister Channel. I wanted a public facing platform, not just to deliver our resources, skills and knowledge effectively, but to give everyone an opportunity to contribute whilst still maintaining their privacy and confidentiality. Bigger Sister Channel is a front for something much greater and that is how I’m planning to distribute information beyond the blueprint to economic empowerment.  Putting it all together So there you have it, we have our four domains: knowledge, skill, tools and practices, to overcome these obstacles: financial insecurity, precarity, stigma and discrimination, and we have our five means to achieve this: videos and regular social media content, a Community Podcast, skillsharing workshops, access to sex worker friendly products and services and expert interviews with financial professionals.  That’s it from me and next time I will be seeing you to cover some basic definitions when it comes to financial wellbeing.
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Offer - special erotic massage with every hour booking

August 25th, 2023 by Chase James
Book me for an hour and receive a very hot erotic massage this wkd in melb only - msg for more details 😈
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Ask Edie Lau some questions...

August 24th, 2023 by Edie Lau
Tell us about yourself! Recently, I have been described as quirky, which is lovely actually and I like that. I am a bespectacled, curious and kind of awkward person who likes feeling good and making others feel good. I am realistic, cautious, practical, patient and always looking forward to a meal, a cuddle or a funny story. I am fiercely loyal to my friends. I am earnest but I also don’t take myself too seriously.  More here: How do you pronounce your name? EE-DEE - sometimes people call me Eddie and I think that's cute! Share a cool story! Quick one: I was eating at Manoush one day and a man couldn't stop bothering me and my friend about the time he met Michael Jackson. This isn't a very cool story; I was disturbed and wanted to keep eating my pizza. It's all I could think of. What is your favourite destination? The supermarket! Whenever I go overseas, I try to buy just enough items (without wasting) to make a small meal. It's really grounding for me Three favourite movies: This is so hard. Note that I'll change this every week or month truthfully. 1) Parasite 2) Hereditary 3) Closer If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why? Etta Ng. I went down a deep dive about her and I’ll never get back out. What are some of your interests/hobbies? I am interested in human behaviour, power dynamics, sustainability, social systems and radical kindness. I love to cook, eat and explore. Where can we learn more about you? More here:
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August 24th, 2023 by shannon thompson
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August 24th, 2023 by ivy bergham
About Me Ivy - genuine, Body Rub , Sexy Yong pretty girl💋 Hi Gentleman 😘  This is not sex service and no Natural oral 🙏  What' s included :  - Shower ( not together ) before or/and after service. - Firm and relaxing body rub with premium virgin coconut oil. - Body rub, Erotic body slide. - Happy ending ( hand relief). - Soft, gentle mutual touching allow.   30 mins : $160 45 mins : $180 60 mims : $200 I have two years experience of being an masseuse,so i provide good relaxation massage, full body oil massage to loosen tight muscles and allow you some precious personal time,stress relifen specialist magic hands. My charges are not that cheap because I provide good services and I'm not an old woman. If you are dissatisfied when you meet me, you can leave at any time." No discount and trading to other things. No outcall, not for couple. Located : Perth Balcatta - Off street parking is not hard to find.   Please text me ( I am independent so no one pick up the phone for me)   0435208400   Note :  Private and unknown number will no respond.   Every nationally welcome, just be Gentleman and respectful is enough 🙏😊     All pics are my real 100%
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August 24th, 2023 by ivy bergham
About Me Ivy - genuine, Body Rub , Sexy Yong pretty girl💋 Hi Gentleman 😘  This is not sex service and no Natural oral 🙏  What' s included :  - Shower ( not together ) before or/and after service. - Firm and relaxing body rub with premium virgin coconut oil. - Body rub, Erotic body slide. - Happy ending ( hand relief). - Soft, gentle mutual touching allow.   30 mins : $160 45 mins : $180 60 mims : $200 I have two years experience of being an masseuse,so i provide good relaxation massage, full body oil massage to loosen tight muscles and allow you some precious personal time,stress relifen specialist magic hands. My charges are not that cheap because I provide good services and I'm not an old woman. If you are dissatisfied when you meet me, you can leave at any time." No discount and trading to other things. No outcall, not for couple. Located : Perth Balcatta - Off street parking is not hard to find.   Please text me ( I am independent so no one pick up the phone for me)   04352084000   Note :  Private and unknown number will no respond.   Every nationally welcome, just be Gentleman and respectful is enough 🙏😊     All pics are my real 100%
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Need a horny azz chic

August 23rd, 2023 by David Galea
Love to spend time with a sexy girl who knows what she wants and knows how to please a guy
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What a Day

August 22nd, 2023 by Joe Rug
My day started early, hitting the gym before giing to the office. I had a booking for 7pm and was looking forward to it. Guess what, the appointment was cancelled at 630pm when i was about to leave the house. Interestingly, one of my regulars called and was feeling lonely and wanted company. Drove there for an overnight and we had an awesome time.The feeling of being there for others is why i do this. see you next time
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Bitter Treat, Sweet Memories

August 22nd, 2023 by Mistress V
ALL WRITINGS ARE BY ME AND ARE NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION It all started with a simple "getting to know you" message. I began to look forward to receiving notifications, and a big smile would appear on my face. After a few weeks of emails back and forth, it was time to finally meet in person. I was terrified and excited at the same time. What if this was all a fun fantasy that fell flat in real life? I put all my worries aside and we agreed to meet at a nearby cafe. I arrived twenty minutes early. I was dressed in jeans and a purple t-shirt with my lucky number printed on the back. My heart was pounding, she arrived a few minutes late. She was breathtaking! She looked like the Burlesque Star Dita Von Teese, dressed in a Black lace Cami top that highlighted her large breasts, skin-tight, almost painted-on jeans, and what appeared to be five-inch stiletto heels. She approached me and sat down after I described myself and what I'd be wearing. She stretched her hand out for me to kiss. "You must be Chris, my name is Alice but you will only address me as Mistress when I speak to you. Do you understand?" She didn't say this quietly. Half of the people in the coffee shop heard it. "Yes, Mistress," I said, looking down. "What was that?" she growled aloud. "Yes Mistress," I said louder, my face flushed as I realized everyone was staring at us. Vivian stood up, walked over to the other side of the table, and said "open your mouth, bitch" when I did, she spat directly into my mouth and slapped me across the face. "Swallow!" she says as she walked out of the café and demanded “COME SLAVE” I stood up and followed, my head down, as I heard laughter and comments from onlookers like "oh my god" and "what a loser." She walked down the street as if she were a runway model. All eyes were on her. She was absolutely stunning. I couldn't take my gaze away from her amazing ass. Turning around Vivian caught me staring, I gulped as she came to a sudden halt. She looked me dead in the eyes and said "Do you like my ass slave? I assumed you liked cock loser”. She repeated herself loudly asking if I liked her ass, so loud everyone else waiting at the crosswalk could hear. There was more staring, laughing, and whistling. While we were waiting to cross the street, she barked at me "If you enjoy it so much, get on your fucking knees and kiss it". I stopped for a moment, looking around, seeing people staring at me when she slapped me again. The audience burst into laughter. "Kiss it bitch," someone yelled. Vivian smiled wickedly as I kneeled and kissed her lovely ass. More laughter and name-calling were hurled in my direction. We crossed the street and walked another block before coming to the restaurant she had chosen. We came to a stop outside, and she reached me, closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She softly and sweetly asked, "Are you comfortable with this?” Are we moving too quickly?" "Mistress, I'm fine, sorry, I'm just nervous, and there are a lot of people around." "Shall we continue then?" she asked. "Yes, Mistress," I managed to squeak She spits in my face again while smiling. It landed on my face and cheek. "Let's go, loser." When we entered the restaurant, it was crowded. We had to sit at the bar to wait for a table, she grabbed my wallet took out my credit card, handed it over to the bar staff, and ordered a glass of chardonnay for herself and a cosmopolitan for me. The good-looking bartender handed us our drinks and she told him to take a $50 tip." We sat there, sipping our wines. "How's your cocktail bitch?" she inquired. “It’s okay,” I said. "This will make it better." She smirks. Taking my glass, said stood up and demanded I follow her. We entered the bathroom, and I was ordered to kneel. She tipped my cocktail down the sink, as I knelt at her feet she began to pee into my glass, filling it halfway. I looked up at her in both shock and excitement. The cup was then handed to me. "You're not allowed to swallow," she explained. "Fill your mouth with it and keep it there until I tell you." I obeyed after a quick moment of hesitation. I was still on my knees in front of her, and she was standing between me and the toilet. The naked pussy from which this urine had just come was in front of my eyes, but I knew it would always be unattainable. I filled up as much warm liquid into my mouth as I could. Then I raised my eyes to her and waited. It was probably only a minute, maybe even less, but it felt like an eternity. Looking up, there was liquid trickling into my throat, and I had to fight the urge to swallow. She finally took the cup from me, stepped back, and said, "You may swallow." I swallowed it down my throat and we headed to our table. The waitress arrived at the table, she introduced herself as Jessica, and informed us of the current specials. "That all sounds wonderful Jessica, my name is Alice, and this pathetic jerk over here is Chris”. "I'll order the Veal Marsala, and this loser will order...a saucer”. "A saucer Mistress?” “Yes, a saucer, I have a friend who works here who is going to bring you something special” I squirmed in my chair wondering what surprise would be presented in front of me. Jessica walked over 20 minutes later with our meals, she placed the veal in front of Alice and a saucer full of what I can only assume was…. cum. “Yes, that is what you think it is, cum, two fresh loads of it, you better eat up quickly before it gets cold” Vivian jeered. She said it so loud that everyone around us could hear, the whole room couldn’t help but stop what they were doing and look at me, they were all aware of what was about to happen. They weren't even looking at each other anymore. At least six tables of people were staring intently. "Mistress. I... you expect me to..." "Oh, don't play games with me, Chris," she said, clearly irritated. "We both know how much cum you've consumed in the past. Get started." When she said this, I was about to pick up the saucer "Did I say to touch it?” I nervously shook my head. She pointed her finger with her long sexy nail at my mouth “Move your mouth to the plate like a dog and lick it clean” Everyone was looking at me. My embarrassment was overwhelming. I was sweating. My heart was pounding in my chest. I lowered my head and licked. It was barely warm, extremely salty, and plentiful. The "audience" let out a collective groan, which was followed by laughter and whispers. I swallowed it down in four or five big licks. The cheque showed up, my wallet was grabbed, and the credit card was handed over to Jessica “Don’t forget to take a huge tip for yourself, this loser doesn’t mind”. We got up and left the restaurant, standing on the footpath, Alice kissed me on the cheek and sweetly said “I’ll message you next week and perhaps I will let you take me shopping”. She turned and strutted away leaving me standing there feeling both used and surprisingly aroused. If you enjoyed reading that, feel free to leave me a tip
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Dirty diary's

August 22nd, 2023 by Bellatrix Rose
Today I was driving with my g spot vibe inserted inside me, I had it set to the speed of my car the faster I went the wetter I got it was so hard to follow the road rules because I just wanted to cum eventually I got to the highway and road that baby like nothing was stopping me. I squirted everywhere my drivers seat was drenched. I want someone to come and make me squirt Luke that again but all over his face.
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August 21st, 2023 by Lexx Soule
You may of read my previous blog, Why Would Someone Hire An Escort, in that blog I wrote a small phrase referencing ‘selected escorts’, in the context I was referring to travel companions. While a lot of providers may be open to the idea of traveling to another city or country with you, not all are compatible with you, and the same goes for your sexual desires. Some men offer a porn star experience. Some require 10 minutes to get into rhythm and a steady flow, some are sensual tantric masters. Some require you to fill out security forms and pass on photo identification. Some are happy posting their cock for the world to see for free. Depending on the service you are after, is the type of provider best suited to your needs. In this short blog I aim to educate you on how to choose the right male provider for you, while highlighting some safety measures for you to be aware of at the end. All the information in this blog is based off my own knowledge and experience, so please be safe and use some of your own common sense, and knowledge when choosing the right provider for you. This blog will be spoken in the context of a heterosexual male provider as that is what I identify as, if you identify differently and contest what I have to say, please go back and read sentence two of this paragraph again.   The first question you need to ask before searching for an escort is “what do I want out of this?” Do you just want a one night fling, do you potentially want a recuring thing, do you need a social date to accommodate you to all your friends weddings? Have you left your husband of 20 years, have some money behind you and now want a boy toy to fuck you when you need it and reward with holidays & gifts when you feel generous? Maybe you are an older woman who is now A-sexual and would just love some company to breakfasts, hiking, and the movies. Before even beginning to look at the cute, sexy, luring photos of men, you need to ask yourself “What do I want out of this?”   Next ask yourself what you are willing to spend, what is your budget. This is important because when we talk about the next topic ‘looks’, you might find the industry’s biggest and best the most attractive, only find out he is $600+ per hour. Are you taking him to dinner first? Will you pay for a hotel, or will you save money and have the rendezvous at your place, or if offered, their place? These are things you must take into consideration. So again, ask yourself “What do I want out this?” then ask, “How much am I willing to spend?” Once you have established what you want & your budget move onto looks. Not just his photo’s, but also how his profile is laid out, it doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest, but it should be put together in a way that shows the man respects himself & his business. Looks is quite simple, go through the directory of your choice and find the most attractive looking men in your eyes. Now, before you cross check his hourly rate with your budget do this one small step. Read his Biography & look through the social media links he provides. This is important because you might desire someone who has really good conversation for the dinner you’re about to treat him too. Check his grammar and English to see if he appears well educated & has life experience (good emotional intelligence), he doesn’t have to have a bachelors in major English either, but just like the profile, does his biography look like he put a genuine effort into representing himself. You might find a website or blog, similar to this one, furthering your confidence in his ability to confer & connect with you on a deeper level. Social media is a big one today, taking some time to see if the content he posts aligns with his profile and perceived brand, will go a long way ensuring you get what you want. Now! Cross check everything with your budget. The reason you cross check is because you might find the perfect looking guy, who has an incredible biography, but! He is one of the more expensive escorts. Your favourite might be $600 an hour and the next best candidate is $300 an hour, your initial budget was $1,000 for 4 hours, what will you do? You might decide it is worth indulging and spending that little bit extra for this occasion or you might play it safe and go for the next best. Who knows maybe the dollar value turns out to just be a number and the next best becomes the next month.   Okay so you have your goal, you have a date in mind, you have your selected man. NOW WHAT! “Hey, how are you”, “Hi”, “Whn r u avilble”. These 3 examples are a few of THE WORST introductions you could send. Some escorts are okay with a phone call, some only want SMS, some want an email. You’ve done your research so you already know which is their preferred method of contact, now you just take a breath and introduce yourself. “Hello ______(Providers name), my name is ________. I found your profile on_________(Directory) and would like to hire you for a _________(Type of service e.g. sexual service/ companionship/ dinner date) on ______ (date) at _______(time). Are you available?   The template that has been given above would light up your escorts face! It is polite, you introduce yourself, you tell him what you want, when you want it and for how long you want to see him. Professional providers who are serious about their work could not ask for a better message then this, it shows a mutual understanding and respect, it is almost impossible to not be seen. Then just be patient & wait for his response Some escorts including myself have security forms listed in the contact section of our directories for you to fill out. Some, including myself will request for photo ID. This is because just like how you are paying to meet a stranger, we sex workers are being paid to meet a stranger. My security form looks like this: Fall name: D.O.B: Date & day of service: Length of service: Type of service: Location of service: Please attach a portrait photo & photo ID   Most of that is just tailored to the booking. If your initial message doesn’t follow the original template I gave you and you said something similar to this “Hey Lexx, I want to book you for a massage & sex tonight, are you available?”, that is okay, you are still being relatively politely and directly asking for the service you desire. This is when I would say something like “Hey, thank you for reaching out to me, yes I am available tonight and would love to give you a massage & sex. Please complete the security form below to progress with your booking”, I would attach my template and wait for a response to progress with the booking. Now most escorts don’t use their real names while working, so some may not be willing to share their drivers’ licence or identification card, and look that is just the way it works. However, what you have as your security is the directory you found the man on and his social media. If an escort was to misuse your confidential information, try to blackmail you, stalk you or anything else of malicious intent you could simply send an email to the directory, and they would most likely help you find a solution. Because chances are if the provider has done it once they have done it before and/ or will do it again.   Before going onto the final stages of choosing your escort, let’s talk about a travel companion. Now I have not had the luxury of being a travel companion yet, however being a service I provide, I want to talk about a recommended way to plan it. It might seem like common sense, but you can never be too sure. Before committing to a weekend away in the hinterland of Victoria with your boy toy from Brisbane, you should meet them a few time, have good conversation, have a coffee together or a lunch. Maybe you live in Sydney and multiple face to face meetings is too expensive before the adventure, ask to arrange a Zoom or Skype call. This is a cheaper and easier way to get to know your escort before committing.   So you have your reason, you have your budget, you have found the man, you have made the booking, paid your deposit, organised the remaining funds. NOW WHAT?! Get excited! Depending on the service you have asked for will determine what you need to get ready. If it’s a simple dinner date, pick out your favourite dress, provide yourself some more TLC by doing your hair (doing it at home is fine), maybe you want to do a light hydration face mask to brighten your skin and make you feel sexy & divine (don’t risk using a new product), put on some light perfume, and organise your transportation.   If it’s just some fun sex in your bed, make the room presentable, make your bed, open the windows for a few hours prior, put the air conditioner on, put anything you don’t want seen out of clear site, light a scented candle if that’s your thing. Like the dinner maybe you want to have a skin brightening face mask prior (don’t risk using a new product), clean your teeth and apply some light perfume. You can leave your hair, it’s going to get messy anyway.   If it’s a travel companion service you have hired, tell your safest friend or family member the location, the escorts name and his social media and profile details. Know where you are going, how you will both be getting there, what you will need to pack etc. like I said earlier a lot of this comes down to a little common sense. If you’re travelling somewhere that escorting is illegal, for example South Australia, have that brief conversation about who you both are and why you are together. Chances are nothing will happen, but better to be safe.   Now you’re meeting each other, he is walking towards you. Sharp jaw, cute smile, your eyes lock, he knows it’s you, you know it’s him, your butterflies are going crazy. Take a break, take a breath and just introduce yourself as you would anyone else you have just met, “Hi, ________(escort name)?”, greet with a gentle kiss on the cheek and hug “lovely to meet you! How are you?” and from there let the conversation flow. It’s fascinating to learn that most interactions just appear normal if you let them. Do be wary of the questions you ask in public spaces though, for your own comfort & the providers. Questions like “Why did you become an escort?”, “Do you like being an escort?”, “What is the sex industry like?” are questions best suited to quiet, secluded areas. Talk to them as if they were a “normal” person. If it’s a sexual interaction sure sexualise the conversation by saying something like “I’m excited to feel your body against mine”, “I’m a little nervous, I’ve never been with a man like you before”, if it is a social companionship styled date, get to know them as a person “what have you done in the last week, month, year, decade?” “How was their travel to the rendezvous? Did the uber driver want to talk a lot?” “What are you most looking forward to about the experience with me?”. A good escort will be able to flow with these types of questions & reciprocate good questions back. Using words like escort, sex worker, provider, getting paid for sex bring the attention on to the both of you, which I’m going to guess neither of you really want.   Escorts will discuss payments individually, but now that you are in the midst of your booking, enjoy it, and stay present. Learn about another humans life, most escorts have fascinating stories to tell and are excellent communicators, share some of your own. If it’s a sexual booking enjoy your time, let him know at the beginning of the booking if you would like him to lead or if you’re going to be top and want to teach your boy a thing or two. Constantly checking in with each other to make sure both parties are enjoying themselves. And always remember be Safe, Sane, And Consensual (A mantra typically referred to in kink but should be something across all forms of sexual interactions).   After your booking concludes nothing happens until the next appointment, unless you two have privately agreed on conditions of contact. Some people like ongoing contact. Personally, I like to check in the next day and thank the client for choosing me as their provider, and make sure that they feel good. Because I understand that paying to see an escort can take a toll on you mental, spiritually, and physically, while also potentially being one of the most rewarding & fulfilling experiences. But it is also my gesture of good will to show you that you matter to me as a client, and that I respect you as a human being.   Before we conclude this blog I would like to walk through some warning signs to look for in escorts. Some sign you may not be able to work out until you meet them unfortunately, others are pretty standard. Spam follow ups. If you sent a good genuine enquiry using the methods listed above, then before you can reply to their confirmation message, you receive an abundance of spam messages saying, “Would you like to book!”, “Hey are you going to book me”, “I need to know if you are going to book” red flag. A follow up message is acceptable, depending on the message the client has sent I will follow up anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, or even a couple days. Spam messaging is a sign that they do not care about you & have not got anything else happening with their life. Only 1,2 and I even go as far as 3 photos on their profile This comes back to the looks and self-presentation. They are not giving you a clear picture of what they look like, what they’re going to be wearing when they show up, or who they are. You want someone who at least puts 4 clear photos of themselves up, yes faces might be blurred but you can distinctly see their body, their fashion, any tattoos, on some directories their cock. To qualify them simply ask for your own security picture of them. When on a date only talks about themselves Unfortunately this is one of those warning signs that you won’t pick up on until they are right there in front of you. Unfortunately, there are men who carry their egotistic personality into escorting without realising it. You know the type, and it’s not just a good conversation where they are talking about their experiences, but a conversation where you will not speak and you will listen to him brag about how many girls he has had, how big his dick is, or how many times a day he goes to the gym. And no, it’s not just the stereotype I just mentioned that do this. The little Mr. Perfects are fantastic at it too. Tries to befriend you Some clients like an occasional conversation, it’s only natural, you’re paying someone for a service, you might want to check in once and a while, it builds good repour and good connection. Some escorts are against this, some clients are against this. As an escort we must read the conversation to understand someone’s motives, I have a couple girls that are not sex workers, but also not clients, that I talk to from time to time on social media. Usually just small chit chat, or little flirtatious remarks at one another’s post, while this may be seen as unprofessional to some people I disagree. Because in my context I’m just having conversation with another human being, I like to talk to people, I like listening to people, so small conversations between selected people who understand the nature of what I do and show mutual respect for time & energy is perfectly fine. HOWEVER! as a client if you have made a simple booking, date is confirmed, details are finalised, and that said escort is trying to have a D&M with you every day, trying to get personal, that is a warning sign. Maybe I’m wrong (I get things wrong sometimes), it might be apart of their service, but I will go out on whim here and say most escorts won’t have that as part of their service. I always confirm the details again a day before the scheduled date, that is good, but someone who is trying to be your “friend” before the scheduled booking is a warning for me. Save the conversation and repour building for the night.   Hopefully this blog has been educational for you, some of you may have read this and said “DURH”, which is good you already know what is expected and how to find your right man. For other who have learnt something, amazing! You now have some simple tips to help you find the right escort you need. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, if you have any questions about the blog or would even like to share your views my inbox is always open for respectful discussions. If you are a sex worker yourself and would like to share your views on the knowledge I have shared today, or some of your own knowledge from your experiences please contact me for a respectful conversation.   For any enquires about my services or to make a booking please contact me via SMS or email.   0411 316 973   Until next time!   Warm regards, L. Soule. xoxo
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PreBook Now for Your Weekday or Weeknight Fun

August 20th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hi There Darling .   Looking for a weekday or weeknight tryst... I'm Available to you... PreBook or Advance Book to guarantee our time .. I offer Dinner dates  Extended Dates  Or a quick tryst if need be . Hope to feel you soon. 0467 425 956 Kandice xxx 
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Live on the Today Show. Male Escort Interview

August 18th, 2023 by Matt
I just watched a great interview with a now Retired Male Escort in Australia who has just written a book. It is helping break the Taboos as well which only helps everyone :) It is different for everyone. He was a lawyer who woke up one morning and decided for a life change! For me it was more thought out. I have a loving partner who supports me, (well 2, they join at times too 😊) and this makes a huge difference. I am unable to "fake" a good time and I have never seen the point. It is always about the person/s I'm with. For that time we are together there exists no one else. It's not fake, it's not a trick, it's just a mature mindset and the ability to give with sincerity that makes it possible. That and an empathetic personality with no judgement..🤷‍♂️🙂 Break the Taboos, explore those kinks and desires, make it about you for once as I know I will when you call 📞 😉 🙂
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Wow I wish I had your job!!! ???

August 17th, 2023 by Matt
Think again.. 🤔 Not to say that I don't love and give my all to my job as women deserve to experience extreme pleasure at least once in their lives 😊 But the amount of times in chat people say wow great job! They just think it's a Penthouse article, think again :) It takes alot of time, talking, researching, keeping healthy, people booking tentively then suddenly no call (it's ok I'm thicked skin if you change your mind lol) and hundreds and hundreds of scammers.. so like any other job.. it's a job! *caveat* that doesn't mean it isn't like a Penthouse article once I or we are with someone though lol 😊 Matt 🫂🤪😘
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Chlamydia is on the rise...again! Request a STI test without leaving your home

August 16th, 2023 by Katie S.
In the journey of sexual health, every individual's story matters. Whether you're a sex worker, an adult exploring your sexual fantasies with a paid companion or simply enjoying an active sex life, understanding chlamydia and taking proactive steps empowers you to make informed decisions to prioritise your health.  The Prevalence Puzzle Let's begin by tackling the numbers. Approximately 97,000 Australians tested positive to chlamydia in 2022 yet this number only represents 1/3 of actual number of infections. Given the stigma and barriers to testing, it often remains undiagnosed until much later and can cause serious complications. According to studies, sex workers might have a higher risk of chlamydia due to increased number of sexual partners and though condoms offer decent protection, they are not 100% effective against infection transmission.However, it's important to note that prevalence doesn't equate to inevitability. Knowledge and protection can be powerful tools in the battle against chlamydia. Know the Symptoms Chlamydia is often dubbed the “silent infection” as it often does not cause any noticeable symptoms. But hey, don't let its stealth fool you! Chlamydia might not announce its arrival with fireworks, but it can silently wreak havoc if left untreated. So, what should you look out for? Symptoms, if they do appear, can include abnormal vaginal or penile discharge, discomfort while urinating, and even pelvic pain. Remember, seeking medical attention even without symptoms is a proactive step to keep your sexual health in check. Diagnosis - The Detective Work So, how's chlamydia unmasked? Through detective work, of course! Medical professionals use tests that range from swabs to urine samples to track down this elusive culprit. Regular STI screenings, especially for those in high-risk groups like sex workers or men who have sex with other men are recommended every 3 months to detect asymptomatic infections.  Early detection not only keeps you in the driver's seat but also reduces the chances of complications down the road. Treatment – It’s Quite Simple Really! The good news? Chlamydia might be sneaky, but it's not invincible. Once detected, it can be effectively treated with antibiotics.Often times, just a one day course of antibiotics is sufficient to treat the infection for good. Nevertheless, the STI test will guide treatment based on the microbiology results. Also, don't forget to notify your partners so they can get tested too. ABOUT US: At STI Clinic Australia, we understand that discussing intimate health matters can be daunting & awkward. That's why our secure telehealth platform provides a comfortable and discreet environment for you to seek the care you deserve virtually. Our mission is to make sexual health and STI testing simple, accessible & convenient for individuals of all backgrounds & identities. Request a STI test by clicking the link below. Simply fill out a brief, confidential online questionnaire and receive a pathology request form in your e-mail. You can take that request form to any pathology lab near you to get a STI screen. Once we receive the results from your pathology lab, we notify you via SMS / e-mail or phone consult. Receive a 10% discount with promo-code "Naughtyads"
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How to make me cum

August 16th, 2023 by Ava Ruin
The best way to make me cum, though every woman is different, is with a blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is where the clitoris and vagina are stimulated. My pussy is very tight, as many clients find they only last a few pumps before they blow their load, but my favourite penetration is with my 7.5inch girthy dual density silicone dildo. When attached to my hismith sex machine it fills and stretches me, leaving me weak at the knees. The best way to stimulate my clitoris while being fucked is my mini wand, the vibrations are so heavenly on my sensitive clitoris and pussy lips.
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Meet and Fuck: Casual Connections and Nearby Intimate Encounters

August 16th, 2023 by MOP
Meet & Fuck: Casual Connections and Nearby Intimate Connections Finder Get ready for an exciting journey, thrill-seekers and adventurers, because we’re offering you your passport to a realm where norms are redefined and inhibitions are left behind. Step into a realm of unapologetic exhilaration – discover laid-back dating platforms crafted specifically for those uninterested in the ordinary. The focus is on no-strings encounters, electrifying one-night affairs, and yes, even enticing liaisons that transcend the confines of traditional commitments. If you're easily offended, if the idea of thrilling escapades makes you clutch your pearls, or if you're in pursuit of a long-lasting connection, this might not be the journey for you. However, if you're prepared to immerse yourself in a world of pleasure without constraints, check out the best hookup sites on What is hookup culture? "Hookup culture" basically means getting your groove on without the strings attached – yep, consensual no-strings-attached fun. Back in the day, before dating sites took over, chance meetings and parties were the go-to for finding a casual partner. But now, thanks to dating adult sex sites and sexting, we're in full-on hookup mode. Finding a match is as easy as a swipe right. Dedicated hookup sites are the go-to for those looking for instant satisfaction. Best part? You can choose where and how much you want to know about your fling before things heat up. What Makes a Good Hookup Site? An ideal casual encounter doesn't necessarily need to be a single isolated event. While maintaining anonymity can resemble bringing a stranger home from a bar, there's also value in making sure that the individual you're becoming intimate with has at least a decent sense of humor. Moreover, establishing a good connection with a hookup, even if you're not seeking a committed or exclusive relationship, can be beneficial if you're interested in an ongoing friends-with-benefits arrangement. Meet and Engage for Free Most of the time, signing up for basic membership is both instant and free. Once you complete the quick registration form, you should  immediately gain access to profiles of all our members, explicit photos, and tantalizing online diaries. No Deceptions, The Goal is to Bang. In today's digital realm, the unfortunate truth is that stories of deceit and manipulation pop up way too often. It's a space where shady operators create fake profiles on platforms, spinning captivating stories to trick unsuspecting users into revealing sensitive information. But this is where we step up our game in prioritizing honesty. Your Watchdog in the Digital Universe Say hello to Maurice, your authenticity watchdog in the digital universe. With a knack for careful selection and a watchful eye, Maurice stands guard across various adult sex sites. Equipped with top-notch software, he's all about nipping any hint of sketchy behavior in the bud to keep your experience safe and real. His goal? To serve up an experience that's not just genuine, but also secure. Fulfilling Desires is The Goal Maurice doesn't settle for the ordinary; he's all about fulfilling desires that go beyond the everyday. His mission is to make sure every journey through his directory is a blend of safety and authenticity. In a world where the remarkable often goes unnoticed, Maurice urges you to shake off the norm and embrace the extraordinary. So, let our lineup of hookup sites be your trailblazer, guiding you toward connections that redefine the usual and rewrite your adventure.
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Making Him Cum Fast and Powerfully- Killer Tips

August 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to sex, men are the easiest to please. At least their anatomy isn’t that complicated, and their orgasm is always a few touches away. However, making him cum is one thing, but making him cum powerfully is another. If at all you want him to remember him, you have to make this really worth it. Here are a few tips for making him cum powerfully. Put in Some Enthusiasm The best way of getting into his head is by massaging his ego. Men are exceptionally turned on by women who see them as alpha males. Being enthusiastic about sleeping with him is a signal to him that you are attracted to him and that you get turned on by being around him. Part of being enthusiastic in bed is taking control of the situation. Find Out What He Likes Many things turn men on, and unless you find them out, you’ll never be the one. They have different fetishes, some of which are extremely crazy but very pleasing to them. Figuring out his fantasies and bringing them right to him will enhance his orgasms. Examples of common turn-ons for men include talking dirty, dressing up, and role-playing. While you research this, we suggest keeping an open mind and avoiding being judgmental. The Build-Up to Sex. Ideally, sex is both psychological and physical, and the former plays a huge role when it comes to men. We agree quickies are great, but when you want him to burst a mighty nut, consider slowly building to it. Try sending a few naughty texts, porn videos, or nude pics of you when you're away. If you're together in a public place, text him some sexual messages telling him how you want him to rip your clothes when you get home. Once you're together, take control and start things slowly, maybe with sensual kissing, escalate it quickly to some head, and finally wind it up with some slow sex. Make sure you read our blog on foreplay tips for more build-up tips. Try Orgasms Denial While the whole point is to make him cum, deciding when he does so is extremely powerful and leads to better orgasms. Female escorts in Sydney suggest edging, where you please him until he gets close enough to his orgasm, and you stop the pleasure. Repeat this severally before you finally allow him to release. Try His P-Spot The P-spot, the male version of the G-spot, will always do the trick. Located inside his anus, this sensitive region is extremely worth trying with hands or a sex toy. However, don't try this if he isn’t open to anal sex. Some Toys Won’t Hurt Adding one or more assistants into the play will come through for you. Sex toys for men include cock rings, butt plugs, and even vibrators. We, however, recommend discussing sex toys before getting some into your play. Finally Tricks work differently for different men. The highlighted ones will always crack the code. Just a reminder, stimulate his prostrate, be enthusiastic, moan, breathe heavily, and have your own orgasm.    
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Why Would Someone Hire An Escort

August 14th, 2023 by Lexx Soule
The chances are that if you are reading this, you have interest in or the thought of, hiring a man for a date, social gathering, travel companion, or sexual exploration. But why would someone like you want to hire a man such as myself? In this blog I hope to inform you of just a few reasons why and what an escort can provide. There are many reasons why you decide to hire an escort. Everyone has their own reasons, and no one should feel shame for using such services. After all it is one of the oldest professions around today. For some, sex is a taboo subject that is uncomfortable to talk about, seeing a professional gives them a space to be comfortable expressing their sexual desires. Sex is normal, sex is prolife, sex is fun, maybe you already know that, and just need someone you can trust to confer you that expression of sexual freedom. Maybe the dating scene is just not for you any more. To many bad tinder dates, to many bad experiences with guys you've recently met, maybe your girlfriends really aren't helping when they try to be the next MAFS match making expert. Whether it's the social & companionship side of dating that you want, or the good sex with cuddles & aftercare that you want. Seeing an escort gives you the ability to have all of this without the formal commitments of a relationship. Should a man come into your life and sweep you from your knees you don't even have to say goodbye. Your marriage has ended, or you have become widowed. Both experiences can be quite traumatic and make you no longer interested in "dating" another man. For the divorced, the idea of falling for someone else again is not something you want to currently endure. For the widowed, the idea for finding someone else may be seen as cheating.  You might not even want anything sexual, maybe you just want someone to go to dinner with, go for a morning walk with, go hiking, travelling & adventuring with. Selected escorts can accommodate that too. I will speak about that term "selected escorts" in another blog Maybe you're just an experimental, kinky couple who want to bring a trusted third party into the mix. Because it can be an anxious experience at first, you want a professional who is clean, respectful & makes you both feel comfortable with the experience.  I touched on it briefly moment ago, some escorts offer companionship services. This may be a companion for hiking & bush walking, this might be a travel companion to a new city or in some cases a new country, or even just something as simple as a person you meet for breakfast & dinner. With human nature needing human to human connection, it is normal to want somebody who can give you high quality connection, through conversation, through their well-groomed presentation, and through the experiences they share. There is an assortment of reasons why someone may see an escort, each individual, each normal, and each should be respected. Take your time, read through the biographies, look at the pictures, scroll through their social media. Do your own little research project and find the one for you and your needs. Hopefully this blog has given you some insight into the world of escorting, and given you a clearer picture of what brought you to this page. Thank you for reading, L. Soule.
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What is the cycle of economic disempowerment?

August 14th, 2023 by Bigger Sister Channel
Disclaimer: Before Estelle creates a weekly video for the Bigger Sister Channel Youtube, they go through a process of writing about the weekly topic to better prepare and articulate themselves. Estelle is a stronger writer than they are a presenter, and we’ve shared this writing process alongside the accompanying video, for those who want more in-depth explanations. In this first blog post, Estelle defines the cycle of economic disempowerment and why we, as sex workers, need a financial wellbeing program. Introduction Welcome to Bigger Sister Channel, my name is Estelle and I’m developing an educational program to economically empower sex workers. But what does that even mean, economic empowerment, and how does that relate to sex workers? For me to answer that question, I need to share insights from my research and break down my theory on the cycle of economic disempowerment.The cycle of economic disempowerment Background I did four major things last year. In May, I was awarded the 2022 Kenneth Myer Innovation Fellowship to make the sex industry safer using technology. With this Fellowship, I did two things: community build and research. The fourth thing I did is get Vampire teeth in Turkey, which no one noticed when I returned to Australia and that made me sad. Why, you may be thinking? Well, I needed to conduct research because despite working in the industry for 14 years, it would still be irresponsible of me to assume I understood the nuances around how sex workers experience safety and danger in the workplace. I needed to build community because trust is paramount in this industry, if sex workers do not trust me, they will never trust anything I do, no matter how superb my gadgets and gizmos are. And I got my vampire teeth because I read a lot of fantasy fanfic in my teenage years and I’d always wanted them. It was through this community building and research that I discovered that sex worker safety needs to be approached holistically and that there’s no one solution fits all. I believe the first step to achieving safety in the workplace for sex workers, in a society that decriminalises sex work, is economic empowerment. Not only can economic empowerment help sex workers no matter what type of sex work you’re doing, but it helps sex workers mitigate risk no matter how seasoned they are and its something that can follow you through to the rest of your days. But how does economic empowerment relate to safety you may be thinking. Let me tell you about my research. To determine what I should do with my Fellowship, I designed a qualitative study that involved one-on-one interviews with 19 participants. I don’t have a lot of research experience and although this wasn’t academic research, I completed an ethics application anyway, to ensure the integrity of the research design and safety of participants. The demographic of the 19 participants included: Underage, survival or ‘for favours’ sex work experience; Culturally and linguistically diverse (first generation and migrant); First Nations sex workers; Varying mental health conditions; Physical or chronic disabilities; Ages from 22 years old to 47 years old; Varying experiences in work settings such as illegal/legal brothels, agency, online, touring regionally/cities, or independent sex work; stripping Genders including cis-female, non-binary, transgender male, transgender female; Less than one year's working experience to over 25 years working experience; Those currently experiencing life crises. The interviews covered four domains: administration tasks, highlights, pain points and prototypes.  I asked about contemporary practices, admin and business management to see if there was any way I could make these processes optimised, quicker or easier. One question I asked was: ‘how do you track and manage the financial side of your business’.  I asked participants about the changes in how they conducted their work over time, to measure how experience impacts how a sex worker experiences safety. For example, I asked ‘how did you determine the rates and services you offer and has this changed over time’. I asked about key concerns, pain points and vulnerabilities with the work, such as their health or their privacy, to determine common trends in experiences. I wanted to not only identify problems but I wanted to measure the extent of the problem. I then looked at things that were working, the benefits of the job and the tools and techniques that were currently working in their favour. I wanted to identify inherent strengths of the participants, to perhaps leverage these in whatever I ended up creating. Finally, I had those participants test three ideas that I had sitting in the back-burner for main impressions and to test validity. In the end I accrued 40 hours worth of transcription and I’m still processing the data, but there are some clear cut insights I can share. I can tell you with full confidence almost every sex worker struggles with either stigma, discrimination, mental health, financial security or disability. None of these pain points exist within a vacuum, they are interconnected, and so if we want to improve the lives and health of sex workers, we must take a holistic approach, because you cannot resolve one issue and expect the rest to be resolved.  Let me explain to you my theory of economic disempowerment. The cycle of economic disempowerment *pulls out whiteboard* I’m going to draw a diagram of what I like to call the cycle of economic disempowerment. This is not a perfect, one way circle but here’s how it works. Financial insecurity is where it begins. The effects of financial insecurity is well-known, it makes people vulnerable to precarity, and it's associated with a decline of health and quality of life. This is true across all industries and we know this because there's a number of financial literacy programs, both government-funded and on a corporate level. There isn't one for sex workers however. For sex workers experiencing financial insecurity, this can affect how a sex worker experiences safety in the workplace. In one example, if you're financially insecure, you may not have the funds to start your business as a sex worker and may seek the assistance of a third party, such as a brothel or agency, for admin, business management, security and safety. This doesn't always go according to plan because third parties have a conflict of interest when it comes to the safety and security of workers. There will always be business decisions that will be made at the expense of the workers safety, and the nature of these relationships is just one form of precarity and this was demonstrated in my research. This is just one example, of many instances, where sex workers can experience precarity in the workplace. In another example, say an independent sex worker goes to work in a different city, and hasn't been able to cover the costs of travel. They might compromise on their screening procedures to make ends meet. As you can see, there's an association here between financial security and precarity in the workplace, the more financially secure you are, the more power you have, the more autonomy you have, the more in control you are of the conditions of your employment. This is true in any industry mind you. I know what you’re thinking, and you cannot in good conscience blame anyone for their financial insecurity. We live under the system of capitalism, and capitalism requires impoverishment to maintain its power. That makes this *circles financial insecurity* a well-calculated by-product, and individuals alone cannot disrupt or overcome systemic barriers. It is designed to be too large, too great for one person to overturn. This *keeps circling* is our moral failings as a society. And we know this because when we replicate this experience in other industries with other people they also experience precarity, their health and quality of life also declines.  Sex workers are no exception to this known fact. However, we need to factor in the third aspect to truly appreciate how the system is currently set up against sex workers. This is not a perfect circle, stigma can go this way or this way, but I’m putting it here to illustrate how pervasive this experience is. My research discovered that while sex workers are generally competent, because of the stigma and discrimination, we have barriers that others don't in accessing information, products, support, advice, resources or skills related to business or financial management. Now what that means is even if a sex worker wants to be financially secure, we have very little means within the system to achieve this. Everything is stacked against us. Every step of the way, stigma comes into play. Now financial literacy is a privilege for most people, regardless of what industry you work in, but for sex workers it’s a bit different because banks don’t treat us fairly and our financial capabilities are restricted by stigma and discrimination. In the above example of a sex worker who compromises their screening procedures, this might look like accepting bank transfers instead of cash. A client could show a fake receipt to fraudulently obtain consent, render the act rape by deceit, and if the sex worker seeks recourse through the banks they’ll be told the onus is on them to prove a violation occurred. The banks will wipe their hands clean and say they played no part in enabling that crime, when in reality we have hundreds of sex workers calling them begging them to create stronger protections and safeguards. This is just one example, of many instances where sex workers can be stigmatised or discriminated against. It’s unreasonable to ask individuals to become fraud detectives and dress it up as due diligence, it’s much more practical to ask multi-billion dollar companies to create a technological safeguard that gives a red light to demonstrate that a payment has not come through, to serve millions of citizens, not just sex workers. Additionally, sex workers don’t start life on equal footing with others, myself included, we have intersecting identities, we are mothers, we are migrants, we are disabled and we are rendered more vulnerable by the stigma and discrimination. Because we have to live in secrecy, we might not be able to ask our friends or family for financial help because that just exposes us to judgment and prejudice. But it’s not just that, if something bad happens at work, and we don’t have access to support systems because of stigma, we are left to deal with this situation in isolation. These structural barriers impact how a sex worker experiences personal finance, which we now know has an association to safety. If you don't have access to information or tools to develop financial capabilities, if you're financially excluded, the more financial stress you will experience, the more likely you are to experience precarity at work and thus the cycle of economic disempowerment begins anew. Now there’s a lot of ways one could disrupt this cycle of economic disempowerment on an individual level, but on a more population level, my interpretation is that the systems at play gridlock sex workers into a cycle of vulnerability. Bigger Sister Channel is my proposed solution, and the economic empowerment program is just one way to get out of this shitshow of a reality.
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Hey come see me

August 13th, 2023 by Isabelle Maay
Hey gentlemen's and boys I'm just wanting you to come see me so I can please you like you won't believe
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Escape with The Natalia Experience - INCALL & OUTCALL

August 13th, 2023 by Natalia Grey
At pleasure dome in Melbourne CBD tonight come and say hello xx 44 Gladstone St. Southbank. Vic. 3006 PHONE: (03) 9696 2222 MOBILE: 0479140664 Incall and outcall available
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Yong girl

August 13th, 2023 by Happy Soothing
Hi everyone, my Name is pear and i'm 25 years old. I am tall and fair. While many commented that I am very beautiful and have a perfect body, so come and see for yourself if that is true! I have a skillful set of........hands and long black hair. I know what you want and I am willing to give it to you. Come enjoy and lovely body while I give you and sensual massage. I'm your dream asian girl. Feel free to tell me about what you want and I will try my very best to send you to heaven. I speak Good English, so i am sure you will enjoy my companionship.  Room are nice and clean  Lost of car park and discreet back door access.  Thank for your Interest.  i would prefer if you can whatsapp me  +0410974551 or click this link Please Ask For pear you can visit our telegram channel to check our latest updates or visit our website to see who is avaliable  Cash only Please
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August 12th, 2023 by Matt
So many options and so many possibilities. We are a throuple who all play together (except me) and it can lead to many exciting times. Most women wonder what a MFF is like or even just FF fir a bit then add salt! 😊 We can provide these experiences with the utmost discretion and privacy, one athletic and one full figured bi ladies. Happy to make you happy without judgement or stress 😊😘
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Road trip with AylaDee

August 12th, 2023 by Ayla Dee
I'll be adding freshmvideos as regularly as I can while touring around New Zealand
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Best Escort girl in South Morang VIC 3752

August 11th, 2023 by lisa
"Unveil the Epitome of Elegance: Explore the Finest Escort Companions in South Morang VIC 3752. Your Desires, Your Moments, Perfected." Call +61449993397
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I can be your Distraction

August 9th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
I can be your, ❤️Weekly 💜Fortnightly 💙Monthly 🖤6 Monthly 😈Distraction😈
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August 8th, 2023 by Amelia Bull
. 3p thearoy POSITIVE..You must keep a positve minset in this life even when sometimes things can lead you to feel a little down.When you replace the negativity or the bad thoughts with positive happy or even stupid thoughts it can lead to a smile or even a laugh to yourself or with others.This is so important because negitive and sad thoughts can lead to bad behaviour and energy also you may find it efdects the ones that are around you which so be mindful of your actions feelings and reactions to others as it can be more pleasent to be positive when it comes any situation.If all else fails and you still feel doen exerting physical energy through vigouros exersize or even slow repetions on weight training had been known to release endorphins you can even settle for a brisk walk outside to improve ones mood if neccacery.PRODUCTIVE.. When one does nothing one achieves nothing and when nothing gets done you dont feel asthough anything has been achieved.So start your day or finish your evening with a set list of goals that you want to achieve or make a list of things that you like doing that have an objective and an outcome.Being productive its an important part of feeling worthwhile and having a sence of aclomplishment always leaves one feeling satisfied.PLAY.. Plays an important part of social and emotional health.If its all work and no play how can you enjoy your day.?Each day set aside time to play wheather its with a child a mate yourself or a partner its important to have this time as it relieves stress tension and shows that you have a playful part in your personality.Being serious all the time is seriouly stupid if you ask me but is important to see things for what they are in any given situation.If the situation calls for serious behaviour then you can adjust your behaviour as neccacery. Ab
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Communication key

August 8th, 2023 by Amelia Bull
When it comes to loving it can come easier then some than for others.Allowing yourself to get affected by others its a huge thing when it comes to co dependency or relationships.Over analising questioning or accusations to partners can often lead to conflict and discontentment.Also if you set you expectations to high or are too controlling the spouse may feel inadequate or inferior. lets face it nobody likes to be told their not good enough and theres a fine line between pleasure and pain.You dont always have to please a partner if its painful for you to do so. Pleasing should come with satisfaction for both parties involved and if it causes you a pain to do so you need to question yourself why? There may be physical or mental emotional aspects that you need to address within the relationship to strengthen the bond and communication remember its always the key... Theres nothing worse when the other person not willing to communicate and the communication its one sided.How do you respond to this what are your reasons behind your response or action.Its often an idea to seek a third or forth opinion when it comes to reflecting on situations that way it wont neccaceraly be biast point of veiw.Relationships are something that is ongoing they shouldnt neccaceraly come to an end or end on bad terms if you work together with good communication and civil actions theres always good outcome. Negitive emotions.Sometimes bad shit happens people get hurt lines are crossed and safty compromised thats no reason to hold a grudge just take it to be more cautious in the future. People that show their true colours to you are often worth being yourelf other than un true to you.
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August 8th, 2023 by Gabriella May
If you have scrolled past my Instagram or Twitter and had an inkling to book me but you don’t want to take your chances due to x y or z….I understand. It may have been a occurrence with another provider who didn’t met your needs…this taints your trust in booking again. At the end of the day we are human, we all crave connection one way or another, we all want a form of escape in this world whether it be healthy or unhealthy. its in our DNA. Connection can be so easily unattainable when we are in lockdowns, technology seems more accessible for a quick thrill. We really are out of touch with the dance of intimacy and what it really means to be intimate with someone in a fast tracked reality. Let me show you how communication, engagement and stillness can change the way you feel pleasure with a woman. I read your body language, I ask important questions that transpire into my actions for you to be completely satisfied with the level of care you are receiving from me. In the 5 Years I have been an escort I have learned one thing……everybody wants to be heard. I placed myself in this line of work to do exactly that. I will acknowledge what you’d like to gain with our time together…show you other forms pleasure you haven’t experienced because you tell me you want to broaden your horizons with sex or you just want to set ourselves in for the night with a glass of red, a cuddle and a good movie….just forget about the world and enjoy each others company. That’s only two ends of the spectrum….care to explore more with me?
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Louise lee

August 7th, 2023 by Louise
Good afternoon I’m back and have posted my next few months tours please be sure too read dates for tours
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The beautiful Journey of Paolagold an Online Model

August 6th, 2023 by Paola
From Shyness to Sensual Serenity: The Beautiful Journey of Paola an OnlyFans Goddess In one amazing city in city in the Italy hidden in the shadows of one beautiful past, the enigmatic tale of Paola unfolded. Among the crowds, she lived like a ghost, unnoticed and lonely. But behind closed doors, the shy and introverted woman yearned to break from a shell and live a life she will never regret. As the sun set and darkness painted the city’s lights, her heart longed to break from the chains of timidity. One evening while seated in her room, scrolling through her phone and thinking about she could overturn her life, destiny knocked on her door. A message from a colleague popped up on her cellphone, teasing her with the statement, ‘’Do you know much about online modeling?’’ the text read. Intrigued and enticed, she broadly replied. ‘’Not really; what is it? Little did Paola know that this simple text exchange would ignite a thrilling and enticing path for her. Her friend later shared stories of financial freedom, success, and empowerment, all earned from creating exclusive content for online fans. As the seasons passed, Paola felt an irresistible pull towards a daring destiny. An idea that once lingered in her deepest dreams now clamored for attention, demanding to be set free. It was time to shine and shatter the chains that held her captive. With her hands shaking like a leaf and her heart pounding from the fears of the unknown, Paola took a bold step and created an OnlyFans account that would forever change her fate. With a sly smile and a wicked glint, Paola continues to thrill her fans with more sensual content. From dick ratings that spark blood racing to domination sessions that set pulses and leave subscribers begging for more, she proves her prowess as the queen of seduction. Today, Paola is the epitome of desire and has covered her screens with a symphony of temptation. From her live showers mesmerized with the glistening cascade of water to foot fetish displays that caress the imagination to the world’s taboo realm of toilet and stepmom fetishes, she is a mistress to watch. Besides, her balance of power and sensuality embraced the world of femdom and sissification, leaving her fans surrendering to her every command.
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Horny 😈

August 5th, 2023 by Biguycreampie
Need some attention right now
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Bookings made in advance

August 4th, 2023 by Sophie M
My favourite kind ☺️😘
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Summer in wintertime

August 4th, 2023 by Summer Rae
Available this evening xx
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Beach Holiday Part 1

August 2nd, 2023 by Livvie Lovely
So, imagine a holiday together with me in a hotel and beach resort at some tropical destination. Laying on the beach most of the days, helping me put sun-lotion on just to feel Your beautiful dark skin under your hands. Laying in the shades under a palm tree, taking dips on the ocean. Spending the evenings going for nice dinners, taking walks on the beach, kissing, making love, snuggling and enjoying each other’s company.  We found a beach not too far from the hotel where we normally are all alone. Can lay out a big blanket and enjoy each other’s company, no one will even see if our hands get a little.... carried away while we kiss. No one noticing that YOU accidently un-tie the bikini top while helping me with the sun-lotion on my back or see you kiss down my spine to your lower back.   One day we end up staying all day to the sun is starting to set. Teasing each other more than usual. We are swimming together, Me wearing a bikini and Me have felt all day how You look at Me, the desire in Your eyes, feeling me grow hard against Me in Your swimming trunks as I straddle you and slowly put sun-lotion on your back. YOU stand in the water up to Your chest and swim over to me. Wrapping my legs around you and kissing me passionately. YOU reach under Me and hold my bum as we continue to kiss. No one else is on the beach and Me become more daring, grinding you against me in the water, enjoying the feeling of you growing hard against me.  I whisper in Your ear that I want you to make love to Me, my bikini top is above the water line, and YOU kiss my chest. You managed to reach up and help take my bikini top off, throw it on the beach. And you kiss my breasts, tasting a little salty in the water but YOU take My nipples in Your mouth and suck softly on them. I look around and make sure no one else is around.    Then I slip off of you, push down Your swimming trunks, take off my bikini bottoms and throw them both on the beach. Then I wrap my legs around you again, and You feel Me are already very excited, grinding you against me, feeling Your hardness rub against lips and You finally slip inside Me, Me biting Your neck as I feel you go deep inside Me. You hold my bum in the water, and I have my legs wrapped so tight around Your waist. The sensation of being kind of weightless in the water and You can easily hold Me up, cup bum and we move together. Feeling my hard nipples against Your chest. Deep hungry kisses and we move faster together, feeling Your hands squeeze My bum harder. I bite Your neck and tease you, whispering in Your ear how good it feels, and we keep moving together until Me cum. Squeezing me so hard You can’t help but cum hard inside Me as well. And we stay like that, for a while, with you still inside Me, panting a little, holding tight and kissing in the water until we both calm down so we can sneak out of the water naked and put our swimming gear on.  We stay all day and watch the sunset, feeling the sun, still warm on our face, a little salty smell and the amazing soft white sand glittering in the sun. We just had another dip and I only wearing a beach-dress, my bikini top and bottoms are laying on the blanket drying off. You sit behind me, both of us watching the sky turn pinkish red. I feel soft kisses on My neck, tasting a little sun-lotion and salty water, but still so sweet with my soft skin against Your lips. To be continued....
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Life-Changing Sex Tips For The Obese Man

August 2nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
There are sex tips for almost every possible subject, but sadly, the obese man is forgotten. Being overweight or obese can severely affect your performance in bed and general sexual health. With that in mind, here are a few life-changing sex tips for the obese man. What is obese? The definition of the “right” weight doesn’t really exist. What constitutes being obese varies from man to man. However, men with a BMI of more than 30 are considered obese. These men have too much weight, too much to handle, and thus the mentioned sexual hurdles. Some Tips For the Obese Guy 1. Accept and Love Yourself. A leading factor in poor performance in bed by obese men is low self-esteem. Every time they undress, they hate the overlapping layers of fat and get this thought that their partners will hate what they see. Whether the extra kilos are temporary or permanent, it's important to accept it and not be ashamed in bed. Make the mirror your friend. Stare at your naked body and admire the good parts. If that doesn’t work, a therapist might help. However, don’t hire a therapist before reading through this article. 2. Try a penis ring The many layers of fat make the penis appear shrunken a little. In such a case, so little length is left outside to perform meaningful penetrative sex. The truth is that the penis is as long as it was before. Wearing a penis ring will help maintain a hard-enough erection and, two, push back the fat a little off the buried penis shaft. That way, your partner gets to have some more meat. 3. Maintain high levels of hygiene. Hygiene is among the most important factors of sex. Hygiene affects both partners and the outcome of sex. With folding skin, it's easy to accumulate sweat, bacteria, and debris. We recommend regular showers and, if possible, before and after sex. All a man should present in bed is the healthiest and cleanest self. 4. Choose positions that favour you. Body weight is an inhibitor to having a thrilling sexual experience. In such cases escorts Sydney recommend choosing styles that allow more penetration. A good example is the woman on top. Such a position will expose more penis length, adding to the penetration. In addition, the position keeps his weight off her, which is safe. 5. Dim the lights. The thought of a partner seeing you during sex might cause some anxiety. We recommend dimming the lights during sexual sessions. Dim lighting lets you hide your insecurities and simultaneously lets you enjoy your partner's expressions. The takeaway While being overweight is reversible, it can take a toll on a man's sexual life. The listed tips should help as you find ways of getting back to a manageable weight. Remember, to make the best out of sex, focus on what makes you feel better and happier. Be innovative and have a positive mindset.      
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