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Dane Masters

July 29th, 2022 by Gaven Welsh
Hey ladies, If you’re looking for the perfect man that's down to earth but will absolutely arouse your senses and fulfill your fantasies, 6ft tall, smooth skin, well hung, thick, 8.5 inches for your enjoyment. If this is your first time I understand you might have some doubts about me or the services I provide, it is understandable. The first time with someone new I always notice a certain level of guard up, I can guarantee you that you will fell comfortable within only a few minutes from the moment you meet me. Remember I am here to please you, whether it might be a romantic date in your favorite place or having some wine in the intimacy of your apartment or hotel room. Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you desire the most. Any kinky thoughts or needs that will make you smile. There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than see your smile and hear your laugh. I want you to experience something that you have always dreamed of. Contact me to have a chat and let's see where we can take this. I look forward to meeting you. xoxo
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I love birds

July 28th, 2022 by Claire Bear
I love birds. I Know that’s not cool or trendy but i don’t Care. It’s not like i’ve ever haD a pet bird, or would have one in the future (beCause i’m actually terrifiEd by their creepy little tongues), but i like To see Them in nature and read up on all their amazingly different little birdie bodieS. This Reads like im describing this website but i can assure you; this is not witty satire - just a doRk with a pair of binoculars, loitering in the bushes of Your Closest national park. xx CB
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July 28th, 2022 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
With more and more sites offering up a slew of pornography options and our consumption ever increasing, we examine the negative effects to watching porn. [original link here] Distorted Views of Consent Adult performers are in complete agreement to all acts prior to filming to any scene. These discussions negotiate everything from the type of act, the duration, the intensity, with whom, where, etc. Of course, this is not shown on film and viewers are not made privy to the fact that every action has been previously discussed and agreed upon. Particularly with rough sex scenes or scenes depicting CNC ("Consent Non-Consent") it can be hard to grasp that what you see on the screen isn't "real". The performers haven't spontaneously started the act nor have they suddenly started enjoying the rough or violent action mid-scene, they are playing a part and acting out the scene as previously discussed and agreed upon. Omitting the discussions and only showcasing the actions perpetuates the notion that a partner will acquiesce to sexual pressure eventually. Consent under duress is not consent. Continuing an action until a partner tells you to stop puts the onus on the other person for stopping the action. Consent should always be given freely and enthusiastically. Unrealistic expectations Pornography trends tend to favour things to the extreme degree - super extreme busts, super large/long members, very muscular men, very petite ladies, very large ladies, etc. As with physical characteristics of performers, a performance is also exaggerated for the enjoyment of viewers. Male actors can remain erect for hour long intervals for scenes and stay erect between takes and as filming takes place. To put things into perspective, the average duration sex lasts for among the general population is between 5-10 minutes. Female performers that specialise in things like squirting have several things in place prior to a scene and must ensure they are not dehydrated and have all the tools necessary to achieve the shot on film. Anal scenes require a lot of preparation prior to shooting. Fasting the day prior and enemas are a regular practice in the industry to prevent any unwanted excretions on film, things that are not always practical in real-world scenarios. Even with all these preparations and things in place, there can still be accidents or a star being unable to perform while filming - reshoots of scenes are not uncommon either. We don't even begin to mention that a lot of the scenes shown in porn aren't actually pleasurable. The angles are designed for optimum view for the camera and not for the benefit of the participants. Comparing personal experiences to pornography can lead to feelings of inadequacy, you may also start to feel disappointed and resentful towards sexual partners as you're expecting real people and experiences to be comparable to fiction. Perpetuating Stereotypes It is undeniable that porn perpetuates stereotypes. All it takes is a quick scroll through porn sites and you'll notice the categories and corresponding images - busty blonde bimbos, submissive Asian women, sexually aggressive African men, etc. People and personalities are more dynamic than the caricatures of themselves depicted in porn. Stereotypes create false expectations of other people's personality and interests which leads to many misunderstandings. overall conclusion If treated as is intended (as entertainment), porn is fairly harmless and allows you to see and explore things you would have otherwise not been aware of or have tried. Porn should not be used as sexual education. Consider how often you watch porn and how you refer to it in your personal experiences. For more information: Consent and sexual expression workshops are available at our CLUB687 venue, hosted by a wide range of qualified sex therapists and professionals - for more information head to Discreet gentlemen's club links newcastle escorts - discreet sex blog - APPLY TO WORK WITH US
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Tattoo guy

July 27th, 2022 by Craig Burton
Love to lick ladys out and have from adelaide.msg me 0410214941
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Life-Changing Masturbation Tips

July 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Pleasure is a luxury, not a necessity. Sometimes, a good run of solo pleasure is all you need to start or end a long day. Although a lot of people masturbate, it's still a taboo topic. Besides the happy endings, masturbation has several health benefits that impact your life in many ways. To reap these benefits, you need to put more meaning into masturbation than just touching yourself to orgasm. This write-up brings you life-changing tips on masturbation that will help you make the best out of those solo minutes. 1.     Pamper yourself first Long gone are the days when foreplay was for partnered sex. It's necessary to be in the best state of mind before masturbating, which means creating some time for yourself. Consider a long sensual shower or dip in the bathtub or something pleasurable that you enjoy doing. Just like you pamper your partner, it should be the same when it comes to you. If possible, go out for some drinks, come home, take a long shower while playing some calm music, stare at yourself in the mirror, and get ready. This way, the act will become more fulfilling than if you just jumped right into it. 2.     Turn off your phone The basic requirement of being turned on is being present. Therefore, you must keep off any possible distractions such as social media or phone calls. Turn off your mobile phone, get into the best state of mind, and the body will follow suit. 3.     Start with sensual before sexual Escorts New Plymouth suggests that the first step should be feeling yourself sensually before diving into sexual stimulation. Your head or hair should be a good starting point, working your way downwards and massaging your neck, breasts, belly, and inner thighs. That should be followed by slow and sensual touches of your genitals through clothing to set the mood for the next events. Experts also suggest making some moaning voices. Moaning plays a huge role in signaling the brain that you’re turned on, increasing pleasure. 4.     Sync your breath with your touches Once you’re totally aroused and begin touching your vagina or stroking your penis, go slowly and pay attention to your breathing pattern. You need a lot of oxygen to reach your climax, so you shouldn’t stop breathing. Stopping to breathe limits sexual stimulation. 5.     Have a sex toy around There are hundreds of sex toys built exclusively for both men's and women's solo pleasure. Even if you do not intend to use one, keep it within hand reach just in case the moods kick it. Lastly, keep some lube around to make sure things go smooth and, of course, to increase pleasure. The bottom line The key to getting off well is taking things slow. If you rush things, you end up having a quick unsatisfying orgasm. Health experts suggest switching positions to kneeling, standing, or lying on your belly. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below on what you think might work.
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The Naughty Ads Punter Newsletter - July 2022

July 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The following is a re-post of our recent punter newsletter and has great information for punters and advertisers alike about features and some great deals with naughty ads. The NaughtyAds Punter Newsletter - July 2022 Hello Punters of NaughtyAds! Welcome to the July 2022 edition of the NaughtyAds Punter newsletter.   We have some exciting updates to share with you this month including a great visual upgrade to the site, new payment options for VIP punters and amazing up-to 70% sale with our adult store partner - Love Honey.   Before we get to that, let's kick things off like we normally do and extend a big congratulations to our latest (June) Punter Review winner - Dav P!   We've already emailed Dave so he can claim his prize of either $50 or 6 months of free VIP Punter membership! A big thanks again to those who entered.   A new punter competition for July/August has already started so make sure to look out for this competition and many more to come by checking out the competitions page under your Account menu (images below).   If you're a punter newsletter subscriber only - this is a great incentive to sign up for a NaughtyAds Punter account today. It's also a great incentive to sign up for a VIP Punter account as your prize payout doubles!!    To sign up now click here and make sure to select Punter as your account option on the registration page. Dark & Auto mode now available at NaughtyAds To give you more control over how you view you Naughty Ads punter account we have now added the ability to switch to Dark Mode as well as Auto Mode which will follow your device settings. The Verified Only and advanced search filter on NaughtyAds Punters have been able to filter to only see escorts that have been verified by NaughtyAds since late 2021.   To make this option stand out even more we've made the "Show Verified Only" button flashing and have it prominently placed at the top of every search page.   You now only need to make one click to view escorts that have gone through the Naughty Ads verification process and are more trusted providers.    Don't forget that you can also click on the Search button to filter for the exact provider of your choice as well as manage your favourites, alerts, date history and do keyword searches. NaughtyAds VIPPunter Account Features YOU ALREADY GET THESE GREAT FEATURES WITH YOUR BASIC NAUGHTYADS PUNTER ACCOUNT: ·    READ REVIEWS FROM OTHER PUNTERS  ·    CREATE REVIEWS TO HELP OTHER PUNTERS ·    SAVE YOUR FAVOURITE LISTINGS ·    SUPPORT RESPONSE IN UNDER 24 HRS ·    KEEP A DIARY OF YOUR DATES AND EXPERIENCES ·    WRITE ARTICLES AND COMMENTS AND POST TO THE NAUGHTY ADS BLOG   ... AND HERE ARE THE AMAZING FEATURES OF THE NAUGHTYADS VIPPUNTER ACCOUNT:   ·    ESCORT ALERTS - GET AN ALERT EMAIL WHEN A NEW ESCORT MATCHES YOUR SEARCH CRITERIA. SIMPLY CLICK THE "GET ALERTS" BUTTON AS PER BELOW ·    VIEW PRIVATE ESCORT PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ·    SHOW AS VERIFIED ON YOUR AUTHOR PROFILE ·    SHOW AS A VIP ON YOUR AUTHOR PROFILE ·    ESCORTS RESPOND FASTER TO VIPPUNTERS ·    REGULAR PRIZES AND COMPETITIONS ·    DISCRETE BILLING AND ONLY $9.95/MONTH - YOU CAN NOW PAY VIA BEEM_IT! ·    ALL THIS WITH MANY NEW FEATURES TO COME  LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND UPGRADE TO A VIP PUNTER ACCOUNT TODAY!   Want 3 months of Free NaughtyAds VIP punter membership? Suggest a new feature! Simply suggest a new feature you think would be great at Naughty Ads and if we implement it we will give you 3 months FREE of VIP punter membership.    Make suggestions about punter account features that you'd love to see or about anything else relating to Naughty Ads and if it's a great idea we'll implement it and reward you!   Please send your ideas to Lovehoney AU - check out amazing offers - up to 70% off!   NaughtyAds is proudly in partnership with world's leading adult store - Lovehoney.   For great deals check out the NaughtyAds blog, twitter account and newsletters where we regularly update you on the latest deals on lingerie, sex toys and a host of other items for all your adult fun.   Click the image beside for amazing deals on Top Rated toys.   NaughtyAds Support Is Always Here 24 hour turnaround support continues, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.   Remember to always use respectful language with escorts and adult service providers and refrain from vulgar language.   Happy punting from the team at NaughtyAds.   Don't get left behind. Login and upgrade now!
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Help me with my fantasy

July 24th, 2022 by James Marr
my fantasy is to have a be trans girl cum deap ins me please be my first
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New body picture

July 24th, 2022 by Seth Jones
A recent picture
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Brisbane is Our City Gents

July 24th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Happy Weekend Gents, Don't forget to book me into your weekday schedule. I offer a discreet incall, with Monday to Saturday availability. Based in Southbank Brisbane.  5 minutes from the Southbank Train or Bus station. Book Now  0467 425 956 
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Getting Sick

July 22nd, 2022 by Courtenay Bence
One of the biggest issues in all industries is getting sick, with escorting i feel it's a bigger issue then most though. A few reasons for this is the basics, not wanting to pass it on, but also as an escort, we have to wait until there aren't any signs, even the slight cough that hangs around is not something you want to display during a date. I doN't know about everyone else, but a direct issue for me is not having sex. I'm not sure if it's just me, but i could be dieng, and i will always be ready to go. Example, it could be 1am and i work regular hours full time, if I'm woken for any reason other then sex, then I'm pissed, but wake me with a blow job and I'll stay awake as long as you need me. I just got over a pretty bad sickness, i was exhausted and did nothing for 5 days, but if sex was on the table, my body would have found energy to perform. It's kinda frustrating. Anyway, don't get sick!
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Masturbation Myths You Should Unlearn

July 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The mention of the word masturbation strikes an endless conversation. The fact that it's still considered taboo makes it a center of attention. In truth, masturbation is a normal process practiced by millions worldwide. If you don’t masturbate, be sure someone else does. There is still a serious stigma around masturbation that has read to deep misinformation and myths. We collaborated with Hibiscus coast escorts and adult service providers to bring you this write-up on masturbation myths that you need to unlearn in 2022! 1.     Couples don’t masturbate Did you know masturbating in front of your partner is one of the hottest things you can ever try? Many couples take advantage of masturbation to tease their partners and deny them orgasms in fun sex plays. At the same time, some partners run to masturbation when they feel like their sex life is getting bland. Although some get jealous and feel like that is cheating, the fact remains that people in healthy relationships masturbate at equal measures as those not in relationships. 2.     Masturbation is a direct ticket to ruined sex This myth is based jealous notion that if one jerks off too much, they get used to their hands and eventually lose touch for sex with a partner. While this is true in extreme cases of addiction, most of the time, masturbation doesn’t affect sex routines. In fact, masturbation is one way of improving your sex life, in the sense that during the process of touching yourself, you get to figure out what works for you in bed. That way, it becomes easier for you to find pleasure and satisfaction during sex. 3.     Women or people with vaginas don’t masturbate The truth is masturbation isn’t limited to any sexual orientation. A lot of women confess to being into masturbation. Whether you’re male, female, or transgender, nothing should stop you from a moment of solo exploration. 4.     Masturbation leads to ED In reality, erectile dysfunction doesn’t result from masturbation but several factors such as underlying health issues. What happens in most cases is that due to too much masturbation, you may become used to a certain touch, which might make it difficult to get aroused by your partner or, rather, someone else. However, that doesn’t justify the myth of masturbation leading to ED. 5.     Masturbation has no health benefits. In its totality, masturbation has unmatched health benefits and makes you a better self. These benefits include better quality sleep, relief from stress and tension, better self-esteem, and a youthful glow. Take away It’s clear that masturbation has benefits, but only if it is done within limits. Too much of it might turn out detrimental to sex life. People should stop preaching its myths and rather focus on educating people on its importance and how they can use it to improve their sex lives. Please drop your contribution of any myths we may have left out in our comment section below.
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How To Make Sex Painless

July 20th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, and any pain whatsoever is unacceptable. Painful sex isn’t familiar to many females, and for the few who experience it, it’s mostly for the short term. To those who experience it, it's usually a top secret as they tend to shy away from seeking help from a doctor. Painful sex may manifest itself in irritations, muscle aches, or burning on the skin. Whichever pain you’re dealing with, a few hacks might help you. Here is a quick run-up through some tips on how to make sex painless. What are the reasons for having painful sex? There are several causes of painful sex, and they vary between the victims. Firstly is a condition known as vaginismus. In this case, the woman's muscles contract involuntarily upon the slightest penetration. This ends up making sex almost impossible. If the pain disappears when penetration ceases, this could be a sign of vaginismus. Menopause This comes with age when women slowly lose natural lubrication due to hormonal fluctuations. This results in vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful sex. Infections These are mostly related to irritations or burning sensations during sex. There might also be a foul smell, although that’s not always the case. How can you counter painful sex? Lubrication Vaginal dryness can occur even if you’re fully ready for penetration. In such cases, ensure you have silicone or water-based lube near you. There are plenty of lubricants to choose from, and escorts in Porirua insist on selecting those with less harsh chemicals and fragrances. Patience This is the number one cause of painful sex among many couples. Some people jump right into penetrative sex even before the partners are ready. It would be best if you took time and enough time on foreplay. Explore each other, kiss and caress, and allow natural wetness. Health experts recommend 15-20 minutes of intense foreplay to prime the body for penetration. For quickies, we understand that things are rushed. Even if you jump right into the action, make sure to take things as slowly as possible to allow the body to catch up. Change positions While there is all praise for sex positions, some might be why you’re having painful sex. We understand that sex positions are a one size fits all, and therefore what works on the internet might not work for you. To help with painful sex, avoid male dominant positions such as doggie, and instead go for the classic woman on top positions. Get a check-up for possible health conditions This is mostly applied when you’re experiencing burning or itchiness down there during penetrative sex. In such a case, there could be an underlying health issue such as an infection, so we recommend seeing a sexual health expert. The bottom line If all the above tricks don’t help, consider taking a break from sex and figuring out what works for you. Altogether, lubrication and changing sex styles are a great starting point. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comment section box below. 
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How to finger her the right way

July 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A lot of times, fingering doesn’t get the praise it deserves. During foreplay, we often tend to concentrate on kissing, caressing, and oral sex and forget how much of a gem fingering can be. If done correctly and passionately, fingering can turn a sexual moment into an array of incredible orgasms. There are different ways to finger her to ensure she gets to the promised land. In this article, we give you the best hacks on how to get into this. 1.     Get ready for the job. On this point, we insist on some housekeeping. Start by trimming your nails and thoroughly cleaning them. Remember, the vagina is a sensitive part of the body, and fiddling with it using untidy and uncut nails leads to tiny injuries, which increase the risk of contracting infections. 2.     Start by teasing her Fingering is pretty much penetrative sex, only that the fingers are involved this time. Spend some time warming up for the action. Kiss that girl passionately, touch her breasts, play with her hair, and caress her butts and hips. This allows some time for the vagina to get wet, and quite importantly, slow is sexy! 3.     Vagina anatomy 101 You have to understand what you’re touching. The vaginal anatomy in totality is made of several regions, which can be extremely erogenous. We have the outer labia, inner labia, the vaginal opening, and the clitoris. Altogether, these regions are pretty sensitive to touch. The trick is exploring them one by one slowly and listening to what your partner says. 4.     Make sure you use lube (a lot of it) The idea of using sex lubricant is to make sure that you don’t fiddle with a dry vagina, which would otherwise lead to cuts and injuries, which increase the risks of infections. In addition, failing to lubricate might lead to painful experiences. Again, sexual health experts and Napier escorts recommend choosing water-based or silicone-based lubricants as long as they are compatible with your partner. 5.     Start slow and work your way in The trick is to build slowly towards the orgasm. The best vaginal stimulation is slow and sensual. Start slowly from the outside, slowly exploring all parts as explained in the anatomy as you make your way to the more sensitive zones. Once you have enough intensity, you’re ready to explore the hidden lands. 6.     Focus on consistent and rhythmic penetration Consistency and rhythm form the thin line between giving her the orgasm or not. First, we suggest observing her bodily feedback and focusing on the areas she responds best to. Once your partner is ready to be penetrated, we suggest you try the following;      Slow and circular swirling movements inside the vagina to stimulate the shallow depths of the vagina        “Come hither” motion inside the vagina walls to stimulate the G-spot        Switch things up between the G spot and the outer parts of the vagina, or rather the clitoris. Slide your fingers in and out in rhythmic motion to make things intense. In summary The trick to fingering is quite apparent- consistency and respect. While we insist on being consistent with your hand motion, you need to keep checking on whether she is okay with whatever you’re doing. Do you think there is something we left out? Feel free to contribute through our comment section below.
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July 14th, 2022 by J Ball
I find the best way to create sensation across the fleas is to tease it with my tongue
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The bucket list

July 13th, 2022 by Courtenay Bence
Many years ago I tried my first group play, I was seeing a girl who I liked more then the arrangement allowed. We had great sex but that's all it was to her. One day we decided to try playing with a couple, it was fun, but I wasn't ready. When my friend and I swapped girls, watching her with someone else ruined my mood. I didn't let it ruin the moment except for being soft while my friends girlfriend tried to ride me which was a little embarrassing and made me feel horrible. Things didn't go much further with this girl, we went separate ways. Recently I was requested to join a couple for there first experience, I had a great time with them. At the end of our night I asked the male how it was for him, he expressed the same feeling I had felt many years ago. Ticked it off the bucket list, he finished with.
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July 13th, 2022 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Quickly becoming the Bucks Party capital of NSW - Newcastle is the perfect spot to host your Bucks Party! NEWCASTLE: Secluded enough to afford ultimate discretion but accessible enough to still have a hive of activity going on... What happens in Newcastle, stays in Newcastle...  Getting to Newcastle... From Sydney: 2.5hr drive north with several shuttle bus and train options to travel. Flights from Sydney to Newcastle airport depart regularly every day.  From further away or interstate: Flights arrive in Newcastle from most major cities Australia-wide regularly. If direct flights are unavailable from your city you will be required to catch a connecting flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Want to make it extra swanky and a bucks not soon to be forgotten? Private charters are available with both private planes and helicopters. Bars and Nightlife Newcastle really has come a long way in the past decade. No longer simply just a steel or mining town, Newcastle has evolved into a destination of notable stature.  With many distinctive restaurants and bars dotted around Newcastle, there is a thriving nightlife just waiting for you to explore and experience.  Whether you are after an elegant afternoon of gin tasting or a more casual pub crawl, Newcastle has the bar, pub or club for you! Activities If you are after some additional activities your bucks party can do during your stay in Newcastle, you may wish to consider: Try craft beers at one of Newcastle's many local breweries. Sample and learn the difference between gins at EARP Distillery or Newy Distillery  4WD on Stockton beach  Sky Diving at Belmont  Many Many More Adult Entertainment Newcastle is also home to one of the most acclaimed, most industry awarded adult venues in Australia. Discreet Gentlemen's Club.  At Discreet, our hostesses and performers will make sure that your bucks party is something that is absolutely unforgettable.  Enjoy some of the HOTTEST exotic and Australian strippers and showgirls entertaining you on your last night of freedom.  Head to our BUCKS PARTY page for more information or give us a call to find out more about our Bucks Party packages. 
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Sex Positions That Will Make Sex Less Painful

July 12th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Essentially, anything that involves sex should be fun. If you experience painful sex, it could be due to many reasons, including dryness, vulvodynia infections, intact hymen, and quite unexpected, wrong sex styles. With all the hype about sex styles and how they play a significant role in sexual satisfaction, it’s a bitter pill to swallow that they could be the cause of your misery in the bedroom. While seeking medical attention should be the first option in cases of painful sex, here are some sex styles that will help alleviate the pain. 1.     Spooning In most cases, spooning is done after sex. This time, we recommend you start with it. Lie on your side, behind your partner, and bend both of your knees. From this position, penetrate her slowly and listen to her feedback. Spooning allows for shallow penetration, unlike some styles such as doggie, and at the same time, the butt provides some cushioning. 2.     Classic woman on top (reverse missionary) Sometimes, male dominant positions can be the cause of sexual pain. Some styles, such as the classic doggy and missionary, allow for deep penetration, giving the man all the power, resulting in more pain than pleasure. With the woman on top, it's more of a reverse missionary. Have your partner lie on his back and place yourself on them. Try to keep your legs bent and lean forward towards his face. This position limits the penetration to shallow and ensures that the clitoris is stimulated. Alternatively, placing hard cushions or pillows beneath your knees will reduce the rate of bounce, which reduces penetration intensity. 3.     Reverse cowgirl Like the reversed missionary, the reverse cowgirl shifts the power dynamics in your favour. Here, you have control over the speed, penetration, and intensity behind the strokes. All you have to do is have him lie down and sit on his lap with your legs draped over his thighs but facing his feet. Place your feet on his shoulders and support your weight on his feet. From this position, grind on his dick at a pace that pleases you. Palmerston North escorts suggest having enough lube to ensure it runs all smooth. 4.     The face sit This is another style that a lot of men tend to enjoy. Have him sit on a chair, preferably one without an armrest. Strap his thighs on the chair and tie his hands behind the backrest. If you please, you can proceed to blindfold him. Sit on his laps, facing him, with your hands resting on his shoulders. Proceed to grind and twist your waist in whichever way you desire. This way, you control all the penetration, including speed and depth. The bottom line The most important thing to remember is that sex positions don’t work the same for everyone. If the ones above don’t work for you, that’s okay too. In such a case, try improvising the more comfortable classic missionary with some pillows to ensure you are comfortable. Lastly and most importantly, talk before the sex, and remember to consult an expert. We love reading what you think. Please give us more suggestions of styles you think can work perfectly. Our comment box is open! 
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Any ladies north of Gawler?

July 12th, 2022 by Masstonne
Are there any working ladies north of Gawler in the barossa valley? Hard to find and or a woman who will travel to the barossa, im looking to book,,,, when i can find one..? 0432953130
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Sexy beauty with big breasts and slippery skin

July 9th, 2022 by Linda lina
Give you the enjoyment of a king, satisfy your body and comfort your mind, let us spend a good time together No.0450045290 Address:Gold Coast Southport
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Masturbation Techniques to Try

July 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Everybody has at some point masturbated. According to a study conducted among men in the US, close to 95% of them have masturbated at least once. The study went further to conclude that most men in their 20s masturbate about or more than 4 times a week. Besides the health benefits, there is an absolutely satisfying feeling from a session of some solo run. While there is no magic button to getting satisfaction from masturbation, and we masturbate the same way, there are twists and techniques that will help you get to your orgasm faster and better. Here are some must-try masturbation techniques. 1.     The classic old school technique This is what we pretty much jerk off to. It has been used since human beings discovered how much power they have in their hands. It simply involves grabbing your cock, and wrapping your fingers around it with just enough grip. Assuming you have an average-sized cock, your thumb and fingers should meet. Simply go ahead and stroke it up and down, rhythmically with a speed or intensity that you like. A few minutes of this will take you to a big O. If possible, have some lube around to improve the experience. 2.     The Ok! This method involves holding your erect cock using your index finger and the thumb as if to make the “Ok” gesture. Make sure you don’t okay too tight-just enough. As usual, move your hand up and down at a pace you like, concentrating on the head. The Ok method creates a different and better feeling since it concentrates on the sensitive head, and more friction comes from the skin being dragged up and down. Lube is optional, but it's better if you have some around. 3.     The thumb play First of all, Dunedin escorts and adult service providers recommend a lot of lube for this one. It is a creative way to stimulate the frenulum. The frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. It is the tiny region where the skin meets the head, at the underside of the head. In layman’s terms, it can be called the lower side of the “neck.” it is V-shaped and is one of the male erogenous zones. Once you have some lube on your hands, hold your cock using the old school classic hand rule, only this time you’ll twist your hand such that the thumb lies on the frenulum. From here, stroke that bastard up and down as usual. Stroking this sensitive part of the cock will lead you to an orgasm even before you know it. The bottom line There are more methods you can try to give you a better feel than what you’re used to. However, from this list, escorts recommend the thumb play. Stay tuned to our subsequent blogs for more mind-blowing techniques. Our avid readers, feel free to comment on this blog in the blog comment section below.
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Confessions of a cheating escort

July 9th, 2022 by Miss Sapiosexual
Now what I'm about to write here, has been a fact and hard pill for me to swallow and rap my head around. 3 years ago, I did what I swore I would never do in my life, and that was to cheat on the man who gave me the best sexual encounters of my lifetime. No man had ever satisfied me with their sensual or sexual skills. Being a woman with a really high libido is no match for the men who struggle to hold their loads for 3 mins tops. This man did things to my body that at aged 40, had never done before and thankfully has done again since then and that was make me squirt. I'm not talking about a drizzle either, it was a full blown gush like the eruption seen from the water mains in the street when a pipe has been broken. Our first encounter was mind blowing and when he left I was left laying on the mattress which was completely saturated from my vaginal fluid, in awe and a smile from ear to ear. Never before had I experienced such chemistry whilst in the throws of passion. I knew right then that I was in trouble and that this wasn't going to end well for me, as he was unhappily married but determined to stay until his wife passed away. You see his wife had been given a terminal diagnosis and only 5 years to live. They only had 1 child together and he wanted to spare his son any additional heartache of them separating and then her dying. I knew this all from the start amd tried hard to keep my feelings in check and despite sex with any other man being totally unmeasureable on every level, I kept seeing other men as a way to distract myself and to extend the length of time it would take me to fall head over heals in love with him. I was totally honest with him from the start about being an escort and as it was just a bit of fun we were having it wasn't a big deal. Fast forward 3 months and things were completely different. We had both fallen in love and what should've been the best years of our relationship became some of the hardest days we would endure. He spent more time with me than he did at home and I felt immense guilt for his 12 year old son, who was basically left alone every day as both parents were off living seperate lives but under the same roof. To cut a long story short, he told his wife about me, they stopped sleeping in the same bed, he stopped wearing his wedding ring and I was happy with the changes he had made. It meant a lot to me. However, then it was time for then to go on their annual family holiday, which was a cruise for 5 days down to Tasmania and back again. Not being able to talk to him for 2 days felt like 20 years and my brain was in over drive wondering if he was going to end up patching things up and getting back together with her as they had to sleep in the same bed whilst away. So in order to distract myself from over thinking, I went online and start chatting to other men and as I had convinced myself he would fuck his wife when they were away, I got in first and fucked a paying client the first night he had gone. To my astonishment, being a whore and fucking some guy for money behind his back was a massive turn on and I was shocked that I was aroused and didn't feel guilty. It had given me a rush of sexual energy and excitement I had experienced before and it became addictive. The 5 days he was gone, I'd fucked 7 paying clients and after that every night when he'd leave, instead of being upset, I'd just arrange to fuck someone and I was making alot of money and it was turning me on more and more with each new man I'd fucked behind his back and I had started to spin out of control and fucking clients every day, during the day, after he left at night and sometimes more than 5 clients a day. The more I indulged in this behaviour the more guys I wanted to fuck in a 24 hour period, and he obviously sensed something was going on, as he had started snooping on my computer when I had left the room. And BAM just like that, all the guilt and shame I hadn't been feeling for the last month hit me like a tonne of bricks when I came back from the toilet to find him having found messages on my second fetlife account where I can been gloating about cheating on him amd how it turned me on so much. I admitted to chatting on him but lied about the number of men to spare him more heartache snd the self-centered slut I had become. So after this confrontation the cheating stopped for about 2 months. As soon as things became emotionally painful about his living situation and not knowing how long this was going to last for, I reverted back to my old ways and started fucking guys behind his back again. For some guys they were willing to pay more to fuck me with a cum filled pussy, or to fuck me during the day before I fucked him amd they got off knowing that his pussy had been contaminated by another man's cum. And again, fuck me a whole next level of arousal and undeniable urge to fuck as much and as many as I could. And being the insatiable slut that I am, 1 turned in to 3 a day and because I needed to be fucked at any cost my prices where dropping just so I could experience the excitement of being a cheating escort. The more I advertised that I was cheating on the man I loved who fucked me like nobody had ever, the more interest my ads were getting and quite frequently when he was ringing me I wasn't answered as I had cock balls deep inside my pussy pumping me full of cum. So of course, one of the many dozens of times I was fucking other men on a regular basis the news no one cheating on their partner wants to here from their play toy. A positive STI test and the message had come from the playboy directly to him. Talk about throwing a slut under the bus without warning. So sure enough I had contracted an infection and the Dr wrote out 2 scripts, without sending my partner for the same tests, as I'd been honest with the Doctor about the length of time I had been cheating on him. Still as im writing down these chain of events and still unsure why I acted against everything I'd ever believed in and on a man who was the best lover I'd ever had, I wasn't sure who the fuck I was anymore and made a valiant effort to not stray again. And I kept true to my promise to myself until I had finally had enough of feeling like shit and that I didn't matter to him and broke up with him at the end of March 2020. Some would say it was karma having to deal with a broken heart in what was to be the first covid lock down and having to self isolate at home. I couldn't even go out and get drunk to numb the pain, I was forced to feel it and to process everything that had happened. It was one of the hardest yet most rewarding healing periods of my life and for that, if I had my time over, I'd do it again. To this very day over 2 years later I'm still getting major arousal from men paying to fuck me and to be honest, I'm not sure I ever want to stop. I've had enough praise from the many men who have encountered my sexual prowess to know that I am a great fuck and I've now had regular clients over the last 6 years, who started out fucking me.for free, but I know my worth and I've given enough away for free, from now on, it's paid fuck sessions only. So it's a win win situation.
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Brisbane My Available Now

July 8th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Hi and Welcome, It is so easy to book me. Monday to Friday 7am-3pm  I am Available Now!! Before 6am or after 3pm you MUST  Advance Book. Weekends or Extended Bookings MUST be  Advanced Booked.  Advanced booked means at least 12 hours before. My contact number is 0467 425 956  You must text me.  Unless you don't have the ability than you may call me. 
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Your Sex Toy Starter Kit

July 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Whether you have a partner or not, a sex toy might be the best thing to ever happen to your sex life. Sex toys have slowly become part of many people’s lives, thanks to the magic they bring to the sex world. Different sex toys are made for specific purposes and specific people. However, introducing them might be intimidating, as you’re probably unsure what to include in your starter kit. Lucky for you, we're experts in this. Here, we bring you the easiest and most effective toys to include in your starter pack. 1.     Sex pillow There is nothing as disturbing as uncomfortable sex. If you have a partner, you want to ensure that your romps are as comfortable as possible. While the typical bed and throw pillows come in handy, we highly recommend the special sex pillows. They are affordable and come in great and different shapes to allow you and your partner to get creative comfortably. 2.     A finger vibrator A finger vibrator comes in handy during foreplay or solo sessions. Having one of these dimes brings satisfaction right to your fingertips. They are discreet, simple to use, affordable, and most importantly, they work perfectly for solo or couple sex. 3.     A bullet vibrator This little dime will help you and your partner take things to the next level. Don’t be fooled by its small size- it has magic in its tiny self. Its small size makes it less intimidating, so we recommend it as a first choice for a beginner to sex toys. It’s an Upper Hutt Escorts’ favourite, and It works perfectly during foreplay, penetrative sex, and even for solo encounters. Lastly, it's pretty affordable and quickly gets the job done. 4.     A teaser Teasing is one of the best ways of getting around your foreplay. Teasing sets the right mood for sex and is thus a significant part of foreplay. We recommend getting one for couples who love teasing, preferably a feather teaser. It is simple, non-intimidating, and gets the job done. 5.     Lube, and lots of it. Having lube in your starter pack saves you from possibly painful sex and makes things more slippery and better. Having sex toys such as bullet vibrators makes lube a necessity. Although petroleum and silicon-based lubes are quite popular, we recommend water-based lubes since they are less irritating and are condom safe. 6.     Candles Lastly, we recommend massage candles. They are easily available, require less effort to buy, and do a perfect job of setting the mood for romance and intimacy. They can also be melted and used to massage the skin, and of course, they bring a pleasant scent into the bedroom. Final thoughts Choosing what to include in your package isn’t that hard at all. The mentioned choices are carefully selected from what we think will be easy to buy and will get things off on a high note. We have more choices that are discussed in our subsequent blog postings. What would you add from the list? Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section.
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Brisbane Snuggles or Sex ??

July 5th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Gentlemen, I am available all week. Whether you just want a Snuggle or some hot hot Sex ... I'm your lady... Petite, Mature, Fun and Ready .. Kandi xxx
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Submissive Sissy Slut Slave

July 5th, 2022 by Sissy Clarissa Sub Slave
Just a short one.....I'm so horny to be taken owned and used. Looking for a Mistress/Dominatrix or TS Mistress to show this slutty sissy how someone like me must be prepared for.
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5 Ways Sex Improves Your Health

July 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all have different opinions on the essence of sex, but we can all agree that first, it's fun, and second, it has unmatched and unlimited health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that people who regularly have casual and satisfying sex tend to be happier and healthier than those who don’t. Here is a breakdown of some of the best benefits of sex to your health and wellbeing. 1.     Sex is an immunity booster According to studies comparing sexually active people and those who are less or not sexually active, the former group tends to fight off bacteria, viruses, and other germs that cause common illnesses more quickly. This is because sex boosts the ability of the body to produce antibodies that fight off potential sicknesses. 2.     It boosts your libido Sex is one of the best ways of fighting a diminishing desire for sex. Having a lot of it actually boosts your appetite. In cases where pain and vaginal dryness hinder sex, having lots of it might help you get into the rhythm. Having a lot of sex with the right person increases natural lubrication, improves blood flow into the vaginal cavity, and ensures its elasticity. All these make way for better sex and an improved appetite. 3.     Has immense cardiovascular benefits Physical activity is usually termed as best for the heart, as it keeps you in check. Ideally, a healthy routine is five times a week of intense activity. Lucky for you, having sex these five terms a week is perfectly acceptable as physical activity. Like intense workouts, sex burns a considerable number of calories and increases the heart rate, more so during orgasms. This, as a whole, improves your cardiovascular conditions. 4.     It is an effective pain reliever Studies by neurologists have shown that sexual activity can relieve pains such as headaches. Sexual activity triggers the release of endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Studies further show that pain sensitivity is reduced, especially in women, when they are experiencing sexual pleasure. 5.     Improves sleep Sexual activity leading to an orgasm leads to the release of a combination of hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, which all act as a sedative. This combination leads to heavy sleep, which many people don’t usually get. Long peaceful sleep helps improve the immune system, leads to energetic days, and, interestingly, improves lifespan. In closing Regular sex has more benefits than what is highlighted in the list. However, escorts in Lower Hutt suggest that you stick to one partner to reap the full benefits and play safe from infections and diseases. We would love to hear how you think sex benefits you. Talk to us through the comment section below. 
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July 4th, 2022 by Tambrey Morris
Please start to review my add xxx
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Sex drives

July 2nd, 2022 by Courtenay Bence
How active is your sex drive? For me, my sex drive is uncontrollably active. Sometimes frustratingly active. But they say a high sex drive is healthy, maybe for the physical health! What do you think?
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Not much to say

July 1st, 2022 by Andre Phillips
All I have to say is that I am so ready to be fucked by a guy. I have been thirsty for this for so long, scared but ready. Please tell me you are happy to be the gentle soul inside me 😏
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Women's public toilet mouth 💩💦👅💓💓💓

July 1st, 2022 by Jasper
Hi cuties... I'm Jasper...I'm 28... in Tamborine... I need a group of hot horny women to poo and pee all over me in a bath Pls! I will pay $$$ txt me pls! ...0450488305... I also love my cute little butt to be fisted extremely till I cum pissing myself everywhere...
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3 Sex Positions to Try for Mind-Blowing Sex

July 1st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
I don’t think we put as much emphasis on a synced orgasm as we should. Don’t be fooled by porn videos and movies. While getting a male orgasm is as easy as blinking, the female orgasm is coded. While we all love an orgasm, getting a synced orgasm is every couple’s ultimate goal. While an orgasm isn’t the ultimate goal of sex, nothing should stop you from having the best and mind-blowing sex, which would finally lead to a sizzling orgasm. We can achieve this by being just a little bit creative and adding some twists to how we approach sex. The following sex positions are perfect on your road to having mind-blowing sex. 1.     Modified missionary, or the butterfly We understand that “mind-blowing” means different to everyone, but you’ve got to love the modified missionary. The missionary is one of the most used and easiest styles to get the job done. However, this time we suggest that the woman lies on her back on the bed, with her hips right on the edge. She then puts her legs on her standing partner's shoulders, with her hips bent slightly upwards. This position gives a wonderful view of the vagina and a nice angle for fingering, cervical stimulation and deep penetration. With the right intensity, this style is glorious, and the result is a synced, mind-blowing orgasm. However, the style can be quite tiring for the woman, and we suggest taking short breaks between strokes. 2.     Seated scissors When the woman has control, the result is always mind-blowing. For this style, the lady controls the depth and angle of penetration and dictates how much clitoral stimulation she gets. To do this, let the man lie on the bed with one knee bent. The lady then joins in, with one leg between the man, straddling him on the side of his hip using the other leg. This gives sort of a scissor shape. The woman can now grind on him to find the right spot at a pace and intensity she likes. 3.     The face-off Adult service providers and escorts in Tauranga highly rate this one. A unique thing about this style, besides the woman being in control, is the chance for kissing and eye contact. Ideally, kissing and eye contact make things more intense. It would be best to have a chair with a backrest, and no armrests for this style. Let the guy sit on the chair, straight up, with hands behind the backrest. The lady then sits on him, facing him, and goes ahead to grind on him up and down to find the desired penetration and the right spot. Again, the woman has control of how much penetration and at what pace. If this is synced well, it is enough to be labelled as mind-blowing sex. Take home There are hundreds of styles that allow you to get creative and, at the same time, enjoy it to the fullest. While “mind-blowing” means something different for everyone, the three above are a great start. We would love more suggestions on some top sex styles. Mind dropping us a comment below?
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