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Painful Anal Sex? Not anymore!

May 30th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Although most people will disagree with this, anal sex is very pleasurable to people of all sexes, genders, and sexual orientations. On the same note, it's quite uncomfortable to many people, especially for first-timers. Sadly, a misguided uptown legend says that sex is supposed to be painful or that somehow, it shifts from painful to awesome. If you’ve been having these hell moments of uncomfortable anal sex, we're here to save you from the trauma. With professional collaboration with Moranbah escorts, we bring you the following expert tips for dealing with painful anal sex and making sure that you make the best out of that bedroom encounter. Before we get into it, what are the causes of painful anal sex? According to a study into anal sex, close to 64% of the participants who had penetrated their partners anally were forced to stop after a cry of pain. Here are some of the causes of painful anal sex.       Minimal or little lubrication from the anus       Too tight or unrelaxed sphincter muscles       Health issues such as hemorrhoids With that being said, here are a few tips for alleviating pain during anal sex: 1.     Use a lot of lube Naturally, the anus doesn’t produce much lubrication as compared to the vagina. While at it, pause to apply some lube to the anal opening and wall to make sure that penetration isn’t painful. If you’re using a condom, make sure you use silicone or water-based lubricants, as the other types may damage the condom, which compromises your safety. 2.     Clean the anus before sex This is more of a psychological tip. Most people get into anal sex without cleaning properly, which makes them uncomfortable with the worry of not being clean enough. In the end, the sex turns out to be really painful. Use some gentle soap and water to make sure that you’re comfortable during penetration. 3.     Start slow Whether you’re using a dildo or doing it with a phallic partner, make sure that you start slow. For the dildos, use smaller sizes before advancing to the monsters. Try starting with fingers before trying out larger sex toys or a penis. 4.     Relax This is where most people fail terribly. Although it's tough to do, make sure you push down as if you’re having a bowel movement to make the penetration easier and more comfortable. 5.     Breathe slowly and deeply. This will help you relax and take away all the penetration anxiety that you could be having. The bottom line: Escorts in Moranbah suggest that anal sex is probably the best way of achieving sexual satisfaction. However, they insist that communication is critical. It would be best if you two perfected communication so that you know when it hurts. Also, remember to stop everything the moment the pain gets intense. 
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May 30th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
PEGGING & P-SPOT ORGASMS FOR BEGINNERS by Discreet Gentlemen's Club Always turned on by the idea of being pegged but don’t know how to actually fulfil your fantasy? Read on for a quick guide about getting into pegging and how to have the ultimate P-spot orgasm. What is pegging? What people mean when they refer to pegging in the sexual context is when a woman uses a strap-on to provide anal stimulation (through penetration) to a male partner. Many men find this extraordinarily pleasurable due to the stimulation of a zone called the P-spot. What is the P-spot? The P-spot is simply a spot within the rectum which when contact or pressure is applied, stimulation is delivered to the prostate (hence the name). Like the G-spot with women, P-spot stimulation can result in intense pleasure and orgasm. What is a prostate massage? It is an internal massage that stimulates the prostate, this can be through the use of a toy or by finger. Prostate massages can be done in conjunction with other stimulation (i.e. handjob or oral sex) to increase the intensity of sensations. Is it only for homosexual men? Absolutely not! Enjoying prostate stimulation is not exclusive to gay men as anyone that has a prostate can enjoy exploring this erogenous zone. Equating prostate stimulation to homosexuality is the equivalent of equating fingering to lesbians – it’s a ridiculous connection. Sexual activities and enjoyment are not exclusive to any one group. Try Pegging / Prostate Massage / P-spot Orgasms at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club! What Now? So you’ve decided you’d like to try pegging but not sure what to do next. Start by giving us a call, we can advise you which of our ladies perform this service and provide recommendations depending on your experience and the type of lady/service you are after. Picking the Right Lady For beginners it is always best to select a lady who is experienced in anal play and can guide you through the process and help warm you up prior to actual play. Warm up and correct techniques are required especially for first timers to reduce the risk of discomfort and to maximise pleasure. Our experienced ladies will guide you through this process and ensure your comfort and enjoyment through the entire booking. Please note that there is additional charges for these services, just speak to the ladies prior to the booking so that they may prepare equipment and toys for the service. FOR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR LADIES SPECIALISING IN PEGGING, HEAD TO OUR ORIGINAL BLOG POST ON THE DISCREET WEBSITE
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May 27th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Reignite the passion in your relationship and reach your full potential with a fully satisfying sex life. Perhaps you're feeling dissatisfied in your sex-life or feel like you could be experiencing a lot more, here are some ideas and advice for spicing things up in the bedroom and in your relationship. Find out what the issue is. Not all sexual issues or dissatisfactions have a sexual based origin, sometimes the disconnect is more personal or emotional in origin. The goal is always to try and maintain open and honest communication that is steeped in respect and love so that you can explore these issues in an unjudgmental way so that you are both feeling fully fulfilled in the relationship. Not having the sex you used to? Life can get in the way of previous passions and the longer you are together, the more complacent you can get with this. Stress is a massive mood killer and everyday factors such as work, bills, mortgage and children can leave you feeling drained and not in the mood for a night of passion. Make time for each other. Regularly set aside time alone to reaffirm your connection as a unit, there's a trope about long-term partners only being intimate on special occasions - every day should be a "special occasion" to celebrate your partner! This also takes away the feeling of it being a chore when it's only done on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It doesn't have to be extravagant, a night alone watching movies and having takeaway while the kids are at the grandparents can be romantic or plenty of other low-cost things can help reaffirm your connection (and this can be different from couple to couple - do things that are enjoyable to you, maybe things that you used to do when first dating or things of significance to you). Once you have a strong connection, you can discuss things you'd like to try, perhaps kinks or fetishes that you would like to explore and take your sexual relationship to new heights of pleasure. Discreet Gentlemen's Club can help with exploring these fantasies and new experiences in an unjudgmental and safe environment. The sky really is the limit at Discreet and we would love to help you on your journey to achieving ultimate satisfaction as a couple! Different libidos? This is actually a more difficult issue to resolve, like with everything, we all have different needs - you can try and mitigate certain things that adversely affect libido but you need to understand that not everyone has the same appetite with sex - and that's okay! Mitigate discouraging elements. Does your partner come home exhausted from work and after doing household chores just wants to go to bed? Or perhaps there's something stressful occurring within their life that's killing their sexual energy and libido? Offering support and reassurance can help alleviate external factors that can contribute to a low sex-drive. Be realistic on expectations though - helping with cleaning one time or being supportive during a busy, stressful work week does not guarantee a night of hot sex (having that expectation can lead to disappointment for all involved) but it can form the foundations to a more robust sex life. Sexual dysfunction Things like erectile dysfunction (inability to gain or maintain erection) or inorgasmia (the inability to achieve orgasm or loss of sexual desire) generally have a medical or mental origin. Explore the possible causes for this as things such as medication, general health and fitness, diet and mental-health can contribute to sexual dysfunction. Consult with your health professional or GP if there are underlying health reasons why this is occurring and for advice on alleviating those concerns. Consider speaking to a qualified sex therapist if the cause isn't as clear in nature. Things such as guilt, stress, trauma or other mental-health related aspects can severely affect sexual function, a professional sex therapist can explore this with you and help target mental blocks that may be adversely affecting your libido and sexual function. Trying something new and exciting So everything in your partnership is great and you are very much in love with each other but you feel like you've plateaued in your sexual play... Perhaps you feel like the sex is great but would just like to take things up a notch! Exploring new things really brings a certain zest to life, here we have some suggestions you can explore as a couple to bring a new life to your sex life.. Try adding toys A naughty but simple way to spice things up in your love life. There are a whole range of toys available on the market that are specifically for couples play. Even toys used for solo-play can really spice things up as you can try mutual masturbation or work as a team and really be able to guide your partner - explore different sensations and find out things that you enjoy together! Discreet Gentlemen's Club stocks a range of adult toys that can take your play to a new level. Alternatively you may wish to speak to one of our managers for more advice or read out Blog post relating to various toys available on the market. Try pegging Quite a common fantasy amongst straight men, strap on play can take your lovemaking to new levels with something completely different and new for you to try. We have several ladies that specialise in pegging that you may wish to bring in for a couples booking to advise and guide you on achieving a P-spot orgasm (prostate orgasm) through pegging. We can also guide you in strap-on selection as there are toys on the market that offer stimulation for both partners. Explore BDSM Consider hiring a professional dominatrix to guide you on BDSM play. Speak to us about our new exclusive venue complete with BDSM dungeon. The ultimate experience in couples play. ENJOY OUR BLOG? WITH NEW POSTS REGULARLY, COME AND SEE WHY WE'RE THE FASTEST GROWING AUSTRALIAN SEX BLOG
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Sex before work

May 27th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We had a heated argument with my girlfriend that lasted almost the whole night. We didn't talk to each other afterward, and quite frankly, it was a long boring night. This was common, and I always looked forward to it since she was always eristic. Sometimes I would end up sleeping on the couch just to avoid a physical eruption, but she would come to me and plead I go back to bed. Sometimes, I would storm out and seek services from the professional Mount Gambier escorts, which I could say was the best part of these arguments with my girlfriend. Despite not being in the wrong, I often let myself lose the arguments just to make her happy and massage her ego. Today I felt different, and I was not planning to relent. She was adamant too. Nothing was going to make her change her mind. Not even my saccharine words could convince her otherwise. She had never lost a squabble before, and I felt she was not going to take it lightly. With no winner that night, the argument left us adverse to each other. We ended up sleeping apart like two strangers. I woke up early the following morning as usual and left her in bed. I was surprised not to find her in bed. I dressed up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I found her industriously preparing my breakfast and packing my lunch. I felt happy. The argument had not derailed. With a beaming smile, I greeted her. She responded without turning. I felt confused. She then pointed at my breakfast, asking me to take it. Without another word, I obliged.  I took my breakfast, finished, and took back the utensils. She was too busy to notice me around her. She looked more pretty from behind. I knew we were not on good terms but decided to take my chances. I grabbed her delectable ass and kissed her neck passionately. She struggled to push me away for a while before I gave in. She wiped her hands on her apron and looked at me. She looked angry. She naughtily held my tie and pulled it, dragging me closely behind her to the bedroom. She shut the door and threw herself on the bed. She lifted her nightdress, exposing the honey jar. She wasn't wearing panties. She then spread her legs while smiling. I unbuckled my belt and got rid of my trouser as she helped with my shirt. I pushed my already hard meat in her. She was already wet. I could see how much she loved it kept going. With more gradual thrusts, she became dripping wet and was ultra turned on. She gave me a needy moan. I fucked her harder and came after almost five minutes. We kissed without me pulling out. It felt so good. Our argument was concluded in high spirits, and I went to work a happy man!
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May 24th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
So you'd like to start in the adult industry as an escort and would like to begin through a brothel Brothel Work A first choice for a lot of ladies looking to start out in escort work / sex work. Brothels handle the security, marketing and booking/admin side of the business allowing you to focus primarily on your clients and service. Are all brothels the same? Honestly, no. As with every industry there are some businesses that are great, care about the happiness and safety of their workers and some that are less than ideal. There is also variations between a brothel's management and the level of experience and support from management can vary widely. Picking the Right Brothel It is very hard to pick the best venue to work for when starting out, without any industry experience it is easy to fall for catchy slogans and promises of big cash without knowing what to look for. Ideally, you want to find a venue that is supportive and knowledgeable enough to help you reach your highest earning potential in an environment that is safe and comfortable for you. Do's Ask lots of questions, you can usually tell the quality of management by their ability and willingness to answer questions. Work out how you want to be marketed - this is generally a collaborative effort between you and management, you need to have a cohesive vision to be successful. Without experience, you might not know what will work best for you specifically (which is okay!) but form a plan so that you both know what you are comfortable with - the way you are marketed can dramatically affect the kind of clientele you receive, a good manager will know after meeting you what your market is. Find out what safety/security measures are in place. Look at the types of ladies currently on roster for a venue, if they are all fairly similar this may be simply coincidence or it can be because the clientele of that venue has a certain preference - ask management about this as you may be more successful at another venue or they may actually be searching for a lady that is different to their current roster. Find a place that is genuinely supportive - almost every venue will say they have "supportive female management" but whether this is the case varies. Schedule a time to actually speak to management to discuss any questions you may have and learn more about how they actually help you achieve your financial targets. Find out what is or isn't supplied - lots of venues supply everything for service (i.e. condoms, lube, etc) but some places don't. Find out what is supplied and what you need to bring. Ask what the dresscode is - some venues have a preference for lingerie, some require stockings and some will expect you to wear evening-wear. Find out what the venue you're speaking to is after. Ask about how the clients meet you (introductions/intros) and how they select. A good manager will be able to give you tips for intros and how to secure the booking, along with provide ongoing support in this field. Find out how many ladies are rostered per shift. Dont's Don't fall for enticing messages promising how much you will make. No venue can guarantee you will make a certain amount, if they do, ask if they provide a retainer if you don't reach their claims. Of course that doesn't mean you can't reach those amounts, but that requires a collaboration from management with how you're marketed, advertising, and of course your own service and attitude towards clients - find a brothel where managers help you reach your fullest potential rather than provide gimmicky claims. Don't think you don't have any other options, there are hundreds of brothels and escort agencies out there. Find one you feel most comfortable with before starting out. Don't be pushed into services or roles that you are not comfortable with, you at any point have a right to withdraw consent and the amount and range of services you offer is entirely up to you. Ask what the minimum service requirements are (what is included in the booking price) and if you are not comfortable with providing this service, decline the position. Don't think you need to perform or produce anything sexual to gain a position at a venue. Photos being sent for review by a venue/recruitment purposes should illustrate how you look but can be fully clothed (we do not need to see nude/sexual images for recruitment). If you find that a venue requires nude images or any sexual services for employment - run! Don't over-commit - only agree to shifts/rosters that you can actually fulfil (good managers will be able to advise you when you're overcommitting). Doing too many hours can actually be to your detriment as it's at the expense of your overall service and presentation and will negatively impact you in the long run. Don't go in bite off more than you can chew - by this we mean don't put down an extensive list of services you might not be able to handle. Keep your list of services simple and basic until you have experience dealing with minor issues that may arise in bookings. You can always add services as you become more experienced. Things to Think About When Starting Out Consider why you are applying - the industry really isn't for everyone and although the idea of quick cash may be enticing, whether or not you can do the work is another story. Ladies that do not have a genuine interest in the work tend to struggle as this affects the way you present when meeting clients and the quality of service you provide. If you are definitely interested in starting in the industry think about how you'd like to be marketed - things like your "working name" (alias that you work under), the way you dress, the way you're advertised and the service you provide all come into it. You may wish to discuss with management when applying what their thoughts are and come to an agreement as to how you wish to be portrayed. Be wary of venues that provide little to no instruction when starting out in the industry, generally the less information a venue provides, the less support they will give you as a whole. Work at Discreet Gentlemen's Club - Newcastle Adult Work / Newcastle Sex Work So you've decided to start your career in adult work / sex work at Discreet Gentlemen's Club. We pride ourselves on having one of the most experienced and supportive management teams in the industry offering ongoing training and direction to help you achieve all of your financial goals. Discreet Gentlemen's Club is the biggest and most renown full-service venue in the Hunter Region and our service area is one of the largest in the country! Don't let that intimidate you though, being a regional town we like to limit the amount of ladies on shifts to allow each lady the opportunity to reach thier maximum earning potential. This also allows us to have better rapport with our ladies and make sure all ladies are given the same high-quality support consistently (as opposed to venues in some larger cities where you may be working against 20+ other ladies!). The Recruitment Process The first step in the recruitment process is by applying to work with us via our CAREERS page. Provide information about yourself including your stats, location and any relevant experience in the industry - if you have no experience that's okay, it just let's us know how much information and how in depth we need to be during the interview and induction. You will receive a response via email and/or text message soon to schedule an interview. Interviews conducted by our recruitment manager are generally scheduled for between 12pm-6pm AEST Monday to Friday. If you require an interview outside of those hours, we may be able to schedule an interview with one of our other experienced managers. Interviews are conducted either in person (in the case of local ladies - highly recommended if you can get to the venue) or via FaceTime or Skype for ladies further away. During this time questions are answered and further details are discussed about the position along with your availability and experience - it is a fairly casual conversation which mostly determines compatibility within the business and whether or not you would like to proceed. Induction In the case of in-house interviews, induction generally is done in conjunction with the interview and for interstate or travelling ladies, this occurs on arrival. The induction usually goes for an hour or longer as we try to be as thorough as possible in providing instruction as to safety and security measures along with other processes of our business. Information is provided for how to achieve your best outcomes both with intros and with extending bookings with clients. We discuss ways in which you would like to be marketed along with dealing with the varying types of clients. The induction basically gives you all the groundwork for starting a successful career in the industry. Please note: the learning process is always ongoing and you are always welcome to ask for more direction as you continue on - management will try and assist and offer advice if we believe you are not reaching your potential. This additional support is always there if you feel you require it also. Rosters At Discreet Gentlemen's Club you set the shifts you would like to work, you can work as often or as little as you like and the times most suited to you. Roster requests are submitted by midday Wednesday for the following week's shifts and are finalised and sent out on Sunday. Minor changes may be made in this period and will be discussed with you during the interview and induction process. New ladies to the industry: we do not start inexperienced ladies on a Friday or Saturday night shifts as they are the fastest paced shifts and we cannot guarantee the usual high quality level of support for new ladies (we field hundreds of calls, texts, emails and walk-in clients on these nights and do not have the ability to micromanage ladies). We will direct you to start either on a weeknight shift or one of our day shifts as, although they are still busy, it is a manageable level where we can still assist and check in with you. Your First Shift For your first shift at Discreet Gentlemen's Club we will pair you with an experienced escort that can assist you with any additional questions along the way and show you how to conduct a proper health check on a client and how to reset a room, along with give you additional tips on the job. You will have ongoing support of management also who will check in with you at several points of your first shift to make sure you are okay and to see if you need any additional support. Out of Town Recruits At Discreet Gentlemen's Club we understand and appreciate that not every lady wishes to work in their home town or city, in fact many of the ladies that work with us travel from various other cities and states. At Discreet we provide accommodation for ladies travelling for work and can offer flight/transport assistance for ladies travelling to Newcastle for the first time. Ladies from out of town are encouraged to apply - we can discuss what options are available during the interview and recruitment process.
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Our office receptionist is an escort!

May 23rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Anne is a pretty girl. She is always happy and is fantastic company to hang out with. She has been our receptionist for three years. We are very good friends. She calls me "Lil bro,” and I have already made peace with this since she is older than me. She treats me well often, and that is how our sibling relationship grew stronger. She has a hardworking boyfriend who loves her so much. On the same note, it's hard not to notice the good chemistry with the company managing director. A middle-aged man who looks like a pervert to me, especially with the way he treats female colleagues and interns. I have always felt like they were having an affair but knowing she has a boyfriend and the managing director is a happily married man disapproves my suspicions. I have never questioned her out of respect. One Friday evening, my colleagues left their offices fast as usual. I was not in a hurry as I needed to finish up my work for the week. After about an hour, I was done. I packed my laptop and locked my office. I was about to take the lift downstairs when I heard moaning noises from one of the offices. Someone was getting romped in the office! I tiptoed to the direction the noise was emanating from. To my surprise, I found the managing director's door open. Peeping in, what I saw made me confused, jealous, and angry. On the couch laid Anne, her legs raised, and the director was giving it to her madly. They were too involved to notice me. I left disgusted. I knew I was right all along, and something was up with them. Anne later called me for a night out. I almost declined but felt terrible about it. I met her at a local pub near her apartment in Mudgee. I found her with her friends in their round. They were already tipsy, and I immediately joined their table. We drank and chatted. Her friends, who were all ladies, were happy as usual, and within no time, the moment escalated to us playing spin the bottle. Then came the truths and the dares. I got my chance which I didn't squander. I was drunk and confident I asked Anne about her affair with our managing director. To my surprise, everyone laughed out loud like they were not surprised, and it was no big deal. It dawned on me that they knew everything, and I was the only fool in the dark. Anne explained to me that the MD was just a client. All her friends had two jobs. They were all in relationships but for formalities and just to make their families happy. They were all Mudgee Escorts on the weekends and evenings after their official duties. I was dumbfounded. How did they manage to keep all this a secret? But I understood how negatively they would be judged if they openly declared they were escorts. Eventually, I had a taste of Anne’s cake, and to be honest, I’m glad she is an escort!
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Admire Me is much better than Only Fans

May 20th, 2021 by Eris Elysium
Not only do they care about their users and creators, they provide amazing support and just morally better overall
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Lunchtime quickie

May 20th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We always did our company projects in pairs, and I was lucky to have Lizzie as my partner. She was intelligent, hardworking, and responsible. Our day began in the office and ended at my place since I lived near the work premises, where we had dinner and continued working. We would work together till late at night, and then I would drop her home. I loved everything about her, and in the beginning, it was purely professional. Our project took two months to complete. Its completion came with an immense sense of relief. It was one of the most demanding tasks I had ever done. That evening we went to a bar to celebrate. I had this crazy idea of seeking professional services from the famous New South Wales escorts as I badly needed some release, but something stopped me as we had a lot to drink. We then sang with a live band. Other revellers were excited and kept cheering us on. We had fun for almost five hours drinking, singing, and buying rounds for strangers. Then Lizzie came to ask me to take her home. She reminded me we needed to submit our final report the following morning, I obliged. I was very drunk but managed to drive her home. I dropped her at her doorstep and was about to leave when she pulled me close to her, hugged me tightly then bit my neck slightly. This turned me on like you couldn't imagine. I could feel her erected nipples piercing my chest. She then let me go. We parted ways, and I drove home. We met in the office the following morning and presented our work to our manager. He was impressed with our work, and as a reward, we were given two days off, which was to start at the end of the day. Lizzie asked me out for lunch. I was not surprised as we always went for lunch together anyways. We had our lunch as we chatted lightly. She looked pretty, something I never noticed before.  After exchanging a weird glance, she took my hand and placed it on her lap. Her skirt was short, and my hand landed on her bare lap. My dick went rock-hard instantly, and I crept my hand deeper up her thighs. She was wearing no panties. I reached the promised land and start started playing with her pussy lips. She started moaning slowly. Our moment was interrupted by the waiter bringing the bill. We paid and left, and we couldn't wait to get each other home. We rushed to my car at the hotel parking lot. We kissed crazily and ripped each other's shirts off. The sexual tension beyond boiling point. I lifted her dress and licked her already wet coochie. She leaned back in ecstasy. I pulled my erect cock and slipped it straight into her. She was tighter than a nun but took it all in on my first thrust. I fucked her wet warm pussy hard. I did not last long; within minutes, I was about to burst when she asked me to cum in her mouth. She held my cock tightly and wrapped her beautiful mouth around the tip and sucked like she was trying to train all the cum out of me. We loved it! 
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May 19th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Australia's Sweetheart of Porn returns to Discreet Gentlemen's Club Thursday 27th May - Saturday 29th May! Koby Wilde is an absolute GODDESS and favourite of Newcastle, this well-known Australian Porn sensation will drive you absolutely wild as she teases and pleases you beyond your wildest dreams! Koby is a nationally touring Pornstar escort and adult-industry personality with a massive loyal fanbase - come and see why Koby is a renown luxury companion and why her clients keep coming back for more! Experience the decadent delights of her forked tongue and delicious curves as she takes you to new heights of pleasure. Skilled at fetish and kink play, discuss with us the services you'd like to explore with Koby by calling and speaking to one of our friendly managers. Never seen a Pornstar escort before and not sure what to expect? The WILDEST night of your life, imagine experiencing a Pornstar Experience (PSE) from a genuine Pornstar! Koby offers an extensive list of extra services that will more than leave you utterly satisfied - be warned though, you'll need several hours with this lovely lady to explore all of her 'extra services'! Bookings in advance highly recommended - as one of our most popular touring ladies, Koby frequently gets booked out! Avoid disappointment by getting in early and making a booking! An experience like no other... A night with Koby Wilde really is an experience you won't soon forget! Her list of additional services available are as hot and as wicked as her forked tongue! Don't be shy, let us know what your fantasies are and we can discuss how she can make them happen. Pleasure and satisfaction are what she is known for, have a look at Koby Wilde's profile for more details.. Subscribe to Koby's Content Want to warm up before Koby arrives? Watch some of her naughty videos and content to prepare you for the arrival of this stunning porn sensation. CAUTION: CONTENTS ARE SUPER HOT!!! READ MORE OF DISCREET GENTLEMEN'S CLUB BLOG POSTS
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Why you shouldn't feel guilty about meeting an escort

May 16th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Quite frankly, escorts have, for a long time, been looked down upon, and this business has always been considered taboo. Many people agree with the notion that you shouldn’t hire an escort when you’re either dating or married. The thought of seeking professional escort services raises numerous thoughts and discussions among many people. To most people who go ahead and indulge in this world of untellable pleasure, the guilt that sometimes comes with it is inevitable. All in all, we’re here to save you from all guilt and to convince you why you should seek these services. Here are 4 reasons why you should never feel guilty about meeting Northam escorts. 1.     You’re technically helping someone. The world we live in today is all about earning a living and surviving. Besides, is there anything for free in the current crazy world? The sad state of unemployment and stiff competition for jobs has seen sex industry's rise, which most people consider as a taboo (misguided people). Many people out there opt for prostitution to put food on their tables and support their families. If you hire an escort, keep in mind that they are doing this out of their own volition and that by paying them and being kind, you are feeding families under this support system. 2.     It's a fantastic experience This is more so to the single young men. Hiring an escort gives you that first-hand experience of how to treat a woman before you get your own. 3.     It's legal! Although this doesn’t apply in all countries, massage parlors and such services have been turned legal, which provides a perfect opportunity for the escort industry to thrive. In such states where it's legal, escorting is a real business with professional escorts and agencies. Therefore, fear not! 4.     It allows you to meet new people and experience new places. Escorts provide the perfect company for you, which allows you to experience the true meaning of beauty. When you visit new places, booking an escort means ideal companionship for your visit. The bottom line: Escorts are fun, creative, and unique people. Those who judge them as immoral are just a bunch of misguided people who have no sense of direction in a fast-moving world. If you have the thought, feel free to experience something new and exciting. Get an escort today, and dispense with the guilt.
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May 10th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Exciting developments are on the way for the Newcastle BDSM & KINK community! Imagine having a dedicated space to explore your inner most wildest desires without judgement or discomfort.. or having an entire venue dedicated to you! So far the Newcastle and Hunter region has been severely deprived of locations that specifically cater to the more niche fantasies and clientele. Well that is soon to change... You may have heard of Discreet Gentlemen's Club or indeed paid us a visit and seen first hand how boisterously busy our venue gets. This atmosphere may not be to everyone's tastes, particularly those that value a quieter, more private environment. We are pleased to announce our second venue opening shortly.. Dedicated Space for Couples Imagine a space that is entirely dedicated to you. Have the run of an entire venue so you never have to bump into anyone else (besides our lovely ladies) - Perfect for clients that highly value privacy! Explore your wildest fantasies and spice up your sex life! Facilities and Equipment Whether you're a professional touring Dom/Sub looking for a space to work from or looking for venue hire to spice things up in your love life, we have room for you! We are currently consulting with industry experts about upgrades to facilities to ensure the best experience possible. Suggestions are very welcome at this stage of development as we work hard to build your dream venue - catering to all your KINK and BDSM needs in the Newcastle/Hunter Region. Services Available Dom/Sub services will be made available in due time as we discuss with providers wanting to work in our space. This may include introductory classes into the world of BDSM along with services for the seasoned practitioner. Additional announcements to follow soon Feedback Welcome Now's your chance to let us know what you'd like to see in Newcastle! The facilities and services that you would like to see along with any other suggestions! Professional BDSM Doms/Subs looking for spaces to work from are encouraged to get in contact with us also.
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What happens if you lose your erection with an escort?

May 10th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
During intercourse, an erection alternates between hard and soft. However, if the erection remains soft or no erection at all, it should raise a bit of concern. However, it's not a big deal, and it happens to a lot of males. You don’t have to feel upset about it. There are a bunch of reasons why your penis might let you down and fail to keep its end of the bargain. It's usually worth exploring your options of fighting this so that you can even get value for your money and time with an escort. Before we even get into how you can tackle this, here are some reasonable and proven possible causes of loss of an erection. 1.     Nerves Quite frankly, dealing with an escort isn’t for the faint-hearted. We’ve had several people confess how intimidated they were due to their magical vaginas and sexual prowess. All of these people admitted that maintaining a hard-on was difficult at some point during their sessions. The pressure to perform is the number one cause of anxiety, which can be blamed on the many failed erections. This is the main reason why professional escorts in Northern Territory start their sessions with a nice massage to make you feel relaxed and comfortable before the happy ending. 2.     Alcohol Many men have been through this (starting the sessions with a few shots to beat the anxiety). What they don’t realize is that drinking before sex makes you a sexual stallion. The next time you book for an escort service, avoid any kind of intoxication and act like an adult. Besides, when you’re sober, you can have an actual conversation which can improve the sessions. 3.     Too much porn Too much porn is always associated with erectile dysfunction. In as much as porn makes people grow fonder with sex when done in excess, it might turn you into a porn addict, and when presented with the actual situation, the big guy under the pants might let you down. 4.     Diet and smoking If you’ve been losing erections, you might want to change your diet into a better one. Smoking, especially active smoking, is also heavily linked to loss of erections. What to do when you lose an erection. When this happens, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Remember that you’re not alone, and thousands of guys experience this. Keep calm, take deep breaths and drink some water. Engage your escort in enticing and erotic conversations that will steam things up. It is completely okay for you to take a deep breath and relax. Try to give each other a massage and a frenzied foreplay. When you’re in the hands of a professional escort, you’ll never get judged, and you’ll always get value for your money! 
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BUCKS PARTIES - Newcastle / Hunter Valley / Port Stephens

May 6th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
THE WILDEST BUCKS PARTY OF YOUR LIFE by Discreet Gentlemen's Club Newcastle Bucks Party / Newcastle Bachelor Party For those that have experienced a Discreet Gentlemen's Club Bucks Party first hand, there really is no need for introduction, but if you haven't been blessed with attending one - boy are you in for a wild ride! Catering to the more reserved clientele wanting more easy going and restrained entertainment to boys that want to go hard or go home! Whatever you are after we have the facilities and packages for you! Scroll down to see the types of services available, but be warned! The further you scroll, the wilder our services become! (All services for 18+ audience) For pricing for packages or individual services please send us an enquiry in the form below, we generally require at minimum a few days to a week's notice to organise events however we may be able to offer basic ad hoc stripping services with short notice depending on lady availability. Birthday Parties / Christmas Parties / End of Season Parties / Divorce Parties Someone tying the knot isn't a prerequisite to experiencing the wildest parties in town! We cater to any occasion you can possibly think of (except maybe funerals). Want the Birthday Party of the year? Contact Discreet Gentlemen's Club...  Your team won the Grand Final and want to celebrate? Contact Discreet Gentlemen's Club...  Want to surprise your workers with a Christmas Party they won't soon forget? Contact Discreet Gentlemen's Club... ...You get the idea. Get in contact with us for pricing and packages available - all bucks party packages are available for any event. SERVICES Please enquire about our packages - each contains a mix of the services listed below and are cheaper than individually booking services. Lingerie Waitressing / Nude Waitressing Have a stunning lady at your private event serving drinks and interacting with guests. Lingerie, topless or fully nude options available by request. Discreet Gentlemen's Club will pair you off with the perfect bubbly playmate that is sure to take the party up a notch and bring life to the room. Strip Show / XXX Show A full-nude strip show with one of our experienced exotic dancers. Allow them to transport you out of this world with their clever tricks and moves! Shows may include lap dancing and naughty games to fully involve and immerse the audience in the experience - warning: some games may involve whipped cream & props and will get a little HOT! Toy Show There's almost nothing sexier than watching a woman pleasure herself. With the addition of toys, you're definitely in for one WILD experience! Ladies that offer toy shows are experienced in the art of seduction and know how to get the crowd going while getting herself off! Having a toy show at your private function or event will make it one to remember that's for sure! Lesbian Double Fulfil a fantasy while giving your party the night of their life! Watch as two stunning Discreet Gentlemen's Club ladies perform a lesbian sex show in front of your guests. Toys, tongues, fingers and fun - come and see how naughty ladies can be when they get together! Your party is bound to be the talk of the group for a long time coming.. or at least until the next Discreet Gentlemen's Club party you attend! Additional Services Ask about any other fantasy or service you may be after and we can discuss options for you. We are very open-minded and will try and come up with a solution for you to make your party extra memorable. Discreet Gentlemen's Club is the premier adult venue in Newcastle - we also offer adult entertainment services to your accommodation or home. Areas serviced: Adamstown, Adamstown Heights, Anna Bay, Bar Beach, Belmont, Beresfield, Birmingham Gardens, Black Hill, Blacksmiths, Broadmeadow, Callaghan, Carrington, Caves Beach, Cooks Hill, Elermore Vale, Fassifern, Fingal Bay, Fishing Point, Fletcher, Fullerton Cove, Georgetown, Hamilton, Hamilton East, Hamilton North, Hamilton South, Hexham, Hunter Valley region, Islington, Jesmond, Kooragang, Kotara, Lambton, Lenaghan, Lovedale, Maitland, Maryland, Maryville, Mayfield, Mayfield East, Mayfield North, Mayfield West, Medowie, Merewether, Merewether Heights, Minmi, Morriset, Nelson Bay, New Lambton, New Lambton Heights, Newcastle, Newcastle East, Newcastle West, North Lambton, Polkolbin, Port Stephens area, Rankin Park, Raymond Terrace, Rothbury, Rutherford, Salamander Bay, Sandgate, Shoal Bay Shortland, Soldiers Point, Stanhope, Stockton, Swansea, Tarro, The Hill, The Junction, Tighes Hill, Wallsend, Warabrook, Waratah, Waratah West, Wickham and Williamstown. Please contact us if your suburb isn't listed and we can advise if our ladies service your area.
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5 Great Ideas For Roleplay Sex To Get Your Motor Running - HUSH Escorts

May 3rd, 2021 by Madison Ashley
5 Great Ideas For Roleplay Sex To Get Your Motor Running     Do you feel like you’re in a sexual rut or feel like you want to try something new but don’t know where to start? There are a lot of options for spicing things up, from sex toys to new position, but if you ask the high class escorts at Hush in Sydney, you can’t go past some good old-fashioned roleplay. Roleplay is exciting because the opportunities are endless. Roleplay allows you to take a holiday from your every day life and pretend to be someone else. It’s also a great opportunity to fulfil long-held sexual fantasies in a safe way. Here are a few of our favourite roleplay scenarios.     The Professor and the Student   We’ve all had crushes on our teachers before, and the Professor/Student fantasy is all time favourite when it comes to roleplay. Imagine your escort is teaching you an important lesson about anatomy, when she decides you aren’t concentrating hard enough and need a little one-on-one tutoring. Hot for teacher, anyone?     The Porn Stars   We’ve all watched porn and fantasised about what it might be like to be a pornstar – so why not bring that fantasy to life with a Sydney Pornstar Escort? Pretend you’re on the set of your favourite porn movie and you have to perform at the top of your game with your porn co-star. Pornstar Experience bookings are unlike any other, so if you’ve been feeling like your mojo is lacking, a PSE will certainly revive it!     Strangers at a bar   You and your high class Sydney escorts meet at a bar and pretend not to know each other. You ask if the seat next to her is taken before buying her drink. Then you talk to each other like strangers, flirting until the tension is too much to bear and both desperately want to ‘get a room’ together.     Dominant / submissive roleplay   If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to be submissive, why not try a kinky roleplay with your escort playing the role of your Mistress? Imagine being bossed around, playful spanked, tied up and teased, all while at the mercy of a beautiful naked woman. Maybe you’d like to switch it up and be the boss? Anything is possible with roleplay!     The Masseuse   You’re a masseuse who has found a stunning woman lying naked on his table in desperate need of some deep tissue massage. Light a few candles, warm up your hands with massage oil and give her an erotic massage until she’s begging for more.     Ready to play? Contact Hush with your roleplay ideas… we’re ready when you are.     Luxury CBD Incall available 24/7 Rates Start at $700/hr * Discounts apply for multiple hr Real Model Escorts To Your Door 100% Genuine Photos Only Snapchat - hushescort69 (for R rated videos and photos)
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Services for Women - Lesbian/Bi-Sexual Ladies Welcome

May 2nd, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
At Discreet Gentlemen's Club we regularly receive enquiries about whether we provide services for women..  We absolutely cater to women too! Discreet works with some highly experienced, professional ladies that offer genuine Bi-Sexual and Lesbian experiences for women and couples! Lesbian Bookings Why should men have all the fun? If you are inexperienced and looking to explore your sexuality, Discreet Gentlemen's Club provides a safe, unjudgmental environment for you to experience all you are after and more! We work with some highly experienced, genuinely bisexual ladies who can guide you on your journey and give you the confidence to explore your sexuality further. If this isn't your first rodeo and would like to try something new, our experienced ladies are happy to take you to new heights of pleasure - give us a call or send us an enquiry to discuss how we can help you achieve your desired experience. Discreet Gentlemen's Club is a strong supporter of the LGBTIQ community and strives to provide a safe, supportive and unjudgmental environment for people looking to explore their sexuality. Private intro and booking options are available to ensure utmost privacy and discretion for the community. Threesomes Whoever said "three's a crowd" has never experienced the decadent delights of a threesome! Whether you are in a same-sex couple or looking to book two ladies for a naughty threesome we have several options for you. Give our friendly reception a call to discuss options and arrange the experience of a lifetime! For lesbian couples looking to make a couples booking for the first time, head over to our blog post "COUPLES MASSAGE IN NEWCASTLE - COUPLES WELCOME" for additional information and advice. Straight Couples Exploring Bi-Sexuality This is by far our most common enquiry with straight couples. If you are reading while in a straight-couple partnership, either you yourself is interested in exploring bi-sexuality or perhaps your partner has always been interested in or fantasised about it.  At Discreet Gentlemen's Club we have a couple options for you.  You may wish to make a one-on-one booking with a female and explore things alone or you may wish to incorporate a lady into couples play.  A couples booking does not necessarily have to be a traditional threesome - the male partner may simply wish to be there for support, to watch, to only be involved with his partner or to be an active participant in all activities. What level of involvement is entirely up to you and should be discussed with the lady prior to starting your booking. For more advice on couples bookings and things to consider, read our blog post "COUPLES MASSAGE IN NEWCASTLE - COUPLES WELCOME" 
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May 2nd, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
The "Adult Industry" is a general term for any business that involves sex related work. This industry includes but is not limited to:  - Stripping / Strip Clubs - Escort services (Full-service sex-work) - Erotic Massage services - Pornography (including self-made cam-work and print media) - "Sex Shops" - retailers of toys for intimate use - Peep Shows - Adult Movie Theatres - Brothels & Escort Agencies - Fetish & BDSM services - BDSM dungeons Every section of the Adult Industry is different and experiences vary when starting out, below is just a generalised guide on what to expect when starting out in some of the commonly asked about industries.. Becoming a Stripper Stripping / Exotic Dancing is probably the most mainstream marketed field within the sex-work industry and probably the most misunderstood also. Stripping and pole dancing are not synonymous, as such, skill levels vary greatly amongst dancers with some having little to no experience with pole-work and some being award winning. Depending on the venue, some places provide lessons and guidance on working in a strip-club - however previous experience and skill is always favoured. Speak to different strip clubs and find out the skill level they are seeking and if they provide any lessons or guidance, this varies venue to venue. Also find out what the payment structure is like, and if there are any fees or cuts - are there floor fees? is there a cut from lap dances? is there a minimum charge for dances? etc. Please Note: Discreet Gentlemen's Club is not a stripclub, we do offer ad hoc stripping and bucks party services however we do not train ladies in stripping or take on inexperienced dancers. For ladies wishing to start at a strip club, we recommend getting in contact with stripclub venues in Sydney. Becoming an Escort (FSSW) Escorts or Full-Service Sex Workers (FSSW) are workers that offer sexual services up until [but not limited to] penetrative sex. Three main segments of escorting work are as follows:  - Private work (self-managed work) - Agency work (particularly relates to escort agencies - agencies that offer outcall services to clients and don't have incall facilities) - Brothel work (which may or may not include outcall work but with a fixed place of business) Read our Blog Post 'Sex Work / Escort Work' for a quick look into becoming an escort and the different types of escorting available. If you are interested in starting a career in escorting, please go to our careers page to submit an application. We will be in contact to organise an interview with our recruitment manager who will answer any additional questions you may have. Becoming a Masseuse (Erotic Massage) Erotic Massage / Sensual Massage / Rub N' Tug / Happy Endings Some people may dub this line of work as 'Sex Work-lite' however erotic masseuses are an integral part of the adult industry as any. Massage experience and qualifications in this field are valued but not essential. Erotic massage is more akin to a 'relaxation massage' (massages with the purpose of relaxing the client as opposed to a massage with remedial or health benefit) it has the added bonus of possible sexual release at the end of such massages either through hand release (hand job) or oral (blow job), whichever previously agreed upon. Training is generally on the job and guidance can be provided by massage parlours and/or other workers. Despite popular sentiment to the contrary, proper massage parlours do not offer sexual intercourse - a parlour that offer full-service (sex) is in actuality a brothel and falls under different regulations and rules. Please note: Discreet Gentlemen's Club is a full-service venue, we do not currently have positions available for "Massage Only" service providers. Becoming a Pornstar In the advent of cam-work and amateur porn, the traditional idea of a "Porn Star" or at least of becoming one is somewhat a thing of the past. Purchasing pornographic movies has now shifted to paying for subscriptions and the once booming interest in high production value porn has changed to a preference in self-filmed amateur porn. That's not to say you can't achieve the title of "Porn Star", however to do so generally requires a large, already established fan base or connections with already known porn stars or finding a niche market. And even after achieving all of this, you still may not achieve widespread success. So how do you get into porn? As the market has shifted, so too has the way porn has been filmed and distributed. A large number of pornographic actors now use self-managed platforms such as OnlyFans to distribute content and media. Various adult cam websites also allow sexual performances in real time with their subscribers, which means the ability to create customised porn for higher paying clients. The way you wish to market yourself and which platforms you choose are entirely up to you and what you are most comfortable with. As the work is independent, you do have the flexibility to post at times convenient to you and can decide the type of content you release. In order to be successful, you will need some form of social media following or fan-base to direct to the platform of your choice, you can always build on your fanbase but having no online presence prior to starting an account would make things a lot more difficult. Becoming a professional BDSM Dom/Sub So you've always been intrigued about the world of BDSM, perhaps you've dabbled a little in your personal life or maybe it's always been a fantasy you have had but have never been able to fulfil. But how do you start? Working in the realm of BDSM for the most part is a labour of love and requires genuine interest in BDSM. It is a long process to learn how to operate in a safe and sanitary manner plus the added costs of equipment can mean that it isn't viable for most. Books and movies referencing BDSM have appeared in the mainstream fairly recently, unfortunately a lot of these stories are pure fiction and are written by people with little to no experience with actual BDSM and are purely marketed for consumption by the masses. If this is your only exposure to BDSM, you may have a warped idea of what it actually entails. So how do you find out what BDSM is really all about? The best way to explore BDSM in a safe environment is to seek an established, reputable BDSM Dungeon. You can generally tell which venues are the most suitable due to the length of time they have been in operation and the experience of their staff. You may wish to start by making a booking and experience things first hand, alternatively you can reach out to experienced Doms and ask to become an apprentice. Please Note: apprenticeships are few and far in between and some Doms will not take you on if they believe you are not suited to the role. Working in the adult industry can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. It is entirely your decision what you wish to do and do not do and can stop at any time. This is just a short advice panel to give you some idea of what to expect in each industry. Knowledge and understanding is paramount to a rewarding career in any industry and we highly recommend additional research when entering into any new field. At Discreet Gentlemen's Club we have a team of highly trained, highly experienced managers that can help you on your journey - either by providing direct information and training (for ladies wishing to start a career escorting) or by referring you to other establishments and people that can assist.
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