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Hump Day Deal | Up to 50% OFF selected Sex Toys!!!!!

October 27th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Terms and Conditions:Starts: 8am local time and Ends: 11:59pmStart Date:28/10/2020End Date:28/10/2020To get amongst this sale tomorrow simply click this link.
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Nude Massage

October 24th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
One of the most titillating experiences you can ever have is a Perth nude massage - to say you'll be turned on is an understatement. A nude massage, just as the name suggests, requires you to strip to down to your birthday suit. In most cases, before you get to the massage table, you will be asked to get into a robe and slippers as you wait for your therapist.To some people, a massage may not be the best thing in the world - some people find intimacy with a stranger a hard pill to swallow. But think of it this way, what would be better than soft hands pushing into every muscle and knock on your back? Imagine some hot stones being placed on your back, and letting your body consume all the magnificent hot contrast, as the magical fingers slowly massage your spine. Imagine some natural oil on your feet, and soft fingers pushing against your muscles. Think about oil dripping across your nipples as hands explore the width of your chest. Magical hands touching and exploring every inch of your breasts. Soft hands working their way up your oily thighs into your lady bits/hard cock. You would love it. The experience would be one to relish.A Perth nude massage is a great way of relaxing, and at the same time, exploring your sexual fantasies. Whether it’s your first time to get a nude massage, or you’re a regular visitor to the spas, here are a few things to keep in mind before getting into a nude massage session.1. Take a good showerBefore showing up to your therapist, make sure that your skin is perfectly cleaned. It would be such a turn off for the therapist touching drops of sweat all over. Also, remember to trim your nails as the therapist will be massaging your feet. Remember to shave/wax your armpits.2.  Keep your phone awayThis is an intimate and sacred moment where you connect with your sexual desires and therefore, any distractions are discouraged. Consider leaving your phone at home, or instead, the reception of the spa.3.  The choice of undressing is yoursAlthough this is a nude massage, and stripping naked is recommended, you also have the choice to undress to the level you feel is right for you. If you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist staring at your naked body, stripping to your panties is allowed. However, remember its best served with no clothes on.4. CommunicateIf you feel like the therapist needs to know something about your body, don’t hesitate to speak out. Also, feel free to speak to him/her about how you like your body handled.Lastly, but most important, if you feel satisfied by the service, always leave a tip for the therapist! 
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Four kinky things to spice up your sex life

October 22nd, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Sometimes, thinking about the enormity of sleeping with the same person for a long time can be quite overwhelming. The days when one night stands and steaming hook-ups used to be exciting are long gone. Whether you’re in a relationship or a hook-up with a Bathurst escort, there is always a need to spice things up. We mean, who wants boring sex? You’ve probably watched all of those kinky sex ideas- Fifty Shades of Grey and all that stuff. But how do you take such fantasies beyond the movies? If you’re looking to add a little flavor into your sex life, we have prepared this quick read of four kinky things to spice up your sex life. Enjoy.1. Take your action to a mirror.There is nothing more exciting thing than watching the action for yourself. Let your partner lean in front of the mirror and give him/her what she deserves from the back as you watch the scene. Also, watching yourself as you get it from the back is exciting.2. Talking dirtyIf you want to keep things on flames, this is the art to practice. Let your partner know exactly how you feel about him/her. Whisper the whole sex script that you have in mind into his/her ears. Also, send a naughty text message if he/she is away. In a nutshell, keep teasing each other. However, don’t wait for the evening to start mentioning the magic words. Make this an all-day routine (every time is naughty talk time)3. Make use of ice cubesWhen we mention this, we are not talking about the cliché of having an ice cube in your mouth before giving head- although this is a great stunt, and if it works for you, no one should stop you. Get some ice cubes and touch your partner with them. Trail them all over their body, especially the boobs, chest, stomach, vagina, and thighs. Ice cubes give a chilling, relaxing feeling that enhances the moment.4. Use sex toysAlthough most people shy away from this, there is no harm in introducing a sex toy into the play. If you asked the escorts in Bathurst, this is the best way of enhancing sex play. While at it, introduce a dildo, and tease your partner’s clitoris. The vibrations give an out of this world feeling that leads to incredible orgasms. We also have fantastic sex toys to use on your man. A vibrating butt plug would work the magic.Finding ultimate pleasure with your partner isn’t out of reach anymore. With many online resources, such as this quick write up, you can get great ideas to try out. The most important thing to remember is communication. Unless you talk to your partner, you will never know what works for him/her. 
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Top 5 sex trends of 2020

October 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Everyone wants the latest tech, fashion, food, and culture news but have you ever felt the need to check out the newest sex trends of the year? More than often, sex has always been left out in the bucket list of new year resolutions and in the end many people end up missing on significant noteworthy trends. In 2020, especially with the pandemic biting, sex has become more of a necessity due to the confinement in our homes. Whether you’re solo, with a partner, or with an Auckland escort, sex has become more experimental and involves a lot of technology. We are here to update you with the latest in the sex industry. Here are the top 5 sex trends of 2020.1.  Tech in sexWhen we talk about tech in sex, we mean sex toys, but more sophisticated ones. 2020 came with surprises, specifically of mention were sex robots. These have been the biggest talk of 2020, given that they resemble human beings. Manufacturers are busy experimenting with more human interaction between sex dolls and human beings. Some are intelligent and can even speak. Imagine coming home to a doll asking, “Hi, how was your day?” Wouldn’t you be intrigued? Such toys will be great for people who find it hard to enjoy intimacy with other people.2. Clitoral vibratorsHave you been struggling to arrive at your big O? Or rather, have you even been getting any orgasms? If not, 2020 is your year. With the rise of clitoral vibrators, it’s time for women to rejoice. Study, and opinions suggest that the clitoris needs to be stimulated adequately to get to climax. In most women, it’s usually hidden and can be hard to stimulate without a vibrator. Thanks to the new clitoral vibrators, playing around with the bean won’t be rocket science anymore.3.  Sexual mindfulness This has been around for thousands of years, but most people have not been embracing it. Mindful sex has great profound benefits as it allows you to connect with your body’s sexual potential, which leads to a better relationship with pleasure.4.  Long-distance sex play This is more of virtual sex. For couples that are miles apart, they don’t have to depend on skype and video calls anymore. With this new trend, you can connect to a partner’s vibrator and feel what he/she is serving from the other side. Superb, right?5.  Sex toys for men For a long time, sex toys for men have felt like a taboo. People have always thought that sex toys are meant for women. In 2020, sex toys such as butt plugs and prostate massagers have become the talk in town.2020 brought good tidings to both men and women. Which one do you think is the best trend on the list? Visit again for more updates! 
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Four Covid-friendly sex ideas to try out during quarantine

October 15th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
When the pandemic came, we all locked got up in our small spaces. That meant the only sociable thing to do was staying at home with your partner (or alone). With all the craziness, that means a lot of quarantine sex. If you ask us, there is no better thing than being in quarantine with your partner, and it’s even better getting all kinky with them. Within this pandemic, the chances are high that you’re getting bored with your sex routine. We have gathered a few expert Covid friendly tips to spice up things in your bedroom during quarantine. Try these out.1. RoleplayingThis is simply acting a scene, but in private, with your partner. Research on any idea that you think will turn out interesting. Movies, porn videos, and erotic magazines are loaded with great role-playing ideas. Here are a few examples that we and Albany escorts highly recommend.Doctor and patient, strangers, teacher and student, stepdad and daughter, and lastly, boss and secretary. These roles will give you a chance to explore deeper in your sexual fetishes, as well as have fun with your partner.2.  Read erotic content togetherIf you two are not movie people, reading will be even better. Grab anything erotic, such as a novel or a magazine. While you dig into the pages, you will come across something that will make you two super stimulated and all steamy. If that happens, you have no idea how much of great sex will follow. You will love it. Besides, reading together will go further to strengthen your bond.3. Film your actionLet the inner pornstar demon in you awaken. There is no better thing than watching yourself digging into the dirty deeds. Having a camera watching you will make you feel like a badass pornstar, and before you know it, you will unleash some kinks and styles you didn’t think of. However, play safe and delete the video afterward or you might find yourself making headlines!4. Create sex challenges with your partnerThis is a fun way of throwing some kink into your relationship. Here are a few ideas that we recommend.Sex every day of the weekSee who has the best sex playlistHaving sex with as many clothes on as possibleSee who orgasms fasterTry out the kissing without touching challenge5. If you don’t have a partner, invite an escort!There is no fun in spending a whole month in quarantine, probably jerking off every day when you can just invite a private escort in Albany. There are many agencies or indepdent escort ads listed on Naughty Ads for you to choose from.Remember that sex is all about fun. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, better not to do it. From us, make sure you stay safe from the virus but don't forget to enjoy yourself. 
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Four roleplaying ideas to try with your lover

October 7th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Having a great partner is one thing, but best of all is having an impressive partner in bed. If you’re in a relationship, chances are very high that you’re already bored with your bedroom routine. If this is the case, even exploring your deepest sexual fantasies is almost impossible. If you’re part of this bored group, we got your back. We bring you four roleplaying ideas that you and your partner will love. By role-playing, you get to experience and experiment with some hot sex ideas, including those you see in movies. Interesting, right? Let’s get into it.1. Teacher and studentDo you remember that teacher you had a crush on back in college or high school? Hands up if you do! This role-playing idea is all about power dynamics. Get your partner to act as a teacher, while you act like a student (or whichever way you like it). Pretend the student did not complete homework, and for that reason, he/she needs to be punished (spanking, and eventually great sex). You can also have the student bringing apples to the hot sexy teacher wearing a short miniskirt to win her attention. If this is done correctly, it may end up being your best sexual experience.2. Two strangersThe two strangers scenario is a familiar scene in movies and one which the professional Australian Capital Territory escorts highly recommended. The thing here is that these kinky role-playing escapades don’t necessarily have to happen in the bedroom. Plan a date to a nice hotel, or pub, pretend that you two are total strangers that have just met, that are so excited and into each other. Eventually, take things a notch higher and have a quickie in the restroom! With this stunt, you’ll get home with a smiley face!3. Secretary and bossIn porn videos, this is a familiar role-playing scene. Sleeping with your boss is one of the creepiest things you can ever attempt. But with your partner, it would be thrilling. The secretary should dress in a short seductive dress and a loose, revealing blouse that she doesn’t mind being torn apart. The boss should try a sharp suit, including a tie (ties make it more interesting). The best part of this stunt is where the boss gets a blow job from the secretary under the desk. Your dining table would perfectly fit.4. The masseuse and the clientThis role-playing idea will not only help you get a pleasant sex experience, but it will also help you feel relaxed. Get a nice massage oil, and massage your partner in an erotic professional manner. Follow this intimate massage with some great sex. You two will love it!See, it doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Try out the above expert-recommended tips, and you will forever sing our name. Happy sex from Naughty Ads! 
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New Zealand at Covid-19 Alert Level 1 from 11:59pm tonight

October 6th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Up until now, Auckland remains at alert level 2 however as at 11:59pm tonight on the 7th October 2020, all of New Zealand will now be at alert Level 1.Masks:People all over New Zealand should wear masks on public transport including buses, planes, trains, uber's etc.Sex Workers:For sex workers it is strongly recommended that the following guidelines are adhered to when offering in-person sex with a client:Screen the client upfront for symptoms fo cold or flu and ask questions about recent travel hisotry - especially if they have travelled from or are a member of a community cluster. In such cases it may be best to refuse serviceRefrain from offering kissing, GFE or anything in the  “moist breath zone”.Wear gloves and masks when neededDon’t do sex work if you have COVID-19/cold/flu symptoms or you are listed in one of the below high risk categories:aged over 70 yearsimmuno-comprimisedrespiratory conditions, high blood pressure, heart conditions, kidney problems or diabetesreceiving treatment for cancer or blood conditionsyou are pregnantMake sure that you have strict hygeine practicesBoth you and the client to shower before and after the bookingWash hands thoroughly Corona Virus can still be transmitted even if you wear a mask through your handsDon't touch your client's face or your face where possibleClean surfaces thoroughlyBetween each client wash linenUse Anti- viral disinfectant (not just anti-bacterial). *Information on sex worker recommendations are thanks to the Aotearea New Zealand Sex Workers'Collective
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The benefits of masturbation

October 6th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
One of the most controversial topics in sex and intimacy is masturbation. While some people believe it’s the best way of “taking matters into your own hands,” some crackpots even believe it's unethical and wrong! There are so many myths surrounding this topic, most of which are misled. Masturbation is common among people of all colors, genders, and backgrounds. You won’t hear many people talk about masturbation, but statistically, it’s something that they do behind those closed doors. So, is masturbation safe? Are there are sentiments attached to it? We gathered the opinions of singles, couples, and New Zealand escorts, and here is a well-researched quick read of some of the benefits of masturbation.1. It helps keep your heart in perfect form. Masturbation is similar to exercise - it gets your heart throbbing and pumping blood. Regular and rapid heart activity is healthy for you and reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. However, don’t think that you can replace masturbation with exercise. While at it, keep your body active and only use masturbation as a supplement to exercise.2. It comes with better sleep.When you jerk off, you release loads of hormones (and just loads on their own) like endorphins and oxytocin. These hormones help you to relax and sleep quickly and deeply. If you’re having trouble sleeping, don’t hesitate to please yourself.3. For men, it reduces the risks of developing prostate cancerBy ejaculating, you flush out toxins from your balls, which helps you stay away from this killer of men.4. For women, it keeps vaginal infections at check.If you’ve had regular UTIs, an orgasm could help you avoid more infections. When you orgasm, the tenting of the cervical cavity reduces UTIs and cervical infections in women.5. It’s a confidence booster.When it comes to sex, confidence counts. One of the leading causes of sexual frustration is a lack of confidence, which often results from “not knowing ourselves well.” The very first step to enjoying great sex is accepting what your body is. It may sound like one of those vague Donald Trump jokes, but connecting to your body in deeper sexual dimensions can be a great way of accepting yourself and building confidence. When you’re on that run for solo pleasure, you get to touch every part of your body, which gives you a perfect opportunity to explore your sexual horizons and fantasies. That way, you get to learn how to handle your own body, what makes you happy and what doesn’t. If you get a partner, you’ll be surprised how sky-high your confidence will be.6. It’s always safeThere is no chance of contracting an STD from masturbation. Also, you can never get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. That way, you get to enjoy more than you deserve.Masturbation is a natural and healthy way of self-love and self-care. It has many benefits to the body, mind, and soul! Although there are chances of addiction, there are no known side effects. Feel free to enjoy what it has to offer without a nick of guilt or shame!  
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Top foreplay tips and ideas

October 5th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
We don’t know about you, but as for us, foreplay is the best part of sex. If you feel like you’ve been having boring sex, it’s time to put some more work into your foreplay. In simple terms, foreplay is that sexual activity before any intercourse. It is an essential ingredient towards great sex since it triggers all the physical and physiological responses that make sex fun and enjoyable. When done right, foreplay takes things to the next level. So what is ‘’good foreplay?” We have partnered with sex experts, men, women, and escorts in Australia, to bring you the following top foreplay tips and ideas.1. Initiate things outside the bedroomIf you’ve been waiting to get to the bedroom to initiate things, you’ve been doing it the wrong way. There is a crazy thrill attached to intimate things done outside the bedroom. If you wish to make things thrilling and spontaneous, initiate stuff while in the office kitchen, garage, or anywhere you cand find, as long it’s not your bedroom. If it gets too hot, banging right there would be even more thrilling. You will be surprised how many grand sex escapades you’ve been missing.2. Talk nasty and dirty.Words are powerful, not just in literature, but also in sex and intimacy. Dirty talk can get you or your partner ridiculously horny. Whisper to your partner some erotic words describing the sexual adventure you have in mind for him or her. You will love this!3. Dancing works the magic.Dancing during foreplay is one of those pro ways of getting aroused. A good slow dance to some good romantic music-preferably slow and soft- works wonders. While dancing, strip each other slowly and kiss softly and passionately while talking dirty to each other.4. Drop some unexpected movesOne of the best ways of achieving excellent foreplay is by breaking routine. If your intimate escapades have become too familiar, drop that new thing you learned. Make a new playlist, try out some candles, or change your general approach to foreplay. Any of these or any other twist that is not part of your routine will be a great start.5. Massage each otherOne of the best ways of escalating things slowly is by a soft massage. When you get a massage, you relax and enjoy the moment, and in the process, you get to awaken your sexual fantasies. Make the massage as sexy as possible. You can achieve that by lighting some dim candles, getting naked, and choosing a nicely scented massage oil.Whether it’s a first time hook up with an Australian escort, or a relationship, don’t spoil your sexual adventures with poorly planned foreplay. Surprisingly, foreplay could even be the destination of the whole thing. You might get a toe-curling orgasm from perfectly crafted foreplay. As long as there is consent, be sure to include all your fantasies in the act! 
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