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Adventures Couple Seeking

June 30th, 2021 by Roger Kemp
Hi , Fun middle age couple Rockingham seeking mature people that like to have sex Female/Male age 30/60 looks are not an issue we would rather real open minded people that would like to share their interests as well as our in a wide range of Interests . We respect discreet & privacy as there is no judgment on relationships status or race . If this sounds like & you are genuine we would love to hear from you escorts are welcome but high rates will be not answered. Regards Adventures Couple .
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Lockdown cockdown

June 29th, 2021 by Sean Mcdonald
So in my motel room and it’s so boring with no one to chill or play with or even talk to! I am going stir crazy and think I will have to go and find something fun to do but oh right stupid lockdown oh well lol
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Safe ways of practising oral sex

June 27th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Rimming, blow job, 69, eating out and head, are just some of the words you have probably heard describing oral sex. Quite frankly, oral sex is one of the most exciting ways of exploring sex. Escorts in Redcliffe say that oral sex comes with untellable pleasure that strikes fantastic bonds. Whether you want to try this with your partner or just curious about the dynamics of oral sex, it’s important to get some facts right to keep your safety first. Although there is a lot of misinformation about oral sex, we have gathered a few tips on safe ways of practising oral sex. Let’s get into it.  1. Talk to your partner.  First things first, it's important to remember that consent counts in intimacy. Suppose you’re willing to try this sex stunt; it's not wise to bombard your partner with new kinks. Talk about it with your partner and explain to him or her that you want to try it. It feels better if you two engage in something with your body and soul in it. You will enjoy it even better.  2. Get tested  There are loads of sexual infections and diseases out there, such as syphilis, hepatitis, and gonorrhoea, just to mention but a few. Practising oral sex exposes you directly to any of these infections. Before you get into it, you two should see a qualified doctor and get tested for any possible infections, especially if one of you has some symptoms.  3. Use protection Using protection during oral sex is a bit ambiguous, and most people argue that it erases the significance of the act. People argue that there is minimal pleasure experienced when using protection. Although there is some truth in this, Redcliffe escorts argue that your safety comes first. If you have multiple partners, consider using latex protection, although it doesn’t have the best taste. A dental dam, usually a rectangular piece of latex placed on the vagina or anus before anal sex, also works perfectly.  4. Practice hygiene  It's important to acknowledge that our bodies are ever metabolizing and releasing body fluids. Hygiene is more emphasized when it comes to women, although men are not an exception. Odours and fluids are inevitable, and therefore, consider washing the private parts thoroughly before oral sex sessions. Besides, bad odour is a turn-off. For the phallic partners, wash the penis with some soap before oral sex.  The bottom line  The decision of whether to engage in oral sex is totally between you and your partner. Never give or receive oral sex just because you’re forced into it. With the tips highlighted above, things will be easier for you two, and in addition, safe and fun. 
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Advantages of escorts over relationships

June 23rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
The question of whether escorts are better than relationships has raised numerous discussions across society. For a long time, society has always judged escorts as immoral men and women who have lost a sense of direction in life. Luckily, escorting culture is slowly gaining acceptance in society, and most people embrace this as a true profession. Although there are many ways of looking at it, there are hundreds of benefits attached to seeing escorts compared to being in a relationship. Here is a quick round-up of the advantages of escorts over relationships.  1. No room for judging  There is no single time an escort will judge you from how you look or where you come from. Escorts will always accept you the way you are, even if you have a trunk growing out of your head. Remember escorting is a business transaction, which means appearance is not a deal-breaker, compared to relationships that come with a lot of scrutiny based on appearance and background.  2. There will always be a positive experience.  The good thing about escorting is that money is always in the picture, and therefore these men and women will be super friendly to you. The difference between this and relationships is that you both know why you’re there. No shortcuts, just straight talk. In addition, escorts are professionals, and they, therefore, have skills and techniques and are always enthusiastic about what they do. You can never regret it!  3. No chance for hurt  With escorting, there is none of that tedious courting process as there is in relationships. Nobody is looking for something concrete, and the rules are always clear - that it's a service for money. There are, therefore, no chances of getting attached to someone and end up regretting it later. Escorting is the real deal!  4. It is a special kind of therapy.  According to escorts in Port Lincoln, most men and women are burdened by their relationships due to nagging partners. Finding an escort is a perfect escape from a nagging partner and a perfect way of exploring options. In addition, hiring an escort is a perfect cure for curiosity, especially for couples in long-distance relationships.  5. It saves time and money!  Seeing an escort means you choose when to have sex and where. There is no chance of wasting your time in taking women out on dates or trying to pick some in bars or clubs. Instead of wasting a whole 5 hours on a date, you could get a 2-hour booking and spend the rest of the time doing something constructive. In the end, the benefit is enormous on your side.  The bottom line.  The advantages of escorts over relationships are endless. They, however, depend on your personal opinion and moral inclination. If you wish to seek escorting services, remember to let it come from within you rather than just peer influence. 
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Milf-nymph mature

June 22nd, 2021 by Danielle Bond
I'm wet hot nd horny gents sissys lady's nd couples call me now for a good time 0472765928 incall outcall dirty wrkplc meets westgate park much more cam wrk also done
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Natural ways of avoiding premature ejaculation in men.

June 21st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Premature ejaculation is a common problem in men and a root cause of sexual frustrations in many relationships. It can be defined as when a man ejaculates before actual sexual intercourse or faster than he would wish. In as much as there is no set time when a man should ejaculate, cases where the orgasm happens before intercourse should be enough reason to raise a concern. It is frustrating and embarrassing, and sadly, it occurs in close to 30% of men. PE can be caused by many reasons, including anxiety, hormonal fluctuations, and inflammation of the prostate. Like most sexual disorders, there are several treatment methods available for PE. Here are some natural ways of avoiding premature ejaculation in men.  1. Eating zinc-rich foods.  Zinc deficiency is the lead cause of premature ejaculation. Zinc is a perfect mineral that boosts immunity and, at the same time, improves cell growth. Zinc also boosts the production of testosterone, which in turn increases sexual capacity. Magnesium can also help fight premature ejaculation.  2. Honey and ginger.  These natural food substances have been proven to improve blood flow to the penis, enhancing your ability to control ejaculations. They also heat up the body, which helps to maintain a firm erection. Mixing a spoon of natural honey and some ginger will work the magic.  3. Exercise  Exercise, more so on the pelvic floor, helps in improving your time on the clock. Such exercises help men affected by persistent premature ejaculation control their ejaculatory reflexes, which helps them increase the time they take to ejaculate. While at it, target the muscles that stop peeing and those that stop passing gas. Tighten these muscles as best as you can until you feel a pressure sensation near them. Release and rest for a few seconds, and repeat the tightening about 10 times. Repeating this thrice a day will bear fantastic results.  4. Masturbation  If you know you’re about to have some sexual activity, try masturbating about an hour or two before. The sexual release in masturbation reduces your urge to ejaculate during sexual activity, especially if it involves penetration.  5. Avoid penetration.  Although this point is a bit counterintuitive, sexual penetration is not the only way of enjoying sexual activity. According to Queenstown escorts, penetration increases your urge to ejaculate, which means focusing on other things during intimate moments can help. Focus on longer foreplays and oral sex. Communicate with your partner to find other ways of attaining sexual satisfaction without causing distress on either of you.  The bottom line.  Pause squeeze technique, stop-start technique, numbing creams and condoms, and sprays are more ways of fighting PE. Any of these remedies and natural treatments should help. However, if none works, you should consider visiting a qualified doctor to explore more treatment options. 
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June 19th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Where to search for escorts... Google search is the go-to for most, however the quality of search results can vary widely. It can also vary with the location and search terms used. Generally the main results you will find on google searches are escort directories - basically like a "phonebook" or "classifieds" for escorts and agencies. Some include agency ads whereas others are for independent escorts only. With plenty of escort directories out there (and many more cropping up every week) it's difficult to tell which ones have a better quality yield. There are also various escort agencies websites alongside directories (if it wasn't already confusing enough). Main Escort Directories Escorts and Babes - one of the oldest running Australian escort directories and with the most ladies to choose from. Contains both independent and agency escorts. Naughty Ads - quickly becoming another major contender as one of the biggest directories Australia-wide. With a blog section and various other subsections within the website, Naughty Ads is becoming even more exciting! (To see Discreet's featured blog posts on Naughty Ads CLICK HERE) Locanto  Skokka Independent Escort Directories There are also a wide range of independent escort directories out there also available for perusal, these are varied in markets however they generally are at a higher price point. Does price indicate quality of service? Yes and no. While the old adage of 'if it seems too good to be true, it probably is' does indeed reign true, exorbitantly higher prices does not necessarily mean exceedingly better service. That is to say, if a model-esque woman beyond compare to any other lady advertised is charging at a fraction of the cost, chances are that the lady advertised in the photo is not the woman you will meet - there are a fair few dishonest operators who utilise false photos for promotion (be wary of these, in particular for ads for vastly lower priced escorts or escorts without additional links - websites, social media, etc.). Discreet Gentlemen's Club uses recently taken photos of the ladies that work with us. All photos on profiles are of the ladies listed, so rest assured that the lady in the photo is the lady you will be meeting.  Higher priced escorts (specifically independent escorts) generally operate with higher overheads and more personal admin workload, which does account for some of the price difference straight off the bat. As for the rest of the difference in price, this can relate to additional services included in the price or includes special requests or it may not. Independent escorts (as well as agencies) set the prices that they believe is worth their time/services. The worth and value of services is entirely subjective and varies. It is entirely your prerogative if you continue with the transaction - if a provider or service is out of your price point, move on. At the end of the day, you can find good and bad service at every price point, and there are some ladies that you may simply just not click with - and that's okay too. Read on for tips on finding the best escort at your price point. Read the damn ad... Seems a fairly straight forward tip and a bit like a common sense sort of thing but you'd be surprised. You can save a lot of time for both yourself and the lady if you actually read the advertisement. Lots of ads will state what is or isn't included in the service, pricing or certain stipulations for the booking. There's no point starting to make a booking if the lady doesn't offer the services you are after or cannot cater to you. Read the ad. Determine if a lady suits you There's a reason it's called "punting"... No matter how much research you do on which escort to see, you are dealing with human interactions and as consequence - client experiences do vary. You can however mitigate certain factors that may affect compatibility with the lady in question Dealing with Agencies: Be clear about what you are after (the "best girl" or "most popular girl" may in fact not be your most suited lady). If you are interested in an educated, busty brunette to spend the night over a bottle of Pinot Noir, let the agency know. Be detailed as possible so that you can be matched with someone you will have a good time with. Dealing with Private ladies: Ladies on the higher end of the price scale will generally have some form of social media, website or otherwise that's fairly regularly updated to keep their clients in the loop of what is happening in their life. It allows you to have a bit of a glimpse at their personality and interests and helps you better understand whether or not your are suited to the lady. So you've found the perfect escort! Great! Once you find a lady that you get along well with a good way to ensure her returning to tour your city or town is to keep booking her - ladies only tour areas if it's in their best interest (i.e. if it's a profitable and pleasant experience). You may also wish to ask her if she could recommend any other ladies that offer similar services (some ladies may be able to direct you to the next best lady). CLICK HERE FOR MORE POSTS FROM AUSTRALIA'S FAVOURITE SEX BLOG - WITH THE FASTEST GROWING READERSHIP
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June 16th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Montana This busty blonde is a sight to behold. Sweet and passionate, you are definitely in for a treat spending some time with Montana. AVAILABLE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY Click here to view her profile Anastasia This beautiful Australian brunette is absolutely delectable. With an ass that just won’t quit, your night won’t be complete without spending some time with Anastasia. AVAILABLE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY Click here to view her profile HAVE YOU READ NEWCASTLE'S FAVOURITE SEX BLOG? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT ALL THINGS ESCORTS AND SEX!!
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What a day

June 15th, 2021 by jade amber
What a bloody day todays been... Fml is an understatement!
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Mind-blowing foreplay techniques

June 12th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Quite frankly, foreplay doesn’t always get the credit, time, and attention it deserves. In most cases, couples have a few go-to moves guaranteed to set them in the mood. While it's awesome to know and understand what works for each other, the same cliché methods don’t always lead to a toe-curling finale. For inspiration, we turned to escorts in Queensland and rounded up the following tips that will help you and your partner get things from 0 to 69😊. Here are mind-blowing foreplay techniques that you will love.  1. Take as much time as possible.  Did you know that you can actually attain sexual satisfaction just from foreplay? Well, now you know. When it comes to building things up, easy and slow does it. The key to perfect foreplay is doing it for long enough. Take time and explore every bit of each other’s body.  2. Talk to each other.  Talking during foreplay is an oldie, but goldie. In as much as moaning is fun and kinky, the dirty and seductive language does even better. Spit out those nasty words and tell him or her how bad you want him. If you’re not used to such, remind him or her of the last hot thing you did together. For example, you could say, “I loved the way you caressed me last time.” It gets even better the more explicit your words are.  3. Make use of sex toys.  Most people think that toys are only made for solo explorations. Queensland Escorts suggest that it looks hotter when they see their clients use their vibrators on them. Don’t shy away from bringing the tiny magical friends into the equation. However, toys are a pretty sensitive subject that needs a deep mutual conversation before indulging in them. If you two agree to use them, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  4. Oral sex does it.  If you haven’t tried out oral sex, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Oral sex is an incredibly pleasurable experience that perfectly complements sexual intercourse, but only if done in the right way. For the partner on the receiving end, oral sex gives a perfect opportunity to experience immense pleasure without much responsibility. To the giving partner, it's an opportunity to learn more about his or her person. If done well, it is a perfect opportunity for couples to explore beyond their sexual horizons.  The bottom line  The art of perfect foreplay revolves around communication. The key to having an amazing time is communicating with your partner and finding out what he or she loves. Read books and blogs together, or watch erotic movies to get more ideas of pleasing each other. 
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Best sex positions for a quickie

June 10th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Slow and profound intimacy is nice and sensual, but sometimes we just don’t have the time for it. With so many things to do and errands to run, the time for sex is just not there. However, with the little time in our hands, there is so much that can happen. Quickies are a god's given gift that most people don’t utilize. In most cases, people view quickies as rushed and unsatisfying, but experts and Port Macquarie escorts argue that they are insistent, hot, super fun, and very convenient when pressed for time. However, sometimes getting the right position for a quickie is a brawl. Here are the top 5 best positions for a super satisfying quickie.  1. Missionary  Missionary is the most underrated style in this vast world of sex and intimacy. It is easy to execute, can be done anywhere, and gets the job done quickly. Missionary is also known to deliver the best clitoral stimulation to your partner, which increases the chances of you two orgasming in the shortest time possible.  2. Stand and deliver Stand and deliver is another effective position that requires no special skill. For this one, the phallic partner(man) stands on his feet, holding the partner against the wall. This position is a common scene in many movies, and quite frankly, it's hot! It's super effective, and it ensures the guy hits the right spots, easily and deeply. Interesting, isn’t it? 3. Ballet dancer.  This is a perfect style to execute for quickies in parties where time is for sure a constraint. The woman wraps one of her feet around the partner's waist and helps push him deeper inside her. At the same time, the guy is constantly stroking during the “dance,” which is a bonus of pleasure. Within no time, you two will be experiencing orgasms.  4. Standing doggy.  Standing doggy is similar to doggy style, only that instead of kneeling, the partner bends at an angle of 90 degrees, holding against the wall or even a kitchen top. The phallic partner then penetrates from behind. Ideally, this position gives you a lot of room to stimulate the receiving partner with either the penis, hands or a sex toy. It is easy to execute, can be done anywhere, and is proven effective when time is limited.  5. Sitting grind.  Sitting grind is a perfect position where space is limited and sitting down is the only option. For example, when the car is the only available space. With this position, the phallic partner sits, and the receiving partner gets on top and makes a grinding motion with their legs wrapped around the partner's waist.  The bottom line.  Staircase doggy, spooning, python, and butterfly are more examples of positions you could go for during a quickie. In some instances, attaining the orgasms within a short time is almost impossible. Escorts in Port Macquarie suggest involving your mind, body, and soul in it to make things a bit easier. 
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June 7th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Ever wondered what kinds of requests we receive on a regular basis? Well wonder no more, as we list our top 5 most requested fetishes… (the list may surprise you!) #5 – Golden Showers (A.K.A. Watersports – no, not like waterskiing and wakeboarding) Watersports / Golden Showers / Piss Play – participants derive pleasure from sexual activities involving urine. By urinating on their partner or vice versa or having urine involved in some way during their sexual play for instance. Despite popular sentiments, golden showers are not particularly unhygienic or dangerous but add an extra naughty element to your lovemaking. #4 – Foot Fetish Foot fetishists can derive pleasure in a variety of ways. They may enjoy watching ladies in high heels, stockings or like playing with and touching feet. Special requests can be made in regards to footwear and socks/stockings (subject to availability) to fulfil your innermost fantasies. Some of our ladies specialise and are skilled in foot-jobs (think of a handjob but..with feet) – just speak to us about your interests and we can recommend the best suited lady for your requirements. #3 – Bondage Want to be tied up by a gorgeous woman and taken advantage of? Explore new heights of pleasure while at the mercy of a gorgeous Discreet lady. Please note: at this stage only light bondage is offered by our ladies. For more advanced bondage services, please stay tuned for when our BDSM dungeon is fully operational. Fully trained Dominatrix services will also be available alongside the facilities. #2 – Pegging A very popular request that we receive enquiries about is our pegging services. Often men find it difficult to express in their personal life their desire to explore this amazing play and so turn to professionals to be able to try this new world of pleasure in a safe and unjudgmental environment. The added bonus of trying pegging with an experienced Discreet lady is that she can tailor it to you and ensure maximum satisfaction. #1 – Lesbian/Bi-Sexual Doubles (Threesomes) Discreet Gentlemen’s Club is known for it’s gorgeous women, wild parties and even wilder threesomes. At the top of the list is a Lesbian/Bi-Sexual fantasy (often involving roleplay), imagine walking in on two stunning women in the middle of love-making and having them beckon you to join them? The script of many pornographic films coming to life right in front of your very eyes, where the guest of honour is you! No wonder this is the #1 kink request currently.. Explore Your Fantasy with Discreet… With our new venue well on the way to being ready for use with facilities better equipped to suit different fetishes, and with the added bonus of having the ability to book an experienced dominatrix, the list of top fetishes may well change in the upcoming months. Send us an enquiry to see if we can cater to your needs or if you would like to try some of the fetishes listed above.. Enjoy reading our blog? CLICK HERE FOR MORE DELICIOUS DISCREET BLOG POSTS
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Why Every Escort Needs Their Own Website

June 6th, 2021 by Adult Web Design
The escort world is a world full of sensuality, romance, companionship and fun, however, because of how appealing and how exciting it can be, it is also a world full of competition, especially nowadays! With the internet being such a prevalent source of media in today’s day and age, it is only natural that more and more escorts are starting to branch out in order to find more potential clients. Marketing, advertising and more, are just some of the ways that one can be on top of the escort world and be seen by millions however, if there an escort does not have a website where all clients can see what they have to offer, then there is no chance for success. Nowadays, a website is a crucial part of any business out there. Every sort of business, organization and entity has a website where they can show their best assets, their work, testimonies and much more, all in order to sell whatever product or ideology it is to the public. Even though escorting is a much more personal kind of service and business, the need for a website is still one that should definitely be applied, regardless! With that said, what are some benefits of having a website as an escort and why should you definitely start creating one? SEO One of the main (and best) parts about having a website is that you are able to get SEO wizards to implement impeccable SEO techniques onto it, which in turn significantly boosts visibility. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it does exactly what it says! By making use of several different SEO techniques and methods, you’re making sure that your website will be ranking high on every search engine (such as Google, Bing, etc) out there, making it so that your website will be the first to be seen by anyone looking to have a good time with a sexy escort like yourself! An SEO company that specializes in Escort SEO such as is the best choice. Brand Image If you are looking to find better and more professional clients then that means that you have to show the same level of professionalism! If you are showcasing a very amateur image to the public, you will be getting a lot of clients that won’t be that good or experienced with escorts. By having your own website, you’ll be able to establish a proper brand image because, with a website full of your personality and charm, it will be impossible for any companion to resist you. Overall, a website helps immensely in establishing a properly solid internet presence that will keep bringing in more clients, the more you develop it. By developing an SEO optimized website that will bring in hundreds of views every day, you’ll be flooded with bookings like never before! Showcase Your Services in Your Own Style specialize in building modern and visually stunning escort websites that really bring the wow factor to your brand and image. Anyone visiting your website will be thoroughly impressed and having your own professional and modern website will likely increase the number of bookings with current clients and showcase your services to a much wider audience of potential clients. They are the smart choice for escort web design in Australia. Even if you have your own website then can redesign and refresh your website to give it a modern makeover. They also provide a range of servcies such as content writing, graphic design, social media marketing for escorts and much much more.
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Best exercise for a sexy butt

June 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
If you weren’t blessed with one of those glorious booties you see around, you don’t have to look down upon yourself, neither do you have to fret. The comeback of sexy skinny jeans has ensured that more women are now focused on lifting and toning their butts. Interestingly, regular exercise is one way of achieving a killer body, and booty, besides helping you achieve overall health, wellness, and fitness. If you know which muscles to work out and when, within no time, you will achieve your dream body. Wondering where to start? Here is a quick round-up of the best exercises for a sexy butt. 1.    Squats If you want that hourglass figure, toned thighs, and a heavenly booty, then this is the exercise to try out. Escorts in Margaret River suggest that this is the exercise that works magic for them, especially when done with barbells. All you have to do is stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and place a barbell of your choice behind your shoulders. Put pressure on your hips and bend your knees down, assuming a sitting position. Remember that the thighs must be parallel to the floor so as to put as much pressure as possible on the glutes. Try to bend your body forward if you have balance issues. Slowly return to the standing position without locking your knees. About 10 reps of this will be absolutely fruitful. 2.    Dumbbell lunges Dumbbells come in handy, especially when you can’t access the gym. With dumbbells, you can quickly set up a home gym in your backyard or one of those empty rooms in your house. Hold a pair of light dumbbells in a straight position with your arms lowered beside your body and palms facing your body. With the right foot in front of the left foot, bend your left knee towards the floor slowly and gently (we don’t want you getting hurt). Repeat this movement about 10 times without moving your legs. Switch the legs, and repeat this 10 times. You’re going to love the results! 3.    Kneeling hydrants With this exercise, you bet it's time to celebrate. All you have to do is get down on your hands and knees (assume a crawling position). Make sure that your wrists are beneath your shoulders and the knees below the hips. Tucking your right toes under for support and keeping your knee flexed and bent forward, slowly raise your left knees (as high as you can. Slowly return to the starting position to complete one rep. Switch legs and repeat about 10 times. The bottom line In as much as we recommend the above exercises, we can’t insist on safety enough. Make sure that the weights you lift are within safe limits. Margaret River escorts suggest that consistency is key. Without the grind, you’ll never get results. 
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Lovehoney EOFY Sale - up to 50 off !!

June 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney AU has added a new promotion!! EOFY Sale - Up to 50% off - Now on Terms and Conditions: See website for full T&C's Start Date: 4/06/2021 End Date: 30/06/2021 Click here to start shopping and saving on all your sex purchases!
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Aqua Pleassure

June 6th, 2021 by Aqua Lonely
Hello Everyone, I am offering pleasure to satisfied your curiosity and desire. Please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss what is your desire.
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June 3rd, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Double the ladies, double the fun... Doubles Bookings Doubles bookings are simply when you book two ladies for simultaneous service. Think of a naughty little threesome where the guest of honour is yourself. A fantasy that most men have but rarely get the opportunity to experience - at Discreet Gentlemen's Club you can fulfil that fantasy at virtually any time and for any occasion! There are two main types of doubles that are available Lesbian/Bi-sexual Doubles and your standard Straight Double. Please note: not all ladies offer doubles bookings but we can advise you of your options when you get in contact with us. Tick "having a threesome" off your bucket list with some of the hottest women in the country that really know how to tease and please! A "once in a lifetime" experience that you can have again and again at Discreet Gentlemen's Club. Treat yourself on your birthday or special occasions or just because you deserve it! The ultimate in self-care... Delighting in the pleasures of two gorgeous women! Straight Doubles You are the focus of the threesome, the guest of honour and treated like a king! Have two stunning Discreet Gentlemen's Club ladies fawning over you and lavishing attention and affection to you solely. Interaction between the ladies is fairly minimal as you are the centre of attention and the experience is focused on you! Bi-Sexual Doubles / Lesbian Doubles A very naughty threesome where ladies will warm you up by seductively playing with each other, enticing you to join in on the fun - you won't be able to resist for long! Whether you'd like to sit back for a while and watch the view or be an active participant in every naughty action, the choice is yours. Have the time of your life and tick that off your bucket list! Make it Extra Naughty! - Some Additional Services Available Try Roleplay: Always fantasized about walking in on a lesbian couple and being invited to join? The sky is the limit with roleplay scenarios - speak to the ladies for more ideas! Add Toys: toys for he or toys for she? The addition of toys add an extra naughty element to play - toys are available for sale at Discreet Gentlemen's Club, ask for options today! Double-Ender Play: A seriously risqué addition to a Lesbian/Bi-Sexual Double booking - double enders are available for sale at Discreet Gentlemen's Club. Discreet Doubles Call us to find out what options you have in regards to the doubles booking you are after, alternatively you may wish to click the link below and have a look at our roster to see the type of naughty ladies ready to play. ENJOY READING OUR BLOG? READ MORE ON OUR WEBSITE NOW...
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*face palm*

June 2nd, 2021 by Jade Heart
I really don't get some people... like the individual that seems to message me every few days to 'come hang, no sex will be involved'... and is, each time, so shocked when he's told that he will still have to pay. Even after telling him that he should keep track of who he contacts, he still contacts me. Or the guy that messaged me the other night, "$200 for halfa, your place?" Told him no problem, and the suburb i was in. "I need somewhere to sleep but" Lol what??? Well he was wanting to see me for 30 minutes, but if he was going to have to drive there he was expecting to sleep there. Ummmmm... sir, this is not a hotel, and i sure ain't your GF or FWB. "But how will i get back home?" How are you getting here? "Driving"........ ......🤦‍♀️
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How to get an expert blowjob

June 2nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We often talk about how to give an expert blowjob. But do we have the nerve to talk about how to get an expert blowjob? More often than not, it's assumed that during a blowjob, it’s the work of the lady to bring all the pleasure to the table. This is entirely misguided, as the phallic partner has a lot to play in the act if he wants the best out of it. We talked to the best enthusiasts in town and Escorts in Mildura to bring you this round-up of exciting tips on how to get a mind-blowing blowjob. 1.    Love it! The worst mistake you can ever make is having doubts about what you’re about to get yourself into. Trust us if you don’t love it, she will feel it, she will get anxious, and it won’t get satisfying as it should be. Everyone wants to feel wanted, so it adds more pleasure to the experience when you make her feel wanted. 2.    Make it wet Blowjobs work perfectly when it's all wet and slippery. While at it, make sure you help her with some saliva and more saliva. If it's possible, grab some lemon, drinking water, or even a flavoured lube. Whatever you choose, make sure the penis is well lubricated. 3.    Make use of your hands. Don’t just sit there as she sucks it all in and gagging. Show some interest. Hold her hair, cheeks, or even her nipples if your hands are long enough to reach. Also, make sure that her hands can get to your body comfortably. Just because it's oral sex, it doesn’t mean that it's only her mouth that will be involved. 4.    Eye contact does it all. When it comes to blowjobs, the “eyes” have it. Mildura Escorts tote the secret to their blowjob success: eye contact! While all the other tricks and tips are useful, they state that what makes a perfect and memorable blowjob is looking into her eyes as she makes you happy. Make sure you maintain that sexy, erotic, and sultry eye contact as she takes the penis into her mouth. 5.    Be open to surprises Depending on who’s blowing you, some partners can have surprises to spice things up a little. If you’re not open to them, you’ll end up getting intimidated. Sometimes, she might include your testicles into the action, as they rarely get enough attention during oral sex. 6.    Talk about it. The best way of achieving 100% pleasure from sex and intimacy is by talking about it. Please make sure you speak to her about your likes and dislikes, and for sure, you two won't regret it. The bottom line Getting an expert blowjob is not rocket science. As long as your mind, soul and body are there, the experience will be amazing!
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