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All you need to know about squirting

May 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A lot of questions go unanswered when it comes to sex education. One of life’s biggest questions that are often ignored revolves around squirting. If you’ve only seen squirting in the adult videos and movies, then the chances are high that you still think of it as a fantasy or fake. Lucky for you, we’re here to unravel this mysterious world for you and save you from all the leg work. The following is a comprehensive dive into all you need to know about squirting. Enjoy! What is squirting? The female orgasm, making it rain, gushing and jazzing are just some names related to squirting. It can be defined as the release of fluid from the vagina following intense sexual arousal. The fluid is released from the Skene Glands, located around the vestibule of the vulva, the same region where pee comes from. This could be the main reason why many people mistake squirting for a pee. So, is it real? According to Auckland escorts, many people don’t believe in squirting. In fact, most of them hold to the belief that squirting is peeing. However, we're glad to inform you that squirting is real. We’ve also had queries where some ladies are puzzled whether squirting should be normal. According to scientists and sex therapists, all female bodies are capable of squirting, although that depends on the intensity of sexual arousal. What are the basics of squirting? We all reckon that squirting is a puzzle. However, you’d be surprised to find out it's not that complicated. Firstly, it narrows down to gradual, intense sexual stimulation involving the G-spot, and sometimes, and even better, a combination of G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. Since this is hard to achieve during penetrative sex, sex therapists and escorts recommend slow and sensual oral sex. Also, it's important to note that the amount of fluid released varies from person to person. Some might release a little while some release an astonishing Sploosh. How can I make it rain? Many women admit to never having squirted, which is also supported by several sex therapists and experts. While there’s no dictionary where one can learn how to squirt, here are a few tips that might be helpful. 1.     Observe hydration Squirting means wetness, and there’s no wetness without water. If possible, make sure you drink enough water every day. 2.     Relax during sex. The number one cause of frustrations during sex is mental issues such as anxiety. Whenever you get intimate with your partner, try to relax, feel safe with your partner and enjoy the moment. 3.     Masturbate Masturbating means spending time with yourself and figuring out what works for you and what does not. That way, you’re in a better position to achieve a Sploosh. The bottom line The debate around squirting continues to rage. While it's not easy to get to this point, the few tips we’ve highlighted will get you an inch closer. For more, keep following our blogs. Please let us know what you think about squirting in our comment section below.
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My My week with the journeying through “the concept of truth “ for anyone and what I’ve discovered

May 26th, 2022 by Carmela Coultier
 The thing about certain mind altering substances is that for escorts - in my view “ civilians have to peel back the layers off onions shall we just speak figuratively I have been burnt by civilian friends and therefore opt to live in my own and be the diel inalwaya somewhere I would be …. Mostly never coming down but jubilant enough to the lord for his mifjrtt. Lesssongs that will happen all around tou if you believe on their own and you know what happens then as soon as you about too climax .. oe are having a sexually “feeding -off - someone’s’ experience w engaged other party - in that mode of altered morale I can imagine it is a dangerous and demonic way Ron e all the rime because it is complete climax to rhe max sexual predator just look at my eyes in the film illustrated below . I’m ao charged with sexual desire that I don’t think I could capture a more truth wil look e story ro The theme is the theme of the week../. my journey of the case of the concept of “unravelling An onion”. in case you are wondering where my point lies it will come at the end and that is in these abstract ways my spirit or subconscious is unable ( or unuse to ) being able to to handle myself and not bw my complete sexual self - which comes out through certain substances . I sorry that if they are not on my level they may be totally freaked out by myself and my client away by the predatory sexual demonic Angel that asks that does emerge are from the most truthful and vulnerable Plaa a wa that exist inside you … Phyaically that is….. more next week Carmel Coulteir
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5 Of the Best Sex Toys Every Man Must Have

May 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There are several reasons why a man would need a sex toy. One is for solo explorations, and another is to please his partner. Toys for men come in different shapes and sizes, each made for a specific function. Although there is a notion that sex toys were made for women, we have some magical recommendations for the phallic gender. They come in handy for solo escapades and even for couples sex. Sex and intimacy sure is great but it gets even better when you bring the right hardware (and software) to the party. Here are some of the best sex toys that every man must have. Cock Rings If you want a rock-hard erection, we highly recommend you go for a cock ring. Using a cock ring is easy, as all you have to do is attach it to the base of your penis or scrotum. It has a bulgy top that stimulates your partner's clitoris during penetrative sex. It feels immensely good for both of you and can be a path to sizzling orgasms. It can also be worn between the middle and ring finger while fingering her. Try this one today, and you'll thank us later. A Vibrator A vibrator is a perfect toy for a man to please his mistress. Firstly, there are a variety of vibrators, and they come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Some are cordless and even waterproof. They have vibration modes with different speeds and patterns for customized pleasure. They are a must-have because vibrations are medicine for the mind and soul, and of course, they effortlessly complete the orgasm.  Butt Plugs Butt plugs are adorable forms of wearable sex toys. They are incredibly fun and pleasurable to wear. Having one in that butt creates an untellable vibe during the day. Interestingly, butt plugs are a form of foreplay since they can be worn to tease a partner or even as a dare. They are also perfect for dom and sub roleplays. As a man, you have got to try this out. Artificial Vagina There is nothing better than taking matters into your own hands. For the perverts that love masturbating, here is a gem of an idea for you. A fleshlight classic artificial vagina! It’s a perfect toy for a solo masturbation exploration. According to Wellington escorts, the pocket pussy is men's most requested sex toy. It's discreet and pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to slip it over your penis, and there you go - you can root your favourite pornstars vagina and asshole! Fun! The bottom line Talking about sex toys that a man must have touches on solo explorations as well as pleasing a mistress or a partner. Whichever direction you take, the above choices are a perfect fit. Tell us about your thoughts in the blog comment box below.
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How Sex Pillows Can Improve Your Sex Life

May 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Many people get surprised that a pillow has more uses than just resting your head on it. In the last few years, sex pillows have become an integral part of sex among many couples due to the extras it brings into the bedroom. Whether you’re looking to try something new or more comfort in your bedroom, sex pillows are a perfect solution for that. This article brings you a round-up of how sex pillows can improve your sex life. What Are They? Sex pillows are soft and firm cushions, carefully designed to make sex and intimacy more fun and comfortable. They are alternatively called position cushions or position pillows. Unlike the regular bed or throw pillows, sex pillows are made from firm foam that gives them a special shape. In some cases, these pillows have a water-resistant liner, and a washable cover, for the sake of hygiene. Sex pillows come in different types, mostly inclined towards the shape, with each suiting a specific sex position. The main shapes or types include wedge, ramp, Halfmoon, cylinder and inflatable. How Do They Improve Sex Life? The fact that they come in different shapes and sizes implies that they benefit people differently. However, here are some real benefits of using sex cushions. They help with deeper penetration Nothing feels better for women than having an extra couple of inches inside them. Sometimes, this can be hard to achieve due to circumstances such as the partner’s “size.” However, sex pillows allow you to lift your hips or back up, which gives room for a few more inches of man meat. Sex pillows are better than throw pillows in such instances as they are firmer, and thus, they can support body weight better, giving you a guaranteed body lift of up to 10 inches. According to escorts Wellington, the best pillows are those made with Doggystyle in mind, as they allow intense penetration. They get you to unimaginable positions Some positions are challenging to achieve due to pains, body weight or body shape. However, sex pillows allow you to relax in every position, making sex even better. For people who experience back pains or knee pains in positions such as doggy, sex pillows are a saviour. It can be straining for some positions like missionary when you want maximum penetration since you have to lift your waist as high as possible. Sex pillows allow you to do this comfortably and for long enough. They make it easy to use sex toys The sight of sex toys can be scary to some partners. Introducing sex pillows are an excellent entry level introduction to tools in the bedroom which will naturally start to alleviate the pressure in such cases. Besides, some pillows have attachments such as handcuffs, making things even better and more manageable. The bottom line You don’t have to struggle with sex positions while there are hidden gems like sex pillows. For more insights, keep following our blog. Please let us know what you think about sex pillows and how they can benefit couples. Leave a comment in the comments section.
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Travelling Life As An Escort

May 20th, 2022 by Cassie Moans
I often get asked about travelling life as an escort I first started dressing up when I was 16 and buy the time I was 18 I knew who I was. Although do to where I lived I could never express myself openly. So I needed money to leave and I knew what I enjoyed so I started escorting. It hasnt been without its difficulties though and it is definitely a dangerous job. Many of the girls I know have had negative experience but luckily due to being vigilant I have not. Escorting in New Zealand, all across australia and yes I even did it in america
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Want to win a ticket to attend both the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards & the Zephyr AAIA After Party?

May 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Want to win a ticket to attend both the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards & the Zephyr AAIA After Party? We'll select 1 winner at random from anyone who retweets this post before midnight Sat 21 May! We'll PM the winner Sunday 22 May to claim their prize. #naughtyads #AAIA Click here to go to the post to retweet
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Things Men Really Want When It Comes to Sex

May 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There’s a legend that says men are the simplest creatures to please when it comes to acts in the bedroom. Quite frankly, there is profound truth in this, since, unlike the female gender, the male orgasm (for most men) is usually just a few touches away. However, that doesn’t mean every man wants his dish served plain. There are some things that men want to be done, and we are sure you wish there were a magic bullet for this one. In collaboration with Auckland escorts, we bring you the following explainer of things men really want when it comes to sex and how to give it to them. Enjoy! 1.     Let Him Know You Find Him Super Sexy. Regarding negative body image, even men are negatively affected - it's just that most of them brush it off. Remember how elated you feel when your man praises you as his angel on earth? Do you remember how that phrase magically washes away your insecurities? Well, can you believe that men like to hear similar compliments? Men want to be told how sexy they are and how good looking they are. Once in a while, introduce some sexy play such as a lustful look, a long deep kiss, a butt grab, or some sweet reassuring wordplay. Such games will likely lead to deep and amazing sex, and if not, they act as a reminder and an assurance to your man that you feel more satisfied with what you share. 2.     They Want More and Better Foreplay. As said earlier, the male orgasm is always a fraction away. Therefore, slow-burning sex works perfectly for most couples and, of course, many men. It gives them the power to control and delay ejaculation, which makes sure you two come as close as possible to a synced climax. It is also factual that women take longer to be aroused, requiring extended foreplay. While in the act, do as much as you can to set yourself in the mood. Grab that vibrator If possible, or touch yourself intimately. He will love it! 3.     Men Want You to Use Your Mouth! We can’t insist enough on this: Give your men more and more blow jobs! Men want to feel special, and one of the best ways of negotiating this is by sucking them off. To make it even better, take it upon yourself and don’t wait for him to ask or beg for it. Christchurch escorts suggest that it gets even better when you do it passionately, with your hands and on full duty and whilst also maintaining lustful eye contact. 4.     Men Want You to Be Vocal. By being vocal, we don’t mean those shouty pornstar vibes. Men love it when feedback is given on whatever work they’re doing. Those “aahs” and “oohs” work magic as he even works harder in response to that validation. Otherwise, you’re bound for bland sex if you keep the vocal chords shut. The bottom line In a nutshell, making him feel special in bed is easier than A, B and C. Taking control, relieving some pressure off him and being 100% present will work like magic. What more do you think we should add to the list? Hit us up or drop a comment below. We love to hear it! 
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How To Naturally Up Your Sex Drive

May 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Low libido or a low sex drive is a phenomenon affecting thousands of men and women worldwide. Libido can be defined as an urge for sexual activity. Therefore, people whose desire is on the low side are said to have low libido or a low sex drive. Many people believe that we should be ready to have sex at any time of the day. While this has some truth, it's not the same for everybody. Several factors might lead to this, many of them being psychological and some diet-related. Low libido isn’t exactly a crisis, but if you’re thinking or ways to boost yours, here is a summary of some natural ways to up your sex drive. Kill Your Anxiety Anxiety is a severe cause of a lot of problems in the bedroom. For starters, anxiety has been directly linked to sexual dysfunction. Feeling the urge for sex is almost impossible when you’re feeling anxious. There are several types of anxiety disorders, and they affect peoples’ sexuality differently. Examples of ways to handle anxiety include therapy, meditation or some exercise. Get Enough, Quality Sleep Scientific studies have shown that a perfect night sleep is a crucial ending to any good day. Sleep disorders are linked to many health issues, primarily mental and sexual disorders. The hectic lifestyle a lot of people experience makes it hard to get a sufficient amount of sleep and makes it hard to make time for sex. Many people are trying to balance work and family, which often leaves them exhausted with barely any time for sexual activity. Taking naps when you can and having enough comfortable sleep is a perfect libido booster. Improve Your Relationships It sucks to say, but many relationships nowadays are toxic and draining. There are endless fights and arguments, which spoil the mood for sex. Also, being with someone for so long can lead to bland sex or even reduced sexual activity. In such cases, find some ways of improving the nature of the relationship, which will translate to a better bond, and eventually, better sex. Auckland escorts suggest the following; Date nights Joint activities Honest and open communication Solve conflicts peacefully Regular Exercise There are thousands of benefits associated with regular exercise, one of them being improved sexual desire. Exercise improves one’s body self-esteem, nervous system activity, mood, endocrine system, and cardiovascular health, all of which will enhance libido. The bottom line The above ways are just a few in a pool of hundreds if not thousands of ways to naturally up your sex drive. More methods include eating healthy foods and quitting toxic lifestyle habits such as binge drinking and smoking. Altogether, you can never get it wrong with the ways mentioned above. Please tell us what you think would work best in our comment section below.
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Workouts That Will Leave Clients Drooling Over You

May 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all work out for different reasons. Aesthetic purposes, keeping anxiety and depression at bay or improving or strength are some reasons for hitting the gym. Being and escort or adult service provider is a physical and mental job so it's important to stay in shape for health but also doesn't hurt to have a toned, curved and sexy body. Of course bodies of all types and shapes are beautiful but if you're interested in developing a toned physique then ready on. We can all agree that there are different workouts for different body objectives. For example, there are workouts for a bigger butt and others for more pronounced hips. Whatever you want to achieve needs a plan and a careful approach. In this short write up, we bring you simple DIY workouts that will leave your clients drooling over you. 1.     Squats 99% of men are obsessed with one part in women. The butt! While a big, toned butt works like magnetic sexual device, a shapeless one can sometimes be a turnoff. The best of them come in big and well-shaped sizes. To get there, squats are a great exercise. If available, grab a kettlebell or a dumbbell and start slow. Do about 10 reps of slow squats in about 3 sets per day. Squats work out the glutes, leading to a toned butt which is exactly what clients want to see. 2.     The bench press A bench press leads to fine toned abs, shoulders and arms. How to go about this? Lie down flat on a bench and make sure that the back is straight. Grip the barbell firmly with arms shoulder-length apart with your feet firmly placed on the ground. At chest level, push the barbell slowly up and back down to your chest. 10 reps and 3 sets should be perfect. 3.     Leg lifts Similar to squats, leg lifts work magic on the butt. To do this move, start on all fours and avoid your back arching. Lift the left leg as high as you can without bending it. Make sure you squeeze your glutes to work them out in the process. Repeat this for about 15 reps, and then the same on the right leg. 3 sets of this per day is a good number. 4.     Pelvic lifts For a toned butt and body, pelvic lifts should be your go-to workouts. Firstly, they are easy to do, for all you need is a soft mat. Lie flat on your back (avoid any slight arching), with your knees bent and your arms by your side. Try to keep the legs as together as possible. Breath in, squeeze in your glutes and abs and slowly lift your waist. Hold for a few seconds and then release, returning your body to the initial position. Final thoughts Hurry up lunges, plank hops and bent over rows are more examples of workouts that will lead you to your dream body. However, escorts Auckland suggest that for the best results, you start slow on intensity and weights and slowly increase your tempo. That way, as your body tones up, you're bound to turn heads and create movements in other parts of your onlooker's body! Which workouts for a sexy butt would you recommend? Let us know in the comment section below.  
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May 8th, 2022 by SAM WILL
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Escort male

May 7th, 2022 by Fabian Yarran
Male escort straight Belmont WA
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Tips for Giving an Unforgettable Massage

May 5th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to intimacy, sex always gets the front seat, while things like foreplay and massages can often take a backseat. However, the surprising truth is that massages can be super intimate and sensual, sometimes even more than sex. Everybody can give a good massage, but it takes special touches and skills to give an unforgettable sensual massage. So, how do you do it like a pro? Here are a few tips for giving an unforgettable massage. Before we get into it, Why are massages important? A lot of benefits of massages are well known. Firstly, they are a perfect solution to neck, back, and general muscle pains. They are also perfect alleviators of negative moods and arthritis symptoms. Generally, getting a deep and good massage is a mood and immune booster that can increase energy levels. As a bonus, massages are a perfect entry to intense foreplay. Even if it’s a non-sexual massage, that body contact is an ideal mood setter and creates a deeper connection which creates the chance to express deeper emotions. So how do you give a perfect massage? Set the scene and the mood The atmosphere counts for the experience when it comes to massages. Here is how to set up the scene and atmosphere. Equipment Choose a firm quality bed and clean, soft linen, preferably white in colour. This is always the first step in relaxation. Lighting Good lighting is everything. Choose some candles to dimly light the room to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. In addition, remember to eliminate other bright lights such as blinking screens, LED lights, phones, or computers. Fragrances Scent has a strong effect on someone’s mood. Essential oils or scented candles should do the trick. In addition, choose a lovely scented oil for the massage. Music Remember to play some soft sounds in the background. The keyword is soft and relaxing. Groom yourself How you dress or look plays a significant role in whether your client or partner will get satisfied. Ensure you take a proper shower to eliminate any body odours and have short and clean nails and hands. Lastly, make sure you have tidy hair. Ask your partner what they like Please don’t assume that you already know what works for them. Pop questions about what parts they prefer or would not want to be touched. That way, you’ll be in a better position to figure out how to satisfy them. Start slow From the feedback from the partner or client, you’ll know the best techniques to start with. Most importantly, avoid losing that skin contact to keep the mood alive. Always have your hands lubricated with just enough oil, and use light to moderate pressure. Slowly, focus on the erogenous zones such as the neck, face, inner thighs, buttocks, and, if desirable, the genitals. Communicate Communication is another important aspect that is generally ignored. Keep asking your client about how they feel or if there’s anything you can do to make them feel better. Lastly The end to a massage will depend on the agreement with or the requirements of your client or partner. Altogether, the end should leave them happy and satisfied.
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Are you in Brisbane too ?

May 5th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Hello darling, Dont have much time ?? Sneak off for a Lunch break quickie, you will definitely be satisfied after ... from $200 Or Lets enjoy a hot lengthy time together and savour in eachother inch by inch. From $400 Prebookings very much appreciated. Kandi 0467 425 956
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May 2nd, 2022 by Barry Hard
Hey, feel free too ask me anything!.open to most things.😂 X.
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