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Media Interview and Acceptance Speech for Best Escort Directory at X Awards 2019

November 29th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
Hi Everyone,A quick post to encourage you to click and check out our red carpet interview and acceptance speech for Best Escort Directory at the X Awards 2019! Naughty Ads
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Naughty Ads Wins Best Escort Directory at the XAwards 2019!

November 27th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
The Naughty Ads team is extremely proud to announce our win for Best Escort Directory at the X Awards 2019!Naughty Ads was also a proud sponsor of the event held at Chaser's Nightclub in Melbourne being represented by the lovely Daliah Amor. Look out for more of Daliah on Naughty Ads from December.We are grateful for the acknowledgement as Australia's Best Escort Directory which has been achieved through hard work day in and day out from our team here at Naughty Ads to continuously improve our site and service offering.We were also proud to sponsor 3 awards categories at the awards which were best female escort, best male escort and best trans escort. The winners were Daliah Amor, Dragon Night and Danika Deep respectively. A massive congratulations to the winners who you can check out and book on Naughty Ads.A big thankyou to Sweet Release for putting on a great awards show at the innagural X Awards and for taking so many great pics of the event.Check out our acceptance speech here on youtube: @xawardsau #naughtyads @naughtyads
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6 Reasons Why Australian Escorts Are Better Than One Night Stands

November 20th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
6 Reasons Why Australian Escorts Are Better Than One Night StandsWelcome to NaughtyAds where we connect Punters like you who are looking for the naughtiest Independent Sex Workers in Australia. Whether you are seeking Male Escorts, Female Escorts, Transgender Escorts or Adult Service Providers nationwide; you’ve come to the right place.You are not alone if you are curious about choosing to spend time with an Australian Escort instead of a One Night Stand with someone you just met at a bar. Here are a few reasons we believe make the choice of booking time with an Australian Sex Worker the right thing to do.1. 100% Discreet. Genuine Good TimeWe like to consider Australian Escorts as professional lovers, well-trained companions who know how to deliver the experience of your dreams and naughtiest desires. A date with an Australian Escort guarantees that you will have the time of your life and keep it private and confidential.When it comes to a one night stands we can't really say the same because you never know what experience you are going to have. You're also not going to know the limits of the person you just met and the things that they will and will not do… not to mention; you don’t know who they know - that knows you!2. Model Beauty. Top Physical ShapeSo your one night stand may be drunk, shy or perhaps a little unprepared for your desires; even if they are mutually shared. They may be inexperienced.When you meet with an Australian Escort you can be confident knowing that they will be in top shape, perfectly groomed and dressed to impress (as well as tantalise your fantasies) and they will make sure they bring everything that you may need, so that your time together is special without disruption or forgotten things like lubricant, condoms… or even toys!3. Booking An Escorts is an Educated ChoiceHave you ever rolled over after a night out on the town, to find the face of someone you do not remember going to bed with staring back at you? You are not alone and we have heard this story many times before. This tends to happen because we are thinking with our genitals and not with our brain, a little bit (or a lot) compromised by the alcohol we have partied on.When you are browsing the Escorts on NaughtyAds or Adult Service Providers on NaughtyAds; you are in complete control of the experience you want to create. You can browse photographs, videos, full descriptions and service offerings as well as reviews from previous punters.This means that you choose and get exactly what you ask for!4. Your Needs Are #1 PriorityAustralian Escorts have your needs as their number one priority. They want to offer you complete satisfaction for the time you spend together. They proactively go out of their way to make sure your wildest desires and fantasies are met. Everything they do is designed to make you feel special, relaxed and excited.On the other hand, a one night stand requires both of your needs to be met and satisfied for the experience to go well for both people involved (or more - it depends how naughty you are). There is a lot of pressure to perform and to satisfy when you choose a one night stand over booking an Australian Independent Sex Worker  who will take care of you and allow you to know what to expect because you read the Escort Ad or Adult Services Ad before the booking.5. A Safe Sexual ExperienceIndependent Escorts in Australia are not only well groomed and well mannered but they are also passionate about maintaining their sexual health and wellness. Every experience you have with an Escort in Australia will be one where you will be a lot less worrisome about unwanted diseases or compromised hygiene.After a night of dancing, partying, drinking and heavy sweating, do you really think you know the health status of the person you are about to take home from the night club? How safe can you be with someone who you just met and picked up from a club.  Compare this to an escort you have carefully selected and read about on NaughtyAds and you'll see which option is clearly better.We want our punters to know they can have the peace of mind during their date with any of the Males Escorts, Female Escorts and Transgender Escorts on our website because we encourage advertisers to have honest and up to date profiles to help keep everyone safe and happy when visiting NaughtyAds.6. No Strings Attached (NSA)Take a deep breath. The magic of dating an escort is that you do not have to worry about anyones feelings being hurt if it was just fun you were seeking because the Independent Australian Escort knew this from the very first message you exchanged.If, after Sex you want your bed all to yourself or if you do not want to keep in touch after your date with an Australian Escort, there will be absolutely no hard feelings; because there was no false expectations before you jumped into the bed, the shower or the sling together.When you make the impulsive decision to take someone home you met at a bar, this can almost every time turn into a sleep over and there is the risk that the other person wants more than just fun; even though you only just met. Nobody needs that drama right?So next time you are looking for some fun, considering letting your imagination run wild and indulge your naughtiest desires. Visit Naughty Ads and book an Australian Escort online, so you can guarantee the time of your life!
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Top 3 Tips To Deal With Abusive Punters

November 20th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
Top 3 Tips To Deal With Abusive PuntersAt NaughtyAds we want our Independent Sex Workers to be safe and not fall prey to abusive punters, because unfortunately they are out there amongst the gems who are looking for an incredible experience with an Australian Escort who advertises on NaughtyAds.There is a very fine line between passion and obsession and abusive clients can hide their real nature very well so we are sharing 3 tips to deal with abusive punters to protect Australian Sex Workers from the troubles in the Adult Industry no matter what country we are in.Here are some of the common signs of obsessive client behaviour:1. Clients Start Spying On YouIf Clients are obsessed this is going to happen at some point. If you are feeling as if you are being watched chances are you may be or if your client starts telling you things that you know you never shared with them, that they know about you - seek help immediately.In most cases we recommend police as your first point of contact but if this does not help, you should blacklist that punter or change your daily routine. Staying with friends and family is a great way to have them think that you are no longer in the area or your pattern has changed.At NaughtyAds we encourage our advertisers to utilise our ugly mugs database to log and search the details of clients who have booked them via NaughtyAds so other advertisers can be aware of clients to avoid.2. Your Client Believes You Are In LoveIf you sense that your customer sees the two of you as being in a relationship, talk to them about it. Politely remind your client that you are a professional and they are crossing the line. Be firm and tell them you will not take future bookings if they pressure you into a romantic entanglement.The nicest of clients can sometimes become your worst nightmare, so paying attention to these early warning signs will ensure you have maintained client respect and held onto them as repeat clients for a little longer. Always trust your intuition and experience, remembering to keep your escort life separate from your private life.3. Your Client Gets Angry When You Say No To A BookingSo you spent the night at your clients house and you need a couple days off to get back on track with your personal life.The same client contacts you and insists on meeting with you again the next day, but you politely decline. They then overreact becoming aggressive and threatening.If this happens we recommend you do not wait until things become threatening or violent, you should immediately contact the police or stay with a friend or close relative for a while. In some cases you may need to change your telephone number, email address and restrict your social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram to private to push them away.
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Advice On Image Theft For Escorts

November 20th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
Advice On Image Theft For Australian EscortsAt NaughtyAds we perform account and image verification to the best of our abilities by checking phone numbers and matching every photograph uploaded to verification selfies before we approve them. The reason we do this is because we want our Escorts and Adult Service Providers to attract the right clients as well as our genuine desire to protect the safety of Sex Workers in Australia.Chances are that you have probably been cat-fished on Dating Apps or saw your photos being used on Hook Up apps and other directories claiming to be you, nothing can be more frustrating and confronting so we are sharing our advice on how to manage image theft for escorts.We’re going to be serious on this point. When an escort, male or female, steals your photos and then claims they are their own - YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT because it is not OK. We believe thieves should be punished and made to stop doing what they are doing, that is why we encourage our advertisers to tell us when they see an advertisement that is not right; so we can investigate, delete the account or the ads.1. See Something, Say SomethingWe believe thieves should be punished and made to stop doing what they are doing, that is why we encourage our advertisers to tell us when they see an advertisement that is not right; so we can investigate, delete the account or the ads.We also believe that protecting sex workers from human trafficking is important and so we are very cautious of approving advertisements on our website without having all of the contact details we need to prove someone is serious about being on our website.So, if you see an advertisement on NaughtyAds that you think has slipped through the cracks or has been missed in our verification process please email us at and our friendly team will investigate this immediately.2. Seek Legal AdviceThe moment you find out that another escort has stolen your identity or photographs and used them without your permission that is when you need to ask for some legal support.Seeking legal advice can actually benefit you especially if the photographs you have seen being used have not been authorised by you to be displayed. Even photographers should seek your permission before publishing the photographs on their own websites.Another instance where getting legal advice is smart is cyberstalking and revenge porn! People who steal photos can use them to damage your brand image by publishing them on other sites you would never have thought about. So getting yourself a decent lawyer who can explain the difference between voyeurism and defamation laws can solve your problem fast.As soon as your thief’s found guilty, they will face some time behind bars or a hefty fine, it all depends on how serious the offence is.3. Contact Web Masters and AdministratorsJust like we mentioned earlier, at NaughtyAds we work around the clock to make our advertisements and listings are up to honestly communicated and However, if you have recently discovered your photos on another escorting website or directory, we recommend you contact the website administrators immediately to investigate this for you fast.If you can provide proof that you are the person in the photos and anything else you think will help, website administrators will take your request seriously and will take those images down.However, in the event a webmaster or administrator ignores your email or dismisses your request then speak to a legal person immediately because they can force their hand for you.Another way to get around these issues is to file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) infringement. This will protect your image in all copyright issues, so when a web host sees this they will remove your photos or videos immediately.4. Update Your Security SettingsLike most people in the world you use social media and don't really think to update your security settings so that only people you give permission to can access your photos, details and other media you publish on social websites. Selfies and other kinds of photos should only be seen by you and those clients you trust 100%.We see time and time again on other directories fake accounts being created and have actually seen some of the escorts we have on NaughtyAds have their identity scammed on other sites using selfies and other photos to promote fake escort advertisements on other websites.5. Watermark Your PhotographsThis is really easy (just like you can see in the photos in this blog post and others), simply by adding your logo, or your name; what is commonly referred to as a Watermark is an amazing protective tool. There are some great applications on app stores for your phone, computer and tablets. Whatever device you are using considering searching for a watermarking app so you can start protecting your photographs before you load them onto the internet.If you are looking for an escort directory you can safely advertise on, we recommend creating a listing on NaughtyAds today click here to create your account.
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Complete List of Sexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Australia

November 20th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
Sexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers Melbourne and VictoriaYour responsibilities as a sex worker, under the Sex Work Act (1994):Three monthly testing for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV and a genital examination to exclude the presence of warts and herpes lesions. Swabs may be taken from your throat, vagina, cervix and or anus, and a urine test depending on your gender and sexual services that you provide. A blood test is also taken.MelbourneMelbourne Sexual Health Centre provides confidential, free sexual health check-ups and certificates for sex workers. These check-ups are required by Victorian legislation and help to ensure any infections can be identified and treated, protecting your health.Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5.00pmOr by Appointment Only Thur Evening Clinic: 5.00 - 7.00pmPhone: 03 9341 6200Location: Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, 580 Swanston Street, Carlton, 3053 VicMelbourne Sexual Health CentreSexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Sydney and New South WalesThe services sexual health clinics offer a free check-up and do not require a Medicare card. For sexual health information and advice, or to find your closest appropriate sexual health service, call the NSW Sexual Health Infolink on 1800 451 624. For updated locations, hours and information please check​Sydney Sexual Health CentreSydney Hospital, Nightingale WingMacquarie Street, Sydney 2000Phone: (02) 9382 7440 |Web: - Rapid HIV Testing AvailableSurry HillsRapid HIV & STI Testing For Gay Men andProvided By Those Who Know Them Best.414 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills  NSW 2010    Rapid HIV Testing AvailableResults in 30 minutes.Wednesday and Thursday4:30 – 7:30pmSurry Hills    The Albion Centre150-154 Albion Street, Surry Hills 2010Phone: (02) 9332 9600Web:    Rapid HIV Testing AvailableTransgender and Gender Diverse Sexual Health service. The service operates every Tuesday from 2-6pm at the Albion Centre in a Transgender and Gender Diverse friendly and safe place. By appointment only.Darlinghurst    Oxford St 167 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010Web:    Rapid HIV Testing Available 11am - 7pm on Monday - Friday11:30am - 2:30pm on SaturdayDarlinghurst    St Vincent's HospitalLevel 4, Xavier Building390 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst   NSW   2010Phone: (02) 8382 3707    Rapid HIV Testing AvailablePotts Point    Clinic 180180 Victoria Street, Potts Point, Potts Point NSWPhone: (02) 9357 1299, (02) 9360 2766    Rapid HIV Testing AvailableKings Cross    Kirketon Road CentreAbove the Darlinghurst Fire StationVictoria Street (entrance), Kings Cross 2010(02) 9360 2766    Rapid HIV Testing AvailableCamperdown    RPA Sexual Health Clinic16 Marsden Street, Camperdown NSW 2050(02) 9515 1200    Rapid HIV Testing AvailableCamperdown    NewtownRapid HIV & STI Testing For Gay Men and Provided By Those Who Know Them Best.Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)Level 1, 222 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042    Monday 4:20 - 7:20pmTuesday 4:20 – 7:20pmSt Leonards    Clinic 16Royal North Shore Community Health CentreLevel 5, 2C Herbert Street, St Leonards NSW 2065Phone: (02) 9462 9500Web:    Kogarah    Short Street CentreSexual Health Clinic, St George HospitalGround Floor - Prichard WingShort Street, Kogarah 2217Phone: (02) 9113 2742Web: HIV Testing AvailableParramatta    Western Sydney Sexual Health Service, ParramattaParramatta Health Service162 Marsden Street, Parramatta 2150Phone: (02) 9843 3124Web: HIV Testing AvailableWollongong    Illawarra Sexual Health ServicePort Kembla HospitalFairfax Road, Warrawong 2502Phone: (02) 4276 2399Web:    Liverpool    Liverpool Sexual Health Clinic13 Elizabeth Street, Liverpool 2170Phone: (02) 9827 8022    Penrith/Nepean    Nepean Sexual Health Clinic, Court BuildingNepean Hospital, Derby Street, Kingswood 2747Phone: (02) 4734 2507    Mount Druitt    Western Sydney Sexual Health Service, Mt DruittMt Druitt Community Health CentreKelly Close, Mount Druitt 2770Phone: (02) 9881 1206Web:    Katoomba    Blue Mountains Sexual Health/HIV ClinicBlue Mountains HospitalGreat Western Highway, Katoomba 2780Phone: (02) 4784 6560    Sutherland    SouthZone Sexual Health CentreCommunity Health CaringbahThe Sutherland Hospital430 The Kingsway, Caringbah 2229Phone: (02) 9522 1000, (02) 9113 2742Web:​hivtestAlbury    Albury Sexual Health ServiceAlbury Community Health ServiceSexual Health Service596 Smollett Street, Albury 2640Phone: (02) 6058 1831    Batemans Bay    Community Health Service 7 Pacific StreetBatemans Bay 2536 NSWPh: 1300 139 887 (for appointment)(02) 4475 7205    Bathurst    Bathurst Health Service, Specialist Clinics 363 Howick StBathurst 2795(02) 6392 8600 or 1800-816-925    Outreach service of Orange Sexual HealthBega    Community Health Service 4 Virginia DriveBega 2550 NSWPh: 1300 131 562 (for appointment)(02) 6491 9800    Bourke    Bourke Sexual Health Service, Community Health Centre26 Tarcoon Street, Bourke 2840Phone: (02) 6870 8883    Broken Hill    Clinic 9Broken Hill Sexual Health Clinic / Viral Hepatitis Clinic2-4 Sulphide Street Broken Hill NSW 2880Phone: 08 8080 1100 Fax 08 8080 1754Canowindra    Canowindra Community Health CentreRyall StreetCanowindra 2804(02) 6392 8600 or 1800-816-925    Outreach service of Orange Sexual HealthCoffs Harbour    Sexual Health Clinic (Clinic 916)Coffs Harbour Health Campus345 Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour 2450Phone: (02) 6656 7865    Condobolin    Condobolin Health Service, Community HealthMadline StreetCondobolin 2877(02) 6392 8600 or 1800-816-925    Outreach service of Orange Sexual HealthCowra    Cowra Health Service64 Liverpool StreetCowra 2794(02) 6392 8600 or 1800-816-925    Outreach service of Orange Sexual HealthDareton    Wentworth/Balranald Sexual Health Service42-44 Tapio Street, Dareton 2717(03) 5021 7200    Dubbo    Dubbo Sexual Health203 Brisbane Street, Dubbo 2830(02) 6841 2489    Forbes    Forbes Community Health CentreElgin StreetForbes 2871(02) 6392 8600 or 1800-816-925    Outreach service of Orange Sexual Health​Forster    â€‹Forster Community Health14 Breese ParadeForster 2428Phone: (02) 4016 4536     â€‹Outreach of Taree Sexual Health Clinic.Phone calls handled by Pacific Clinic​ NewcastleGrafton    Grafton Sexual Health (Clinic 229)Grafton Base HospitalArthur Street, Grafton 2460Phone: (02) 6640 2229    Griffith    Griffith Community Health Centre39 Yambil Street, Griffith 2680Phone: (02) 6966 9900    Gosford    Holden Street Clinic69 Holden Street, Gosford 2250Phone: (02) 4320 2114    Goulburn    Goulburn Community Health Centrecnr Faithfull and Goldsmith Streets, Goulburn 2580Phone: (02) 4827 3913    Kempsey    Clinic 33, Kempsey Community Health CentrePolwood St, Kempsey 2440Phone: (02) 6562 6066    Lightning Ridge    Lightning Ridge Health ServiceCnr Opal and Pandora Streets, Lightning Ridge 2843Phone: (02) 6829 1022    Lismore    Lismore Sexual Health ServiceNorthern Rivers Area Health ServiceLismore Base Hospital4 Shepherd Lane, Lismore 2480Phone: (02) 6620 2980    â€‹Narooma    â€‹Narooma Community Health CentreCorner Field and Graham Street, Narooma, 2546 ​Phone: 1800 999 880 ​    â€‹Newcastle    Pacific ClinicNewcastle Sexual Health ServiceLevel 2, 670 Hunter Street, Newcastle 2300Phone: (02) 4016 4536 | Fax: (02) 4016 4535Web: (Newcastle)    ACON Hunter129 Maitland Road, Islington 2296Phone: (02) 4962 7700    Outreach of Pacific Clinic Newcastle Sexual HealthNowra    Sexual Health Clinic, Shoalhaven District HospitalShoalhaven StreetNowra 2541Phone: (02) 4423 9353Web:    Orange    Orange Sexual Health ClinicKite Street Community Health Centre96 Kite Street, Orange 2800Phone: (02) 6392 8600, 1800-816-925    Parkes    Parkes Community Health Centre18 Coleman RoadParkes 2870(02) 6392 8600 or 1800-816-925    Outreach service of Orange Sexual HealthPort Macquarie    Clinic 33, Port Macquarie Community Health CentreMorton StreetPort Macquarie 2444Phone: (02) 6588 2750    Queanbeyan    Queanbeyan Community Health CentreCrn Erin and Collett StreetsQueanbeyan 2620Ph: (02) 6150 7150    Tamworth    Clinic 468, 468 Peel St, Tamworth 2340Phone: (02) 6764 8080 | Fax: (02) 6766 6835Web:    Taree Sexual Health Clinic64 Pulteney Street, Taree 2430Phone: (02) 4016 4536 Web: calls handled by Pacific Clinic​ NewcastleTweed Heads    Clinic 145, Tweed Valley Sexual Health Service145 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads 2450Phone: (07) 5506 6850    Wagga Wagga    Sexual Health Service79 Brookong Avenue, Wagga Wagga 2650(02) 6925 2973Sexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Adelaide and South AustraliaAnyone who trades sex for money, goods or services is welcome to attend Adelaide Sexual Health Centre at any time. We offer discrete and confidential clinical services for all sex workers.All services are free. No Medicare card is required and you do not need to use your real name.A quiet, safe space is available for sex workers while attending the clinic.You can make an appointment by phoning (08) 8222 5075, or you can just walk in; whatever suits you best.1st Floor, 275 North Terrace, Adelaide, South AustraliaTelephone: (08) 7117 2800Fax: (08) 7117 2855No appointment necessaryOpening times:Mon: 9.00 am to 4.30 pmTues: 11.00 am to 6.30 pmWeds: 11.00 am to 6.30 pmThurs: 1.00 pm to 4.30 pmFri: 9.00 am to 4.30 pmCheck updated locations, opening hours and information here: Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Brisbane and QueenslandFor all Queensland health clinics, please check the updated location, hours and information here: (Brisbane)2 Winn StreetFortitude Valley QLD 4006HIV and syphilis testingTuesday-Friday 3-8pm, Saturday 12-5pm(07) 3013 5566Email: (Gold Coast)Shop 12, 89-99 West Burleigh RoadBurleigh Heads QLD 4220HIV and syphilis testingThursday 3-6pm(07) 3013 5566Email: (@ Wet)22 Jeays StreetBowen Hills QLD 4006HIV and syphilis testingTuesdays 2-7pm(07) 3013 5566Email: (@ Bodyline)45 Peel StreetSouth Brisbane QLD 4101HIV and syphilis testingWednesday 2-7pm(07) 3013 5566Email: 30 (Queensland AIDS Council)30 Helen StreetTeneriffe QLD 4005HIV and STI TestingGP Clinic: Mon 10am-4pm, Thurs 11am-7pm, Fri 11am-3pmPsychology Service: Mon-Wed; Gender Clinic: Wed 10am-4pmMedicare card requiredPhone: (07) 3017 1777Testing Point @ Clinic 30 (Queensland AIDS Council)30 Helen StreetTeneriffe QLD 4005Walk in Service Tuesdays 6-8pm (HIV and STI testing)Medicare card requiredPhone: (07) 3017 1777Clinic 30 Outreach Clinic @ Number 2929 McLachlan StreetFortitude Valley QLD 4006Walk in Service Thursdays 7.00pm - 10.00pm (HIV and STI testing)Medicare card requiredBrisbaneLevel 1, 270 Roma StreetBRISBANE QLD 4001Phone: (07) 3837 5611Fax: (07) 3837 5640Email: Monday-Friday 8.00am-4.00pm (closed public holidays)Pharmacy is closed Wednesday afternoonsRedcliffe181 Anzac AvePO Box 162KIPPA-RING QLD 4020Phone: (07) 3897 6300Fax: (07) 3897 6311Email: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.00am-12pm and 1.00pm-4pmClosed: Wednesday, Saturday, SundayCabooltureKing Street Community Health Centre,Caboolture Square,Level 5,60-78 King StreetCaboolture  Qld   4510Townsville35 Gregory StreetNorth Ward Q 4810Ph: +61 7 4433 9600 - ask for Sexual HealthFax: +61 7 4433 9641Email: Send EmailRegular clinic hoursMonday:8.00am-4.30pmMonday evenings 4.30-7.00pm by appointment ONLY.Please note: The door is locked from 4.30pm. Please press the green button on the left of the door for after-hours service.Tuesday:8:00am-12:00pmWednesday, Thursday and Friday:8.00am-4.30pmSaturday and Sunday: ClosedKirwan Community Health Campus Wednesday and ThursdayBookings via triage nursePh: 44339600TAIHS421 Fulham Rd, HeatleyMonday 3pm-6pm (except public holidays)Drop-in or appointments made by phoning 4417 8000Tuesday – (Alternate) Drop-In CentreDean Park, South Townsville8.30am-11:00amCharters Towers Outreach Clinic – Allied Health Building Charters TowersThursdays – (Alternate) Hospital 3:00pm-7:00pmHughenden and Richmond Outreach ClinicsThree-monthlyAppointments and enquiries can be made by calling 0429488710 or drop in.Cairns Sexual Health ServiceAddress: Cairns North Community Health (upstairs)381 Sheridan Street, Cairns(Opposite Tobruk Pool)Phone: (07) 4226 4769Fax: (07) 4226 4771Rockhampton92 Bolsover Street (PO Box 4040)Rockhampton Q 4700Telephone:  (07) 4932 5440Facsimile:  (07) 4932 5445Email: hoursMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pmTuesday: 8:30am - 7:00pm Appointments PreferredYouth Outreach Clinic - ‘Headspace’BINBI WUDHALA155 Alma StreetRockhampton Q 4700Telephone: (07) 4921 9800Mackay Community Health12 – 14 Nelson StreetMackay Q 4740P (07) 4968 3919Opening TimesMonday to Friday8.00am to 4.30pmNambour ClinicLocated on campus of Nambour General Hospital (next to multi-story carpark)Mapleton RdNambour QLD 4560Phone: (07) 5470 5244Sunshine Coast University Hospital ClinicAmbulatory Care CentreLevel 1, 6 Doherty StreetBirtinya QLD 4575Phone: (07) 5470 5244Noosa Community Centre Clinic  Bottlebrush AvenueNoosa QLD 4567Phone: (07) 5470 5244Gympie Hospital Clinic  Specialist Outpatient ServicesLevel 1, Dunstan BuildingGympie Hospital, Henry StreetGympie QLD 4570Phone: (07) 5470 5244Ipswich Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus (BBV) ServiceGround Floor, Ipswich Health Plaza21 Bell Street Ipswich Queensland 4305Monday - Friday8am to 4pm07 3817 2428Southport Health PrecinctLevel 4, 16-30 High StreetSouthport Q 4215Monday 7am–4:30pmTuesday 7am–4:30pmWednesday 7:15am–12:15pm,3pm–6:30pmThursday 7am–6:30pmFriday 7am–3:45pmPhone: (07) 56879200Palm Beach Sexual Health ClinicFirst Floor Palm Beach Community Centre9 Fifth AvenuePalm Beach Q 4221Tuesday only8:15am – 4:00pmPhone: (07) 56879200Public Medicine - Kobi HousePechey StreetToowoomba Q 4350Opening hoursMonday to Friday: 8.00am - 5.00pmSaturday and Sunday: ClosedTelephone: (07) 4616 6446Q Clinic, Wide Bay Sexual Health312 Bourbong StreetMargaret Rose CentreBundaberg Qld 4670Telephone:  07 4150 2754Opening hours Monday 8.30am - 3.00pmTuesday: 8.30am - 5.00pmWednesday: 8.30am - 5.00pmThursday: 9.00am - 6.00pmAppointments preferredSexual Health1 Barkly HighwayMount Isa Q 4825Telephone:  (07) 4764 0200Hours of available serviceMonday to Friday : 8.00am - 4.30pmAppointment (preferred) or walk-in.Sexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Perth and Western AustraliaFor updated location, hours and information see here:    South Terrace ClinicLevel 2, Fremantle Hospital (B Block)Alma StreetFremantle WA 6160(08) 9431    headspace FremantleLevel 1 Wesley CentralCnr Market Street and  Cantonment StreetFremantle WA 6160(08) 9335    Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ)70 Roe StreetNorthbridge WA 6003(08) 9227    Women’s Health and Family Services227 Newcastle StreetNorthbridge WA 6003(08) 6330 5400 or 1800 998    Quarry Health Centre170 Aberdeen StreetNorthbridge WA 6003(08) 9227 1444Perth    Royal Perth Hospital, Sexual Health ClinicLevel 4, Ainslie House48 Murray StreetPerth WA 6000(08) 9224    Derbarl Yerrigan (Aboriginal Health Service)156 Wittenoom StreetPerth WA 6004(08) 9421 Perth    M Clinic548 Newcastle StreetWest Perth WA 6005(08) 9227    headspace Albany3/15 Peels PlaceAlbany WA 6330(08) 9842    headspace Armadale40 Fourth RoadArmadale WA 6992(08) 9393    headspace BroomeShop A, 38 Frederick StreetBroome WA 6725(08) 9193    South West Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) Outreach Clinic-BrunswickSt Johns Ambulance Sub Centre1 Ridley StreetBrunswick WA 6224(08) 9734 Bunbury1/82 Blair StreetBunbury WA 6230(08) 6164    South West  Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) OutreachUnit 5/55 Forrest AvenueBunbury WA 6230(08) 9726 6000 or 1800 779    Carnarvon Population Health UnitCnr Stuart Street and Johnson StreetCarnarvon WA 6701(08) 9941 0560Collie    South West AMS Outreach Clinic – CollieCollie HospitalDeakin StreetCollie WA 6225(08) 9726    Geraldton Population Health UnitShenton StreetGeraldton WA 6530(08) 9956 1985Geraldton    Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Health ServiceRifle Range RoadRangeway WA 6530(08) 9956    Kalgoorlie-Boulder Population Health Unit36-42 Ware StreetBoulder WA 6432(08) 9080 8200Kalgoorlie    headspace KalgoorlieLevel 1, 48 Brookman StreetKalgoorlie, WA 6430(08) 9021 West AMS Outreach Clinic-ManjimupGP Down South RoomsUnit 7-8 / 30-32 Rose StreetManjimup WA 6258(08) 9771 Park    headspace Osborne Park145 Main StreetOsborne Park WA 6017(08) 9208 Hedland    Pilbara Public Health UnitHedland Health CampusColebatch WaySouthHedland WA 6722(08) 9174 1660Sexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Hobart and TasmaniaFor updated locations, hours and information please check: Collins StreetHOBART TAS  7000Telephone: (03) 6166 2672Fax: (03) 6173 0322Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pmClosed between: 1:00pm – 2:00pmLaunceston34 Howick StreetLAUNCESTON   TAS   7250Telephone: (03) 6777 1371Fax: (03) 6777 5101Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pmClosed between: 1:00pm – 1:30pmSexual Health Clinics for Sex Workers in Darwin and Northern TerritoryFor updated locations, hours and information please see: Mitchell StreetDarwinPhone: 08 8999 2678Monday8:30am to 10am by appointment only10:30am to 3:30pm walk-in clinicTuesday8:30am to 10am by appointment only10:30am to 3:30pm walk-in clinic4:30pm to 6pm by appointment onlyWednesday8:30am to 10am by appointment only10:30am to 3:30pm walk-in clinicThursday8:30am to 10am by appointment only10:30am to 3:30pm walk-in clinicFriday8:30am to 10am by appointment only10:30am to 3pm walk-in clinicAlice SpringsBuilding 2, Stuart TerraceAlcohol and other Drugs Service Central Australia (ADSCA) BuildingAlice SpringsPhone: 08 8951 7549Monday 8:30am to 3:30pm9:30am to 11:30am call for resultsTuesday 8:30am to 3:30pm9:30am to 11:30amcall for resultsWednesday 10:30am to 3:30pm9:30am to 11:30amcall for resultsThursday 8:30am to 3:30pm9:30am to 11:30amcall for resultsFriday 8:30am to 3pm9:30am to 11:30amcall for resultsKatherineOn Katherine Hospital groundsGorge RoadKatherinePhone: 08 8973 9049Monday 8:30am to 4pmTuesday 8:30am to 4pmWednesday 8:30am to 4pmThursday 8:30am to 4pmFriday 8:30am to 4pmNhulunbuyCorner Mathew Flinders Way and Chesterfield CourtNhulunbuyPhone: 08 8987 0357Monday 8:30am to 4pmTuesday 8:30am to 4pmWednesday 8:30am to 4pmThursday 8:30am to 4pmFriday 8:30am to 4pmTennant CreekTennant Creek HospitalCorner Windly and Schmidt StreetsTennant CreekPhone: 08 8962 4259Monday 8:30am to 4pmTuesday 8:30am to 4pmWednesday 8:30am to 4pmThursday 8:30am to 4pmFriday 8:30am to 4pm If we have missed any clinics please let us know at so we can keep this list current. Please check the links provided for updated locations, hours and information for each state's sexual health clinic providers.
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5 Hot Tips To Get Your Clients To Become Regulars

November 15th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
Let's say your Independent Sex Worker Ads and Adult Services Ads on NaughtyAds are working well and you have lots of bookings flooding in but you're noticing that you have a lot of one-time punters that you would like to encourage to become regular clients of yours.When it comes to working in the big leagues as a High-Class Independent Australian Escort you need to pay attention to the smaller things when dating your high profile clients. Start by working out which clients you would like to become your potential regulars so pay extra attention to how you look and behave on the first date. This can truly help set you up for more regular bookings.Here are 5 hot tips to get your clients to become regulars:1. Dress To Impress For Every OccasionWhen you dress for every occasion it's important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be too over-dressed and that you respect the dress code (if there is one) of the event you are attending with your client.A general rule most Independent Escorts follow is ‘when in doubt, wear black’ but in this case if you are going on an intimate date with your client, consider opting for brighter colours. Darker colours are a safe choice but scientific research shows that you can impress and affect your gentlemen, female or trans caller simply by adjusting the colours to appear more confident and friendly.2. Don’t Be Late. EverBefore you start getting ready for your booking with your client you met on NaughtyAds, make sure you take a couple of minutes to find the location you are going to and work out how best to get there on time. Arriving earlier is a lot better than arriving late.Preparing your journey before you leave means you can comfortably dress to impress without fear of running late - because being late is an immediate turn off for some clients, especially when they are on time and may be anxiously waiting to meet you.3. Compliment Your Client. Appreciate ThemDon’t be short on compliments with your client and always appreciate the little things they do for you. Everyone loves being recognised, especially on a first date, so let your client know how much you appreciate the effort they have taken to invite you to spend time with them.4. Turn Your Fun Personality OnTake a deep breath before you leave to meet with your client and switch on the fun, bubbly and energetic personality you know your clients love. If you keep the conversation light, sticking to topics like hobbies, holidays and things that make both of you happy, this will keep interest and genuine positive conversation flowing.High End clients want an Independent Australian Escort they can relax, unwind and talk with openly, so make sure you are full of smiles and no nerves because this will encourage your client to feel more calm, relaxed and confident spending time with you.Regardless of how your day is going up until that meeting, throw on that smile and you will be one step closer to a regular client opportunity.5. Confidence Is KeyA confident Australian Sex Worker is a very sexy Adult Service Provider. Whenever you have a date coming up with a new client, remember to show confidence through your style and let it sparkle with your personality. Always make eye contact when talking to your client and be prepared to smile and flirt with warmth and charm.At NaughtyAds we have spoken with many of our advertisers and they have told us that when you pay attention to the little things we have shared in this blog post and put them into practice on every date with your clients. you'll be sure to make a lasting first impression.So, what are you waiting for? Give it your best and present yourself with confidence and if you are not already, start advertising on NaughtyAds today and get exposure to over 300,000 hits from clients every month. You can start from just $1 per day. All Australian Sex Workers and Adult Service Providers are welcome.
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Do’s and Don’ts When Booking An Escort On NaughtyAds

November 14th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
At NaughtyAds we love connecting Australian Independent Escorts and Adult Service Providers with respectful, kind and courteous punters just like you around the country as well as to those travelling to Australia for business or pleasure.When Booking an Escort anywhere online and even more importantly when they are on NaughtyAds, we want to make sure that our escorts access the best punters they can. We therefore want to help you get the most out of your experience using our website by understanding what to do and what not to do when booking escorts.1. Your HygieneImagine you’re on a date with a really sexy someone; you’re laughing and smiling at each other and giving them the hint you want a lil’ extra… then they open their mouth to say something or to kiss you. You’re hit hard with their bad breath and…Feeling instantly turned off?It’s the same the other way around: your Independent Escort or Adult Services Provider cannot wait to feel your mouth over them, but if they get a whiff of your bad breath then you've just made it really hard for either of you to relax into the moment and go at it like rabbits.So…make sure you brush your teeth properly (especially if you smoke a lot or you just ate some onion or other similarly pungent foods) and Invest in great dental care products and you’ll be fine. Take care of your hygiene because the Escorts and Adult Service Providers are going to be the hunk or goddess of your dreams with incredible hygiene to please you.This should go without mention, but don’t forget to take a shower before you meet that Male Escort, Female Escort, or Trans Escort you just met on NaughtyAds; comb your hair, and wear new clothes if you’ve just returned from work or the gym.Look at yourself in the mirror and ask this question: would you get down and dirty with yourself?If the answer’s yes, you’re good to go!2. Slip It On Or The Whole Thing Is OffYes, we are talking about condoms, rubbers, duffle bags. No matter the size of your johnson, the expectation for Independent Escorts is safe sex equals great sex.There are many different condom brands out there that promise you the real feeling as if there's nothing on your willy. Some varieties also enhance sensations. So… don’t beg for sex without a condom if it’s not on the menu and definitely DO NOT take the rubber off during your session because this could be illegal and will land yourself on the blacklist IMMEDIATELY.What is the blacklist?Australian Independent Escorts and Adult Service Providers protect themselves and each other. You may not be aware of this or realise but there is a list out there for sex workers to access that helps them identify who is a problem punter and who is not. It can be called a blacklist or and is often referred to as an ugly mugs database.3. Do Not Waste The Time Of EscortsIf you are about to write a novel via SMS or EMAIL to your Escort and that reads more like you're submitting a feature story or an article for a writers convention, you might have already lost their interest. Escorts are going to label you as a time waster if you write long essays, so keep it short sweet to the point.Best way to contact an Escort:Contact an Escort in Australia, tell them what you’d like and if they agree with that you'll confirm a date and a time. The next part is simple - get ready for the naughtiest time of your life. If you had an incredible time always remember to send your Escort a text message or an email with a couple of emojis and maybe add a heart too! You can also write about your experience by leaving a review on Naughty Ads.4. Don’t Be A Rock. Let Your Unique Self ShineRocks just kind of sit there and have no life to them, so you might want to be a little more energetic and lively with your Australian Independent Escorts so you can build a connection with them. Avoid being too quiet and always tell the Escort what your hobbies and insterests are.Being open with your communication with an Australian Escort will help them help you have a night or a day you will never forget, for all the right (and of course the naughty) reasons.We’d also like to let you know as a punter, if you are there just for the jabby-jabby and hanky panky part and no ‘tell me more about you’ fun then that is fine but consider the stepping out or shell and making a connection as it can make for a much more gratifying experience.5. Don’t Freak Your Escort Out!What's this you say? You are probably scratching your head thinking what on earth are you talking about Naughty Ads? However; some people are more naturally anxious and shy then others. This can be true of punters but remember it can also be true for your Escort - we're all the same.If you're prone to be shying or reserved - tell your escort about this before you book them as they can then touch you in all the right places and say all the most amazing things to help you relax and feel more comfortable.6. Rules Are Not Made To Be BrokenWhen you book an Independent Escort in Australia, they all have their own particular roles to make sure you both have an incredible time together. No matter how naughty things get or how hot the heat turns up you need to respect their instructions for everyone's enjoyment.Be sure you know what the rules are, what the safe words are and any other things the Escort has told you about their do's and don'ts with their clients. If you do not understand them, you can always feel free to ask them again so they can tell you more about their rules with patience and understanding.7. Respect each other's physical and sexual limitsThere's a good chance that the Australian Escort you book on Naughty Ads will be able to perform all those moves you see in the X-rated movies you are hiding under your mattress! However, you need to respect your Australian Escort boundaries and physical limitations and never expect more than what they've told you they can provide you during your time together. If you ask nicely before booking an escort, that provider may agree on doing rougher and kinkier things with you but don't just assume.
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7 Tips On Texting Australian Escorts for Bookings

November 5th, 2019 by Naughty Ads
At NaughtyAds we know first impressions always count and when Punters are looking for the hottest Independent Sex Workers in Australia on NaughtyAds we want to make sure they get as many bookings as they want, without upsetting Australian Escorts via SMS or Email.In this blog we are sharing our 7 Tips on How to Text and Email Australian Escorts for Bookings whether its for companionship or something a lil more naughty!1. Never Ask For An Address First!Chances are you probably wouldn't give your address to someone who just walked up to you on the street that you'd never met before. You would refuse to give this information out and walk a little faster down the street away from that creep!Most Adult Service Providers in Australia and Independent Australian Escorts will want you to confirm your booking before they provide sensitive details such as their address when you are looking to make a booking.As part of most screening processes, an Australian Escort or Australian Brothel will ask you to provide your email address, name and a couple of other details as they feel necessary to ensure the safety of their Australian Companions and Australian Adult Service Providers.Be ready to provide these details and you will have an address much faster.2. Respect All InstructionsWhether you are booking your naughty experience with a Male Escort, Female Escort or Transgender Escort, each one will have some simple instructions they would like you to follow to make your experience the best they can. Some even have preferred methods of contact, so don’t frustrate them by contacting them in other ways if they prefer a certain way.For Adult Service Providers the generally accepted method of contact is email, text message, online forms, or phone call. It is also important to keep in mind that most Independent Escorts in Australia will not answer a private telephone number, so if your number comes up ‘unknown’ they will not answer.We asked our Australian Escorts and Adult Service Providers why the prefer to receive sms and emails and primarily it is because they may be in public where answering your phone call may not be the most appropriate thing for them to at that time. They may be with their friends, with family or who knows - maybe even in Church!3. Always Be Courteous and PoliteAn Independent Escort will always respect you as their client especially if they are shown respect and you are polite and courteous with your engagements with them. If you are sending text messages like “hey babe, you keen?” or “what’s doin’?” they may not reply.We recommend that punters be polite and start with “G’day” or “Hello” (keeping it friendly) and should you want to know if they are available to meet with you always follow this up with something like “would you be available at X time today?” or “what days and times are you available to meet today?”4. Ditch Words Like “Babe” and “Honey”These words should only be used if you know each other well and the Independent Australian Escort is comfortable with you calling them these types of pet names.If you have not established a close enough client-escort relationship with the Australian Sex Worker or Australian Adult Services Provider we suggest being polite and address them by their name until you know it’s okay to call them pet names.5. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.There’s nothing more annoying then waiting for a message from someone, especially if you can see a read receipt in iMessage. When an escort replies to your message it’s best to reply as soon as possible, even more so when the Escort or Adult Services Provider has agreed to meet you at a certain time on a particular day.A General Rule: if an Australian Escort or Australian Adult Services Provider has to wait more than fifteen (15) minutes for you to reply they will most likely block your number or take another booking - so be prepared to wave goodbye to that naughty Male Escort, Female Escort or Trans Escort you were chatting up - you just shattered your own dreams!One final point on punctuality is that if you are not interested in booking the Australian Escort because you have changed your mind, always be polite and let them know (so you don’t end up on the blacklist for being rude or labeled a ‘time waster’).6. Always Read The Australian Escorts Ad CarefullyAt NaughtyAds we have designed every Australian Escort Ad and Adult Service Provider Ad to be easily read on Desktop and Mobile to make your life easier when searching for the Sex Worker to fulfil your naughtiest desires!Always carefully read details like price, what they are offering for your experience and never try and negotiate their prices lower than their advertised price. Also keep in mind that if they say they aren't into doing things like Swallowing, Greek or 69, don’t try and convince them because that just wastes your time, their time and makes you look like a bit of a dick!7. On The Topic Of Dicks. DON’T SEND A DICK PIC!I think one of the number one tips we can provide to our punters on NaughtyAds is that if you are trying to entice our Naughty Female Escorts, Sexy Male Escorts or Kinky Trans Escorts by flashing your johnson, willy, wang or dick, you are setting yourself up for a lonely night!There are still men (generally, as we have not had many complaints from our Australian Escorts about female clients showcasing their vaginas in text messages!) who snap photos of their penis and send them to escorts thinking that makes a good calling card. Wrong.Send a dick pick and you will be blocked faster then it took for you to hit send on the photo, we recommend you save your genitals for the element of surprise when you meet with your Escort.
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