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The Evolutionary Awakening of the modern Escort/Sex Worker

May 29th, 2023 by Tiffany Lee
Once upon a time, there was a wise sex worker who had encountered many different male personalities throughout her career. from timid and nervous to confident, dominant and even aggressive, the sex worker had learned the art of navigating the complexities of each clients, unique desires and needs. Through her experiences, after approx 5 years , she observed what she described as a steady decline in her clients confidence, relaxed demeanour and general honesty in her conversations and interactions with her clients. By having a non-judge, mental and unobjective awareness, she was able to use different conversational techniques to come to a point of understanding that to keep her clients engaged and keep them feeling comfortable and confident ,she needed to take a focused approach to maintain each individual clients masculine identity and strong persona. She knew the only way to do this was to embody those very same characteristics within she approached each client with confidence, asserting her own limits and boundaries while also remaining open and receptive to their desires. Through her interactions, with Man, from all walks of life,the sex worker understood the importance of not only fulfilling physical needs, but also providing emotional support and understanding.she recognised the power dynamics at play, in each, and every encounter,and used her wisdom to ensure all parties felt respected and gratified. in the end, the sex workers, wisdom and skill allowed her to improve, and even thrive in her profession,while also challenging the societal norms and expectations. She understood that the tolerance and acceptance of sex work could contribute to a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities of human desire and sexuality. As she brought to light and started to reflect on all the aspects of Adult / Sex industry work and each individuals place and position within industry and most importantly within society, she speaks to all of us when she realises that we must ALL ask ourselves whether we are contributing to the feminisation of men by imposing limiting societal expectations and a type of shame onto those who don’t conform to traditional gender roles.By embracing diversity and challenging, gender norms,we can create a more tolerant and accepting society that honours the unique characteristics of what it is to feel desired, wanted and needed from another individual, regardless of our gender, sexuality, race, profession, or lifestyle choices. The time has definitely come for every person to step into the person you genuinely feel you are, not continue to define yourself by your location, but instead, turn your attention outwards and seek out “your tribe”. Those individuals that align with your values , opinions, likes and similarities.those are the people to unite with that will support you and be your strength moving forward . None of us will prosper and no one will survive , if we enter this new phase of life alone. Together, we are strong, united we are alive with humility we can show,that with each other will we will grow ..
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May 28th, 2023 by Natalie Beauford
PUNTER ETIQUETTE & MANNERS I'm writing this blog today directed for what I wish was the minority of all you punters out there. Manners are not only using the words please & thankyou, or excuse me. Manners are not a complex mathematical scientical engineering equation, they are free to use, free to display, show true charcter and morals, define ones self. They can give gratification, show appreciation and respect. Respect, courtesy, patience and common decency are also manners. The manner in which we behave shows our true self. Courtesy would be letting your chosen lady know that you will not be attending your appointment, please have patience when waiting for your chosen lady to respond to a call or message - she might be getting herself ready, she might be dedicating her present time to someone or she may be trying on some very sexy lingerie so she can wear it for you when she presents herself. So please do not send rude "????" texts, I personally find them distasteful and inconsiderate of my working hard in my profession, and you will most likely (when sent to me) be politely told you are not the kind of punter I accept as a guest, thankyou for the time taken to have messaged and I wish you well in your punting elsewhere. However, a gentleman who shows distinguished manners will find himself favoured and possibly even prioritised should another punters preferred time overlap. He might possibly recieve extra time or a discount maybe, however it may be, his well-mannered nature will not go unnoticed. It does not take much effort at all to be chivalrous and noble, and behave in a mature manner tantrum-free, and I can not stress this enough that our manners reflect who we are, and do reflect upon those around us. I encourage patient, compassionate & respectful behaviour, the same as you wish to recieve, along with the due care I give to you, and to my remarkable, spunky, handsome & well-mannered punters.. Thankyou! Its the little things that matter, so do not underestimate the importance of good manners! ♥️ Natalie xx
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Becoming an Escort: How Does an Escort Agency Work?

May 28th, 2023 by VIP GIRLS
Can you believe that there is a career path with regular opportunities for sex and the chance to be paid handsomely for it at the same time? It sounds too good to be true, but it is a viable job and a reality for many. The decision to become an escort can arise from a desire for sexual satisfaction, curiosity, or the potential for high earnings. However, it is not a job for everyone, and you must understand the risks and benefits before deciding. Whether you plan to work full-time, part-time, or as a hobbyist, if you are confident this is the right career choice, refer to this blog post. We discuss all you need to know about becoming an escort in Auckland and how the difference between freelancing and escort agency work. How Does Escorting Work in New Zealand? In New Zealand, prostitution, brothel-keeping, and street solicitation are all legal activities under the Prostitution Reform Act 2003. This Act decriminalised sex work and established a minimal regulatory framework. It classifies any establishment that offers sexual services as a “brothel.” Operators must hold a special license and ensure sex workers are over 18 years old and practice safer sex. Escort agencies and freelance escorting work are also legal under the same legislation. The law treats sex work through an escort agency similarly to sex work in a brothel. Sex workers who work through an escort agency are considered independent contractors, not employees. The agency is responsible for ensuring that the workers are over 18 years old, practice safer sex, and have the legal right to work in New Zealand. How Do I Become an Escort? Becoming an escort takes more than just an interest in the job; you must also possess the necessary aptitude. The best escorts display charm and emotional sensitivity when attending to clients, like a customer service job where great service leads to higher ratings and better pay. While certain body shapes and descents (lucky ladies boasting ample bosoms or Asian escorts, for example) may be in higher demand, a pretty face and sexy figure will only get you so far. Contrary to the misconception that escorting is simply about the sexual aspect, building a genuine connection with clients is often just as important. Some clients will seek out escorts not only for physical services but also for companionship. Some clients want somebody to confide in without fear of judgment, so being a good listener and providing emotional support are key characteristics to succeed in escorting. Agency or Freelance? Escort Agency Work If you’re new to escort work, joining a reputable escort agency can be a great way to start. Escort agency work can provide a stronger sense of safety and security than independent work. To find a reputable agency, look online, talk to other escorts, or contact your local sex worker advocacy group for recommendations. We recommend visiting different agencies and asking questions to find one that suits you best. Although the agency will take a portion of your income, the numerous benefits outweigh the cost. For instance, the agency will handle your bookings and screen your clients, providing you with safety and security. A reputable agency will respect your limits and boundaries, providing a safe and hygienic work environment. Plus, your agency can answer any questions and provide valuable resources. Freelance Escorting Freelance escorting means you can work for yourself without a license, with the freedom to work from home or any other place you prefer. You can market your services independently by creating a website or social media presence to promote yourself. Alternatively, you can advertise your services as an independent contractor on escort websites like VIP Girls. One of the benefits of being a freelance escort is that you have complete control over your schedule and workload, and you can set your prices and keep all the profits. However, this also means you’re responsible for managing bookings, screening your clients, and ensuring your safety. Day to Day Operations Recognising and setting your limitations while working as an escort will aid in maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. Set Boundaries Clear boundaries ensure you are comfortable and safe. Before booking any clients, determine what services you are willing to offer and the relevant fees. You can choose whether to provide full service or cater to specific clients. Determining what you are unwilling to do is in your control, such as unprotected sex.  Establishing physical and emotional boundaries is equally essential, as you need to know your limits and what makes you feel comfortable. Take care of yourself by eating nutritious food, staying hydrated, and taking time for self-care. These boundaries allow you to maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure you are respected and valued professionally. Working Hours and Environment In most escort agency work establishments, you can set your working hours and environment according to your comfort and safety. Agencies offer a secure and comfortable environment, free from potential risks or threats. As an independent escort, you decide your working hours based on availability and client demand. You can provide incall or outcall services depending on your preference and client needs. However, it is crucial to set realistic working hours and stick to them to avoid exhaustion or burnout. How Will Your Relationships Work? Maintaining relationships as an escort worker can be challenging, but it is crucial to communicate your needs and expectations with your partners to avoid any misunderstandings or unintentional boundary crossings. Being honest with your friends and partners about your profession helps prevent tension and misunderstandings in your relationships. Consider how your work may impact your relationships and decide whether you disclose your profession. Staying Safe Be firm and assertive when communicating your boundaries with clients. You have the right to say no to any scenarios where you feel uncomfortable, even after payment. Establish a safety plan in case a client violates your boundaries. A safety plan includes a way to contact someone for help, a safe place to go, and knowing how to defend yourself if necessary. We advise that you stay informed about the laws and regulations related to escort work in your area. Doing so ensures you operate within legal and safe boundaries and know your rights. Getting Started with VIP Girls Escorting can be a truly empowering and fulfilling career path. If you’re considering this profession, don’t let societal norms hold you back from pursuing your dreams and exploring your passions. Experience all this unique and dynamic profession offers and work on your terms. Find out more by signing up with VIP Girls as an independent private escort today.
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28/5/23 Brisbane

May 27th, 2023 by Young Dolph
Today 28/5/2023 I’m in Brisbane from 12pm till tomorrow 29/5/2023 9am. Call or write for appt! #Heracles
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Sexy young lady

May 26th, 2023 by Happy Soothing
Hi gentlemen I am Julia 27 years old from Asia. Sweet Gentle and Sexy young lady from Asia. I am Petite slim with smooth skin. i know what you want and i am willing to give it to you. Come enjoy my lovely body while i give u a sensual massage. Feel free to tell me what you want and I will try my very best for you! i Speak Good English so i am sure you will enjoy my companionship Rooms are nice and clean lots of car park and discreet back door access Thanks for your Interest i would prefer if you can whatsapp me +61414215524 or click this link Please Ask For Julia you can visit our telegram channel to check our latest updates or visit our website to see who is avaliable Cash only Please
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Conversation Starters for Your Escort Date

May 24th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
There are many reasons to hire an escort. You could be lonely, want to talk to someone new, craving intimacy, or need company for an upcoming corporate or business event. Whatever the reason, you must be ready to converse with your escort. Generally, escorts are experts at conversations; in most cases, you just have to follow the lead. However, the first few minutes of the date might feel awkward as you barely know each other. Here are some ideas for conversation starters for your escort date.   Some Tips to Break the Ice Here are some essential tips to remember on your first meeting with an escort. Be Honest Escorts Brisbane are open-minded professionals, so there's no reason to lie. Be bold and tell them if you have funny feelings about yourself or them during the date. Even if you’re unsure how these things go, explaining that to them will help you immensely. Be kind Kindness comes a long way in making a great first impression. Escorts are here to have a good time with you, so the last thing you want to be is rude to them. Keep an open mind through the date and treat them respectfully. Exciting Topics to Discuss If you’re missing a skill or two, here are some exciting topic ideas that will work just fine! 1. Favourites One of the best conversation starters is talking about favourites. Chances are high that you and your escort have different preferences, which presents an opportunity for you to know each other better. They can vary from books, movies, drinks, food and travel destinations. 2. Basics About Yourselves Clients and escorts are known for wanting to stay anonymous and keeping their personal information safe. While that is necessary and highly recommended, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know each other at a personal level. You can have a shallow discussion of your private lives, such as hobbies and activities or likes and dislikes. 3. Expectations Booking an escort means you carry your expectations to the date. Discussing them outrightly is a perfect ice breaker since it clears the air on what you want to discuss during the date and what happens after the date. 4. Fantasies Ideally, these are the best discussions with an escort as they give them an idea of what you want from the interaction. Tell your escort what you desire, especially in the romantic dimension. Also, listen to what they have to say. That way, you’re likely to get a more tailored sensual experience. 5. Boundaries Fantasies dictate boundaries. Make sure you discuss your interaction limits and let them know what you’re willing to do and what you aren’t. This is another recipe for a more fulfilling experience. Final thoughts While a first encounter can be an intimidating experience, the tips above shall be beneficial. We suggest treating every encounter just as you would treat a first romantic date. Feel free to rush back and refer to this simple guide whenever you're in doubt. Happy times!            
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Brisbane Availability Changes

May 22nd, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hi My Darling Brisbane Gents, Please know I have Very Limited Availability at the moment .. Getting things fixed in my apartment as well as personal matters at hand.  I would highly recommend Advanced Booking for any required date .. This will be up until July .. So Please Advanced book  Tuesday 23rd 1pm till late  Wednesday 7am till 5pm Thursday 7am-5pm Tuesday 30th 7am-10pm  Wednesday 7am-10pm  Thursday 7am-10pm  Friday 9th June 7am-10pm  Saturday 7am-10pm  Monday 12th 7am-10pm  Kandice xxx 
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Escort Terms and Abbreviations- Words to Know Before Meeting an Escort

May 22nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The escort and sex industry, in general, is secretive and is known for having a language of its own- a language that only clients and escorts understand. This language is used to communicate the terms of services offered.  For a client, it's essential to understand the terms for you to get a memorable experience. You're in trouble if you don’t figure out this lingo. Here is a short guide for some common terms, phrases and abbreviations that will be helpful. 1. GFE. This is a common abbreviation, especially with Adelaide Escorts. It means Girlfriend Experience. GFE is a very intimate service where the escort acts like a girlfriend rather than a hired companion.  It’s a perfect service when you’re lonely and craving deeper intimacy. It often comes as a package, including services such as sex and kissing. You may also get other non-penetrative favours such as hand jobs. 2. PSE. Porn star experience is another common term in the escort dialect. It’s an erotic sexual encounter similar to what you see in porn videos. PSE includes exclusive nasty talks, role-plays and any other extreme fantasy you might have. 3. Happy Ending. This is a commonly used name, especially in brothels and massage parlours. A happy ending simply means a sensual massage followed by a hand job. Massages with happy endings are common in Australia. 4. MILF. You’ve probably heard of this one. Mother I’d like to fuck. Simply put, a MILF is an attractive woman who is ideally older than the person using the term. Many escorts are MILFs, and if you have a fetish for some, all you have to do is make your order. 5. MFF. Male female female. This is a term that is commonly used where threesomes are involved. It means a threesome between two females and one male. We have escorts who offer such an experience, and if that’s what you’d like, we suggest using the term on your first date. 6. MMF. Male male female. Just as in the previous phrase, this is used in a threesome involving two men and one woman. 7. Mutual Masturbation. This is a sex trend in 2023 and isn’t very familiar to many clients. A mutual masturbation session involves the client and the escort masturbating simultaneously without touching each other. It's common to clients who like voyeurism. 8. DT. Also known as a deep throat, DT is a sexual act where the escort takes the entire length of a male client’s penis into her mouth. It’s a common service but requires exclusive discussions during the date. Wrapping Up. The listed phrases are the most common in escort-client dialogues. There is a ton more that we haven’t discussed. Don’t panic if you’re still not familiar with such a language. Escorts are professional and will not judge you. However, remember respect is two-way, so approach them with etiquette.      
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Incall Vs Outcall- Which Is the Best?

May 20th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Incalls and outcalls are among the most common terms in the escorting industry. The two terms are very similar and will often leave clients needing clarification. Given that the two terms are critical in defining terms of engagement, it's only fair we come through for you. Here is an explainer of incalls and outcalls, including everything you need to know. What Is an Incall Service? An incall service is where the client meets the escort at their location or place. The location could be a hotel room or any other address the escort provides. There are several reasons why escorts would prefer an incall. Most Escorts Adelaide will operate outside their private spaces. They will prefer to work in a hotel room and have clients meeting them there. Operating in such a location is safe for an escort since it helps them separate their private lives and conceal their true identities. On the other hand, most clients also prefer incalls since it comes with more discretion, in the sense that they feel safer and their actual location isn’t exposed. Also, escorts will not provide their location until the last minutes before the date to ensure their own safety. Depending on their schedule, incalls need a strict adherence to calendar and schedules since the escort has to manage entrances and exits carefully to avoid clients meeting each other. What Is an Outcall Service? Outcalls are the exact opposite of incalls, where escorts go out to meet clients at their locations. Outcalls are also popular among men since they don’t have to go anywhere or worry about meeting someone in an unfamiliar environment. In the same case, the client’s location could be his private residence or a temporary one, such as a hotel room. Clients prefer the latter since it doesn’t reveal their actual identity. What Are the Differences? The difference in location is paramount, as highlighted in the discussions. Whichever place you want the service, it ends up in the agreement between the client and the escort. However, hotel rooms work best since they are discreet. Time is also another difference. While the two require good time management, incalls are more sensitive, especially when the escort has many consecutive clients. On the same note, incalls mean more time wastage in travelling for the client, while outcalls mean escorts will waste their time travelling. What Are the Similarities? The most apparent similarity between incalls and outcalls is that they all need a discreet or private location. This could be the client or escort's private home, hotel room, or other agreed location. Which One Provides Better Services? Generally, they both provide the same service, and there is no outright formula to separate them. The client’s preferences greatly influence the choice between the two. Lastly, what will give better value for the money is something else to consider.     
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May 19th, 2023 by Nathan Spence
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Feeling myself

May 19th, 2023 by Tiffany Gold
Feeling super horny and ready to root a lot of coc for a lot of money. Might not post on naughty ads anymore as I can’t find any decent men on here… just working on photo shoots so I can ESCAPE being a working girl and just be a model
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Mind-Blowing Tips to Orgasm with A Pillow.

May 17th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
If you’ve been yearning for more intense solo orgasms, we have a dirty little secret for you. Pillow Humping! While everyone masturbates differently, using a pillow is one of the least talked about yet fulfilling ways of getting orgasmic bliss. Whether you’re familiar with this or a first-timer, you’ll find simple tricks and tips to improve the experience in this in-depth guide. First, What Is Pillow Humping? Pillow humping involves a person, especially a woman, mounting a pillow and grinding her lady bits to an orgasm. Pillow humping is similar to the more common dry humping, only that in this case, a pillow is involved instead of a partner. Side Note: Men do masturbate with pillows too. With men, however, the pillow is folded in half, and their penis is thrusted in between until they orgasm. Interesting, right? Tips for an Incredible Solo Orgasm Bliss. Now that you understand what pillow humping is, the following tweaks and ticks will leave you in awe. 1. Choose The Right Type of Pillow. The type of pillow you choose largely dictates the outcome of the experience. Escorts in Adelaide prefer long and stiff pillows since they resemble a human body. Also, the pillow's material has to be soft to ensure you don’t get any scratches on your clitoris, especially when you decide to go naked. Ideally, the trick is to try different types and find out what works best for you. PS! If you don’t have pillows, you can improvise using a teddy bear or a doll. Straddle and mount that teddy on the bed. It works perfectly. 2. Get In the Right Mood. Remember, sex starts in mind. If you’re not in the best state, you won't even enjoy the experience. Do whatever turns you on before getting on the pillows. It could be thinking about someone, reading an erotic novel or watching an adult film. Also, make sure you’re in a secluded private space to avoid in between interruptions. 3. Dress Up! If you’re not doing this for yourself, you shouldn’t even be doing it in the first place. Nothing is sexier than humping a pillow dressed in a way that makes you feel confident. Sexy lacy underwear will do the trick since it adds to the friction. Another alternative would be humping naked. Doing this allows you to rub your whole body on the pillows for a more realistic experience. 4. Edging Will Make It More Worthwhile! Although this is difficult, the edging technique will drive you nuts. Hump the pillow till you’re about to orgasm, but then stop for a pause. Doing this severally gives you control over your orgasm, and when you finally release it, it will be mind-blowing, trust us! 5. Change Your Speed and Touch Yourself More. We suggest you start humping slowly, at the same time touching your boobs and entire body. That will get you more aroused, and you can increase the speed from there. Don’t forget to moan, and once you come close to the orgasm, slow down and enjoy the peak before going hard again. Final Thoughts. The art of orgasm heavily relies on the state of mind. If you approach this in the proper state, it will be worthwhile. If it's possible, adding a few toys into the mix will make things even better. A vibrator will be perfect. Once you have your orgasm, come back and tell us about the experience through our comment section below!      
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Lips n titz

May 16th, 2023 by Hope Tease
Argh U just wanna,see what's underneath
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Women who knows how to FILL THEIR JEANS

May 15th, 2023 by eddy GOSSOM
Some old woman, like 45 to 60 years old have better bodies than the 20years old women. I have seen some pictures of some old ladies with strong and big boobs! Some old womand have huge hips due to giving birth or big ass due to eat well for so many times! Ah, yesterday I have seen an old lady with a big strong booty tight in her jeans! You could see her pants through because the jean was too small for her ass! Ah, just writing that give me chills! Yes, I am probably sick of large ass, boobs, hips or belly because they can kill me with love! To all women who know how to fill their jeans! Salute!
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Naughty thought N°1

May 14th, 2023 by eddy GOSSOM
Hello girls, I have to say that I think that the body of women is well made. You know when you have a big belly it is cute too! Often, the belly will form the next curve between the back roll and the hip roll. Some bodies have big boobs, big belly and big ass/hips which means that the body is close to what i call venus body. A big belly is sign of good health because you know that this woman eat well. I love to look at a woman eating and filling her belly, this is so sexy! When a woman eats well she gain weight and those gains usually goes to belly first and then the boobs and the ass and hips. The bulge of the belly is comparable of the boobs bulge!! So I can only advise girl to EAT in order to get this venus body that so much people love.
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Are you in Brisbane for the Truck Expo??

May 14th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hi Are you looking for a little lady in the Southbank Brisbane area for this Weekend.. I am based in Southbank and have an incall available to visit over this time. I offer 1 hour bookings as well as extended bookings ... I would love to put a smile or your face and show you a hot time ... Book Now 0467 425 956 Kandice xxx
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Sex-Positive Masturbation Trends to Watch In 2023

May 12th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Sexual wellness was and will continue to be the buzz of 2023. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a sexually mindful person. Sexperts suggest 2023 will see a continued positive shift towards more flexible and open-minded sex lives. That said and done, can we talk about mindful positive masturbation? Although culture and education have long portrayed masturbation as a taboo vice, recent years, thanks to social media, have seen a positive shift towards a sex-positive environment, especially with masturbation. So, let's explore all that concerns masturbation and sex positivity. What Does It Mean to Be Sex Positive? Ideally, a sex-positive person has an attitude that accepts all safe and consented sexual behaviours as fundamentally healthy and enjoyable. Being sex-positive also means being comfortable with other people’s sexual choices and identities. Accepting masturbation as a normal sexual activity is also important in this sex positivity debate. Despite facing many such challenges, people are slowly accepting masturbation positively. We’re slowly getting into an era of tearing down taboos and misconceptions around masturbation. Here are the top 3 masturbation trends in 2023. 1. Mutual Masturbation Couples are taking masturbation to the next level. While traditional forms of sex between partners are considered enjoyable, mutual masturbation has a special place. Ideally, mutual masturbation involves pleasing yourself simultaneously with your partner without touching each other. Here, two partners face each other, standing or kneeling, each with a sex toy of their choice. They then proceed to please themselves, listening to each other moaning, panting, crying, or even roaring as they soar to their orgasms. To heighten things up, you can swap toys during the session. This entire experience is an opportunity to deepen the connection between partners. 2. Mindful Masturbation We talk of sexual mindfulness but often forget about mindful masturbation. While we all know and understand the benefits of mindfulness to our mental and sexual health, Escorts in Sydney and therapists believe the technique can also boost our sex lives by intentionally focusing on bodily sensations during solo explorations. Masturbating mindfully isn’t just about the orgasm but instead exploring your body, slowly and sensually, paying attention to the erogenous zone. Ideally, you shouldn’t be focusing on getting an orgasm. With this technique, you get to understand your body better, and it will also help you easily communicate your desires to your partner. Masturbation is a perfect form of selfcare, and adding a pinch of mindfulness is a big boost. 3. Live Adult Cams Live adult cams are slowly outpacing porn videos for masturbation. There is more authentic satisfaction and diversity in interacting with a live partner rather than watching recorded content. Interestingly, clients can activate their webcams to show themselves to their online partners in a more interactive masturbation session. These are known as cam-to-cam sessions, but they are optional on many sites. An adult cam session is a perfect way for people to explore sexual fantasies with an online partner without fearing being judged. The Bottom Line The highlighted trends are just a few of many. The growth in technology has seen new and even better ways of masturbating positively. However, the few above, especially mindful masturbation, are a great start. Be kind to yourself – masturbate more!      
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Large women of all age do need love

May 12th, 2023 by eddy GOSSOM
Hi, I think that I was born to give love and I want to give love above all to plus size women. I have never seen such beautiful creature in the human realm. The plus size women have large boobs that make them more feminine. When I can discern the bra full under the clothes that make me happy...symply happy. What an incredible feature, god or the universe has given the women! We can write a book on them. Then we have the hips and thighs, the larger the more feminine the woman! I have see that women with large hips often have small boobs. Nature cannot give you all my dear! When a woman with large hips walk or run it is incredibly sexy. Having those big hips in hand can be too much and lead to death!!!! No, i am joking just looking at large hips make me lose part of my sanity! Big thighs save lives and you can sleep on them. God has to chose and he chose to give you big boobs or large hips. Finally the ass, the booty! When you are walking behind a woman with large hips it is sometimes hard to restrain the penis from urging! You see when the jean is full of ass that make a lot of men like me ask if that would not have been better to be a woman. Finally I can say that the body of female is a piece of art! Us men, unfortunately we do not have all those incredible feature. What i am asking to you beautiful large lady is understand that you are more than a are truely a godess! And a lot of men and women look at you with envy!
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Sydney tour - 12th-15th - book one BFE hour and receive a second hour for free!

May 12th, 2023 by Chase James
Touring sydney this weekend and throwing out a special offer since I love it there so much! Book one BFE hour with me and receive a second hour for free! only this weekend 12-15th may. look forward to seeing you 😏
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Make 18 sub Slut

May 10th, 2023 by user86598
Hey I’m Robbie I want to be your sub slut I want to be used and abused
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Have a Quickie with Love Honey!

May 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney is offering Free Express Shipping for a limited time, please see details below. Offer: Free Express Shipping on over 1600 products with code: QUICKIE Code: QUICKIE Start: Tuesday 9th May 00:01am End: Wednesday 10th May 23:59pm AEST Coupon link: 
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Pretty in pink

May 7th, 2023 by Hope Tease
Pretty in pink & a bit nippley
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Pretty in pink

May 7th, 2023 by Hope Tease
Pretty in pink & a bit nippley
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Townsville Gents ill be there soon

May 7th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Gents in Townsville  Cant wait to meet you ... I am there for 3 days only 26th 4pm till late 27th 7am till late 28th B/O Lunch and Dinner Dates are my favorite ... let's start with a little glass of something... then see what pops up and of course some delicious food and then finish with dessert of your choice  I can be your Breakfast to start the day... Why not start with the best breakfast for any man, ME of course ;) Book Now 0467 425 956  Kandice xxx
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Warming Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Winter

May 5th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When the bed gets cold, you might want to get something that will keep up with your hotness. Generally, arousal is made easier with heat. The body temperature tends to rise as you get more aroused. Besides aiding with blood circulation, it makes orgasms more intense. Whether solo or cozied up with a partner, a great way of achieving this is by spicing things up with a warming sex toy or a temperature-sensitive sex toy. Here are some warming toys that will warm up your sheets this winter. 1. The Satisfyer Heat Wave Package. The Satisfyer package contains a dual stimulating vibrator that warms up at both ends up to temperatures of 390C, promising a sensual feel of pleasure and a realistic body-like experience. This makes the kit ideal for both solo and couple plays. The toy has a strong motor and heating function, which function independently, so if you’re not into the heating element, the vibratory feel will do the magic for you. Lastly, the dime has a connect app that allows you to customise the toy just how you like it. 2. Lovehoney Heat Wave Warming G-spot Vibrator. G-spot vibrators are the real deal. They are small and discreet, yet so powerful and magical. They are ideal for solo adventures or even couple plays. This particular vibrator from Lovehoney is equipped with a strong motor, three vibration modes, and a realistic heated shaft. The heat and vibration combinations are a sure bet when you want orgasms during the cold weather. 3. Warming Lubes Lubricants are a great addition to solo or even couple's sex. Whether using a toy or with a partner, lube helps you eliminate unwanted friction, making things smooth and slippery. Adding warming lubes will make the experience even better. These lubes are made from body-safe materials such as extracts of ginger. Warming lubricants are used following the same practices as regular lubes. Escorts in Melbourne recommend testing a small area before going all out with toys and a partner’s body. 4. Massage Candles. Massage candles are a classic yet so effective accessory during sex. The element of fire in foreplay is just out of this world. As the candle melts, releasing sensual fragrances, pouring the oil on areas craving a little rub will send tingles all over you or your partner. 5. Whisper Micro Heated Bullet. Last on a list of many is this dime. Don’t be fooled by the small size; bullets are small but mighty and will bridge the gap between you and fire orgasms. They have a heated feature that combines vibration speeds to stimulate the clitoris. In Closing There are a couple of options when it comes to temperature bedroom play. Ideally, warming sex toys will work perfectly. Sex toys like dildos made from temperature-sensitive materials such as glass and silicon are also perfect since you can heat them using warm water to your desired temperature.  We highly recommend shopping with Love Honey AU. They are a trusted partner with Naughty Ads and can get you all the warm sexy vibes you could ever need!    
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May 4th, 2023 by Jessica
Don't want to talk about it... Then Book That Naughty Aussie Girl because we will Fuck about it. 😉😇
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wassup I’m dolly ❤️‍🩹❇️🌟

May 3rd, 2023 by dolly XO
ginger with a fringe 🍄 21 - scorpio - pansexual - gender fluid - they/she pronouns - middle eastern & indigenous australian - neurodivergent - performer provider creator- mental health and sw advocate ❇️ playful gaptooth smile🦷I am questionably odd and interested in odd thangs…. i like spinning poi and acro 🧘🏻‍♀️ down to explore abandoned places and paint - psyops & philosophy - I watch too much YouTube, I give great suggestions on what to watch but📲
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Marlene’s girls at Alexandria

May 3rd, 2023 by John Joseph
I know I said e wouldn’t go back but marlene insisted her new girl Lucianna was just like thought..ok..we’ll see.(.replacing Lina was impossible) I go booked her for a 1/2 hour only to check her out..what a waste of time and eye contact fucked like a dead starfish, constantly checking the time, her phone rang… and she answered it 🤨..she didn’t like her tits touched or sucked, didn’t like kissing..fuck me.. I was only 15 minutes in but it was so bad I said “that’s it for now..” she left the room. I complained to marlene who was very rude to me and said “.. you try Dianna. 20 minutes later Dianna walks in..clearly she didn’t want to see me, and thank God..she really didn’t look well . The rest of the lineup well..they would have to pay me to fuck them..So I left..with a full load..walked..if I met her two best girls..Marlene’s going broke..👎👎👎
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Where Do Escorts Like to Be Touched the Most?

May 3rd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
In today’s fast-paced world of sex, real intimacy is losing its art. However, biology hasn’t changed, and touch remains an essential part of intimacy. The success of any romantic encounter greatly depends on how the man touches the woman and vice versa. While female escorts are paid for sexual favours, it doesn’t exclude them from being women who crave real, genuine intimacy. Many clients tend to rush to the thrilling ending forgetting to take care of the in-between. Apart from the normal areas of attention (the vagina and boobs), here are some exciting parts where escorts like to be touched. The Hair! Escorts in Brisbane take special care of their hair. Maintaining that gorgeous look for the sake of clients is no mean feat; therefore, appreciating the effort goes a long way. Running your fingers gently through her hair is sure to send chills down her spine. Doing massage circles with your fingers down to the nape of her neck works even more magic. However, there's one catch, some escorts hate it when their hair is messed with, so we recommend checking up. All in all, playing with her hair is a simple way of showing tenderness and affection. The Nape Of The Neck. Gently touching and even kissing the nape of her neck is pure bliss. In ancient times, the nape of the neck was considered the sexiest part of a woman since it was mostly the only exposed part of a woman. Although that has been forgotten, and modern people have shifted attention to other parts, the nape remains an intimacy powerhouse. Never underestimate those simple touches and kisses from her hairline down to the shoulders. Arms! The arms might not seem like an interesting part of an escort's body at a glance. Blame this on modern praise of other parts of the female body. However, research has shown that focusing on sensual touches of arms has some interesting results. Interesting studies have shown that women are likely to dance with men who touch their hands while asking. So, while it may not be a big deal, touching her hands will surely add some icing on the way to the final experience. Side Note! Escorts hate creeps. So, don’t just go touching their hands unnecessarily. Read the mood, and slowly drive her to the point where she’s comfortable with you touching her hands. Legs! Lotioning, exfoliating, shaving and toning are some of the things that women spend time doing on their legs. After all, an escort wants to wear a flirty skirt without worrying about how her legs look like. You can show affection by recognising her efforts by touching and kissing her legs. When you touch them, show admiration and comment on the tone and curves. Let her know how much you like her soft, flawless skin. Believe us; it won’t go unrewarded. Final Thoughts Her inner thighs, stomach, butt, behind her ears, and waist are more examples of places you can touch her. All said and done, the key to bliss is knowing where to touch your escort. Communicate with her and find out what she likes. While you can surprise her by touching on the mentioned areas, we suggest listening to feedback and taking it seriously. At all times, show her that you want to please her!      
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