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The best online sex toys

September 26th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Sex toys are the “spicy additions” to sex. They are excellent tools for enhancing the game and fighting sexual anxiety and pressure to perform. Whether you’re on a solo run for pleasure or with a partner, introducing a nice sex toy brings incredible sensations of pleasure. We have consulted from the best sex experts, sex enthusiasts, and Ballarat escorts to bring you the following write-up of the best sex toys that you can buy online.VibratorsThere are hundreds of types of vibrators out there. Bullet vibrators, clitoral vibrators, rabbit vibrators, etc. They all work with a vibrating mechanism and are pleasurable and reliable substitutes for absent partners or rather, enhancers. With a nice vibrator, you’ll be shocked how fast you’ll arrive at your big orgasm.2. StimulatorsThey include; clitoral stimulators, vibrating eggs, nipples vibrators, and finger vibrators. This group is best for ladies. Their working mechanism is not so different from that of vibrators. They vibrate to stimulate the targeted parts, making sure you get to your climax.3. Wand massagersThese are excellent sex toys that can also act as pain relievers. You can use them to massage sore body parts. They have a massager head that vibrates to deliver intense pleasure. To make the experience better and worthwhile, applying some lube on the head is recommended. Thankfully, you can select your desired speed to make sure you work with what suits you.4. DildosThese are probably the most common sex toys, especially among women and escorts in Ballarat. They come in different shapes and sizes, and different designs. There are realistic dildos, ejaculating dildos, and double penetration dildos. If you are a sucker for the kinky stuff, a double penetration dildo would be a perfect fit for you. The realistic dildo resembles a real penis and would be an ideal fit for a solo play. In a nutshell, when it comes to dildos, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Try them out today!5. Butt plugsButt plugs are for the courageous and and the kinky. As the name suggests, they are for the butt! If you wish to try butt play with your male/female partner, the vibrating butt plug would be a nice toy to try out. These toys have gained a lot of popularity, especially among men, as it has helped them express their fetishes and sexual desires better. If you wish to discover the male g-spot, commonly known as the P-spot, it’s high time you got yourself a butt plug. Other types of the anal package include; anal probes, anal beads, inflatable butt plus, butt plug tails, and prostate massagers.Sex toys should not be one of those things you reserve for the red-letter days, such as movie nights. There is absolutely nothing to be shy about when it comes to sex toys. They're a part of a healthy sex-life. Luckily, online shopping has made it more comfortable to acquire some, as all you have to do is browse any of the above categories and have it delivered for you. If you haven’t grabbed your first vibrator yet, you have no idea what you’re missing. To shop for sex toys listed above and many more, why not visit our partner online store by clicking here for great deals and maximum pleasure! 
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How to overcome performance anxiety?

September 24th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
For most men, the bedroom can be a nightmare rather than a den of pleasure. The pressure for them to perform is sky-high. However, women too suffer from the same problem, which makes it difficult to enjoy sex. If you’re having such issues, take some comfort because you are not alone. For some men, the anxiety is so much that it leads to erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ED. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if your little man failed to rise to the occasion.If your anxiety has been outweighing your game, take a deep breath, and read through this detailed write-up. Try something new thing in the bedroom.Trying something new is an excellent solution to a musty sex life. Try some more extended foreplay, without even thinking about penetrative sex. Surprisingly, you can derive satisfaction from perfectly done foreplay. Taking things a bit slow and avoiding involving your penis could help. In a nutshell, focus on your partner more, and you’re going to do just fine.2. MedicationAlthough this applies in extreme conditions, it can be an good way of relieving yourself of the performance pressure. The medication can work for guys affected by premature ejaculation, which are, in most cases, a result of anxiety. If it suits you, having some pills in a nearby drawer can be a good start. Treatments such as Viagra are a well documeted aid. However, you must be very careful with drugs. Make sure to visit a doctor for proper assesment of your condition.3. Exercise and practiceEngage your muscles once in a while in an adrenaline-raising activity to keep your body in great shape. Besides boosting confidence, exercise helps by improving your mood and relieving stress. Besides, you also get the energy you’d need for an all-the-way ride. Wink! Wink! Also, seeing escorts is a great confidence booster. Book sessions with a professional Bunbury escort, and that way, you’ll get some confidence and insights on how to perform better (an escort will never judge your performance)4. Talk to your partnerMost people shy away from talking to their partners about this. Interestingly, most problems leading to anxiety can be solved just by talking to an understanding partner. Together, you will be able to come up with perfect solutions to what is ailing your sexual relationship. Within a month of opening up, you’ll look back and realize that you were all along worrying about nothing.5. Therapy  If you can’t find to solve it between the two of you, a professional sex therapist will help. Whether it’s you alone or with your partner, consulting a therapist can help you overcome the concerns burdening your bedroom. A therapist will also teach you better techniques that will improve your sex life.6. Have realistic expectationsYou know yourself better. Don’t think that you can match whatever you saw on TV or in a porn video. Approach your partner with a realistic mind, but not with pornstar expectations.Lastly, remember that there are thousands of people out there who are willing to help you. Never look down upon yourself and never let the few minutes in the bedroom define you. You are doing great! 
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How to make sex last longer

September 20th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Although there are no rules that dictate how long “normal” sex should last, we can all agree that the longer it gets, the merrier it is for the partners. I mean, so many things in life certainly don’t last for long- gum flavor, power naps, etc. but when it comes to sex, it should never be on that list. Even the professional Bendigo escorts would agree to that. This issue much depends on you and your partner. If you both feel satisfied with your love life, then there would be no need to stress about this. However, if you are both unhappy and wonder how to make your sex better and longer, consider trying the following expert tips. They are comfortable and self-explanatory.1. Jerk off an hour or so before sexBy doing this, you reduce the sensations on the penis that would otherwise trigger an orgasm quickly. That way, you get some more minutes on the ticking timer. Although there is less evidence of this, some people suggest that masturbating releases some hormones that tone down your sexual tension and sex drive, which still works in your favor.2. Squeeze the penis just before ejaculating.This method is commonly known as the squeeze method. It works very well for men who are burdened with premature ejaculation. When you get close to have your big O, you or your partner should squeeze your hard meat by its “neck” where the shaft meets the head. By pressing this region, the urge to cum will disappear, and you can resume intercourse. Interesting. Right? With time, you will gain full control over your orgasms, which will add more time to your clock.3. Use thick condomsThe aim of this is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Thick condoms will perfectly do the job. Also, specially treated condoms with numbing creams work even better. With such, the orgasm is delayed, and sex lasts longer.4. Use numbing creams and sprays.Yes, that’s right! Numbing creams. There are very healthy creams and sprays out there that reduce the penis sensitivity to delay or slow an orgasm. These work perfectly and will add a significant amount of time to your game time. However, it would be best if you found what works for your skin for some can be irritating. Remember to apply it about half an hour before sex to give it ample time to do its job. Also, remember to wash it off after sex.The bottom-lineYou are probably asking yourself why you should worry about your “short” time on the clock. Besides trying the above expert tips, it would be better to check if you are stressed, tired, or have an underlying sickness, for those are the leading causes of sexual frustrations. Otherwise, good luck in making your time in the bedroom an adventure! 
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Love Honey has added 2 new promotions! Get in quick.

September 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Promo 1 Name:Super Sexy Sale - Up to 70% OFFTerms and Conditions:Ends 5th October* (Depending on stock sell through)Start Date:21/09/2020End Date:5/10/2020 Promo 2  Name:Up All Night Vibrator Gift Set - Was $179.95 now $71.98 (60% off)Start Date:21/09/2020End Date:5/10/2020 
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Seeing Escorts – an etiquette guide

September 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
 The growth of the escorting industry has grown out of the shadows to beecome a profession and a day job to many. Consequently, just like any other profession, escorting needs to be treated with due respect. Escorts and adult service providers need and should be treated the same, if not better, like the way you treat doctors and engineers. Believe it or not, there are rules to be followed by clients in this adult world. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to treat escorts with good etiquette.1. Create a mature and professional first impressionKeep in mind that the first impression is the ignition point that determines how the conversation will flow. Professional escorts in Burnie are super picky about potential clients, and within a short moment, they will have judged whether you are worth their time or not. If the first contact you’re making is through a mobile phone or text, make sure its privacy is unblocked, for the large majority of escorts won’t pick up calls from private numbers.If you have to call an adult service provider or send an SMS, be straightforward and precise to the point. Remember that you are not there to waste each other’s time. Avoid using vulgar and disrespectful language as it is a great turn off.Refrain from bargaining his/her rates. If you try this, you create a time-waster impression and trust us, it never ends well.Lastly, please do not ask for services that he/she doesn’t provide. Read carefully through her bio, and that way, you’ll figure out what to ask for.2. Proper hygiene is a must!If you have an appointment with a sex worker, you expect them to be presenting at their best. Good looking, pleasant smelling, and tidy. The same is expected of you. Ensure you get a good shower before the appointment, have a nice haircut, and trim your nails.If he/she is coming over to your place, make sure you tidy up and get some nice clean linen and towels, preferably, white ones.3. Respect boundariesThis is the biggest issue in this industry. Clients have failed over and over again to respect the agreement between themselves and their escort date.When you meet your escort, start with a friendly chat that will develop a friendly rapport. However, be careful not to overstep with your words. Do not ask questions that are too personal - for example about their family. In a nutshell, strictly talk about what brought you there today and lighter topics.During the intimacy stage the most important, do not to try to do or ask for what was not included in the agreed package. Avoid being carried away by the waves of pleasure and excitement in such a way that you disrespect them.If you feel like you can’t have enough of your companion, ask for more time courteously. If you two agree on another deal, all the better for everyone.4. Thank them and leave an excellent reviewIt would be best if you reached out politely to thank the escort for the lovely time. A well-crafted thank you SMS or call will do. However, remember to remain professional. You can also leave a review on Naughty Ads by registering for a free punter account.Spending some time with a professional Burnie escort is a great honor, and treating them with utmost respect goes beyond humanity. Remember that you get what you give. Treat them well, and you’ll get it back ten-fold!
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Why escorts are better than porn

September 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to this question, opinions are varied. While some will agree that seeing an escort is better than porn, some stick to the complete opposite. First of all, the difference between the two is self-explanatory. In porn, you are glued to your TV screen watching some adults romping each other, while in escorting, you get a real dish of your fetish- an hour or so of pure pleasure. So, in this red pill theory, which side do you pick? Is your vote for escorts or porn? Here are a few concrete reasons why you should choose escorts over porn.You can have whatever you want.Technically, in porn, you watch what you are dying to have, but you can’t have it in the real sense. In most cases, you’ll watch it get humped by other people, but sadly, not you. The chances are high that while at it, you’ll be glued to your TV while jerking off to the erotic material playing. Don’t you think that’s degrading? When it comes to escorts, you get to have the real thing. If it’s a blow job you want, you can get that, but of course, at a price. However, which is better between the two? Think about it!2.  Escorts help you build confidence.Think of this as playing a virtual football game vs. playing a real one. Out of the two, the actual game is much better and happens at a personal level. The same thing applies between porn and escorting. In that process of interacting with an escort, you get a significant confidence boost in interacting with people, especially those of the opposite gender. Don’t you think it is better than watching some TV characters that you’ll never get to meet? I thought so!3.      Service is diversifiedWhen it comes to escorts, you can choose how you like your meal served. You want them tanned; you can have it. You like them tall; there is no limit. You like them short; there is one for you. Compared to watching porn, where you sadly get just what is uploaded.4.      Escorting caters for all fetishes.Say you like your sex kinky and “painful,” with a little touch of nasty stuff. Do you think you can get that from watching porn? Come to see one of Naughty Ads' BDSM providers or find one of the more traditional professional sex workers and the adventure that will follow will be one to relish.5.      Porn is addictive and embarrassing.If you get used to watching porn, your mind gets messed up, and you might even get erectile dysfunction and other serious health issues! Instead of going through all that agony, getting some real vagina is better. Lastly, imagine the embarrassment that comes with being busted watching porn. It’s a total disgrace!The bottom line is that the two are great ways of exploring your sexual desires. However, you’ll agree with me that its always better when it's felt first hand - not in your hand! For that reason, you better stay away from boring porn and get yourself a sexy Alice Springs escort or one of the other beautiful escorts on Naughty Ads!
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Sexual Happiness 101 - Your Masterclass in mind blowing sex (sponsored)

September 15th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Sexual Happiness 101  Sexual Happiness 101 is here: the ultimate guide to achieving maximum sexual happiness! Whether discovering how to give the best oral or practising and perfecting a new favourite position, we bet studying never felt so good. Click here to check LoveHoney's Sexual Happiness 101 guide now Deal of the Week: Up to 30% off selected Rabbit Vibrators - running 2pm 14th Sept - 2pm 21st Sept (AEST) Deal of the Week: Up to 40% off selected Sexy Lingerie - running 2pm 14th Sept - 2pm 21st Sept (AEST)Deal of the Week: Up to 40% off Wild Spirit Lingerie Collection - running now - 2pm 21st Sept (AEST)
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How to reach orgasm faster

September 12th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Whether it’s a quickie, or a night-long appointment, ending it with a gushing orgasm is a heavenly feeling. Just a few penetrative thrusts, or just slow touches, will work for some people. For others, climaxing feels like a rocket science experiment and takes them forever to achieve. If you are one of these “scientists,” there is nothing to be worried about. There are hundreds of techniques, tried and tested by Broome escorts, that you can use to arrive at your big O, faster than usual. We have teamed up with the best sex experts in town and summed it up to the following expert tips.Begin with prolonged foreplayThis applies if you have a partner. When you get to the sheets, don’t just jump into the strokes. If you do that, trust me, chances are you might not get to the “promised land.” Spending some extra minutes on the kissing, caressing, and touching not only gets you extra aroused but also creates a better connection with your partner. Foreplay can also be as satisfying as the rest of penetrative sex. It increases anticipation and, eventually, a faster orgasm.2. Try out blended stimulation.For most women and escorts in Broome, getting their g-spot properly hit works like magic. Incredible orgasms within no time. But think of combining the g-spot and the clit stimulation. The results would be excellent. Right? The g-spot is one of the most sensitive parts of the lady bits and finding it is a huge bonus. Simply insert a finger or two into your V, and raise them slightly to press against the vaginal wall. This sensitive part will respond to the slightest pressure. To hit this spot during sex, shallow and slow thrusting will do. Also, try a sex position where the lady is on top. At the same time, blend that with some hands-on your clit. You’ll love it!3. Introduce some quality lube to the action.It feels better when wet and slippery. Whether it’s a solo play or with your partner, lube will help you explore your erotic horizons. You’ll be surprised by the many things you can try out with lube. If its penetrative sex, it makes contact softer and more pleasurable, which finally will lead to better and quicker orgasms.4. Use a nice sex toy.This mostly levels up things for women. It’s quite apparent that women need “the whole day” to orgasm. Not many men will live up to the challenge of getting their women to have an orgasm. Thankfully, with a nice vibrator, this is easier than never before. Adding one into the sex play will bring extra and intense stimulation to the clit, and eventually, a sped-up big O.There are thousands of tricks of hacking your way into this. Remember that you know yourself better, and it would be easier to find out what works for you and your partner. Good luck getting those showers of pleasure! 
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What do men really want during sex?

September 7th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
For men, quality always wins over quantity. When it comes to sex, there is no magic bullet or secret formula that solves the problem of what men want in bed. Most women wish that there was just a straightforward technique that could unravel everything that men want in bed. The truth is, there is no such thing. It takes a few simple combinations to win a good “rating.” We talked to several men and women, including Armidale escorts, on what they think would solve this frequently asked question. Curious? Here is what we think men want in bed.Men want to be told how sexy they are!Remember that ego massaging feeling you get when a guy tells you how sexy and angelic your body looks? Remember how such words make you blush? The reverse is true also. Men love to be told how sexy their body looks. When in bed, put on a smile, dig your nails into his chest and tell him how sexy he is. A butt grab and a long kiss, and some words of how you can’t keep your hands off his body, work like magic.Men experience insecurities too about your sexual organs, and reassuring them how great they look can be very sexually satisfying and always leads to better sex.2. To have the pressure taken off their heads.Men are expected to do all the work during sex. Initiate, do all the thrusting, maintain a boner, and much more. Honestly, that is tiring.What you probably didn’t know is that they want some help with some of those duties.3. Men want you to initiateIf you want to make him happy, try to make the first move that leads to sex. It does not only make him feel yearned for, but you also get to have sex when you want to.4. Men want you to participate.Don’t just lay there and enjoy every sensation of every inch that hits your V. Get on top and do more work. That way, he gets to enjoy the show just as you do. Men also want women who take control. Take sex as your game and run it by your rules. He will love it.5. Men want communicationThis comes in handy in creating a good sexual connection. Ask him what he wants, and tell him what you want. Express your sexual desires to him. Let him know how you’d like to be touched, and if he does it perfectly, let him know!6. Men want different sex positions.Don’t just bombard him with that missionary style you learned in college. Make it fun and try some kinky sex styles. To learn more, you can watch some porn, or even talk to the very professional escorts in Armidale for insights on the best sex styles. You’ll be surprised how much of an orgasm you’ll get from that.By finding out what men want in bed, you also get to have a better sex life. Put the above tips into play and we guarantee more pleasure and more adventure for you and your man in the bedroom. 
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September 7th, 2020 by latenightguy
Sent this girl money for services, ghosted me.
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