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Top three causes of erectile dysfunction

Written on March 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a health condition where a man cannot have and sustain a firm erection during sexual intercourse or sometimes interfere with sexual activity. However, if sexual performance is not achieved satisfactorily for a while, erectile dysfunction becomes a concern. It is a condition that can happen to any man past puberty but is common with those in their forties. Chances increase with the preceding decades. Most people have come to believe that erectile dysfunction is a treatable health condition after the discovery of Viagra or sildenafil. Hamilton escorts say that most men are too embarrassed about erectile dysfunction to inform their doctors that they come to seek advice from them. Treatment for ED is available through various medications and well understood. ·        Symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) ·        Having erections at other times except when having sex. ·        Having an erection but not stay strong till the end of the sex process ·        Having no erection at all, at all times. ·        Having a low desire for sex. Causes of erectile dysfunction 1. Diabetes Most patients with diabetes have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, and it has become part of their lives. It varies with time, and if one has had diabetes for a long time, they have a higher chance of suffering from Erectile dysfunction. Controlling sugar levels, though, reduces ED risk. The chances of a 40-year-old man having ED is estimated to be between 2% - 12%. However, this percentage shoots to 50% for men at the same age with higher blood sugars. With adherence to the doctor's prescription, the ED can be reversed completely. 2. Hypertension, heart diseases, and cholesterol. Recent research has shown that people with erectile dysfunction are likely to be diagnosed with heart-related diseases now or later. Caution is, therefore, given to healthy people who do not suffer from any other disease but have ED. They have a high chance of getting heart disease, and therefore they should consult a doctor for directions. 3. Smoking Many diseases, including erectile dysfunction, are related to tobacco smoking. With tobacco use, blood circulation to the rest of the body tends to decrease. Maintaining a strong erection will be difficult if there is not sufficient blood flow to the penis. If smoking is stopped early enough, a better erection may be achieved. When to consult a doctor ·        When one has a poor erection during coitus and has other sex-related problems such as premature ejaculations. ·        When one is suffering from diseases related to ED-such diseases, including diabetes. ·        Other symptoms that may accompany erectile dysfunction.  Conclusion These are the few causes of erectile dysfunction(ED). There could be more natural causes omitted here. In case of ED occurrence, a doctor or urologist should be consulted for further recommendations on the matter.
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The naughty masseuse

Written on March 3rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
I hired an escort after leaving my long-term girlfriend. I felt too depressed to start over again. I did not have high expectations for anything glorious. I walked into a massage parlor with nothing fascinating in mind. I got my usual service from the masseuse. She was not very attractive, so I did not take much interest in her. She was different, though. She was a bit chatty and smiley. She gave me a subtly, sensuous massage. It felt great. She finished her service and led me to the door. She had excellent customer service skills. I wanted to tip her, but she swiftly declined, saying it was against the management rules. Instead, she gave me her business card. I stuffed it in my pocket quickly, paid her, and left. Later that evening, I became curious and double-checked the business card. I then reached out for my phone and called her. She was in a cheerful mood. She apologized for being too professional earlier. I also learned that she worked in the massage parlor on weekdays but was one of those escorts in Geraldton on weekends. The massage management prohibited them from offering “happy endings.”  She told me of this beautiful place where we could relax, go swimming, have a more mental Swedish massage, and go to a sauna. It was like a typical spa, but more interesting. Women walked around naked. What was more relaxing and gripping was fucking them. The whole description felt like we were visiting heaven. I agreed, and we planned to meet that weekend. We met on Saturday morning at my place. She wore a striped summer chiffon dress with rolled-up sleeves. She looked prettier in this outfit. We chatted for a while as we had breakfast. I got to know her better. We then took a taxi to the spa. First, we visited the sauna, where we continued with our early chit-chat for a while. She then washed me like a toddler. We listened to soft music while having a more profound and meaningful conversation than any million-dollar business deal. We booked a room and went in. This was the icing on the cake. We had waited eagerly for this intimate moment. We agreed on a reasonable hourly rate. We started banging at 7:00 P.M. We knobbed like two horny rabbits. We were so deep in the intimacy that we lost count on time. I checked the clock on the clock. It was 8:45 P.M. I pretended not to be aware. Who says no to free sex anyway? Eventually, she said she was tired and wanted to return home since it was getting late. Like the professional she was, she deserved a massive tip. for some reason, that was the best sex I had in a long time, and I was surprised that it came from a Geraldton escort. I don’t think I’m ready to forget that experience.
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Written on February 27th, 2021 by Ava James
Sensual Ava - Female Escort Profile (Touring Only) | Naughty Ads™ I would also like to say hello to everyone, and remind them to be Covid safe. I am also providing sexy chat via whats app, duo, skpe and facebook. Mild to wild! Payments are via, payid, beemit, paypal, or bank transfer. Great for hotel quarantining, isolation or general health well being and mind set.... text for more information 0432053288
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Hookers in Two Wells

Written on February 27th, 2021 by Bored Shitless
Short story.. There are none. Why not?
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Love Honey Sale - up to 70% off!!

Written on February 25th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney has added a new promotion!! Name: Lovehoney Sale - Up to 70% off Start Date: 15/03/2021 End Date: 29/03/2021 Link
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Top four sex dominant sex positions.

Written on February 24th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Good sex is all about the thrill, and adventure one can experience during the whole process of sex. This is where sex dominance comes in. Sex dominance is an opportunity to release oneself completely into a steamy and mind-blowing experience, face the unanticipated, have complete openness, and be insecure with another person. Dominance also means adding some new moves, get more stimulation sexually, and have fun during the entire session. Dominance may sound a bit intimidating, but the opposite is true. Sex dominance is fascinating and fun. This is possible with the right partner. Someone you trust to give you a good time, not at the expense of your happiness. You can best achieve this through dominant sex positions. However, Gympie escorts suggest that there is a red flag for dominance, as people with sexual trauma may not find this appealing and are advised to choose accordingly. Switching up some of these positions is also subject to personal pleasure. No one should be forced during the engagement. The following are the top four positions that will leave partners with happy endings. 1. Doggy style Doggy is one of the classic sex styles. It is among the leading most dominant sex positions. You go on your all fours, and the penetrating partner is in a kneeling position right behind as he or she penetrates you. Let your partner control all the movements as you keep still. The penetrating partner can grab the hips, shoulder, or hair for extra support, depending on their comfort. It guarantees excellent pleasure because of deep penetration. 2. Kneeling sex This sex position describes intimacy well and rewards if well performed. The phallic partner kneels, outstretches the left knee to the partner’s left side, and the right knee behind her, and the partner does a similar thing. To get penetration, the man lowers his pelvis beneath the woman and lets his penis slide into her vagina. With the penis inside her, the woman then rocks her pelvis up and down until both of them reach orgasm. It is well suited for partners not too tall for the woman. This might not work correctly in the case of too much difference in height. For reducing strains on the knees, use a yoga mat or pillow. Also, when well balanced, it allows playing with the woman's breasts or have anal sex. 3. Sitting cowgirl This position is quite spicy, especially when doggy style and missionary seem less interesting. This is also a sex style for women who yearn to explore and experience new things, as well as those who feel they can get on top and control the penetration themselves. The male partner lies down on his back, and then the woman sits on him. With the penis inside her vagina, she hops up and down. This ensures the clitoris is well stimulated with a good penetration too. The woman is in control and can switch the penetration angle to one that suits her best for extra pleasure. 4. Divide and conquer. The man kneels before the woman and spreads her legs. He also controls how fast and the angle he penetrates her. This position also offers a chance for clit play. Manual stimulation of the clitoris can be done using sex toys. This position is not only delightful to watch but also to perform.  Conclusion The above sex positions are known to offer quality sex dominance. They are also known to offer the best sexual arousal and incredible orgasms, which are sex dominance’s main objectives. The choice of the positions is relative and may vary from one person to another, depending on what they want and their strengths and weaknesses.
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The best sex toys for masturbation

Written on February 16th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Masturbating using sex toys can make the process more intense and fascinating. Partners can help each other masturbate or go on a solo mission as they seek to explore more into their sex life. Both men and women need these gems to spice up their bedroom lives. Sex toys give unique and exciting feelings that partners cannot give to each other no matter how sexually experienced they are. They will try, but the truth is the human anatomy is limited. Most women fear doing solo-masturbation with sex toys. They fear the toys might replace their male partners in the relationship. This is just a myth, according to research and opinions from Horsham escorts and sex enthusiasts. The choice of masturbating, whether alone or with a partner, is subject to comfort and happiness. In order to wallow in adventurous sex life, several sex toys should be involved. Here are some of our top selections, which may be for men only or women only, or both. 1.Vibrating cock ring.  It is a ring comfortably fitted on the shaft of the cock. It has strong vibrations. The use of this toy involves both partners, more so a combination of male and female. The clitoris is stimulated by the immense pressure from the toy top. Everyone in the sex play enjoys it. If the man cums first, the toy can be shifted to the ring and middle fingers, which will allow the female partner to enjoy the vibrations. 2. Rechargeable vibrating massager It is easily held, and multiple body parts are easily reached. It is recommended that if the partner is a woman, she should be on top. The clitoris gets easily stimulated, and also, all her body parts can easily be accessed with her on top. It can also play a vital role during foreplay where the woman is required to give a lap dance. Angle switching can be done in order to hit the magical G-spot. 3. Vibrating rimming plug. This is a sex toy mainly for anal sex. It aids in getting a mind-blowing rim job sensation. It can also be used in the vagina, and we promise you it gives fascinating results. 4. Vice 2 prostate massager This is a male sex toy. It produces 72 sensory experiences using vibration numbers, which are 18, and speeds, which are four. It has a controller, with which your partner can join for more fun. An intense all-body orgasm can be achieved with it inside while having sex with a partner. Whether planning to spice up your sex life with your partner or to entertain oneself solo, sex toys can make this happen. The game between the sheets will go a notch higher. A wise decision should be made on the choice of sex toys which should be well consulted. However, with any of our top selections, you're in for a ride full of fun.
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3 ways of fighting anxiety in bed

Written on February 11th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Over the years, both men and women have experienced anxiety in bed. It is normal for anxiety to creep up on us whilst thinking about having sex. It affects both genders regardless of their past sexual experiences. We tend to worry about whether we are doing it right or how good we are. In order to know why sexual anxiety is affecting you, then looking and understanding the causes might help. Causes Sex is all about the physical response and emotions. A stressed mind will lead to the body responding with no excitement either. Worry, therefore, tends to develop from the problems stated below; ·        Worry about the penis size. ·        Problems present in the relationship ·         Being concerned about premature ejaculation or taking forever to orgasm. ·        Concern about body size and weight ·        Doubting your performance in bed. Worrying that you won’t sexually satisfy your partner by performing poorly in bed. With all the above processes, the body releases stress hormones such as norineprinephine and epinephrine. Symptoms Having too much worry during sex reduces our performance power in bed. No matter how sexually appealing your partner is, with a poor state of mind, one is bound to fail in bed. Stress hormones tend to reduce blood vessel size. This makes having an erection a mountain to climb since very little blood flows into the penis. In women, anxiety makes arousal quite difficult leading to little or no lubrication. Thus there is no physical desire to have sex. Anxiety shifts the attention of lovemaking. When one is concentrating on whether they will perform well in bed during intercourse, the focus on the current moment is lost. Even if they are super aroused, achieving climax becomes a problem. Solutions 1. Consult a therapist See a doctor or therapist who is well versed with sex matters. This can help to understand and eliminate the reasons for being anxious in bed. For example, if erectile dysfunction seems an issue, then techniques for being under control should be sought. 2. Intimacy among partners Other intimate things that do not include intercourse should be enjoyed among couples. This includes giving each other massages, bathing together, masturbating with each other. Masturbating helps reduce the pressure of sexual performance. 3. Exercising helps in keeping fit and also have good stamina for sex. 4. Self-distraction Mind distraction is critical when trying to avoid worries in bed. This is achieved by listening to music or watching a movie while having sex. Also, having thoughts which turn you on might be helpful. Escorts in Ipswich suggest that digressing from the sexual event at hand helps reduce worry and lowers over excitement. Conclusion There is no need to torture oneself about appearance and performance in bed. Where necessary, a therapist should be consulted. Remember that the best way to intervene in your sex life is to communicate with your partner or escort about what might work for you.
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Available now in Mango Hill

Written on February 6th, 2021 by Renee Dobe
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Top 3 ways to masturbate in 2021

Written on February 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Masturbation is a natural and safe way of getting sexual pleasure by oneself. It is a common practice but rarely spoken about despite living in a society that is sexually liberal. In most cases, it is considered embarrassing and weird to talk about it. People of different races, genders, and ages masturbate. Most people secretly do it because of the shame and guilt associated with it, so if you’re not masturbating, someone else is! Generally, masturbation does not have any side effects physically. It is normal, fun, and a healthy sexual adventure. Its advantages include; a safe way of having solo sex, no risk of pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases. It helps individuals learn more about their bodies sexually, reduces stress, and helps people sleep better thanks to its relaxing effect. The known negative effects are few. They include; guilt, in the sense that it is considered immoral by the religious society, and the risk of getting madly addicted. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, but masturbation can be fascinating if the following tips are followed. Here is a short detailed list of the best ways to masturbate. 1. Clitoris stimulation Fingers and toys such as vibrators or dildos can be used to play with the sensitive clitoris. The area above the pubic bone, which happens to be fleshy, should be well massaged. Then fingers should be run along the lips of the vulva, inner and outer. Rub up and down across the clitoris and clitoris hood. The rubbing speed should be increased when the clitoris gets super wet, or a good lube has been applied. The feeling should be intensified by adding more pressure until you get off. 2. Vaginal stimulation The vagina has always been considered not to lead to a fast climax in women. The vaginal opening should first be massaged. Sex toys or fingers are then inserted slowly and carefully. The vagina should be wet enough and If not, use lube to reduce the effects of friction. The toys or fingers should then be moved in a circular motion pushing in and out and stroking gently. The G-spot is then stimulated using a “come hither motion". When you feel a build-up of intense vibrations begin, increase the speed, and eventually, an explosive orgasm is felt. Katherine escorts say that this hack may not work for everyone, though, but it's worth giving a shot. 3. Masturbate after working out. After a workout, masturbation works perfectly for men. They tend to release hormones during intense workouts, such as adrenaline and dopamine (the feel-good hormone). Thus a man can feel extra horny after work out. Endorphins tend to be high in the blood, and this leads to an increase in blood flow. The pelvis muscle relaxes completely. Therefore, masturbating after a workout for men is excellent, and a good intense orgasm will easily be achieved. Conclusion These are not the only ways that can be used for great masturbation. There are more, and choices vary from one person to another. Flexibility is highly recommended. One can change from one process to another as long as their goal of an intense orgasm is achieved.
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Pro tips for practicing safe anal sex

Written on January 31st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Anal sex is currently a common practice among homosexuals and heterosexuals. It was earlier associated with the former but with the current sex trends, it's slowly gaining acceptance by all genders. Many women have given lots of praise to anal sex. They claim it is mind-blowing and intense compared to vaginal penetration. Besides, anal sex can also be an additional recipe when enjoying vaginal penetration. An explosive orgasm is experienced when there is a combination of clit stimulation, vaginal penetration, and anal play simultaneously. Patience is critical in the process. There should be no rush and plenty of lube is also required in addition to the self-lubrication of the anus. The relaxation of the sphincter muscle is also an important requirement. Anal sex does not only involve a penis. A tongue, fingers, and toys can also come in handy. Anal sex is considered safe, and its enjoyment is dependent on preparation, good communication with your partner, and more planning. To enjoy anal sex and reduce any risks, you should put the following into consideration; ·        The anus is not well lubricated. Unlike the vagina which provides its own lubricant, the anus does not. Kalgoorlie escorts recommend the use of a lubricant to avoid too much friction and tear of the delicate anal tissue ·         A softer and thinner tissue exists inside the anus. They have a high chance of tearing and bleeding when penetration happens. ·        The anus has a sphincter muscle that relaxes rhythmically. This relaxation makes penetration more enjoyable and reduces the risk of tear of the delicate tissue. ·        There is a risk of the spread of bacteria from the rectum. Maintaining high levels of hygiene after anal sex can reduce this risk. In case one is in a mood for wild anal sex or is anticipating it, they should plan and prepare well. More adventure waits in store if the following tips are adhered to. 1. Partners should communicate There is no room for surprises when it comes to anal sex. One should inform their partners of their plans and that they are curious to perform anal sex. If one partner is not up for it, then the mission should be aborted. There are dozens of options out there for spicing up things between the sheets that don't involve anal sex. 2. Clean up in preparation The rectum should be well cleaned before engaging in anal sex. This is in order to have an appealing and exciting experience. You can use an enema to clean it up. 3. Maintain short fingernails Fingernails should always be kept short. Long nails may tear the delicate soft anal tissue. There is also a risk of carrying bacteria from the rectum with the nails. 4. Use a condom You should always wear a condom to avoid contracting Sexually transmitted diseases, especially when the play involves shifting from anal sex to vaginal sex. Conclusion                                                                                                                                          For adventurous couples, preparation, planning, and talking about anal sex are the first steps of engagement. Anal sex should be fun and enjoyable, and to achieve this the highlighted safety precautions should always be adhered to. Good luck with your anal sex adventures!
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The Most Popular Sexual Fantasies

Written on January 28th, 2021 by Madison Ashley
Every person has their favorite sexual fantasy. Some people have multiple sexual fantasies and hope one day they will turn them into reality. We like to think about our fantasies in the bed, in the office, while taking a shower, and pretty much whenever we can. However, most people think sexual fantasies are just fruits of imagination, unrealistic scenes that would never happen in real life. Are you one of them? If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can live your sexual fantasy. You can engage in the scenario from your favorite fantasy with your girlfriend or wife. If they’re not up to it, then you can always do it with a sexy Sydney escort. Turning sexual fantasies into reality is a game-changer for many. That’s when your sex life reaches another level and your sexual performance improves significantly. Our escorts love to play out scenarios exactly like you imagined them. It doesn’t really matter what the fantasy is, you can find an escort who’s interested in it as you are and will help you experience it. Below, we’re going to go through the most popular sexual fantasies. Is your fantasy among them? Threesome Threesome is, by far, the most popular sexual fantasy ever. Every man would love to have a threesome at one point or another. Even an increasing number of women want to try a threesome to see what it’s like. For most guys, the ideal threesome is with two super sexy girls who are directing all their attention toward him and aiming to please him any way they can. Just an idea of two naked girls kissing and touching one another is enough to get you hard. Imagine experiencing it. How awesome. Sex in public If you’ve never had sex in a public place you’re definitely missing out. The thought of getting caught in the act is incredibly exciting and sexy. Options for sex in public are endless. You can do it in a park, at the beach, in an elevator, in a stairwell of your building, in the office, gym, wherever you want. It’s easy to find smoking hot escorts who absolutely love sex in public, so what are you waiting for? Domination Some men love to dominate whereas others prefer being dominated. Regardless of your sexual fantasy and preference, you can easily make it happen. Domination is about control and trust to the point where two people get to reach mind-blowing orgasm through sexy scenarios. All you have to do is to find an escort who loves to dominate or to be dominated. Take it from there and turn your fantasy into the most exciting sex you’ve ever had. Role play Role play includes different scenarios where two people have different roles and pretend to be different persons. One person can be a lawyer while the other one is a client. Or a doctor-nurse scenario! Options are truly numerous and exciting at the same time. On our website, you can find escorts who love to engage in foreplay.
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Online dating vs. seeing escorts

Written on January 26th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Online dating is a structure that facilitates the discovery and connection of partners on the internet. The goals of the connections are to develop romantic, personal, and sexual relationships. Seeing an escort involves paying a female, male or trans escort for their company and sexual services. It is different from prostitution - an escort charges for entertainment such as companionship. Sex may be part of the service, but entertainment is the primary goal. A prostitute charges for sex primarily, and also prostitutes only give sexual services, whilst an escort ensures that the client is well entertained. Advantages of dating sites ·        It connects people from different places that would have never met ·        It is one of the most convenient ways of meeting new people ·        It is considered one of the safest ways of dating ·        It connects people with similar interests faster. These similarities include preferences, core values, background, interests, and faith. Merits of seeing escorts over online dating 1. Fun and entertainment An escort is a professional who ensures the services of the client are well catered for. VIP treatment is always their priority. Therefore, fun and entertainment are assured. Online dating does not warrant an individual this fun and entertainment as some online profiles on dating sites may be fake, and getting scammed is possible. A common trend in online dating is called "catfishing" which means to lure someone into a relationships using fake persona. 2. Guaranteed safe sex Mackay escorts offer protected sex to their clients. There is less risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Meeting strangers from a random site may expose an individual to a lot of risks. 3. Quality and variety of sexual experiences Not all online dating will lead to a good sex life. The sex may be available, but after some time, it may not be satisfactory. Individuals seeking casual sex from an online connection may lose a lot of time and get disappointed. On the other hand, hiring an escort gives an individual quality for their money. Escorts specialize in fascinating services such as tantalizing, sensual massages and seduction leading to heightened climaxes. Since an escort is experienced and specialized, time is always well spent with them, leaving no chance for boredom. 4. Hassle free companionship Online dating is marred with fake profiles and weird compatibilities. For the lucky ones, with just a few dates, you might get laid. The real intentions of the online dates may not be clear. Escorts are straight forward, honesty is assured, and clients get the sex they desire for. There are no follow up calls after an intimate session. 5. You get what you want Clients choose escort girls according to their preference. Individuals can also make their choice according to their mood. Clients' sexual fantasies are satisfied. In escorting, you get to choose the female, male or trans escort you wish to spend time with. Therefore, have a good time is much closer to being a guarantee and keeping boredom and monotony away is much more likely. Online dating does not offer these privileges. Conclusion Online dating has its own fair share of benefits. However, the advantage of seeing escorts well outweighs these benefits, and therefore, it’s the way to go for punters seeking to have some fun!  
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Add up to 12 Tours now on Naughty Ads!

Written on January 23rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Going on a 2 month tour to lots of cities?  Premium Ads can now add up to 12 tours! This is a great new feature that many of our touring escorts have been asking for. Now you can conveniently set your schedule well in advance.  Don't forget to set up Auto Jump to Top and Auto Available now at your peak available times throughout your tour. Please note that, your ad must be verified to add tours.
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5 things to try if you're new to BDSM

Written on January 22nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
If you've already heard of this four-letter word, you must be wondering how to put the things in your mind into action. For beginners, the mention of the term BDSM creates a surge of anxiety that in most cases results in thoughts of scary sex positions, kinky sex toys, and overwhelming rules. To some beginners, BDSM is just a word that doesn't make much sense to them besides the kinky meaning. If you're a beginner, and you've been wondering what to start with in this new world of pleasure, you've landed in the right corner of the internet. We went ahead to gather the opinions of Albury escorts - the best sex enthusiasts in town, to bring you the following very sexy bucket list of kinky things to try if you're new to BDSM. 1.      Hair pulling To most people, this comes automatically during sex, especially between male and female partners. Hair pulling can be regarded as the BDSM 101 of sexy play. It is a great way of introducing some kinkiness into your sex play, and besides, it doesn't require any practice or investment in sex toys. Hair pulling is highly recommended since you can decide whether to go slow and soft or rough and wild. However, keep in mind that some people are very particular with their hair, especially ladies, and therefore you must have a prior conversation before you jump in yanking her hair. 2.      Light spanking There is no better feeling in this world than the pain that comes with pleasure. Spanking a partner is a common fantasy that comes out best when started soft and slow. If you wish to try this, use your hands first before advancing into sex toys such as floggers. Escorts in Albury suggest that spanking doesn't necessarily have to be limited to the buttocks, as some people like it when spanked all over, including their genitals. 3.      Dirty talk Dirty talk in sex play takes things a notch higher. Such language includes words such as whore, jerk, or slut. Once in a while, while you romp each other, call him or her "my cum-eating slut." We promise you such words will even make him or her even more turned on. However, we recommend that you pre-negotiate such words with your partner to avoid fights. 4.      Candle wax You must have seen this in one of your favourite kinky romance movies. Get some safe candles and pour the hot wax on your partner's back. It is going to be fun and kinky, especially with the intense sensations of sweet pain. 5.      Biting Biting allows you and your partner to explore the different levels of erotic pain. If you find this intriguing, start slow with the sensitive parts such as the neck. Remember that the bucket list is endless, and the ideas are in the millions. For more insights, be sure to keep tabs on our posts. From the team at Naughty Ads, good luck enjoy your new adventures!  
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Why do women hire male escorts?

Written on January 20th, 2021 by Blogger Blogger
Male escorts, like female escorts, are professionals that offer companionship and entertainment to their clients. Like their female counterparts, male escorts provide more than just sex and companionship but with a number of differences. In fact, their booking's happen to be for two hours on average, which is longer than the average single-day booking that takes place with a female escort. This is because their clients, women, often need more time to converse and get affection, besides sex, and therefore, they tend to offer more of a therapeutic service. Society views women who seek and hire male escorts as "different." There is also a perception that the main reason could be because they did not get laid elsewhere, and their only option was to hire a male escort. This is considered to be a misconception. The following are reasons why women decide to see escorts and adult service providers. This article will likely change your thinking and perception on the matter. 1. Single mothers or divorced. If a woman is out of a relationship, whether a marriage or dating, they do not get the sexual happiness they desire. There might be potential men seeking to help them out, but since their intentions may not be clear, they are turned down. These women instead opt to seek the assistance like those of Lismore escorts. These escorts fulfil their sexual demands with no strings attached. Most single mothers take care of their kids without involving other men. 2. Stigma Single Women over 30 are common victims of stigma. This is, however, an outdated reaction. When it happens, it leads to these women seeking short-term relationships to avoid nagging questions from their families, friends, or neighbours. 3. Sexual dissatisfaction Not being able to have sex for some reason may be tolerable. But not getting enough sex during a sex session may be too frustrating. Many women complain about not reaching climax, having anxiety, or even feeling pain during sex. All these things lead to poor sex life. The best option may be to see a male escort. Being a professional, their needs are much more likely to be taken care of. 4. Unfaithfulness. There are so many cases of men cheating on their partners and vice versa. Women tend to revenge, taking the proverb “revenge is a dish best served cold” quite literally. They do this just to get equal. Therefore, hiring an escort could come in handy. 5. Other non-sexual services. Owing to the physique of most male escorts, most women do hire them to show off. The escorts accompany their clients to meetings and even dates. No sex is involved. Conclusion Women of different races, sizes, shapes, and religions, just like their male counterparts, all have sexual needs. The choice they make is subject to their conscience. Society should, therefore, let them be as they seek to satisfy their sexual desires. The above reasons may just be a few. Many more realistic and genuine reasons may apply. What do you think?
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Dos and don'ts of BDSM

Written on January 15th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
BDSM is a practice that can bring with it some of the finest moments in this world. New sensations of pleasure, pain, mental satisfaction, the great feeling of being in control or surrendering, and much more. However, having fun with BDSM is one thing, but keeping it safe, sound, sane, and consensual is another thing. Sometimes, sexual acts can get too intense, leading to crossing boundaries or overstepping, which renders the whole thing dangerous. Therefore, BDSM calls for extra care to make sure both parties are kept safe. To make sure you're enjoying your ride in this kinky world, we prepared the following detailed list of do's and don'ts of BDSM. Do's 1.      Make the acts escapable. Don't fall for what you see in the movies and porn videos, where the subs are put under inescapable bondage. If you're doing this with your partner at your home, make sure that whatever restraints he or she is under are easily escapable, especially in the event of something serious. If it's with cuffs, make sure they can be easily slipped or collapse, or else the sub can reach and release without too much struggle. 2.      Have a safe word A safe word is a term that the submissive partner uses to alert the dominant partner when a sexual act feels overwhelming emotionally or physically. When the safe word is said, it doesn't matter which point you two had reached, everything has to stop. If the play involves gagging, where the sub can't speak, get a safe gesture such as raising the hands or two or three loud grunts. 3.      Focus on aftercare Remember that some BDSM acts can get intense to the extent of causing scars, cuts, scratches, or any other bodily harm. Once you're done with the play, the dom should take care of the sub in any way possible. Bairnsdale escorts recommend chatting with him or her, cuddling, and having a deep conversation on what you two just experienced.   Don'ts 1.      Don't reject reality Engaging in BDSM comes with loads of sexual fantasies, most of which are unreal and unachievable. Remember that you're living in the present and not in the imaginative world, and so, you should always use your logic to make sure your partner is safe. 2.      Don't ignore concerns raised by your sub. Remember that the sub/dom relationship is cemented on love and trust. If you're the dominant partner, make sure that your sub feels the affection and care from you. If something is hurting or overwhelming them, be ready to put everything to a stop and care for them. 3.      Don't cause actual harm. This is especially with restraints. Whichever the play, make sure that whatever you use isn't causing actual bodily harm to the sub. The strength of any relationship is based on trust and communication. Besides setting a safe word, sit with your partner, and agree on what works for the two of you!     
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Best role playing ideas for you and your escort

Written on January 13th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Do you remember that first date you had with an escort? The way you got to know each other, the way you flirted, and how it all went down? It was an exciting experience for sure, but imagine you could make it even better. There are plenty of things you can do to spice up your dates with professional escorts. One of those things is roleplaying. With roleplays, you take a short, exciting vacation from your routine sex lives without having to travel. By performing roleplays, you get an amazing opportunity to rewrite your sexual history, fulfill a long-held sexual fantasy, or be sexual in a completely different manner from your normal self. We partnered with the professional Busselton escorts to bring you this comprehensive write-up of the best roleplaying ideas for you and your escort. 1.      Patient and doctor. For this stunt, the escort should act as the hot doctor while the client acts horny patient. The patient-doctor is a common childhood game that transfers effortlessly into adult life, especially in the bedroom, since it allows either you or the escort to be distant while tending and touching the others' body. The doctor should attend to the patient in a sexy short dress, and preferably, without undies. Hold a deeply intimate conversation that will force the patient to undress, and from there, you can take things to the next level. 2.      Boss and secretary Here, it's best if the client acts as a handsome boss. A perfect opening line for this role play is "if you play your cards right, a special bonus awaits you." As the boss, use your efficient attitude and maintain eye contact. Dictate an X-rated memo to your sectary or send her out for ice and then use it on her body. 3.      The masseur and client This role play is all about breaking the rules, and it's for those who like pushing boundaries. If you're uncomfortable with coercion, this is not the role play for you. Pretend that you're the client, and the escort is the masseur although there is no limit to who plays which role. The masseuse should focus on giving the client a deep massage focused on the different sensitive parts of the client's body. Massages are super nice ways of exploring sexual fantasies as they'll make you extremely turned on, making them a perfect role play of having a great time with an escort. A simple opening line would be, "you seem really tense, please relax and let my hands give you all you need." The bottom line There is no point in having nervous casual dates with escorts while you can make them awesome and worthwhile with just a few twists. With any of the above ideas, you can never get it wrong. Remember that some of these roleplays need prior agreement and, therefore, discuss it with her.  
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The dangerous side

Written on January 12th, 2021 by Carmela Coultier
Whilst working in the independent escort industry since 2007, I’ve been through some interesting and dangerous circumstances. The neurosurgeon Suresh Nair was one out all that lasted 12 hours in which I could have died given his ( passion for intoxicating himself and dissociating to a near-noxious level) time you all remember the four corner documentary on his fall from too neurosurgeon status at Nepean hospital to nonchalance and bad choices when leaving two escorts dead own his 1) Maclean street apartment in ports point followed by 2) the slow companion left for days in the Bondi apartment. Well, now to the crux of the above matter stated  - though this will be a very lengthy informative one after that pretext!! lol It is a fact that the independent private escort, without management, security or camaraderie of a fellow colleague (escorts working closely together; is very much akin to the stress and reminder that similar situations like that are happening everywhere. That has happened in a not so long ago history ( a decade in the uppermost “exclusive “ echelons of Sydney’s eastern suburbs.  Having gone through such an experience ( that I will leave details providing context allows, for another (watch four corners on the neurosurgeon Suresh Nair that was privy to the death of eastern suburbs escorts)  A choice that I choose to work in one of ( well actually The Best Establishments- LIAISONS of Edgecliff; one that is of safety and high class not to mention HOT AS HELL GIRLS THAT ARE JUST AS HOT FOR THEIR clients as the clients are for them. I, therefore, am in my realm of like-minded nymphs that are young, educated and travelling.  Moreover, there is ( my subjective view, not scientific — obviously)!!! 90% better in their attitude and looks within their job at liaisons than any other escort on most high escort sites. I’m on scarlet blue, and I find that I get beautiful clients there but being times of volatility in the market and decreasing finances I am not a good saleswoman. I have compassion and therefore lose fiscal responsibility and site of my budgetary goals.  some cannot pay high rates regularly, so I refer them to liaisons where I am known as Candy here I spend four days a week and then three days when I’m off the super exclusive sophisticated Carmela Coultier French and English speaking, born Australian, I try to find the time to work from my home providing incalls and then having the pleasure to meet ( my favourite types) business people in their hotel room on their busy schedule between meetings - so these outcalls to the city and east and northern suburbs are infamous for discretion and education- in which I excel in, and take too seriously enjoying above all other appointments- types.  So, these outings I have once been the colleague of a rival company in which case I would indeed talk and be the associate of my client as he requested and spoke through the strategy and script. These are rare, but I love these roles because A courtesan is supposed to hold her own and support the client REGARDLESS of context. That’s why the prices are high. I have a degree and a bachelor in science and education and molecular biology and business diploma. I have experienced much in the field, but I can at least accompany and have your back and hold a strategy conversation In social frameworks.
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The 5 best things about BDSM

Written on January 9th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Without a doubt, BDSM is one of the best things that ever happened to the world of sex and intimacy. The release of probably the kinkiest movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, fuelled the spread and curiosity of the culture of BDSM, which had been considered taboo for a long time. For many decades, kinky sexual encounters have been labelled with the wrong definitions, which is unfortunate. Luckily, people are embracing the culture and accepting BDSM to be part of us. However, are you aware that besides the sexual thrill, there are hundreds of benefits attached to BDSM? We partnered with "sexperts", professional dominatrixes, Cairns escorts, and holistic sex practitioners and prepared you this list of the best 5 things about BDSM.   1.      Bdsm improves communication People who practice BDSM tend to be better communicators, especially in intimate relationships compared to non-kinky partners. This is because BDSM is a sensitive aspect of sexuality that calls for discussions about sexual desires and approaches to satisfying them. Also, the need for tools like safe words and sex toys contributes to excellent communications compared to typical relationships. 2.      Contributes to faithfulness The commitment, emotion, energy, and trust that couples practicing BDSM invest in these relationships discourages and dissuades most of them from engaging in unfaithful acts. According to escorts in Cairns most people who take these acts seriously consider their relationships high-risk, high-rewards situations that nobody wants to sabotage. 3.      More and more intimacy Many people consider casual sex as the ultimate intimacy between two (or more) partners. They don't realize that with BDSM, there is more at stake than casual sex, which makes BDSM a great way of taking intimacy to greater heights. Also, there are so many different sexual acts that require extra trust among partners, and in the process, intimacy gets a massive boost. 4.      Fights anxiety. Although this is highly debated, there is science-based evidence backing this statement. The thrill and enjoyment that comes with giving or receiving pain is a crucial fighter of anxiety. Science suggests that practices such as sadism and masochism alter the blood flow into the brain leading to altered states of consciousness, which leads to a feeling of tranquility and thus reducing anxiety. 5.      Improves mental health In most cases, BDSM is associated with forced sex, breach of consent, rapes, and sexual abuse, which is completely absurd. People who engage in BDSM practices tend to be less neurotic, more open-minded, and aware of rejection. Also, contact between the parties engaging in BDSM promotes better states of wellbeing.   If you're yet to indulge in BDSM, you have no idea what you're missing. Remember that the key to enjoying such benefits is proper communication with your partner(s).
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Up to 70% off sale at LoveHoney until 12 Jan!!

Written on January 9th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
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The art of perfect foreplay

Written on January 2nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Foreplay can be defined as any act that precedes sexual intercourse. It can also replace sex as the main event if one needs not to. When done right, foreplay can be hot and fascinating. Importance of foreplay When the foreplay is done, it sparks you both physically and physiologically, making sex a possibility and delightful. (a) physiological Foreplay brings partners closer inside and outside of the bedroom, and also, it has a positive effect on our libido. Kissing, which is part of foreplay, triggers the release of hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. A mixture of these hormones inhibits the release of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Thus an increase in bonding, affection, feeling, and euphoria. (b) Physical Sexual arousal occurs during foreplay. There is an Increase in juices flow. This, however, is different from the desire to have sex, but it can lead to that direction too. Sexual arousal to the body are: ·        Increase in blood pressure, pulse, and heartbeat rate. ·        Blood vessel dilation, such as the genitals. ·        An increase in blood flow in the sexual organs, such as the penis, clitoris, and labia. ·        Nipples erect, and the breasts swell. ·        Presence of vaginal lubrication hence enjoyable sex due to less friction and less pain To make foreplay more fascinating, you can try the following tips. 1. Slowly get rid of the clothes. Lakes entrance escorts suggest that foreplay resembles a marathon. You do not need to be in a hurry to finish. Clothes such as shirts can be removed first. It would be best if you gave maximum concentration to the already revealed body parts. This may be by touching, licking, or kissing. After some time, pull the pants down and massage the thighs and legs area. Once you remove the bra (if any), shift the focus on the nipples. However, don’t just jump into the breasts. Start by touching the areola slowly, making swift circles before giving the whole boob soft massages. Now suck the nipples gently while rubbing the breasts. 2. Sexting the entire day. Foreplay should not be a bedroom affair only but can start as early as when one wakes up. Sexy texts should be the norm. Such texts like, “can’t just imagine your naked body next to mine tonight”. This raises the level of excitement and anticipation. If swapping nudes also excites you, then do it while sexting. 3. Do an undress tease Dancing while stripping may look great. Even if you're a poor dancer, this tends to cover up that part. It seems naughty and crazy at the same time. This may tempt the female partner to pounce on the man. 4. Dress sexily underneath Women's sexy undergarments turn men on. If an excellent sexy color and size are chosen, it gets more enticing. With the right size of underwear in a man, a woman can get turned on too. Conclusion As much as we enjoy sex, foreplay can come in handy, whether as a replacement or together with sex. The above examples are part of good foreplay practices. More can be added depending on mood and preference.
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My most intense orgasm

Written on December 29th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
I hired my first Griffith escort in my late twenties. I was a poor intellectual who was not lucky with women and on top of that, I also had a difficult childhood full of strain and depression. I knew escort websites well since I had been playing around for a while. I had visited Naughty Ads more than twice and fantasized about what it would be like to hook up with one of the hot Griffith escorts. The fantasy had now come to pass. I chose a pretty girl with a shapely figure, a curvy waist, and crescent-shaped eyebrows. She looked great from her profile. I made a call and asked her to come to my place. She arrived at 7:00 P.M. as agreed. She looked as beautiful as her profile picture. She wore a low cut purple evening dress. I paid for one hour. I was nervous and spent almost half of the time talking about life and movies. I did not want to continue racing against the clock. I led her to my bedroom. Before I could shut the door behind me, she stripped off her dress, unveiling her sexy floral inner-wear. This shocked me. It happened in a split of a second and was not the norm in my reality. But whatever it was, I had paid for it and was ready for it. She then wondered how we could spend the whole hour. I told her she was in charge, and I would be at her service. She jumps up the bed and starts massaging my back as we talk. We talk about erotic stuff, I guess, just to set the mood. She then told me I had a good smell and was hot. She spanks my butt while talking. She then said that I had a cute butt, and she liked it. She then rolled me over and pulled down my pants. She then sucked my already anxiously throbbing cock with a lot of enthusiasm. She played with my balls, as the other hand touched my chest. She did it slowly and lightly without changing the hands. I lost myself and almost crashed on the bed. I felt the pleasure oozing in waves, and my breathing was fast. I was about to explode then she stopped! She had a maroon color to her hair. I noticed this in the light. I asked her if her hair was dyed, and she chuckled and said" yes." She felt impressed that I had taken notice of her hair. She turned on the table lamp to show me how it changes tint in the light. She then bent into a doggy position, ready for me to do the honors. My cock was still as hard as a nail. I slapped her ass and penetrated her from behind. Delaying my gratification intensified my orgasm like never before. I shuddered as I ejaculated multiple times whilst inside her. I fell to the bed again, removed the condom that was overflowing with cum and we embraced there, naked, in each other's arms. Years on, I feel like I need a repeat of that. 
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Kinky things to try with an escort

Written on December 26th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
By now, you've read hundreds of books and blog posts or watched hundreds of movies about sex ideas, but have you been able to take those fantasies beyond the books and movies? There is no better feeling in the world than having a great date with an escort and ending it with some nice time in the bedroom. However, with the limited time, the chances are that you're tired of the casual sex routines. If you're looking out to shake and spice things up during your escort dates, there are thousands of ways to do it. We've prepared this list of kinky things to try with an escort from the soft to the wild. 1.      Take the action to a mirror. The next time you're romping an escort, whisper into her ears and tell her how sexy she looks, and then suggest getting a better view. While at it, lead her slowly into a mirror and bend her over. Hit it from behind as you enjoy the view of you doing what you do best. You can also have a mirror beside your bed so that you all can watch yourselves taking each other to unthinkable heights.  2.      Talk dirty Talking dirty is the chocolate sprinkles when it comes to sex. While you have a great time with an escort, introduce some nasty words to describe the sensations you're feeling, as you encourage her to touch you more. Whisper into her ears about how her touches drive you crazy. Also, you can introduce some nasty insults such as “my slut”. However, Caloundra escorts suggest a prior agreement before using such words as they can be offensive. 3.      Spanking Don't be afraid to bend her over, smack her ass, and let her butts feel the power vested in your hands. The trick to spanking is starting soft and light, accompanied by some soft and slow caressing between the smacks. Hands work perfectly for a start but if things get to the next level, introduce toys such as flogs. Also, be sure to have a prior agreement as not every escort fancies being smacked on the ass. 4.      Role-playing. Remember those childish games you played in your childhood days, such as cop and driver? Such games blend perfectly with dates with escorts. Bring that imagination in such scenarios and use the tools at your disposal to turn the situations into great sexual encounters. Role-play is a fun way of experimenting with the wild sexual desires beyond your headspace, and of course, better and more intense orgasms. The bottom line Bondage, temperature play, flogging, fetishism, worship, biting, and dressing up are more examples of things you could try. However, before you get all kinky, be sure to observe mutual respect with the escort.
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