Verification Process

To verify photos advertisers are asked to mimic a randomly assigned hand gesture and take a selfie photo or write a code on a piece of paper and take selfies with it. 

The advertisers are asked to use similar positions, poses, clothing and angles shown in the photos they want verified.

An advertiser need not show their face in verification photos if not shown in their display photos. 

Verification photos are private and are not shown on site. 

While we can not guarantee the 100% validity of all verified photos, we incorporated our verification process as an attempt to improve the accuracy of profiles shown on site.

We may use other verification methods we deem satisfactory.

If you encounter an ad that is grossly misrepresenting the service provided, we ask that you contact us immediately with relevant ad details so that we can take further action.

This may include, but is not limited to the removal of profile images, content or entire ads from our site.