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Pro tips for finding the right person

November 27th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
To most people, dating aims to find someone with whom you click naturally, in the content of emotions, physicality, and intellect. Perhaps you’ve been single for too long, and you’ve decided it's high time you found your other half. Quite frankly, the dating game can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re coming from a long period of being single. With life getting busier, days tend to become shorter, and it gets harder to find love. Although the introduction of dating apps into the game made things much easier, it’s still a tussle getting someone you can catch a vibe with. Here are a few pro tips to help you find your way to the person after your own heart. 1.     Don’t find someone who “completes” you The biggest mistake that most people, especially young people, make is approaching potentials, thinking they will fill their every void. When approaching potential lovers, you need to be complete within yourself. You have to understand that a partner should enhance your life; In other words, make it better. Make sure you’re happy by yourself, and when the other person is happy by him or herself, whatever cooks between you two will add more happiness into your lives. 2.     Focus on building a genuine connection first. The best relationships are built on genuine connections that, in most cases, start as friends. When you go on that first date, focus on things that will help you strike a spark of a strong connection. Focus on the things your date does and says rather than your inner thoughts. Also, show some curiosity about them. Show interest in asking stuff about them. Remember also to pay attention to words and nonverbal cues. Last but not least, be genuine. When you go on that date, be yourself, for a true connection can never be falsified. 3.     Prioritize engaging in fun activities. We understand that dating sites and apps have made it easier for people to meet and hook up, but we feel like engaging in fun activities would do better. Focus on doing things that make you happy, and in the process, you’re going to meet new people with whom you share an interest. Shift your mind to having fun in your own way and visiting new places. Activities such as charities, walks, hikes, food events, and sports will help you meet new people, and at the same time, are self-rewarding. 4.     Learn to accept and handle rejection According to escorts in Warwick, not every person you meet will be up for your vibe. Remember, we are human, and we have different tastes and preferences. Therefore accepting rejection positively will help you move forward. The bottom line Easy isn’t a promise, but victory is. The most important thing to remember is to be genuine and authentic. With the above tips, you’re bound to open another chapter of your love life.
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Strap-on 101- A complete beginner’s guide to using a strap-on

November 24th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Strap-on dildos or strap-on harnesses are the new go-to toy in people's bedrooms. The magical device has become a popular sex toy for couples who wish to explore beyond their sexual horizons. The most exciting thing about the strap-on is that it can be used on any person and by any combination of genders. To bring you into the limelight, we have prepared this complete beginner's guide into using a strap-on. So, what is a strap-on? In the simplest terms possible, a strap-on is a detachable device worn by a man or a woman to deliver pleasure to a partner. Strap-ons come in different shapes, sizes, features, and strapping systems for you to choose from. Who uses strap ons? As noted earlier, strap ons are versatile toys that can be used on any gender combination, depending on the sexual needs in question. Some of the most common people that enjoy strap ons are girl-to-girl couples, men with small penises, women with loose coochie, BDSM enthusiasts, and gay partners. So what are the tips for using a strap-on? 1.     Finding the right size When going for the purchase, make sure you choose a length and girth that you are comfortable with. Escorts in Sydney suggest that you consult with your partner about how deep they wish you to go. That way, you two are bound for untellable pleasure. 2.     Use the strap on as a handheld dildo first Using it as a handheld dildo is a perfect test on the comfort of your partner. Before strapping it to your waist, slide it in slowly using your hands, and observe and listen to what your partner feels. Doing this will give you a chance to understand how they feel about the toy and an opportunity to learn how to gain control over the moment. 3.     Make lube your best friend Dildos can be extremely fun to use, but that only happens when there is plenty of good lube. A good lubricant offers a cushion against friction, which protects your skin during insertion and removal of the device. If possible, lubricate the toy before, and keep adding more as you go. Without enough of this, you’re bound for an ultimate pisser. 4.     Incorporate some dirty talk Remember, a strap-on is basically a toy, and essentially, a fake penis. Kinky and dirty communication is, therefore very essential in making sure that you two get to climax. Final thoughts Using a strap-on isn’t rocket science. The most important thing to keep in mind is communication. Keep tabs with your partner and make this a thing of two. Lastly and most importantly, remember to wash the toy thoroughly before and after use. That way, you’ll save yourselves from potential health risks.    
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Black Friday Crazy Good Deals at Lovehoney - 60% off everything!

November 23rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney AU has added a new promotion Black Friday Mega Deals: Get your Black Friday BUZZ! Up to 60% off everything! Start Date: 23/11/2021 End Date: 28/11/2021
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5 surprising reasons why you’re not getting your orgasm

November 22nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Sex makes no sense if it doesn’t end up in an explosive orgasm. To most women, climaxing is close to rocket science. A female orgasm is quite often compared to the Bermuda triangle- a complete mystery. While we agree every woman has been created and abled differently, a shattering orgasm is your right, and if you’ve not been getting it, we’ll tell you why. Here are 5 surprising reasons why you’ve been leaving that bed empty-handed- with no orgasm. 1.     You’re too anxious Mental wellbeing contributes to the ability to climax. Having depression or anxiety leads to intrusive thoughts, which make orgasms a nightmare. According to escorts in Melbourne, half the times they couldn’t reach orgasm resulted from depression and anxiety. If you think your mental well-being has been the issue, consider seeking therapy or seeing a gynecologist. If possible, seek these services together with your partner. 2.     You’re taking too much alcohol Surprisingly, alcohol intake affects blood flow to the clitoris, which is a crucial part of sex for most ladies. In addition, smoking has more or less the same effect. So, if you’ve been struggling with an orgasm, you need to check on your bottles. 3.     You’re not confident about your body. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s going to be a nightmare getting to your big O. We understand that everyone has their own insecurities, but hey, you got to stop focusing on whether he notices your flaws. Take some time to overcome your insecurities and love yourself enough. Please find a way of getting such thoughts out of your head, such as writing them down or meditating. 4.     You have communication issues One of the most critical aspects of the bedroom is communication. Letting your partner know what you want from the bedroom comes in handy to getting to climax. If you feel like you want him to do something, you should feel free to tell them. In addition, if there is something you don’t like, it’s vital to let him know. Your partner is not an angel. Unless you speak your mind, you’ll forever live in a world of ruined orgasms. 5.     You’re not drinking enough water Quite surprisingly, water dramatically affects your orgasms. Research suggests that the arousal tissue in women needs to slide and glide, and that can only happen if there is enough fluid. Drinking water during the day saves you from issues such as fatigue and constipation, which makes sure you’re in the optimum condition for an orgasm. If you’re planning a romp for the night, several glasses of water will make sure you’re hydrated, and that way, you’ll be in for a great O. The bottom line The trick to getting an orgasm is by having everything in order. First, deal with your traumas. Secondly, watch your health and lastly, communicate. Experts suggest that you should focus on the moment and avoid thinking about the results.          
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No strings attached sex- A complete guide

November 21st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Quite frankly, the dating world is complicated. All the drama revolving around serious relationships is overwhelming. It would suck if the only way to get laid were by being in a relationship. Luckily, casual sex hit the headlines, especially in 2021. We understand that most youths are fans of casual sex and would prefer getting laid without commitments, but most of them have been doing it the wrong way. So, have you been wondering how to go about this? Hold your horses for the following is a complete guide of how to have NSA sex. First things first, do you think no strings attached sexual relationships are for you? In as much as these relationships are fun, they are not for everyone. Most people find themselves on the wrong side of the fragility of these relationships. What starts as some fun ends up being one-sided love, drama, jealousy, and insecurity. If you can’t handle these, then you better not proceed. When is the best time to have NSA sex? Casual sex is not something you just wake up and decide to indulge in. here are some scenarios when NSA sex would be best for you.        When you’ve had a recent breakup, and you’re trying to move on        When you’re pretty busy for a relationship        When you don’t want commitments        When you love sex, but you still need space So what are the tips for these kinds of relationships? 1.     Never do it with someone you like. The idea of having sex with your crush and forgetting about it will probably not work here. If you’re interested in someone, better stay away from them. Keep in mind this is not a movie, and they chose to have one-time sex with you because they wanted to, not because they like you. 2.     Make sure you’re totally ready. Being ready goes back to figuring out whether it’s really love you want or just some fun. Think about whether NSA sex is the right thing to do and whether it’s the right time to do it. If you feel like you want someone to cuddle after that long day, then this is probably not the thing for you. 3.     Spell out your boundaries. Once you have someone in mind, please take a seat with them and set some boundaries. Agree on what you both want and what happens after the sex. Make sure that these boundaries are serious and adhered to appropriately. If possible, have them down on a piece of paper. 4.     Keep your expectations at zero Remember, expectations are the mother of disappointments. Keep in mind that the only thing you expect from them is to show up for sex and nothing more. Footnote If handled well, no strings attached sex could be the best thing ever to happen to you this year. Brisbane escorts highly advise against sending mixed signals. Otherwise, with the above tips, you’re in for a great ride. Good luck.  
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Black Friday Early Access - up to 60% off everything!

November 17th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney AU has added a new promotion Name: Black Friday Early Access: Get your Black Friday Buzz! Up to 60% off everything! Start Date: 17/11/2021 End Date: 23/11/2021
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Surprising benefits of anal sex

November 17th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Religion and societal standards have led to many people concluding that anal sex is distasteful and taboo. To begin with, research has indicated that anal sex is one of the least explored sexual aspects, yet it has immense benefits when done correctly. Quite frankly, the word beneficial doesn’t ring in many people’s minds when anal sex is mentioned. If you’ve not tried anal yet, you’re probably sitting on the fence and questioning its safety, effects, the fun part of it, and probably the benefits, if any. In conjunction with the best sex enthusiasts and escorts in Hobart, Australia, we bring you some surprising benefits of anal sex that you didn’t know of. Shall we get into it? It keeps you in shape Generally, sex is fantastic and does good for your general health. It boosts the immune system by keeping you in peak shape due to the intense exercise involved. In addition, sex releases antibodies and hormones that help you stay in check. On that note, anal sex isn’t an exception. If done correctly, with the right person, and in the right way, the immunity benefits are immense. Anal is more pleasurable for men. Generally, the anus is tighter than the vagina. Keeping in mind that men feel on top of the world when the prick goes into tight entrances, it’s a no-brainer that the anus would be better to romp. In addition, romping her anus from the back gives men that sense of power and domination, making sex even more fun. It is pleasurable for women The butt has some of the most sensitive nerve endings, and in addition, in millions. That said, it means that romping her ass delivers tones of pleasure to her. In addition, anal allows pleasing of the G-spot; When she’s penetrated from behind, and there’s a push on the vaginal walls. In a nutshell, it’s easier to get a big O through some anal play as long as it’s done right.          It leads to increased intimacy between partners. You have to agree that anal sex isn’t for the faint-hearted and takes a lot of courage to have someone penetrate your magical hole. When it comes to anal, women and men tend to become nervous, afraid, and insecure. When she obliges to anal sex, it means that she trusts her partner, which makes things better between partners. In addition, when anal happens willingly between partners, it means their sexual needs are being met, and they are willing to go out of their way to please each other. Footnote The highlighted benefits are just a few among the hundreds. If you’ve been thinking of trying this, nothing should hold you back. An important reminder from us is to keep your partner close and communicate. 
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The pleasures and pain of holding in and the pain of holding my climax(ES)

November 16th, 2021 by Carmela Coultier
I have, and ambproud of the climax(es) I have during my encounters escorting yet am astounded by the pornography - industry stereotype that: “ squirting means orgasm and I quote “must be felt and seen” end quote... Male species - and porn Industry illusions: INCORRECT!!! I have as many orgasms as I can in my client encounter because simply; ..... I CAN!!! And I've noticed that my clients do have a resentful Demeanour... Because of my one after the other climaxing roller coaster of fun and so they before pit to you down here in picture form to document this history of me trying to hold in my climaxing fun.
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Rope bondage sex positions bucket list

November 15th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Everything about tying your partner and dominating them is super attractive and a pure turn-on. It shifts the power dynamic to your side, provokes emotions, makes things fun, and significantly better and more intense orgasms. If you’ve been yearning to tie them down, congratulations from us! You’ve unlocked a new level of your sex horizons. We assure you that you're bound to experience an unfathomable pleasure. However, the question is, how do you make use of ropes to get the best out of those moments? In this article are the best rope bondage sex positions to try out. We hope they bring the best out of your bedroom sessions. The box tie This is one of the best rope bondage styles that is easy to execute. The simplest way of trying this is using two ropes, about 30 feet each. Tie your partner's wrists together behind the back, and use the remaining length of rope to wrap it around the body and arms. The first part, below the breasts, then over them, and connect the ropes between the arm and body. This position gives you full access to nipples and genitals and is also magical for styles such as anal and facedown doggy. Bondage doggy styles. If you're a fan of doggy style, you’re going to love doing this to your partner. Escorts in Auckland recommend doing this on a bed since it requires some comfort on the knees. You need to position your partner with their butt up in the air and chest on the floor or bed. Once you have them in that position, pull their arms back and tie them to their ankles. Make sure that the grip is not too tight to avoid bruising. In this position, oral stimulation, as well as vaginal and anal penetration, will be perfect. The crab The crab is a perfect style for doggy and oral sex lovers. You simply have to tie your partner's thighs and ankle together and repeat the same on the other leg. To make it even hotter, tie their hands to the thighs. Experts advise using an easy release tow column tie. In this position, there's is easy access to all the private bits, making oral sex and penetration easy and enjoyable. In addition, you can easily switch from the crab to a bondage doggy. The hogtie This position is famous in some of the nasty movies on our screens. It's not that great at penetration, but for oral sex, it delivers the unexpected. Have your partner lie on their back and tie their wrists behind their back, followed by the ankles. Lastly, connect these two together to give it a BDSM feel. Remember, this position can be pretty tiring, and experts suggest having a quick untie plan. The bottom line Spread eagle, reverse chair, sexy spoon, and the yogi are more examples of kinky styles to try out. The most important thing to keep in mind is consent and safety. Good luck from us!  
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Top 5 pressure points for her orgasm

November 13th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Sex is great, but it’s even better when it ends in a toe-curling orgasm. When it comes to the female orgasm, it is a bit different from the male orgasm and takes a bit longer to achieve. Getting a female to her big O requires some tricks, such as more extended foreplay. According to research, more than 80% of women don’t reach their orgasm from penetrative sex. While the foreplay is considered the most significant contributor to the orgasm, knowing some particular pressure points can help her reach the orgasm within a shorter time. Here are some of the best pressure points that will help you get her to the big O. 1.     The clit Almost everyone knows about the clit. It is sensitive, discreet, and is packed with close to 8000 nerve endings. While you kiss her, we suggest involving this little gem in the play. Slowly and passionately caress and play around with the clit instead of pounding her mindlessly. Did you know that the clit becomes erect just like the penis? With that, you can easily spot it and put it to good use. 2.     The boobs Boobs or breasts are naturally sensitive to touch and can be a right turn-on as long as they are well fondled. We suggest gently touching, fondling, and sucking on the nipples to help her reach orgasm. Christchurch escorts suggest starting slow, slowly moving your finger across the boob, then to the areola, followed by slow twists on the nipple, before proceeding with full soft massages. If you prefer sucking the nipples, slow and soft bites will work the magic. 3.     The neck The neck is simply amazing and easily accessible. During foreplay, simple and intense pecks will work like magic. The nape and the back of the neck are packed with nerve endings which make it very sensitive. This probably explains why chills run down the back but not the stomach. Start with pecks and soft massages on the shoulders, proceeding to the neck. 4.     Ankles Surprisingly, many people don’t know about this hidden gem. Touching, kissing, and caressing her ankles could be a great start to this journey to her big O. The area between the Achilles tendon and the ankle is pretty sensitive, and stroking it gently leads to sexual stimulation. In addition, some women have some pleasurable points on the leg and the sole. It’s all about exploring your woman and finding them out. 5.     Mons This is the area just above the vagina. It is sensitive and can help you get her to climax. Gently caress it with your fingers, and if possible, your tongue. Final thoughts Although female orgasms are often compared to rocket science, you can always get it right with the above tips. However, please keep in mind all women are created differently, and therefore, some listed tips might not work for her. The best way is to talk to her and find out what turns her on.    
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How to find sex workers?

November 10th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Working with sex workers or escorts is immensely thrilling and convenient. There is no drama, no strings, and no chances for heartbreaks. In addition, they are available at your request. Most people think that hooking up with a good and decent sex worker is as easy as making a call, getting laid, and paying her up. No, that’s not the case. It takes some care and expertise, especially for the newbies, to find an escort that will suit their taste buds. When the thoughts of getting a sex worker that might disappoint you land on your mind, we understand that you might get a little confused. Here are a few tips on how to find sex workers. Do your research Researching about what you want is paramount. There is so much variety in the industry, which can get overwhelming at times. First, start by figuring out who you are, what your taste is, and whether you really want to indulge in this. We’ve had some people trying out sex workers, and they end up gnashing their teeth with regrets. Once you have someone in mind, you are ready to set out and look for one. Try dating apps The internet has made things much easier for everyone. With dating apps, finding your match has never been this easy. All you need is to download an app- tinder is probably the best- and make an attractive profile. We insist on being authentic here. Ensure that you have your real photos there, and categorically state that you’re looking for a hookup. You don’t want to end with someone who’s looking for a relationship. Once you do that, you might get lucky! Escort agencies In most places, especially major cities and towns, we have call girls who escort agencies employ. In most cases, they work in private locations or hotels, and their prices are pretty high, to be honest. Most of them have websites, and a simple google search will lead you to where they are. Interestingly, you can choose your type here and select a call-in or a call-out. Try brothels Brothels are technically locations where people pay for sex. If you’re reading this, you probably have an idea about this. In brothels, you’ll find girls who are hungry for clients. In here, all you need is to approach who you think is your type and get this done. References References are probably the best way of approaching sex workers. With references, we mean banking on a friend who has done this before. Ask them where and how they went about this. Allow them to guide you to a bar, a hotel, or even a sex worker they’ve worked with before. At least with this method, you’ll be safe. Streetwalkers and window workers are also perfect options, although you’ll need to be extra careful with them. 
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Want To Get Into Swinging But Need Pointers ? Check Me Out On

November 9th, 2021 by Mrs D ( Bongo Girl)
As you are probably aware I love cock . I am a married woman and my husband and I love this lifestyle . Yes we are swingers and love glory holes and dogging and want to put it back to where it use to be so if you want to get into this lifestyle watch out for my blog
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Erogenous zones for intense orgasms

November 8th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
When we talk about sex, it should be all about hitting the right spots. If you’re a great fan of sex, which we assume you are, foreplay will be a very importantly part of your sexual play. The best foreplay is the one that involves touching and making use of the most sensitive parts of the body, otherwise known as erogenous zones. We all have these zones, but we are all created uniquely, meaning things that turn us on might not turn others on and vice versa. That said, it’s likely there are some spots you haven’t discovered yet, besides the cliché ones. In this article, we explore some of the unique erogenous zones you should consider in your next romp. 1.     The scalp The next time you get a chance, make sure you pay some attention to the scalp, especially the area behind the ears and above the neck. The scalp is packed with millions of nerve endings, and a slight touch will send chills down your spine. To make it even hotter, rub with the nails slowly, and on the same note, don’t forget the hair. That way, your partner will love every moment you spend with them. 2.     The navel and the lower stomach Although some people are familiar with this, there as still many who don't pay attention to this special region. The fact that the navel is close to the genitals makes it special. A light touch using a feather, nails, or even the tongue will send chills through your partner. Additionally, this spot is great if you two are fans of temperature play. Running some ice cubes or pouring some candle wax down this place will be magical. Lastly, this area is also suitable if you’re on a solo mission. 3.     The sacrum You have probably seen this in movies, but perhaps you thought it’s one of those theories that doesn't work. The small of the back, commonly known as the sacrum, is packed with nerves, making it a sensitive region, which is a plus to your intimacy. The slightest touches, either with the nails, a feather, or even hands, sparks intense arousal. Try running an ice cube down this region or the hot candle wax trick to make it more adventurous. Your partner will love it. 4.     Behind the knees Surprised? Yes, we understand! This is an area that close to 99% of people neglect during sex. This area is extremely sensitive to any touch and is ticklish to some people, especially women. During foreplay, give special attention to this place with soft massages with your fingers, tongue, or nails. Closing note More examples of erogenous zones include armpits, inner arms, and the inner waist. To get the best out of these zones, escorts in Wellington suggest watching more videos, reading blog articles (the Naughty Ads blog most importantly :) ) and of course, talking to your partner or escort date about it. All in all, paying attention to these highlighted regions will mean intense orgasms are imminent. 
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Mental health is important health

November 6th, 2021 by Kitty Moore
Thank you for your patience during this troubling time
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Sexual compatibility- All you need to know

November 5th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We always talk about how we can have better sex and better orgasms, but how often do we talk about deepening the understanding between our partners and ourselves. There is an inevitable difference between love and sex that most people don’t wish to understand. In the context of sex, love, and emotional ties, sexual compatibility is a common phrase. There is no stated definition of sexual compatibility, but in the simplest terms, it can be defined as a situation where two partners share common sexual beliefs, preferences, tastes, and crave a common frequency. Such partners are said to be sexually compatible. How do you know you’re sexually compatible? Just like defining it, determining whether you’re sexually compatible can be difficult. Getting intimate in the early stages might send a wrong sign of sexual compatibility, only to realize later that it was just lust. However, escorts in Cairns have given some suggestions on how to tell whether you’re sexually compatible. Here’s how. 1.     An immediate spark Quite surprisingly, there are people out there who stay in relationships with zero chemistry even from the very beginning. We understand that it takes some time for people to settle in a relationship and get familiar with each other, but the onset should be good enough. If that’s the case, then you’re probably sexually compatible with them. 2.     When you have sexually figured yourself out When it comes to relationships, the love needs to come from you. You must love and accept yourself first before letting anyone else love and accept you. A simple reminder is that you’re your own before you’re anyone else’s. Explore your sexual horizons by yourself, go down that path alone and get some experience with yourself. Once you’ve done that, it becomes easier to handle someone else emotionally and sexually. 3.     Communication Any relationship thrives on good and concise communication, especially when it comes to sex. You need to freely communicate with them about your sexual desires, consent, cravings, and boundaries. You need to be a good listener and be able to convey feedback about their issues too effortlessly. It might take some time to develop such trust, but you two are compatible if it happens effortlessly. 4.     Effort Keeping a relationship thrilling and up in flames is not easy and takes effort from both partners. There must be equal input in discussing problems and solving issues. The willingness of both partners to solve any problems arising in relationships shows sexual compatibility. The bottom line You must understand that humans aren’t perfect, and you may never get someone you’re 100% compatible with. However, you're bound to enjoy a happy relationship with the essential compatibility and willingness to work on things.    
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Lovehoney sales galore!

November 3rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney AU has have a added a number of great new promotions. Click the links below to start shopping, saving and orgasming right away! Sign up to get early access to Black Friday (5 November - 23 November) Pre "Click Frenzy" Sale: Early Access 20% Off Sitewide (Start Date: 5/11/2021 -- End Date: 8/11/2021) Click Frenzy Main Event Sale: 25% Off Sitewide with Free Express Shipping (Launch at 6pm AEST / 7pm AEDT and ends 10:59pm AEST / 11:59pm AEDT -- Start Date: 9/11/2021 -- End Date: 11/11/2021) 20% Off Dildos (Nov 1 - Nov 8) Up to 50% Off Lingerie Sets (Nov1 - Nov 8) 20% Off Beginner Bondage (Nov 1 - Nov 8) Up to 40% Off Selected Sex Toys (Nov 4 - Nov 8)
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Why you should consider and open relationship

November 3rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Although not many people subscribe to the idea of open relationships, a significant number of people swear by it. At times, all the drama with relationships is tiring. With emotional attachments, the thought of having your partner see someone else could make you cringe. Interestingly, there are a couple of benefits that you can reap from having an open relationship. We talked to some enthusiasts in town and a few of the escorts from Newcastle and brought you some of the potential benefits of open relationships. 1.     No hurt breakups Do you remember that first breakup you had in high school? How much did it hurt? I’m pretty sure it was pain you’d never want to bear again. With an open relationship, there are zero chances of hurtful breakups. What happens when the relationship is about to end is an honest and straightforward separation that is not hurtful. The best thing about that is that it leaves no room for heartbreaks. 2.     More honesty Any healthy relationship is built on the foundation of transparency and honesty. Interestingly, some couples think relationships thrive on dishonesty. Some believe that if their partners knew what they do behind their backs, the relationship would collapse. When it comes to open relationships, there is utmost freedom to do whatever you like without feeling the guilt of hurting your partner. That way, the communication between the partners is flawless, which eases any potential tensions. 3.     No cheating The idea of cheating arises when one partner goes ahead to see people behind the other’s back. When there is no hiding, the issue of cheating will never occur. Both partners are always aware of the other partner's people and the places they go to, which leaves no room for tension and suspicion. 4.     No jealousy or possessiveness Open relationships are for mature people and sober people who know how to respect boundaries. Mature people don’t treat their partners like objects or owned commodities. According to escorts in Newcastle, most relationships collapse due to intense possessiveness, which strains and puts pressure on one partner. There are terms and conditions that ensure there’s no room for such shenanigans when it comes to open relationships. That way, the partners’ feelings are protected. 5.     It brings couples together There is a lot of monotony in relationships, which results from doing the same things with the same person. When you get to see other people, you experience life from another dimension which makes you value your partner even more. Final thoughts The benefits of open relationships are uncountable. Worth noting is the freedom that comes with them. If you wish to try, you should consider choosing a partner very carefully. Please make sure they are 100% into it. Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck! 
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How to introduce toe sucking into the bedroom

November 1st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Apart from the cliché genitals, feet are among the best body parts to tease in the context of sex and intimacy. According to many escorts in Australia, you can get as much arousal from the feet as from the genitals. Not all people subscribe to the idea of toe sucking, and of those who do, they're often pretty shy to talk about it. If you’re among this nervous group, we assure you that your feet are just like any other body part, and you do not have to feel ashamed for having a foot fetish. In addition, we have rounded up a few tips for you on how you can introduce toe sucking into your sex play without making it weird. 1.     Talk it out When you mention toe-sucking to your partner, two things could happen. One, is they’d get elated and super intrigued, and number two, they might get a little freaked out and kick you out of bed. However, keep in mind that you’ll never know what is possible unless you start the conversation. Go with your gut and plant your seed. Mind you, escorts in Gold Coast suggest going in lightly. Start with a compliment about your partner's feet, and slowly make them comfortable talking about their feet. 2.     Get ready for a possible no In any relationship, consent should be non-negotiable. Keep in mind that you’re suggesting something your partner has probably never experienced. If they turn down the idea of getting their toes sucked, you should just take the L and forget about it. If it’s something you really like, try bringing it out again in the future, but still, remember to respect boundaries. 3.     You have a right to say no We can’t insist enough on consent being non-negotiable. In cases where your partner asks for some toe sucking, and you don’t subscribe to the idea, you have a right to turn down the request. However, in as much as you’re turning down a request, remember this is your partner, and so, you must do it courteously. 4.     Observe hygiene In any sex game, there are some health risks involved. The good thing about toe sucking is that the health risks are minimal. However, there is some essence in making sure that hygiene is observed. If you and your partner agree to this, make sure that the feet are clean at all times. You don’t want to go there with smelly feet—the best time to get on this is immediately after a shower. The bottom line There is absolutely nothing weird about toe sucking. While at it, remember to get handsy, mix some moves, and have all the fun. 
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