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Top 5 misconceptions about escorts

July 24th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
The world of escorting is filled with so many truths, myths and misconceptions. In this intriguing world, there is always some misinformed word going around the streets about escorts. Many resources have been invested in research to uncover the deepest secrets of this exciting profession, which most people see as a dark world. While so many facts and truths have been uncovered, there are still some misguided misconceptions that, in one way or another, negatively affect escorts. We talked to escorts in Wyalong and prepared this list of the most common misconceptions about escorts. 1.     All escorts are women Relating escorting to women is one of the most misguided opinions in society. Technological growth and social media influence have led to more people exploring their sexual options and finding their sexual freedom. Although most escorts are women, the world has seen a surge in male and transgender escorts. People need to get their facts right and embrace the sexual choices of men and the transgender. They all deserve equal recognition and treatment. 2.     Escorts are single. According to Wyalong escorts, escorting is a career just like any other, and it doesn’t affect their relationships with their partners. Surprisingly, most escorts report being in serious engagements and relationships, and some even married. Most male and transgender escorts admitted to having serious partners, kids and families. 3.     Escorts don’t use condoms The issue of protected sex with escorts has brought numerous discussions among many people. Some people argue that escorts are careless and will engage in unprotected sex with anyone. With improvements in technology, many people have been sensitized on the importance of protected sex in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. With escorting booming into a modern profession, the men and women involved have embraced the use of protection while on duty. Actually, most escort agencies have made regular testing and use of protection mandatory 4.     Escorting is not work It has taken decades for people to accept escorting as a social norm. Thank heavens, as recently, escorts are being accepted as other informal labourers. In some countries, sex workers have been given the same rights and entitlements as the rest of the working population. Hopefully, society will fully accept these kind people as part of them without discrimination. The bottom line It’s about time we accept escorts as part of us. In as much as escorts work in risky conditions, people need to get their facts right about them. If possible, people need to be sensitized about the benefits that escorts bring to themselves, their families and their clients. Until then, the mentioned myths and many more, shall prevail. 
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Benefits of female masturbation to reproductive health

July 20th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Gone are the days when female masturbation was a taboo topic. First things first, let’s cut the chase- masturbation is pure bliss! Whether you’ve had some lecture about this or not, it can directly affect how you view your body and sex in general. Despite hundreds of sex educators recently, it feels bizarre to realize that female masturbation is often left out, especially considering the hundreds of benefits it can bring. Masturbation, specifically female masturbation, has several benefits, which are not only limited to sexual benefits. We partnered with health experts and Young escorts to prepare you this roundup of the benefits of female masturbation to reproductive health. 1.     First of all, masturbation feels nice. In simple terms, masturbation is self-pleasing your genitals to the point of climax or reaching an orgasm. The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, which act as pleasure pathways in the brain, easily strengthened by masturbation. With regular masturbation, one can fine-tune these pathways for the best sensations. Women should normalize allowing themselves to feel the pleasure they are comfortable with. The orgasm is yours- own it as it is yours before it’s anyone else’s. 2.     Improves your sex life with your partner. Reproductive health makes no sense if a partner doesn’t balance the equation. Getting to know what feels good and works for you comes in handy when a sexual partner is involved. Through masturbation, you will understand your body in deeper dimensions, and from there, you can explain to your partner what gets you off. How about that win-win situation? Knowing yourself and understanding your own needs is a vital foundation to amazing sex life. 3.     It increases stagnant libido. There are those dark days when your partner is there begging for a share of the cake, but you’re in zero spirits. Remember the point of fine-tuning your pleasure pathways? The more you masturbate, the more your appetite for sex improves. Seeking pleasure by yourself helps keep your hormonal and neurochemical systems balanced, which is paramount to a healthy reproductive life. 4.     It eases post-menopause challenges. Some complications come with the years, such as narrowing of the vagina in postmenopausal women. In such cases, the narrowing makes sex and pelvic exams painful and unbearable. However, masturbating, especially with a lubricant, can come in handy. The lubricant increases blood flow to the vaginal region, which fights moisture problems and prevents stubborn narrowing. 5.     Helps with vaginal and cervical infections Pleasing yourself can help relieve pains that come with infections such as UTI. Masturbating also lubricates the vagina and, in addition, flushes off harmful bacteria from the cervical region. The bottom line If you’re not masturbating, be sure someone else is. The mentioned benefits are just a few in a pool of thousands. If you have anxiety trying this road of solo pleasure, escorts in Young suggest incorporating a toy. Happy orgasms from us! 
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July 19th, 2021 by Kitty Moore
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Tips and tricks to achieve multiple orgasms.

July 15th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Quick question, how many times do you think you can orgasm in one session? This question has raised a lot of uproar in different sexual health platforms, and the truth is there is no set limit to the number of times one can orgasm. Although most people are usually satisfied with a single trip to the O-zone, getting multiple ones wouldn’t hurt, and it's a plus of pleasure for the partners. Pulling even one orgasm is usually a sex myth, especially for women. The good news is that with these new tips and twists, you can now experience the magical world you’ve been missing out on. Here is a quick fix of tips and tricks to achieve multiple orgasms.  1. Pick a suitable position.  Most people don’t comprehend this, but the sex position you pick determines whether or not you’ll get to your climax. When picking out a position, go for those positions that will quickly have your clitoris stimulated. For example, doggy style and the reverse cowgirl are magical positions. There is much deeper penetration with these positions, which allows for the clit to be stroked naturally. However, while at it, focus on stimulating other sensitive parts simultaneously.  2. Focus on some more foreplay.  The number one cause of sexual frustrations is poor foreplay. It's important to set things into a hot mood before getting those strokes. For women, the easiest way of getting an orgasm is getting some oral sex which gets the clitoris stimulated. Ask your partner to stimulate your vagina gently using his or her tongue before pulling away for a few seconds and then diving right back in. The important thing to remember is to keep going back to oral sex even when mid-stroke.  3. Do some Kegel exercises  Doctors and escorts in Rockhampton suggest that strong pubococcygeus muscles are a vital component to intense and mind-blowing orgasms. Kegel muscles are basically muscles that hold your urine, and exercising them means more blood flow to them. Consequently, you get to experience deeper sensations of pleasure in a series of immense pulses. To exercise the magical muscles, flex till you feel the pelvic muscles tightening, and then release and repeat.  4. Be open-minded  Sexual satisfaction heavily depends on emotional balance. When you approach sex with a limited expectation of an orgasm, you will most likely become frustrated. Understand your mind, body, and soul, and bring them with you to the session. Remain expectant for arousal and tell your body that it's capable of experiencing multiple shattering orgasms.  The bottom line  We could write hundreds of blogs about achieving multiple orgasms, but unless you and your partner know what works for you two, it will never work. Remember to breathe deeply and passionately, as it is always a plus, and while at it, help your partner with the handy work of stimulating your sensitive parts. 
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Party with Darcy

July 14th, 2021 by Katie
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Replying to clients on Only Fans

July 9th, 2021 by Eris Elysium
Not sure how to do this without getting banned again haha
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Advantages and disadvantages of masturbation

July 8th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
For a long time, masturbation was considered taboo, a sin, and a no-go zone. Luckily, the act is slowly gaining acceptance, and most people, especially the youth, are becoming open to it and going further to discuss it with their fellow youths. Masturbation is basically the act of satisfying yourself sexually and is equally common in all genders, backgrounds, and races. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding masturbation, and most people consider it as an all-negative act. The truth is, there are some health benefits, and at the same time, some side effects. This write-up digs into the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation.  Advantages  1. It can help improve your mood.  Masturbation is sexual activity and causes your body to release hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins. All of these hormones positively affect your mental and physical health since most of them, such as oxytocin, are referred to as happy hormones. Consequently, your mood is elevated.  2. Reduces stress and anxiety  Although oxytocin is commonly referred to as the love hormone, its release is heavily linked to relaxation and destressing. So, if you wish to let go of some of the burdens from a long workday, take matters into your own hands.  More benefits of masturbation include improving sex, better sleep, alleviating menstrual cramps, reducing tension, and reducing the risks of STDs.  Disadvantages of masturbation Although it seems to have many benefits, masturbation has its downsides, too, especially when done in excess. Here are some adverse effects of masturbation.  1. Guilt  Serious cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs impose heavy guilt on many people who practice masturbation. Although it’s neither immoral nor wrong, the messages of how dirty and wrong it is are everywhere. If you ever feel guilty about this self-care act, consider talking to a friend you trust.  2. Addiction  Too much of something is poisonous. When you masturbate too much, you get too hooked such that you miss on daily life activities such as school, errands, or family commitments. Addiction to masturbation lowers productivity. If you’re a victim of this kind of addiction, consider consulting a therapist or consider outdoor activities such as a walk or a run.  3. Reduced sexual activity  Aggressive masturbation leads to loss of sensitivity on the penis, especially to men who use a too-firm grip method to please themselves. The best way of resolving this is by change of technique or using a vibrator.  More shortcomings of masturbation include ruined social relationships and possible injuries from aggressive masturbation.  The bottom line.  Although it has a fair share of shortcomings and is judged harshly by society, masturbation is normal, healthy, and has no reason to feel guilty about it. However, Port Douglas escorts suggest knowing your limits and watch for signs of addiction. 
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Slippery When Wet: Best Shower Sex Positions With HUSH Escorts

July 6th, 2021 by Madison Ashley
Slippery When Wet: Best Shower Sex Positions   In our imaginations (and in the movies) shower sex is the stuff of fantasies. Afterall, what’s hotter than making out and having sex in the shower with someone who’s naked and slippery with soap, as water cascading around you. Shower sex is inherently hot because it comes with a sense of urgency. But if you’ve ever had shower sex, you’ve probably found that the reality didn’t live up to your steamy fantasies (and it probably just felt downright dangerous). However, shower sex can be every bit as incredible in real life, you just need to bear a few things in mind. Here are five of our tips for having better shower sex with our gorgeous escorts from our escort agency.     Shower sex doesn’t have to be about penetration   Depending on the size of the shower, sometimes penetration can be impossible, so don’t force it. Shower sex is better for foreplay, anyway. It lends itself to hot oral sex and is great for touching, teasing, kissing, rubbing and exploring each others bodies.     Pick your positions wisely   Avoid positions that require either parties to balance in any way – this is a slippery disaster waiting to happen. The Standing Doggy is your friend when it comes to shower sex, and should be your go-to. To ensure you both stay stable, have her put her hands against the shower wall and bend towards it at a 45-degree angle, keeping both feet on the ground. You can then penetrate her from behind, while reaching around to stimulate her breasts or clitoris.     Use sex toys designed for shower sex   If you’re really dedicated to having sex in the shower, invest in some shower sex toys. Yes, there are companies out there who make sex toys designed to help you have more comfortable sex in the shower. For example, Sex In The Shower makes a product called the Single Locking Suction Handle, which are basically handles attached to strong suction cups that cling to the shower walls so you can achieve more adventurous positions in the shower or bath. There are also thousands of waterproof sex toys out there – from waterproof vibrators to cockrings - that you could bring into the shower to add some excitement to your play.     Be wary of soap   Covering your partner is soapy suds might seem sexy – until you get soap where it shouldn’t go. Try not to get soap in each other’s eyes, mouths or urethra – especially if it’s a scented bodywash. Never use soap as lube – ensure you’ve got a lube in your shower caddy ready to go.     Use silicone-based lube   Which brings us to our next point… water isn’t a substitute for lube. If you’ve ever had sex in a pool or a spa, you’ll already know that water can be quite drying. Waterbased lube will just wash away, whereas a silicone-based lube has a thicker consistency and tends to be longer-lasting. Avoid oil-based lubes as they tend to degrade latex condoms. You might find you have to reapply the lube more than you normally would, but it will ensure things stay slippery and comfortable for all.     Ready to get steamy? Give us a call to arrange a booking with a high class Sydney escort today
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Amazing deals and sales at Lovehoney

July 5th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney AU have added some great new promotions Start Date: 5/07/2021 End Date: 7/07/2021 Promotion Names: Up to 50% Off selected Vibrators Up to 50% Off selected Lingerie 40% Off selected Restraints
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Ways of boosting your sexual confidence

July 2nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to sex, we all have our own insecurities and confidence issues. “am I too fat?” “is my penis too small?.” Those are just a few of the common questions that might linger in your mind. Low sexual confidence is caused by many factors such as breakups, rejection, insecurities, and anxiety. When this happens, even having sex again becomes a brawl. In this write-up, we spoke to the best sexologists, intimacy coaches, and escorts in Rotorua and prepared the following quick read of the best ways of boosting sexual confidence.  1. Keep an inventory of your feelings.  Keeping tabs on your past experiences, memories, and feelings will help you understand your sexuality and perhaps why you are not feeling your sexual confidence. Journal your sexual escapades, which might include past conversations or past sexual acts. Although this might be difficult and uncomfortable, connecting with a friend your trust or a professional will make things easier.  2. Ignore the negative, self-destructive thoughts.  In most cases, people get consumed by the thoughts of what their partner is thinking about them, especially during sex. You forget that the other person is as vulnerable as you are and is probably thinking about the same thing. The best way of handling this is shutting those thoughts away and allowing your body to experience the moment.  3. Positive affirmations.  Sexual confidence starts by accepting yourself the way you are and being confident in your body. Make it a habit standing Infront of your mirror, preferably totally naked, and look at yourself in a nonjudgmental way. If it’s possible, stick some positive words of affirmation such as “I got this” on your mirror. The daily interaction with such positive notes spikes your sexual confidence a great deal.  4. Find out what turns you on.  Before you even build a relationship with another person, build a relationship with yourself first, learn what works for you, what feels good to you, and find out what your sexual preferences are.  If you find it morally right, explore your body, masturbate and find out what feels amazing and what doesn’t. If you have never explored your own body, trust us, it will be hard for you to let someone do it. By understanding your sexual needs, it becomes easier to communicate with your partner.  5. Play music  Music is a remedy to almost every situation. When you’re about to have an intimate moment, prepare a playlist of your favourite tunes, and you’ll be surprised how effective it will be in reducing anxiety and chasing destructive thoughts.  Focusing on your senses, dressing appropriately, and accepting that you can’t make everyone happy are some more examples of ways of overcoming low sexual confidence.  The bottom line.  With any of the above tips, you’re in for a surprise of amazing results. The bottom line is, to be honest, and avoid faking sexual experiences. If it still proves difficult to accept yourself, consider consulting a qualified therapist. 
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July 2nd, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Anal play can be daunting for some people, particularly the inexperienced. Here are some tips for introducing you to the exciting world of anal play… Use plenty of lube Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating so to avoid discomfort or injury, lube is essential for pleasurable play. Anal specific personal lubricants are highly recommended. Thicker and stickier than their conventional counterparts, anal lube is designed to better stay in place where needed. Use copious amounts of lube, it may get a little messy but that’s all part of the fun! Consider laying a towel down for easy clean up of excess lube, tools are available for easier application of lubricant. Warm up Start warming up by using fingers and/or toys to slowly become accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration, use smaller toys to begin with and work your way up. Use plenty of lube. Toys such as anal beads with gradually increasing beads are a perfect option to warm up with as you gradually get comfortable with one size and slowly move up. Go slow & relax To avoid injury or tearing go slow with anal penetration, use smaller sized toys and plenty of lube. It isn’t a race, you will experience much more enjoyment should you be patient with it. Relax as you’re more likely to experience discomfort with tense muscles. Consider an enema / douching Of course dealing with anything anal, there’s always the risk of certain unpleasant…aromas and excreta. Many people are self-conscious about this which doesn’t help with trying to relax. Consider using an enema prior to play. Enemas use water to clean out the anal canal and create a more welcoming environment for anal play, making it a more pleasant experience for all involved. Pegging Like to try pegging? Have one of our experienced Discreet ladies to show you how to prep and help you through the entire journey. For more information read our Blog Post “PEGGING & P-SPOT ORGASMS FOR BEGINNERS” ENJOY OUR BLOG POSTS? CLICK THIS LINK TO READ MORE
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