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What To Expect as a Client in a Brothel

April 30th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Your First Visit to a Brothel + Tips for Having the Best Experience Maybe the idea has always intrigued or titillated you or perhaps you'd like to experience something new that you haven't quite been able to in your personal life? Whatever your reasoning, you have finally decided to bite the bullet and see what it's all about. But where to start and what can you expect? Depending on the state and city the brothel is located in, there may be many variations in both the pricing structure (e.g. some venues use different 'tiers' of pricing for the level and amount of services offered) and the manner in which you meet the ladies (e.g. private introductions or an informal lounge setting). For the purposes of keeping this blog post within a reasonable length and to keep it relevant to our patrons, we will be referring to NSW brothels and Discreet Gentlemen's Club, when stated. For laws and regulations regarding NSW brothels and sex work, along with interstate laws, you can visit the Scarlet Alliance website for more information. Finding the Right Brothel Probably the hardest to determine without actually visiting different venues. Most brothels rely on return clients and word of mouth to establish a reputation as a quality establishment - quality based off the ladies on roster (and their service) along with the rooms and facilities of the venue. In the absense of referrals, have a look at the Brothel's website to gauge the types of ladies on roster and the facilities available. Call the brothel and speak to reception for more information. Key questions to ask: What are the prices? What is included in the service? What is the best time to visit? In the case of your first visit, you may also wish to ask what the process is when arriving as there may be minor differences between venues. If there was a specific service you were after or a type of lady that you prefer, it would be worthwhile mentioning also. Your First Visit If you have already spoken to a receptionist and been briefed about the process you will have a better understanding of the general protocol and rules specific to that venue. *Some initial screening processes may have changed at venues due to COVID - inquire beforehand for any additional requirements* Once entering, you will be directed to a private booth or room for "intros" - where ladies come out to speak to you privately one-by-one, this is to introduce themselves and also answer any questions you may have about their service or if you were after anything in particular. After the introductions you will be asked by reception which lady you wish to see and the duration of time you would like to spend with the lady. Payment is collected by reception for the standard agreed services (extra services and monies are negotiated and paid directly to the lady). If you already know which lady you wish to see, you may opt to pre-book the lady over the phone. This bypasses the "intro" step and ensures the lady you are after is available for your allocated time. "Intros" - Meeting the Ladies "Intros" simply means introductions. It is a brief meeting between you and the ladies where you decide which lady is suited to the service you are interested in. Ladies offer different services (also colloquially known as "extras") in addition to the standard service, this may be discussed and negotiated between you and the lady. If you were after anything in addition to the standard service, politely ask the lady during the intros. Generally intros only last a few minutes for each lady, it's really to gauge basic information for booking purposes and to briefly know the type of service each lady offers. The more open you are with what you are after, the more likely you will find a lady suited to you and the more fulfilling your booking will be. Brothels are where dreams become reality, let us know how to make your dreams come true. Intro Tips + Picking the Right Lady Be polite but direct - if you are after a specific service or experience, ask the ladies. They are very open-minded and as long as you are respectful, you will get a response whether they are the most suited to your service or not. When the lady asks if there are any further questions, you may ask what her service is like (is she more GFE or PSE) and if she specialises in anything in particular - most ladies are quite flexible with services offered however some specialise in certain things such as GFE, PSE, doubles, stripping, toys, pegging, etc. If you are after a more affectionate service you may wish to ask the lady if she offers a "Girlfriend Experience" (GFE), if she does, what is included in her GFE. GFE generally relates to services more in the realms of what a partner would offer: kissing, cuddling, touching, mutual oral, etc. However the exact services varies lady to lady so it's good to know what GFE means for her. If a wilder, more sex focused service is your cup of tea you may ask the lady if she offers a "Pornstar Experience" (PSE) and what is included PSE generally relates to less affection orientated play and is more focused on the sex itself, it may include things like: multiple positions, spanking, hair pulling, gagging, etc. This also varies lady to lady though and some may offer more services included than others so it's always good to ask. You may be after something in between GFE and PSE and that's great too! Just let the lady know this is the type of service you are after and specifics where possible. Build a rapport with the receptionists, after a few visits receptionists understand what your tastes are and will steer you in the right direction with which lady would be most suitable to you. Being rude or offensive during intros can result in ladies refusing a booking with you - ladies have every right to refuse a booking and you may be asked to leave. No filming/photography in the intro rooms - we ask that phones be put away during intros. Discreet Gentlemen's Club is a Safe Sex venue, to avoid offending ladies and potential booking refusal, please do not ask for any natural services (including but not limited to natural oral). This is for the health and safety of our ladies and our patrons. The Booking Ladies will guide you to an allocated room, there she will give you a visual inspection of the area being serviced (an additional precautionary method) before you have a quick shower. After the shower, the magic begins. You will be advised as your time together draws to a close and you may wish to extend your booking (pay for additional time) or finish up your booking and get ready to leave. Please Note: Everything required for the service is provided - condoms, lube, etc. (with the exception of toys and speciality items) Return Visitors Tips If you find a lady that you like and would like her to return regularly, book her as often as possible. There is no guarantee a lady will ever return to a venue, but a way to encourage her is to ensure her time there is profitable and pleasant. Form a rapport with your receptionist, they will direct you to the ladies most suited to you and can advise you when your favourite ladies are working. Make bookings in advance, where possible, popular ladies in particular can quickly become booked out and in the case of touring ladies that are there for a short period of time, you may miss out entirely. Keep up to date with our Blogs at the Discreet Gentlemen's Club website.
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Can you have too much sex?

April 29th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
The average sexually active human being has sex about 54 times a year. That translates to about once a week, but many extras are thrown into the equation. If your average is higher than this, you could be wondering whether you’ve been having too much sex and whether it's safe. The truth is, there is no concrete definition to the word “enough sex.” “Too much sex” is just a phrase that is used to shame those who are more sexually active human beings since the sex frequency varies from person to person. Here is a quick round-up on whether you can have too much sex. Is there a limit? The short and straightforward answer is no. The available data suggesting that humans have sex at least once a week isn’t sufficient to answer this question. This is because the information highlights the number of times in a week, but not whether the amount of sex is too much or not. The data leaves out a crucial aspect that could help answer this question; how much sex they want to be having, if they are satisfied with the quality/quantity, and if the amount they are having is interfering with their life. Instead of asking yourself about how much sex you’re having, you should focus more on the question of the quality of the sex you’re having. How to know if it's “too much.” Keeping in mind that there is no upper limit, escorts in Nowra suggested the following methods of figuring if you’ve surpassed your limits. 1.     Look for physical side effects Nowra escorts insist that you must take time to take care of your bits, especially for the ladies, as they are more affected by too much sex. Although a lot of sex wouldn’t cause permanent damage, here are some symptoms that might give you a warning sign.    Soreness    Numbness   Swelling and inflammation    Strained back or neck Pain during sex 2.     Check your attitude towards intercourse According to doctors, too much sex has detrimental effects on mental state. If the mention of the word sex feels like a chore or the idea of banging disgusts you, it's time to tone things down a bit. 3.     Determine the cost of sex Although this sounds really obvious, sex is like work itself. If you’re having sex, then you’re not working or doing anything else. Is your sex routine interfering with your work routine and responsibilities such as paying bills? Think about it! The bottom line The biggest and the most important conclusion we can make is that the definition of too much sex depends wholly on you, your needs, and your body. If you feel like the sex is becoming a burden, consider toning it down to a frequency you’re comfortable with.    
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SEX TERMS AND ACRONYMS - By Discreet Gentlemen's Club

April 27th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
Sex Term Glossary As viewable at Discreet Gentlemen's Club website. Additional blog posts by this author are also viewable here. Many people looking into booking an escort for the first time find themselves completely perplexed by the amount of adult-industry specific language being used. This is made all the more confusing as a lot of the jargon crosses over with other terms and can mean the exact same thing. Here is a quick reference guide on some of the key terms used in the adult industry to describe different sex acts. Please note: some of the services/terms listed are high risk due to the nature of the service (i.e. unprotected or dangerous), for the health and safety of our patrons and ladies, we do not offer any unprotected or dangerous services. We have included them in our Dictionary however for the benefit of our readers and entrust them to make educated decisions. A Affectionate cuddling Spooning & holding each other. Affectionate kissing Light kissing on face/lips, may not include kissing with tongue (see Passionate Kissing). Aftercare Term generally relating to the BDSM practice of debriefing and affirmations post sexual activities. Anal/anal sex Sexual penetration of the anus. Analingus Oral sex on the anus (see also: rimming) Anal play Can mean a variety of things relating to "butt stuff" - examples could include rimming and anal fingering. Asphyxiophilia Sexual fetish for suffocation/choking ATM Ass To Mouth - Anal penetration followed immediately by oral Auto-erotic asphyxiation The highly-risky act of deriving pleasure from self-asphyxiation (any form of strangulation is considered high risk). B Ball Busting Inflicting pain (usually kicking/punching) of testicles for sexual gratification Bareback Risky sex without condom. BBBJ Bare-Back Blow Job - Fellatio without condom. BBC Big Black Cock BBW Big Beautiful Woman. BDSM Bondage & Discipline / Dominance & Submission / Sadism & Masochism B&D Bondage and Discipline Bi-Double Booking two ladies for a threesome which includes play between the two ladies as opposed to a straight-double in which both ladies are focused on the male specifically. Bi-sexual Someone who has sexual inclinations towards both the same gender and the opposite gender. BJ Blow Job (Fellatio/Oral Sex) BLS Ball Licking and Sucking Breathplay A sub-section of BDSM that relates to restricting breathing for sexual gratification - highly risky without proper knowledge or training. Brown Shower Defecation on a sexual partner. BS Body Slide - Sensual massage technique involving provider sliding naked body over client. Bondage Consensually tying up or restraining a sexual partner with either cuffs, ropes or other restraints. Bukkake Genre of porn / act involving a group of men ejaculating on an individual Butt Plug Form of anal sex toy. C Caning Whipping someone with a cane Cat o' Nine Tails Multi-tailed whip CBJ Covered Blow Job (Fellatio with condom) CBT Cock and Ball Torture CD See Cross Dressing CIM Cum In Mouth (Ejaculation in mouth) CIMWS Cum In Mouth With Swallow COB Cum On Breasts Cockring Sex toy/enhancement tool that restricts and traps bloodflow within the penis to help prolong and strengthen erections COF Cum On Face Cosplay/Costumes Costume-Play. Not necessarily sexual in nature but can be incorporated into sexual play (see also: Role Play) Cowgirl Sex-position where a woman is on top and facing her partner while being penetrated. Creampie Ejaculating internally (specifically either vaginally or anally) Crossdressing Wearing clothing traditionally associated with the opposite gender. Cuckolding Watching/experiencing your partner have sexual intercourse with someone else. Cunnilingus The technical term for providing oral sex to a female. D Dam/Dental dam A piece of latex/rubber that provides a barrier for vaginal or anal oral. DATY Dining At The Y (Cunnilingus - Oral sex on her) DDP Double Digit Penetration (Two finger penetration) Deep Throating When a penis or toy is pushed deep within a partner's throat during fellatio. Devil's Threesome Term for a threesome involving two men and one female. DFK Deep French Kissing (See also: Passionate Kissing) Dinner Companion/Dinner Date Social escort that involves non-sexual services during a meal (conversation and companionship) which may be booked in addition to full service. Dirty Talk Talking to your sexual partner in an explicit way during or before intercourse to increase sexual arousal (can include describing additional sex acts - also see: Role Play) Docking Using the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis to encapsulate by rolling it forward. Doggy-style Sex position where the female is bent over and the male penetrates vaginally from behind. Dominatrix Female dominant for sexual fetish play Douche Flushing out vagina or anus using water or a solution as a means of cleaning out DP Double Penetration DT Deep Throating E Edging The process of refraining stimulation when close to climax with the ultimate goal of achieving a stronger climax. Electrode play More advanced form of fetish play involving the use of electrode toys that deliver stimulation through electricity. Erogenous zone Location on the body that is sensitive to sexual stimulation and creates sexual arousal. Erotic massage Relaxation massage which has a focus on arousal. See: Sensual Massage Escort In the context of services listed, "Escort" relates specifically to outcalls (where services are provided at the client's own hotel room/home). Exhibitionism Fetish for sexual experiences in public or with a crowd/watchers. F Face Fucking An aggressive, dominant form of Deep Throat, where a penis (or strap on) is forcefully thrust within the partners mouth/throat. Face Sitting The practice where a male or female places their genitals ("sits") over their sexual partner's mouth for the purpose of oral pleasure. Facial Ejaculating onto a partner's face. Fellatio The proper term for oral sex perfomed on a penis (see: Blow Job) Felching Ejaculate/Semen being sucked out of an orifice. Female Ejaculation Ejecting of fluids by a female through sexual stimulation (See: Squirting) Fetish Fetish can relate to anything of a sexual nature or that causes arousal and is has a certain degree of specificity. Fingering Digital penetration and stimulation (using fingers) Fire and Ice Alternating between hot and cold oral stimulation. (e.g. using a warm beverage and ice cubes to vary the temperature of your mouth during fellatio) Fisting Sexual penetration of an orifice using an entire hand. FK French Kissing Foot Fetish Sexual arousal and interest in feet. May have an inclination and sexual fetish towards touching, licking, sucking feet. Foot Job Similar to a hand job except with the use of feet to provide stimulation. Requires both feet to provide adequate grip and stimulation. Foreplay The acts immediately preceeding sexual intercourse Full Service Simply put, the term means sex is involved in the service. As opposed to massage service, etc. G Gagging Choking on a partner's penis during fellatio or Deep Throating. Gang Bang An orgy that traditionally involves multiple men have sexual intercourse and perform various sex acts with one female participant. GFE Girl Friend Experience Girlfriend Experience A sexual service that is more affectionate and intimate in nature - as opposed to a more explicitly sexual experience PSE/Porn Star Experience. Glory Hole Hole in a wall or door (generally within a bathroom) for the purpose of anonymous oral sex (fellatio) Greek/Greek Sex Anal Sex Group Sex Sexual activities involving multiple parties (See: Orgies) Golden Shower Urinating on a partner for sexual gratification (See Also: Water Sports) H Hand Job Using hands to manually bring a partner to climax. Happy Ending Massage that ends with a handjob and possible climax. Hand Relief Another word for a hand job. Head/Head Job Oral sex HJ Hand Job Humiliation A sub-section of BDSM relating to the sexual arousal/gratification of a submissive through being degraded or embarrassed by a dominant partner. I-L Italian Sexual stimulation of rubbing penis between the buttocks of a partner without penetration. Similar to "Spanish" or "Titty Fucking", the stimulation is created by the friction between the two. Jizz Ejaculate, generally meaning semen. Or the process of ejaculating. Kink Broad term relating to unconventional sexual preferences and acts. Anything non-traditional or "Vanilla". Lesbian Double Similar to Bi-Double, specifically relates to ladies that will perform sex acts on each other. M Masturbation The process of touching and stimulating one's own genitals for the purpose of sexual arousal and/or climax. Masochism Deriving pleasure from pain, humiliation or submission from a dominant partner. Menage a Trois French term meaning a threesome. MILF Mother I'd Love (to) Fuck Missionary/missionary position The most common sex position where the male is on top of and facing the female participant. MFF Male-Female-Female - Another variation of a threesome. MMF Male-Male-Female - A variation of a threesome where both the male and female are interacting with one of the males. Motorboating Placing one's face between a woman's breasts and moving your head side to side between them. MFM Male-Female-Male: A variation of a threesome where both males are interacting with the female participant (See also: Devil's Threesome) MSOG Multiple Shots On Goal (Multiple ejaculations/orgasms permitted within booking) Mutual masturbation Both sexual partners pleasuring themselves within the company of the other partner N-O NSA No Strings Attached - A sexual partnership with no expectations of commitment or additional communication. Orgasm Height of sexual arousal and pleasure. Climax. Orgy Group sex with multiple participants interacting together. P Paddling Similar to Caning, being whipped or spanked using paddles. Passionate Kissing Deep, French kissing. Using tongues during kissing. Pearl Necklace Ejaculating semen onto a partners neck, creating the appearance of a "pearl necklace". Penis Pump Sexual enhancement device designed to suction air around the penis with the direct intention to draw blood to the member, enhancing erection. Pegging Anal sex/penetration using a strap-on. Perineum The space between a person's genitals and anus. Pink Sock Inverted colon that is visible outside of the anus which occurs occasionally when pulling out too quickly during anal. Piss Play A.K.A. Watersports - Sexual activities involving urine. Polyamory Having multiple romantic partners. Porn Star Experience Girl-Friend Experience's raunchier cousin. Service is more akin to what you would see in your favourite pornographic movies, hence the name. Can include services like gagging, choking, face fucking, etc. Prophylactic A device or item that prevents the transmission of disease, includes: condoms, dental dams, etc. PSE Porn Star Experience Pull Out Method The most unreliable form of contraception which does not provide any protection form STIs Q-R Queef The expulsion of air out of a vagina usually during penetrative sex or immediately after. Erroneously referred to sometimes as a vaginal or fanny fart. Quickie A short sexual encounter that's generally rushed and excludes much (if any) foreplay. Reverse Cowgirl Similar to cowgirl position, with the difference of the woman facing away from her partner. Rimming Using your tongue to stimulate another person's anal ring. Analingus. S Sadism Experiencing pleasure or sexual arousal by administering pain. Sadomasochism A broad term relating to experiencing pleasure from giving and receiving physical or psychological pain. Safeword A word or phrase when uttered ends play in fetishistic activity. Shower for 2 Sensual experience in the shower, including body touching and play. Sixty-Nine (69) A sex position that allows both partners to provide mutual oral pleasure simultaneously. Snowballing Transferring ejaculate from one mouth to another. Social Escort A non-sexual escort experience, generally involves dinner or some function or event. May include sensual or intimate moments and conversation but diverges from a normal full service. Sounding Inserting items into a urethra for sexual pleasure. Spanish (A.K.A. "Titty Fucking"). Placing a man's penis between a woman's breasts and thrusting it up and down creating friction for sexual pleasure. Spanking Hitting with an open palm (generally on the buttocks) for the purpose of sexual gratification or enhanced sexual pleasure. Spit Roast A position during a threesome involving penetrative acts from both ends (oral and either vaginal or anal) giving the appearance of a "spit roast". Sploshing A fetish within food play that generally involves soft foods and liquids being poured onto a sexual partner for sexual gratification. Squirting Female ejaculation (i.e. "squirting" fluid during climax) Starfish A non-enthusiatic/lazy participant during sex. One that lies on the bed with the expectation the sexual partner will do all the work. Strap on sex See: Pegging. Strip Tease Slow undressing and gyrating for the purpose of sexual arousal and entertainment of an audience or partner. T Tag Team When 2 or more people have sexual intercourse with the same person one after another in a series of sexual experiences as opposed to simultaneously (like with threesomes and gangbangs). Tea Bagging Similar to face-sitting however tea bagging specifically relates to placing one's testicles within the mouth of a partner. Teasing Lighter, less dominant version of orgasm denial, more within the realms of traditional foreplay. Threesome Put simply, three people having sex with each other simultaneously. Titty Fuck Sliding a penis between the breasts of the partner to gain sexual gratification. (See: Spanish) Toys Within the adult industry context, this relates to sex toys. Devices with the intention of creating arousal, climax or enhancement of sexual experiences and sensations. Tromboning Providing a rimjob while simultanously giving a handjob to a sexual partner. U-Z Urethral Play A.K.A "Sounding".- The practice of inserting objects within a urethra for sexual gratification. Vacuum Beds Sex toy/device used in BDSM for a variety of fetishes including but not limited to: latex fetish, bondage play, breath play, etc. Essentially it's sheets of latex that are vacuum sealed with you in between. Voyeur/Voyeurism A fetish relating to watching/spying on other people's sexual play. Watersports Incorporating urination into sexual play. See: Golden Showers, Piss Play, Etc. Waxplay Sexual play using hot candle wax.
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Ménage à trois - A guide to adding a third in the bedroom

April 25th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
"COUPLES WELCOME" by Discreet Gentlemen's Club Planning a threesome with your partner can be an especially daunting task, particularly for first timers. How will you find someone? Will they suit you both? What if someone becomes jealous? What if they get attached? It is important to have open and honest communication between you and your partner as well as the person joining you. Issues arise when reality does not meet expectation, which can often be avoided by good communication. Couples partake in threesomes for a variety of reasons - some may only be just exploring bisexuality, others to spice up the bedroom, some to fulfil a fantasy, some to please a partner and some just because... Whatever your reason, this short guide will hopefully help give you more insight into inviting a third into the bedroom. Work Out The 'Experience' You Are After" Some couples make the mistake of picking a lady before they've even decided what each of their own needs and wants are. Without prior discussion, adding a third person and no cohesive vision can end up in disappointment or disaster. Firstly, you need to know what each person's desired level of participation is and with whom - is someone actively involved or just watching? is the third person focusing solely on one person or both? What acts are allowed and what is taboo? Set boundaries that everyone is comfortable with and discuss your expectations. Be realistic. Once you are both on the same page you are then able to better communicate this with someone joining you. And now you're ready to decide which lady you'd like to join you. Meet Someone Personally Or Hire A Professional? So you're thinking about whether or not to either meet someone in your personal life to join you in your sexual escapades or to hire a professional. The truth is that there are pros and cons to both.  Meeting someone personally: there is always the risk of attachments forming, lines being blurred and having to deal with another person's needs and expectations in the mix also. That's not to say you can't find a mutually fulfilling addition, it is possible to have someone that's on the same page with what you want. The added bonus is that as it's a more casual set-up, there's opportunity to build more of a rapport with the person and explore what they are after as well. Hiring a professional: although the ladies are wonderful professionals and they are committed to making sure you have a great time, they are professionals. It is highly unlikely a lady will be a part of your personal life or form an attachment after a booking. She is dedicated to making your time together special and fulfilling to the both of you, but only during your time together. No risk of attachment could be exactly what you are after however. The positives of hiring a professional is also that you can explain exactly what you are after and what your expectations are without feeling awkward or having to navigate another persons sexual needs. An added bonus for newbies is that an experienced lady can give advice and provide guidance during the booking should you be a bit nervous as to how to approach it. There is no right or wrong answer as to which you should choose, just remember to be open and honest and to have fun! Making A Couples Booking So you've decided to make a couples booking at Discreet.  Give our friendly reception staff a call to discuss which ladies are available to choose from. Availability of ladies that offer couples services does vary day to day but our reception staff can advise you of what options you will have. For first-timers and inexperienced couples, it is recommended that you meet the eligible ladies in-house, there you will meet each lady individually and are able to ask questions, discuss what kind of service you are after and explain what your expectations are. Outcalls available for couples also Advice For First Timers • Pick the lady together - Surprises are not always welcome ones! Even if previously discussed, it's best to come to a decision together as to who you both wish to join you in the bedroom. • Be on the same page before meeting the ladies - Being on the same page with your partner is paramount as you can both appreciate and understand what each other are hoping to get from the experience and know what each other's boundaries are. • Be clear about what you are after - Professional escorts are amazing at what they do but they are not telepathic, they appreciate when clients explain what they are after as it takes a lot of guess work out of the booking, it also means you spend more time doing what you enjoy. • Have realistic expectations & don't stress - How was the first time for anything? Probably not that great.. Over thinking and overstressing is a massive mood killer, take it as an exciting new experience and run with it, the more relaxed you are, the more you will enjoy your time. EXPERIENCED COUPLES Yes, we do offer couples bookings at Discreet! Couples bookings are available as both incall/outcall We have a variety of ladies that service couples however their availabilities do vary, to find the best lady for you, please give our friendly reception staff a call to find out your options. If you were after an outcall with one of the ladies and haven't booked previously, you may wish to let reception know the type of experience and lady you are after and we can pair you with the most suitable lady. At Discreet, we are happy to help you explore your sexual fantasies and desires in an unjudgmental, safe and consensual environment. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any further questions or would like to hear more about Couples Bookings. To view more Blog posts head over to:
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Anzac week here all week :)

April 24th, 2021 by Emily Love
i have a break from studying so I’m available this week would love to meet with loverly gentleman
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Anzac week here all week :)

April 24th, 2021 by Emily Love
i have a break from studying so I’m available this week would love to meet with loverly gentleman
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April 24th, 2021 by Kandice Lee
Glad to be getting back into my healthy lifestyle
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5 Hottest Gay Sex Positions to try

April 21st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Good sex is having it with enthusiasm and creating sexual satisfaction. Gay sex can be made hot and attractive by maintaining intimacy and having intriguing sex positions. Homosexual men are believed to possess secrets to live a fabulous life and also know the best sex positions. The hottest and the most satisfying sex positions for gay partners are outlined below. 1.See-saw sex position See-saw is a gay sex position where a chair is required. The top partner should be very athletic because the entire process is rigorous. The top male must lie flat and have his calves propped up on a chair and maintain a straight body. The bottom partner mounts on the legs of the top and penetrates the top. In this position, either party can move with the pace and motion of their desire. 2. Doggy style The bottom gets on all fours in front, and the top positions himself right behind him. If the top's cock is aligned to the asshole of the bottom, it will be easy, but in case it is not, it may lead to adjusting the body at some angle, which may result in a painful experience for both partners. It may be challenging to perform this position. 3. Squatters' rights. This sex position is best suited for those people who love oral sex. The pleasure in this position is mutual. The bottom lies flat on his back, while the top squats above his partner's face while facing his penis and nipples. Balancing is key, while the top partner is reaching forward to grab the nipples in both hands and at the same tie lowering himself to the partner's mouth. 4. Back it in position Most of the work here is done by the bottom. The top sits on a chair and brings his knees up to his chest, which leaves the penis outward and forward. The bottom positions himself to allow the penis to penetrate him. Once the penis is in, the bottom creates the thrusts and speed to make it happen. 5. Gay missionary position. According to male escorts in Port Lincoln, gay missionary is one of the easiest sex positions for gay partners to engage in. Foreplay is essential. It is similar to heterosexual missionary. The bottom lies on his back, has his leg slightly raised but open. The top positions himself directly above him and, using his arms and legs, hold the bottom steadily and penetrates his asshole. Conclusion These are few delightful sex positions for homosexual men. The choice of style may vary from one person to another or even partners. Safe sex is also highly advisable to avoid the spread of Sexually transmitted diseases or the spread of anal bacterial infections.
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Tips on filming and making content

April 21st, 2021 by Eris Elysium
Would love to hear everyone's favourite things to do while camming such as games with payers, toys you use and sites 😊
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Sex with a Milf escort

April 17th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Banging my neighbour during the Christmas celebrations had always been my dream. This was especially after watching all those crazy milf videos on porn websites of porn stars romping the fine women on five-star hotels balconies. For some reason, it has always appeared like a cool and thrilling thing to try out. Her name was Clara. A thick short middle-aged woman with a curvy body, a heavenly booty, and some wild titties. Her skin complexion was chocolate, and she had this amazing long hair. She liked doing a ponytail, which was even more fuel to my sexual thirst towards her. Every time I saw her pass my door, I’d dream of giving her backstrokes holding that ponytail. She was always nice to me and always reminded me of my friend's mother back in the countryside. She lived with her daughter, who was about six years younger than me. We weren’t really friends with the daughter, but we weren’t enemies either. Last year, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas as she was always concerned about why I was always alone with no family around. Jokingly, I answered that I wanted her for Christmas. “What do you mean?” she asked, giggling. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I confidently told her that I wanted her for sex. She paused for a moment, which sent me into thoughts of regrets. I felt like I wanted the earth to swallow me for saying such a stupid thing. She smiled sheepishly and walked away without saying a thing. I wouldn’t say I liked the suspense that hit me, but since she smiled and didn’t say a thing, I assumed she took no offense. Christmas came, and as usual, I was chilling alone in my backyard drinking a beer. I heard a soft knock on my door. I was pretty surprised as I didn’t expect any guests. Checking on the door, there she was. She was looking all sexy in a red dress. She had a box in her hands, which she handed to me, smiling. I welcomed her inside and asked her to feel comfortable. In the box was a bottle of wine, chicken wings, some chocolate, candles, and to my surprise, condoms! I turned around to ask her what they were doing in the box and found her gazing at me erotically. “I’m here to deliver what you wanted for Christmas.” She said, biting her lower lips and lifting her short red dress to floss some thighs. Long story short, I got my gift for Christmas, and guess what? We did it on the balcony! Thoughts of how she was undressing me, sucking my cock like a professional, twisting and turning it like a microphone, and riding it like a cowgirl have never left my mind. Before she left, she slid a business card inside my boxers. Checking it out, I realized that she was one of those escorts in Orange that I’ve always craved for. And that is how I got laid by a milf, which marked the beginning of a great professional partnership. 
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April 16th, 2021 by brodie Jessup
Jade is supa sexy and supa talented, an experience you will never forget
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My first Asian escort

April 14th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Living in Palmerston was always an extreme sport. As a university student, I wasn’t very lucky with women. For three years on campus, I had gotten laid very few times, which was a perfect welcome for trolls from my friends, especially Martin. Martin was one of those campus friends who was like a brother to me. A brother from another mother, for that matter. He was funny, witty, intelligent, and ever horny. Worth noting was his love for Asian women. On Fridays, he would spend the entire evening trying to win the heart of this Asian janitor. Whenever we went out for raves, he was always looking for the Asian flesh. At the end of the third year, he got lucky and got to taste the long waited and hunted honey pot of the janitor. You should have heard him bragging about it in class. Unlike Martin, the end of the third year didn’t bring luck to me. My girlfriend of 8 months had just broken up with me. I was at my lowest point ever. While my friends went to party to celebrate the end of a year, I was left confined in my hostel at the downtown end of Palmerston. Downtown was full of activities, 24/7. Worth noting were the ever-sexy hookers who always roamed the night looking for horny men to make a dollar. Sad and depressed, I thought about Martin’s taste. Why should I not try an Asian woman? I thought. It appeared like a good idea, but where do I start? I remembered martin talking about Naughty Ads, an online advertising platform that connects you to the best escorts in Palmerston. Within a minute, I was on their website. Within a few clicks, there was an Asian goddess. Looking all sassy and ready. I decided to give it a try. I booked her and invited her over. I was surprised at how easy it was. I made a quick fix for dinner and relaxed on my old couch, waiting for the Asian dime to arrive. Within no time, there was a soft knock. She looked as real as she did in her photos. I was lost in awe. Her smile was bright, with a perfect dental formula. I hugged her softly as I welcomed her to my abode. The hangout was fun, casual, friendly, and relaxing. My temptress offered to clear the dinner table. The temptation was already kicking in as she threw her boobs on my face as she bent to pick the plates. She gave me a touch I couldn’t resist. My hands were all over caressing and undressing her. Her breasts were magical. She sat on me, and I could feel the heat between her legs. She played submissive as I explored her warm pink lips, and within no time, in bed, we were. She was on top of me, completely naked, giving me strokes of pleasure by sucking me off. The last thing I vividly remember her mouth working on me as I climaxed. It was an intense and sensual experience. She finally massaged me. We had a shower and a little banter before she left. From then, I figured out why Martin was always after Asian ass!    
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My escort neighbour

April 11th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
When the pandemic hit, I was among the millions who lost their jobs across the whole world. The quarantine period was one of the most brutal months of my life. I was surviving on my own, locked up in the house, with barely anything to eat, no family around, and no salary. Around May, things were even tougher, so much so that I even felt like asking for food from my neighbours. Audrey, my immediate neighbour, was sent from heaven. She was always my saviour with the basic needs and personal effects. Whenever I ran out of something, she was always there to help. Mid-July, things got better as I got a short contract that needed me to work from home. Life in Port Douglas got a bit easier, and I could now afford a bit of fun. Occasionally, I could now afford to buy a drink or two, watch some porn, and beat my meat to sleep. Being a single lonely wolf during the pandemic was quite a task. The sexual starvation was real. One night, after hours of gazing into my computer, I was just about to log out from my workstation. These absurd ads kept popping up, but I kept blocking them. However, there was this one that caught my eye. Given that it was quarantine, movement from house to house was not very entertained. However, there was this ad that talked about an escort bringing the service to your home. Damn! That caught my eye. I made a quick brush-through over the terms and conditions, and within a minute, I had been connected to this hot girl. She looked really familiar, but with the makeup and the erotic sexy dressing, it was impossible to figure her out. We spoke on the phone, agreed on a price, and got my booking. I gave her directions to my place, but she sounded really shocked. She paused for some minutes on the phone call, but it didn’t bother me since she was a stranger after all. She agreed to drop by in 10 minutes. I went on with my errands as I waited for this goddess to arrive. For sure, she eventually did. A soft knock on the door pulled me from my messy bedroom. Opening the door stood a sexy figure, dressed all sultry with all the confidence in the world. Hi! She start to look up, raising her chin and hugging me. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t move for a second. In front of me was my neighbour, Audrey. It took me some time to digest that she was actually a Port Douglas escort. Long story short, I came to terms with the surprise. I was finally joining the dots of why she always has male friends visiting her, and when they visit, they neither bring nor carry anything from her house. I always had questions about why she was always at home. I finally got it. All in all, I got served what I ordered, and for sure, it was an amazing experience.  
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Profile picture

April 10th, 2021 by Tayah Rydes
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Hmm feeling adventurous

April 10th, 2021 by Candy Cane
Random but dripping wet
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Planning Sydney Trip!

April 8th, 2021 by Eris Elysium
Where should I visit? So excited to go there for the first time and spend some time exploring
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My first experience with a male escort

April 3rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
If you had told me as a young woman that I engage in paid sex, I would have screamed, “no way, not even in a million years!” That was me before life happened. Before I made this decision, I had never had sex with someone I wasn’t dating. Having been raised from a conservative background that follows the way of life in Port Augusta, seeking escort services was absolutely out of the question. Having completed 2 degrees, it was high time I settled. I got married to Ryan, a sweet guy who turned sour. By the time I got to my 30s, I was already in an abusive marriage. Things had changed between us, and the sweet part of him had disappeared. We could spend days without even touching each other. For days, my sexual starvation was growing exponentially. I badly needed someone to cuddle and stroke my hair. I talked to my friend Sofia about this. The idea she gave me was a crazy one. Port Augusta male escorts! For some time, I felt that the idea was too outrageous, but my sexual starvation blinded me. I did a lot of research and read a lot on the engagement of male prostitutes. I had this big list of hundreds of questions, and I approached this in a very analytical way. I finally decided to give it a go through Naughty Ads. I was found a male escort called Richard. He was cute, tall, masculine with blue eyes. When I first reached out to him, he was polite, soft-spoken, and professional, which made me feel secure. I paid for my first booking, which was quite expensive. I hadn’t planned for the sex part, but immediately upon meeting Richard, it just came. What a luxury! I found chatting with him really appealing. Throughout our date, taking my eyes off him was impossible. His constant and seductive eye contact was a pure turn-on. It made me feel appreciated. My long days of sexual frustration were now past. He gave me more attention than Ryan when he was trying to win me. At some point, during our first date, I remember asking him whether there was anything wrong with me. “You are completely okay. It’s just that you’ve never had a man who pays full attention to you,” he replied with a smile on his face. For the first time in many years, I felt appreciated. My first experience with a male escort was pure bliss. I was happy that the relationship was based on money, so there was no chance of getting my heart involved. Since then, I’ve been a regular customer of Richard's, and I can tell you for sure, it’s a luxury! I don’t regret it whatsoever! 
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Sexy Sassy cunt

April 1st, 2021 by Missy Williams
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