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So many incredible offers at LoveHoney this week!

July 26th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Our adult store partner LoveHoney has so many great offers at the moment you won't know where to start!Click through to these great offers below. Make sure to check campaign dates to avoid missing out.  Try Something New - offer period - 27 July 2pm - 1 September 2020New Season Lingerie -  offer period - 27 July 2pm - 31 August 2020Deal Of The Week | 50% OFF Bigs Bunny Rabbit - offer period 27 July 2pm - 3 August 2020  
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Her Orgasms Reinvented - Introducing 3 new Happy Rabbit Vibrators

July 25th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
The new dual density, curve and g-spot stroker happy rabits are stocked and ready to ship. Features include - a travel lock, a luxury silicone construction, recharging cable, 3 speed setting, 12 vibrating settings. Have mind-blowing orgasms at will with these awesome 3 additions to the Happy Rabbit range. Click on one of the options below and let the ecstasy begin:The Happy Rabbit CollectionNew Happy Rabbit CurveNew Happy Rabbit Dual DensityNew Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker Enjoy,Naughty Ads
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How to work when you’re feeling unmotivated/ overcoming bad days at work

July 23rd, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Bad days at work are inevitable. Sometimes you’ll wake up feeling like crap, with zero motivation for work. There could be many reasons for this. Arguments with a friend, a loved one getting sick, or a rough time you had with a previous client. On such days, you don’t feel like giving a hundred percent towards your duties. We assure you that if you go to work feeling like this, it will not end well. There is no worse feeling than faking hours of intimacy with a client, while deep down, you feel like you need a year of sleep. This article will help you overcome such days using a few strategies.Accept shorter bookings.When you don’t feel like working, doing shorter hours of work is better. Don’t accept those long hours of bookings when you are already feeling down. Chances are very high you’ll ruin it. You can also opt to take on regular clients rather than new ones. This way, they might understand. Don’t feel bad about that, as your feelings deserve to be treated with respect.Get inspired by your goals.As a professional escort, just like in any business, you must have goals or a mission statement. Having such a list helps you to work harder towards achieving your life goals. If possible, write them in your diary, or a printed paper and attach it to your bedroom wall. Every time you see them, your head clicks, “it’s time for work.”Do some writingYou could choose to write a short journal in physical format or digital through your website, social media or even the Naughty Ads Blog. Before and after work, you can take some time to jot down some reflective points of your life, current challenges, things to be grateful for and most importantly, your goals. Such action works as a great reminder of the goals ahead, and we assure you that there’ll be no time for bad days using this method.Listen to energetic music.This tactic works for most Sydney escorts. Listening to music will help you regain your focus and energy, which you desperately need to accomplish your goals. If you are about to meet a client, put some music on and turn up the volume as you prepare. Instrumental music does the magic, as some lyrics could be distractive or emotional. That way, the bad day mood will be gone by the time you are done preparing.Talk to a friend.Great company is always a motivator. Get a few hours of worthy company.The above tips are gathered from a few opinions, mostly from escorts in Sydney. The best thing is to identify why you are feeling demotivated and find what works for you. All in all, we hope they work for you. 
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How to spot time-wasters

July 23rd, 2020 by Naughty Ads
If you're like one of the Hervey bay escorts, you will always get hundreds of admirers. This phenomenon is something you should get used to. You will get many emails, texts, calls, and even DMs from strangers. But the thing is, not all those calls and texts will translate into paying punters. Some of those “potential clients” are just there to waste your precious time. Spending any more than the minimum about of time with these time-wasters will have your minutes, hours and ultimately, days go down the drain. So how do you identify some of these time-wasters? Let’s get into it.They're not clear on what they wantLet's call a spade a spade. If someone is really interested in your services, they will approach you and strike the deal in a straight forward fashion. The sad thing is that some of them will know what they want, but they will still want to waste your time. You can always give the benefit of the doubt to a first-timer client, but that doesn’t mean you allow them to waste your time.They don’t read your ad properlyThese kinds of potential clients are quite annoying. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense approaching an escort, without reading a few things about her from the bio, or website. They will pop us asking stupid questions such as your availability, which are already answered on your profile. You should know that a serious client will take his time to read your ads, twitter bio, or wherever you have your information. If you spot such kind of people, it doesn’t hurt blocking their asses.Vague and shaky languageIf you ever get a prospect using words like “maybe” or “perhaps,” don’t even hesitate, just RUN! And yes, I mean it. Using such words is a clear indication that he’s not even interested in your services, or rather he’s there to experiment, and as an escort, you don’t have time for that.They start bargainingDon’t get it twisted. Bargaining is not bad, but he is not a serious client if it gets to the point of insisting. If he asks for a discount on the price, it’s okay to consider that. However, if he asks again, shut him off and remind him you have bills to pay!They take forever to respondWhenever a serious client engages you in a conversation, they always respond within a flash, and it becomes a business conversation. However, if he sends one text every five minutes, better move on sister because that's not a client.The bottom line is that most people are good. However, there are always going to be those arrogant, unserious punters. This post is to remind you to keep your guard high and value your time!  
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What makes a prosperous escort?

July 21st, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Most people, especially newcomers, think that succeeding in their escorting career is a walk in the park. It is a difficult path to tread and requires outstanding qualities. Most of the successful Adelaide escorts have stories to tell. Happy experiences and of course down moments also, but the main thing is they don't give up. That brings us to the question of the day. What makes a prosperous escort? What are the impeccable qualities that they possess?1. Open-mindednessA prosperous escort is always open-minded. She is always ready to meet new people, is always ready to consider new ideas, and always unprejudiced. She is always aware that things may not work in line with her expectation. This is an important quality in becoming a prosperous escort. With an open mind, the waves in this crazy career can never take you down.2. Self-disciplined and self-motivatedSelf-discipline means recognizing the freedom you have as an escort and never allowing it to carry you away from your responsibilities. Spending habits are also part of self-discipline. A successful escort knows how to manage her earnings and spend accordingly. Also, there is a rule of thumb in escorting that says an escort should not take any intoxicants with the client. To be honest, it is difficult to resist an offer of a nice drink. However, a prosperous escort always has a way of rejecting the offer professionally. Also, being on time is part of self-discipline, a trait that every escort should have.3. Always willing to speak up about problemsThe truth is, in this career, there will be bad days. That is completely inevitable. Sometimes you’ll face rejection, abuse, or any other type of bad day at work. If you let these negative moment get into your head, it will weigh you down, which is not good for mental health. An escort should always be ready to speak out on issues that are bothering her. Consulting with an reputable industry body like Scarlet Alliance where support and direction for support can be provided is a good idea.4. Be a quick thinkerQuick thinking is a trait any professional escort should have. It is important as it helps you get out of some weird moments. For example, suppose you get an out-call, and upon arriving, you find a group of men waiting whilst you are the only lady. Our assumption of course is that this wasn't pre-arranged! It would help if you thought of a quick way to get yourself out of there as fast as possible as bookings where the arrangements have changed without your consent are potentially dangerous. You need to move quick and return to safety.5. An enticing conversationalistEscorting is all about communication both with mind and body. To strike great deals with clients, you have to be very good at engaging people in conversations. That is a crucial trait that dictates the success curve your escorting career will take.Escorting is a career that requires a serious commitment from the escort. The above-selected traits are just a few opinions we gathered from a few professional escorts Adelaide has to offer. If you take stock of them, you will succeed with no doubt. 
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July 13th, 2020 by AJ Singh
Looking for sex chat with some fun ladies.👍👌
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Pro Dressing Tips for Classy Female and Trans Escorts

July 12th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
One of the most critical aspects in the escorting industry (or any industry for that matter) is the first impression. The image of you that you portray to the client speaks volumes. When we talk about your image, it’s your appearance, your style and dress code that's in discussion. Think of this as a simple first date. How would you feel if your date turned up in just some “average” styled clothes? That would be an outright turn off! If you are looking to become one of the more professional Perth escorts or Melbourne escorts, take a seat and join us for this how-to. You should, no, you must, know how to play around with your fashion. Here are some dressing tips tailored to you.Never turn up for dates in sweatpants. If you are a professional escort, you should all sweatpants from your wardrobe (literally). Disregard this tip of course if the client specifically requests them! Turning up in sweats for work is a turnoff. It makes the client feel like his hard-earned money is just about to go down the drain. Instead, choose a cute dress (preferably a short one) and make sure it fits just right on your hips.Avoid perfumes! Although most of the time this isn't an issue you must keep in mind that some perfumes are quite strong, and a client could be allergic. Unless it’s a regular client that you have interacted with before and you know him better, avoid turning up smelling strongly of perfume. Instead, gentle smelling perfumed lotions work like magic.Keep your nails to a short length. However, don’t trim them completely (just in case the client likes nails deep in his or her back). Get a nice manicure or do pop on some polish. Besides being part of a good hygiene routine, well-manicured nails boost an escort's image.Next, let’s talk about shoes. Not to speak badly of them, but we think flat shoes and sneakers are not sexy at all - in the escorting context of course. Remember, the bottom line of escorting is sexiness. Therefore, try to wear some cute shoes. Invest in some good looking sexy heels. Tip - make sure you’re very comfortable (heels can be very tiring) so it might be best to change between more comfortable footwear into your heels.Make sure that whatever you wear blends during your date. Avoid wearing clothes that will make everyone stare - just 95% of people is enough :p. Whatever you wear, make sure that it doesn’t attract too much attention. Again, this is a tip for first dates - with 2nd dates and beyond go with the clients preference if they have one. Think about the occasion in which you’ll meet your client. Choose a style that matches to that event or moment. For example, if it’s a social function, a nice dress and heels would do. Just make sure that the dress displays some sexiness and sultriness and, at the same time, leaves something for the imagination.There is no formula on how an escort should dress to impress. The most important thing to remember is that what works for someone else might not work for you. It might but likely not everytime. To that point, know what works for your body and accentuates your individual attributes. Remember that you’re a professional and so wear what you choose with a smile and confidence!
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The Sex Map of Australia

July 12th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Are you interested to find out how bedroom activities have changed since lockdown? LoveHoney, Naughty Ads' Adult Toys & Lingerie partner, have sifted through the data to find out which suburbs of Australia have been adding to their sex toy collection and those that need to up their bedroom game! Click to see the Lovehoney Sex Map of Australia.
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What To Expect From Sydney and Brisbane Escorts

July 12th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Are you a well cultured, classy, and sophisticated gentleman looking for female escorts in Brisbane? I am glad our mega site caught your eye. We are a premium website that offers VIP escort services in Sydney and Brisbane. We have been in the industry for decades, and we host tons of beautiful, sassy, charismatic, open-minded, and well-mannered incall Sydney escorts. If you are a discerning gentleman looking for a sexy, independent escort in Sydney to satisfy your erotic nerves, you are at the right place.Affordable Sydney escortsLooking for a ravishing seductress to fulfill your nasty and wild desires? Our models are of different ages, ethnicities, and body sizes. We have ebony Sydney escorts, Caucasian Brisbane escorts, Ts Sydney escorts, petite affordable escorts, big-bodied escorts, etc. Therefore, all your sexual tastes and preferences are met on our site. No matter what makes your dick throb in pleasure, we got it all under one roof. We are like an affordable one-stop coochie shop, and all you have to do is log on to our site and book one of our sexy babes for the ultimate experience.Raunchy Independent escorts in BrisbaneIf you live in Sydney or Brisbane or visit the cities for business or pleasure, why don’t you treat yourself to a lustful evening with one of our VIP Sydney escorts? Our models are very respectable, outgoing, and reliable. You are guaranteed toe-curling orgasms, and these ladies will fulfill your sexual desires in the sexiest and daring ways. They have an insatiable appetite for sex and enjoy exploring their sexuality with like-minded people. More so, if you are looking for the best GFE experience, a deep tissue erotic massage or companionship, book for our escort services in Brisbane.Anything goes Brisbane escortsYou can enjoy an erotic afternoon indoors, as you cuddle and make love to one of our Brisbane escorts. Besides, if you prefer a night out at the club, dancing and grinding on each other’s body, then some raunchy and steamy fuck when you both get home, that’s what you will get. If you need companionship to a social gathering and want to be the envy of all the gentlemen in attendance, check out our independent escorts in Brisbane. You have a vast choice of discrete Sydney escorts to choose from. You get to explore your sexuality in a safe and secure environment, free of judgment. You can be whoever you want to be when you are hanging out with our beautiful Sydney escorts. If you are a gentleman looking for intimacy, chemistry, and a lady who understands your sexual needs, Brisbane ts escorts are the real plug.Sydney outcall escortsWe have a thorough escort onboarding process that ensures you are getting the best escort services in Brisbane and Sidney. Our models are taken through a vigorous vetting and training process to ensure that we have the perfect fit of elite, open-minded, and respectable ladies. All the photos you see on our website are real images of our escorts. Besides, when you make a booking, you will realize they are even prettier in person. For mind-blowing incall Sidney escorts services, don’t hesitate to contact our escort services in Sydney and Brisbane. Our ladies have traveled widely hence they cosmopolitan. They are endowed with knowledge about current affairs, politics, news, and they can engage in any intellectual conversation. Beauty and brains are not easy to come by, but our website never disappoints. We have the crème de la crème in the industry.Book now to enjoy the ultimate GFE experience with our Sydney escorts and Brisbane escorts.
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Becoming A Professional Escort - Pro Tips

July 9th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Living what some might describe as this "alternative" life of escorting can be intimidating. To be honest, it isn't for the faint-hearted. It requires a resilient character, and it helps immensly if you love your work. There are many proud escorts - whether they are part-time students, businesswomen, mothers or carers and escorts in Darwin or Alice Springs escorts or from anywhere in Australia the desire is to use escorting to create a comfortable, healthy life. So how does one make the most of their escorting careers? It won't be easy, however, with a few helpful insights, you can soar to great heights in escorting. Here are a few pro-tips if you are looking to become a classy escort.Number one is to protect your identity and privacy. Unless you want everyone knowing what you do, never use your real name in this business. Come up with an enticing working name that will match your character. Also, decide on whether you want to share photos that disclose your identity. Remember that the moment your face gets out there it will be difficult, if not impossible to undo. Number two is to have a separate phone for work purposes (escorting and sex work is real work!). It would be easier if you purchased a cheaper phone so that people don't get your personal number. If you do that, you will be able to avoid weird phone calls at unexpected moments. It would also be easier to remove your profile when it comes to time to calling it quits (it's possible this never happens of course!).Always be vigilant and watch out for warnings and trust your gut instinct. Not all clients will be after your services and its possible that clients may have malicious plans. In case you meet up a client at their private place, get there earlier and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Always put your personal health as a top priority. In escorting there will always be those who ask you to do sex acts that are outside your comfort or advertised zone. If the client insists on having unprotected sex, it's better in the long run to not take the offer. Choose your safe sex protection devices wisely. Remember to choose a brand that works best for you as some brands can have a different feel or could have unwanted effects like irritation. Remember to do regular tests at a health clinic. Click the link for a complete list of sexual health clinics for sex workers in Australia. If you're affiliated with an escort agency, regular tests are mandatory.Lastly, avoid alcohol and any other intoxicatants. Having an intoxicant in your system may make you lose control over the situation. Avoid offers of drinks from not well-known clients and if applicable to you make it clear to the client that you don't want any drinks or drugs in your business.Escorting tips cannot be exhausted in a five-minute reading. There is a lot to learn in this profession. The most important thing to remember is always to stay professional and not let anyone stop you from doing what makes you happy! Good luck with your adventure! 
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Spa on the rocks

July 4th, 2020 by James Gotblueballs
Spa suit close to CBD lookin 4 a horny rock smokin chick with curves and an eager to please pussy
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New Lovehoney promotion - EOFY Sale - save up to 60%!!

July 1st, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney - our adult toys and lingerie partner have an extended EOFY sale which has already started. Get up to 60% off. Get in now by clicking here. Sale ends 6 July so be quick!
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