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Preparing for a Satisfying Booking (Part 1)

Written on August 25th, 2023 by Gaby Galaxy Updated August 25th, 2023. Viewed 421 times.
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Basic Preparation: Before Making Contact

Escorts are often busy people who have other things in their life besides sex work. Responding to messages is time consuming and most of the messages could have been avoided or made easier by doing a simple thing and taking note of the information provided to you.

This is the first and most incredibly important piece of advice I can give you when you want to make a booking with an escort. The very first step is to PLEASE READ THE AD!

If they have a website, go through the information on their site carefully. Otherwise just go through the ad and take notice of the details provided there. This is whether you want to spend an hour or a week with the escort, in fact the ad will tell you whether they even offer overnight or FMTY services.

There is 100% going to be information on there that you are required to be aware of before you'll know if they're right match for you. They may have limits that clash because they won't do something that you want to do. Maybe they are out of town the weekend you want to see them. Often touring escorts get enquiries for areas they haven't arrived at yet because people don't read the ads. I often get enquiries for incalls, which I don't do. It gets tiring repeating myself so often but I do appreciate the interest and hope that maybe one day I'll be able to offer incalls. For now I post on Twitter if I ever have a hotel room for the night to do incalls. I digress... sorry let's go on.

Ads will generally give you an introduction to the escort, show you some photos; some professionally taken and others taken at home using a phone (like mine for now.) This should give you a bit of an idea if you think you'll click with the person.

There is also going to be information about the services provided. Not all escorts provide the exact same services, so if you want something other than the basics then you should take a look at the services listed. Some sites advertise for massage therapists and other industry professionals, so it is important to check these things and avoid confusion. There's something that's become more common in the industry, clients requesting natural services even when the ad clearly says they aren't offered. This is generally just going to be a waste of time asking, especially if you have never met the person before. They're unlikely to say yes, so you can save yourself time by choosing someone who advertises that they do provide natural, if that's what you're looking for but on a side note I advise everyone to take into account the risks involved as with any type of activity. As with anyone anywhere there are risks, knowing this and are making an informed decision are key. Anyway that's a side rant, so back to the point. Which was what again? Oh that's right...What else is on the ad you may want to know?

Pricing, of course! Prices are very likely listed. Money is an important part of this arrangement you're going into, as much as we all want to put that thought to the side. You have to be aware of the cost to know you're happy to pay that much and can afford to. Please don't insult an escort by trying to lowball, and offer them less than their advertised prices. You won't win any brownie points that way. It's generally not a good way to start off a relationship by showing that you don't see their worth. If they're out of your price range or not your type then move along, there is bound to be someone out there for you.

Lastly, location and transport costs are another thing that's worth looking at before making your choice, making a call or sending a message. I personally get clients to get my uber to them so, if they live too far away it's not much use for them messaging me only to be told that the uber is going to cost more than the booking itself. Which they'd probably have known if they read the ad, or even just the list of prices. It seems like such a basic thing to want to know prices yet I feel like I am constantly telling people what they are.

One thing is for sure, when someone takes the time to read my ad properly I appreciate it and instantly feel more drawn to the person and want to show them the same respect they have shown to me.

Most ads are pretty easy to read and you can find the information in the relevant sections, such as rates, services, etc. So please take an extra minute to go through the ad and make sure you agree with everything in it before picking up the phone. The provider you get in contact with will be so glad you did.

TLDR: The too long, didn't read version is, simply PLEASE READ THE AD before you make a decision or contact an escort. This saves time and shows them respect which will be returned.

I plan on doing another part to this about preparing for the booking itself once you have decided on a provider, who's ad you read properly. Then I might do one about things you can do during a booking other than the obvious.

Thanks for reading, Gaby Galaxy

on Twitter @gabygalaxyxx

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