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How to finger her the right way

Written on July 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads Updated March 19th, 2024. Viewed 1560 times.
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A lot of times, fingering doesn’t get the praise it deserves. During foreplay, we often tend to concentrate on kissing, caressing, and oral sex and forget how much of a gem fingering can be. If done correctly and passionately, fingering can turn a sexual moment into an array of incredible orgasms. There are different ways to finger her to ensure she gets to the promised land. In this article, we give you the best hacks on how to get into this.

1.     Get ready for the job.

On this point, we insist on some housekeeping. Start by trimming your nails and thoroughly cleaning them. Remember, the vagina is a sensitive part of the body, and fiddling with it using untidy and uncut nails leads to tiny injuries, which increase the risk of contracting infections.

2.     Start by teasing her

Fingering is pretty much penetrative sex, only that the fingers are involved this time. Spend some time warming up for the action. Kiss that girl passionately, touch her breasts, play with her hair, and caress her butts and hips. This allows some time for the vagina to get wet, and quite importantly, slow is sexy!

3.     Vagina anatomy 101

You have to understand what you’re touching. The vaginal anatomy in totality is made of several regions, which can be extremely erogenous. We have the outer labia, inner labia, the vaginal opening, and the clitoris. Altogether, these regions are pretty sensitive to touch. The trick is exploring them one by one slowly and listening to what your partner says.

4.     Make sure you use lube (a lot of it)

The idea of using sex lubricant is to make sure that you don’t fiddle with a dry vagina, which would otherwise lead to cuts and injuries, which increase the risks of infections. In addition, failing to lubricate might lead to painful experiences. Again, sexual health experts and Napier escorts recommend choosing water-based or silicone-based lubricants as long as they are compatible with your partner.

5.     Start slow and work your way in

The trick is to build slowly towards the orgasm. The best vaginal stimulation is slow and sensual. Start slowly from the outside, slowly exploring all parts as explained in the anatomy as you make your way to the more sensitive zones. Once you have enough intensity, you’re ready to explore the hidden lands.

6.     Focus on consistent and rhythmic penetration

Consistency and rhythm form the thin line between giving her the orgasm or not. First, we suggest observing her bodily feedback and focusing on the areas she responds best to.

Once your partner is ready to be penetrated, we suggest you try the following;

  •      Slow and circular swirling movements inside the vagina to stimulate the shallow depths of the vagina
  •        “Come hither” motion inside the vagina walls to stimulate the G-spot
  •        Switch things up between the G spot and the outer parts of the vagina, or rather the clitoris. Slide your fingers in and out in rhythmic motion to make things intense.

In summary

The trick to fingering is quite apparent- consistency and respect. While we insist on being consistent with your hand motion, you need to keep checking on whether she is okay with whatever you’re doing.

Do you think there is something we left out? Feel free to contribute through our comment section below.

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