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How I got "hooked"

Written on January 31st, 2024 by Miss Taylor Updated January 31st, 2024. Viewed 366 times.
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I often get asked how i got started in the industry and Ive always given the stock standard answert of my first paying client. But recently i was talking to a client and i realized that it started much earlier than that. My recent post about the boy who humped me in the corridoor got me thinking about the other things that contributed to my slutty ways. At 15 i was approached by a 14 yr old boy one lunch time about half way through the year. He wasnt anyone Id really taken much notice of. By 15 I had developed large breasts and had lots of attention from boys. He was shy and a bit introverted. I was eating my lunch on my own under a shady tree and reading a book cross legged on the grass. He aproached me and said hello and i looked up from my book startled. He asked if he could sit down and talk with me and i motioned for him to sit. His opening conversation was weird because he asked me if i enjoyed sandwiches for lunch or would i prefer a hot lunch from the canteen. I almost laughed, but he came around to his line of questioning quickly. He had been watching me for a few months and he really liked me, he noticed i didnt buy lunch at school and always bought my own. He told me he always had a hot luch on a friday (today was thursday) and wanted to know if i would like to have his lunch money the following day, all he wanted in return was to massage my feet as i ate. I thought this was so strange but hey, who am i to knock back a hot lunch right? The following day true to his word he gave me his lunch money and after i bought lunch i sat under that same tree and took my shoes and socks off and he massaged my feet whilst whilst I ate. He was so good at it too, Id never had a foot massage at that age and i thouroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards he asked if he could do this every week. I said "But what about your lunch? Youve not eaten" He told me he didnt mind that as he would rather watch me eat and touch my feet. The following week as he was massaging my feet again he asked if he could kiss my feet. I giggled and said "Sure" As each week passed it progressed to licking the soles of my feet, sucking on my toes (Okay Im getting horny just writing about this lol) and massaging my calves and every week he would give me his lunch money. I dont remember exactly when it was but possibly the 7th or 8th week he asked if he could touch my panties whilst he sucked on my toes. I had to lay back and bend at the knees for him to be able to do this and he gently stroked the outside of my panties as he sucked on my toes. (Omg my pussy is pounding now thinking about this) I started to feel myself getting wet and my pussy ached. I was still a virgin so i was a little unfamiliar with a sensation quite like this. I had been furiously masturbating from age 9 so i knew what an orgasm was, but this was different, this was seduction, this was build up, this was being turned on and held in that place, what i now know as edging. After i got home from school that night I locked myself in my room telling my mother i had a lot of homework to do and i humped my pillow 6 or 7 times to orgasm i was so incredibly turned on. I couldnt wait for the following week. I was breathlessly waiting for him the next friday by the canteen. I was already wet and could feel my wetness seeping through my white cotton panties before we even got to the back oval under the tree. i knew some boys had been watching us from a distance for the last couple of weeks but i didnt care. This time whilst he stroked me I could hear the squelching noises from my wet soaked panties, i moaned i was so ready to cum and without asking verbally he slipped my panties aside and began playing with clit directly. I came so fast I accidentally let out a gutteral groan. It was the first time someone else had made me cum. He told me he so badly wanted to put his tongue on me but it would be too obvious what we were doing and instead scooped some of my cum onto his fingers and slowly tasted me and closed his eyes. I watched his face etched in bliss as i readjusted my panties and skirt and looked around quickly to see if anyone had seen what just happened. I dont think anyone noticed but i glanced at his crotch and his school pants were tight, he clearly had a fulll erection under there and i wondered what that would feel like to touch. We did this every week for the next couple of months and even came close to getting caught a few times, which made it even more exciting.Then one week i waited eagerly by the canteen and he didnt show. Neither the week after that. I found out from some school friends that he had been expelled for exposing himself, the details were sketchy and there was a lot of rumour, some say he was caught wanking by a teacher, others said he exposed himself to a female teacher but of course no one knew which teacher (it was big school) but i knew what had happened, something told me that the last time he fingered me and sucked my toes under that tree he probably went to the boys toilets to wank and got caught by a male teacher. Instant expulsion for a catholic school. I still masturbate thinking about that boy to this day, wondering what happened to him, where he is now, how kinky is he now? I know that he influenced my own kinks, but he was also the first guy to exchange a sexual service for a financial gain. No wonder it was so easy for me to transition to actual prostition almost a year later. ( The photo attached to this blog I took last year whilst engaging in a role play fantasy of a school girl being fingered whilst i pulled the guys hard cock until he came on my stockings)

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