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Written on January 20th, 2024 by Rachel Updated January 20th, 2024. Viewed 397 times.
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Well I have had so much trouble with people making appointments not turning up how does everyone else deal with this n the ongoing text messages y can’t they make a booking n then when they turn up tell u what they are after

Comment from Miss Taylor

I have a separate phone for work. And i use emojis so i can keep track of the time wasters, those who cancel last minute, those who book and pay with no issue, those that make me cum. If a client has a clock face emoji next to their number or name, i will respond with, all my details are in my ads. If you ready to book we can talk. If they have an angry face emoji, this means they have fucked me around or booked and cancelled. Two angry faces means i will not converse with you at all until a deposit is paid. If they continue to try to waste my time or they book and cancel for a third time. Then i just block them. The heart emoji in red is for the clients that treat me with respect, have visited and paid. 1 heart for each booking. If the heart emoji is black, this is a client whos slipped between the cracks and although has turned up and paid, theyve been difficult somehow. Usually thismeans they were high af. But as long as they werent domineering or rude I will give them a second chance to get that red heart. However two black heartsand Im not looking at seeing you again. I dont send photos to new clients that havent booked or give details about my services unless they ask something specific that i havent fully covered in my ad. When i worked in brothels i just turned up to work, did my intros, fucked my clients and went home. Yeah the pay was shitty, and i had to put up with the bs in the girls room. But i didnt have to deal with too many wankers. Ive swapped the shitty money and bs for good money, nice hotel rooms, far less stress on my work days but this also means Im the front person for my services, not a brothel and unfortunately this also means I have to sift through the bs. I wont ask for a deposit if the booking is within 90 minutes of the asking. Anything longer than that requires a deposit. Some guys wont pay and I understand why, theyve been burned. But thats the risk you take in all aspects of life. So they can chance it by waiting until the time is close to when they finish work or whatever. But Ive seen guys miss out because someone else has paid a deposit and that time slot is 100% theirs. I always warn them this may happen, but its their risk to take. I know this much. New clients text when they are horny and they want it now. I find that 90% of the guys that text can i see you now, will turn up. Its the ones that want to book you later in the day that cancel or dont show. Why? Because they were horny when they text, theyve probably had a wank or two and
arent feeling horny at the time they booked. Think of it this way. If your hungry, you want to eat as soon as possible, you may even eat something thats not good for you if your hungry enough. But if book an unhealthy restuarant whenyour hungry and cant get there for several hours or days, your going to be not so hungry later because you need to fulfil that drive asap. Once Youve eaten, you will probably think the better of eating maccas. Im not saying we SWs are junk food lol. But food and sex are the two main drivers in humans. And in men, its Sex then food. 70% of my bookings come from hungry horny driven men who want it now. The ones that book in the future are the guys that have stayed with me, know my service and will think ahead and know they will want to see me, because by this stage its more than just a simple drive. Weve made a connection, even if its a lustful one and thoughts of our previous encounters drive them to book because they dont want to miss out at that crucial moment. YOuve got to put up with bs of flaky clients when you go private. But if you can accept how a mans sex drive works and try to accomodate that, youll have less stress and more clients

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