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An Expert Guide To Erotic Hypnosis.

Written on April 26th, 2023 by Naughty Ads Updated March 19th, 2024. Viewed 613 times.
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Sex starts in the brain. Experts say that the brain is the first erogenous zone of the human body. When properly tickled, the orgasms are immense. Erotic hypnosis is built around the concept of the erotic nature of the brain. It involves an element of trust and surrendering control to your partner. More of masturbation of the mind. While we all know of hypnosis, erotic hypnosis might be new to many. Here is an expert guide to erotic hypnosis.

What is erotic hypnosis?

Simply put, erotic hypnosis is eliciting a particular sexual goal in some form. There are different forms of such sexual goals, including hands-free orgasms or intense and pleasurable relaxation of the mind. It involves one partner using their voice to drive their partner into a state by suggesting or chanting things they like.

Does erotic hypnosis work?

Erotic hypnosis sounds like something from an old Chinese movie. The truth is it exists, and it works, but the catch is you have to believe and open yourself up for the experience.

What does erotic hypnosis feel like?

While the experience differs for different people, many folks who have had the chance to experience this describe it as a dual experience trance-like journey. They describe the feeling as a total surrender that makes it hard to fight the wave of submission. This doesn’t mean that they lose their sense of self. Sydney escorts who have experienced it say it feels like having a million rays of sunshine over their body; like having an orgasm that keeps going and going.

How it works

Erotic hypnosis starts with the hypnotist and the hypnotee setting the foundations and boundaries. Discuss your goals for that particular session and your views and insights into sex and life. The more the discussion, the better for the pair.

From there, the hypnotist leads the hypnotee into a deep trance. During the process, the hypnotee's attention leaves their environment and clings to inner experiences such as imagery and cognition. The journey into the trance depends on what the hypnotist suggests and your state of mind.

Some people experience a state of mind that resembles fuzziness, floating or sleepiness. Some even get turned on, which even preps them for physical sex.

How about hypnosis orgasms?

Having an orgasm during a trance is called a hypnosis orgasm. Although it's hard during your first time, it's certainly possible. However, remember that erotic hypnosis is beyond just having a hands-free orgasm. It's more about pleasure, relaxation and connection.

What to keep in mind

The most important thing to remember during the whole journey is boundaries. Just because your partner is open to hypnosis doesn’t mean they're open to anything that might happen. Discuss preferences, limits and rules. Preferably, let the boundaries align with your goals for the session.


Erotic hypnosis has numerous benefits, such as increasing awareness and sensation, enhancing role-playing, hands-free orgasms, improving libido, and much more. It’s a powerful exercise that will drive you beyond imaginable sexual horizons. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have more than enough reasons to.

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