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Winter Fantasy Pt 2

Written on February 12th, 2023 by Livvie Lovely Updated March 19th, 2024. Viewed 473 times.

As I head to the shower, expecting you to follow behind, instead you had other plans for me. You pick me up and gracefully place me on the big soft blankets in front of the fireplace, next to the x-mas tree. I lie completely naked on my back, enjoying the heat from the fireplace and letting you slowly caress my whole body with your fingertips. Tracing my face, leaning in to kiss my lips gently, letting the fingertips trace my neck, shoulders and down over my chest, around my breasts before you cup them and let your hands gently massage them as you kiss me a little more passionately. The warm hands continuing to caress down my thighs as your kisses move from my lips, over my neck, and slowly down my chest. 


I hold your hair when I feel you kiss my nipples and the soft fingertips tracing down up the inside of my thighs. Taking my nipples in your mouth, rubbing softly over them with your tongue, nibbling them with your lips, sucking very softly as I feel a very soft touch between my legs. You take your time, really turning me on by kissing my breasts, sucking a little more, nibbling, teasing my nipples until they are hard in your mouth. Your fingers very softly like a butterfly touching my clit, caressing down my lips, and You feel me getting moist and Im opening like a flower for you again. I know you cannot resist making my way down my tummy, kissing around my hips. 


I lean back, feeling the heat from the open fire, and the heat from your warm lips kissing the inside of my thighs. I let you spread my legs wide, so you can really devour me as you, place soft gentle kisses around my clit and lick me with long strokes. Probing softly between my outer and inner lips, licking deeper inside as I get more and more excited. Trying to taste all of me as you can't help but slowly roll my hips against your mouth, lips, tongue. I start to get so excited, then I decide to take initiative, putting my feet on your shoulders and gently push you over, straddling you, feeling how hard and excited you are  from kissing me all over. I  kiss you passionately, tasting a little of myself on your lips, kiss down your chest and run my nails over your chest , feeling you tremble as I kiss your stomach and then I stop, teasing you for a few seconds, hearing you moan with desire before I put my hand around you, feel how hard you are  gently stroking you, feeling the veins throbbing, how soft the tip is and how good I make you feel.


I place soft kisses on the side of your hips, noticing how you  squirm from desire, I put your hard member in my mouth , licking up and down the shaft . I feel your fingers in my tight curly hair and softly hold it, as I drive you crazy. Then I guide you in my mouth, slurping and sucking with my beautiful soft full lips.


I look down at you, feeling the warm fire on my chest, your hands cupping them as I start to ride you. My hair all over the place, grinding and moving on top of you as your hands are all over my body. Touching my face, cupping my breasts, playing with my nipples, around my back then cup my bum, as  I keep riding you a little faster and faster. I know how much you like to taste me and how wild it makes you. I reach between us and get my fingers all wet, put them in your mouth and I let you taste me.


Now I am almost out of control, riding you hard, my breasts bouncing, digging my nails in your chest and feeling you push up inside me, harder and harder. Moaning, gasping and clinging on to each other until we both explode. You feel mecum hard, squeezing you so good you can't help but cum deep inside me, pulling me down so you can wrap your big arms around me as you cum. Feeling your whole body tensing up and then relaxing completely, panting and breathing hard as you gently caress my back. Staying inside me as I put my head on your shoulders and  you continue to hold me as we feel the heat from the fireplace.


Snuggling up tight together, putting just a sheet over us to keep us warm, kissing passionately, softly. Laying with my head on your chest and my leg over you. You run your fingers softly up and down my back and caress me until we drift off to sleep.

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